Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1021

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Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia with a high population density. It is the city with the most diversified language and population in Malaysia. It is also the city with the fastest population and economic growth in Malaysia.

Kuala Lumpur is also one of the main traditional gathering places of Malaysian Chinese. It is mainly composed of Cantonese, Hokkien and Hakka people. Chinese occupies the majority of the city’s population. The number of Chinese in the city exceeds 1.5 million, accounting for a fifth of the total Malaysian Chinese. 5 or so.

Because of ancestry issues, the native Chinese in Kuala Lumpur generally uses Cantonese as a daily social and business language, while standard Chinese is generally used as a medium of communication with Chinese from non-Cantonese areas.

The distance between Kuala Lumpur and the Star City is just over 310 kilometers, which is very close. Xia Yu arrived in Kuala Lumpur in an hour by plane.

When I arrived, it was only 5:1 in the morning.

Because Xia Yu had previously ordered employees of the company in Kuala Lumpur to post a greeting to Li Family, and received a positive response.

So Xia Yu took a lunch break and took a break until 2pm, and then took a bus to Li Family’s manor.

Li Family’s estate is not in the city, but in a giant rubber and oil palm plantation near Subang Jaya in the southern suburbs of Kuala Lumpur.

Surnamed Li is not only a big name in China, but also in foreign countries. There are many powerful Lee families. The Li family visited by Xia Yu, when Substitute Patriarch is Li Laisheng, is the renowned “Rubber King” of Southeast Asia.

Li Family’s Kepong Group owns 220,000 acres of gum, palm oil and cocoa orchards. In terms of planting area alone, the second only to Sime Darby Group owned by Kepong Group, ranked 2nd in Malaysia.

But personally, Li Laisheng is 1st!

It’s just that Li Laisheng didn’t manage the plantation at first. It can be said that he made a mistake, but he hit a golden light avenue.

Li Laisheng’s father is Li Mingxing, a well-known mining expert in Ipoh, Malaysia. In his early years, Li Mingxing traveled south from his hometown to Hainan and went to Malaysia to mine tin mines. Later, his family moved to Malaysia to rain Ipoh. Because he was a Hakka people, he was appreciated by Yao Desheng, the “tin-mining king” from Malaysia in Meizhouping, and he was given a 5 acres of tin mining land. Li Mingxing started from this.

With the tenacious and entrepreneurial dedication and aggressiveness of Hakka people, Li Mingxing succeeded and became a famous mining expert in Ipoh.

Li Mingxing has fourteen sons and nine daughters, and Li Laisheng is the fourth son of Li Mingxing.

For the “second generation of mine” Li Laisheng, he intended to continue to expand the Great Family industry.

But when Malaysia became independent in the 50s, British sold their rubber plantations one after another. At that time, Li Laisheng and his third brother Li 3, who was in charge of the Li Family family business, also bought a rubber plantation. However, their family did not manage the rubber plantation. Instead, I thought there was a tin mine under the hill.

Only after a few months of mining, no tin ore was mined. The disappointed Li 10000sheng handed over the rubber plantation to Li Laisheng to manage. Li Laisheng, who knew nothing, relied on his family with ingenuity and diligence. Capital, continue to purchase plantations from British.

For example, he bought the equity shares of Granny Plantation, controlled Batu Kawan Plantation, offered equity shares transaction, and then controlled the Kepong Plantation in Kuala Lumpur.

Step by step, Li Lai became the famous “Rubber King” of Southeast Asia, and his family business broke free from the shackles of the tin mine. He was taken to another Peak. He also took over Li from his third brother Li 3. Family Position of Patriarch.


At about 2:5 100%, Xia Yu arrived at the Li Family Manor, and he was welcomed by Li Family.

Li Laisheng brought eldest son Li Aixian, second son Li Xiaoxian and third son Li Shunxian to welcome Xia Yu’s arrival.

“Mr. Xia, you are too kind, and you brought such an expensive gift.”

After let eldest son accept the gift, Li Laisheng smiled kindly and shook hands with Xia Yu.

“It’s just a little care, it’s not expensive.”

“Mr. Li, it’s the first time I came here. I came in empty-handed and I’m sorry.”

Xia Yu said jokingly, and narrowed the distance between the two sides quietly.

Li Laisheng flattered and said: “Haha, Mr. Xia is really joking. You can step into the door of my Li Family and make my family flourish. This is the greatest gift.”

“Quickly, don’t stand by the door, sit in the house!”



After entering the house, there was another courtesy. Xia Yu sat down on the sofa in the living room. Li Laisheng’s three sons sat on the side sofa to accompany him. Li Laisheng introduced Xia Yu one after another, and then the boss Li Aixian represented Father handed tea to Xia Yu.

After taking a sip of tea, Xia Yu said in admiration: “Mr. Li, on my way here, I saw endless rubber, which is really spectacular. I can’t see such a spectacular view in Hong Kong.”

“Even in Star City yesterday, although I saw a lot of rubber plantations, but there is no way to compare with yours. I heard that this plantation is only considered to be the middle of your family?”

Li Laisheng humbly said: “Mr. Xia is praised. This plantation can be regarded as the largest in our family. Mr. Xia has always been in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is economically developed. Kuala Lumpur is like a countryside compared with Hong Kong. Compared to cities, we don’t have much industry, so we can only engage in rubber and oil palm plantation. Mr. Xia, you will feel tired after watching it for a while.”

“By the way, Mr. Xia just came from Star City? I thought you came directly from Hong Kong.”

It was just talking about the small talk beforehand, Li Laisheng changed the subject, and Xia Yu followed his words.

He lightly said with a smile: “The main reason is that my company in Star City has some things for me to deal with, and then he visited Old Mister Qiu by the way and discussed some cooperation matters.”

Li Laisheng heart moved and said calmly: “Is the cooperation between Mr. Xia and Qiu Deba going smoothly? I am old friends with Qiu Deba. If it is useful to my place, I am honored to learn from it. Link.”

Xia Yu pretended not to hear it, and casually said with a smile: “Thank you Mr. Li, Qiu Old Mister is very sensible and generous. After I came home, I returned with a full load.”

Li Laisheng said with a smile: “Qiu Deba is indeed very angry. It’s good if you talk about it, congratulations!”

“Thank you!”

Xia Yu smiled and thanked.

Then, seeing that the atmosphere was almost over, he took the initiative to enter the topic.

“Mr. Li, I am here this time mainly for two things and want to deepen our cooperation.”

“Mr. Xia, please speak!”

Li Laisheng finished speaking and looked at Xia Yu quietly.

Xia Yu smiled slightly, and said softly: “The first thing is to fight for the detailed cooperation in the future. Let me ventilate with you. It’s about rubber and palm oil.”

“I don’t know if Mr. Li, the United Kingdom Rolls-Royce Motor Group and Canada Magna International are all customers of your family’s company?”

Li Laisheng’s brows trembled. Of course he knew that these two companies were both major customers of the Kepong Group, and their procurement demand was also the fastest growing. Rolls-Royce Motor Company mainly purchases rubber, while Canada Magna International The company purchases both rubber and palm oil.

Aren’t these two companies from United Kingdom and Canada? Why did Xia Yu mention this suddenly?

After an unbelievable thought popped up in his mind, Li Laisheng asked in surprise: “Mr. Xia, are these two companies your company?”

Xia Yu serene nodded admits: “It’s my company.”

Li Laisheng took a deep breath, suppressing the shock in his heart, shook his head and exclaimed: “Didn’t expect United Kingdom The real owner of the Rolls-Royce Motor Group turned out to be you, Mr. Xia, your business is too big. My role model for Chinese!”

Xia Yu laughed humbly, and then said: “Mr. Li, in addition to these two companies are expanding at a high speed, my other companies, such as Tiangong Automobile Group, are already building factories, chemical companies have also established projects, and food companies are planning to Enter the grain and oil market.”

“The demand for rubber and palm oil by these companies will increase. The rubber and palm oil produced by your family’s Kepong Group are of very good quality and are also very popular in the market, so I have to ventilate with you in advance. When the time comes, I feel more at ease when I expand.”

Li Laisheng knew that Xia Yu was self-effacing and praised him. He said without hesitation: “Mr. Xia, don’t hesitate to say, “Mr. Xia, as long as you need it, I will definitely supply the goods with my full strength, and you won’t have to worry about it. heart!”

“Then thank you Mr. Li!”

“It’s still about rubber and palm oil. I have some ideas in this regard.”

Hearing what Xia Yu said, Li Laisheng, who was already very happy eyes shined, became more and more looking forward to it.

“Mr. Xia, please speak!”

Xia Yu said with a light smile: “That’s it, Mr. Li should know that I have a certain influence in the Hong Kong financial market.”

Li Laisheng immediately flattered: “Mr. Xia’s words are too modest. Who doesn’t know that you are the God of Wealth and Stock God from Hong Kong. Even if you put it in Southeast Asia, you call it the second influence. the first.”

Xia Yu laughed and continued: “In the banking, insurance, and securities industries, I have achieved certain results, but I still have a lot of difference in futures, and to be honest, whether it is Hong Kong or Southeast Asia, the futures market Development is very slow, and rubber, palm oil, and palm are all commodities. If there is a reasonable futures price as a guide, it can provide a lot of convenience for trading.”

“I am already planning to get involved in futures trading in these areas, and strive to build a platform that benefits plantation owners and buyers, and promote the vigorous development of rubber, palm oil and palm markets.”

“It is said that planting a plane tree will attract Phoenix.”

“To build such an influential platform, you need the support of Mr. Li, the’Rubber King’. I hope that when the time comes, the platform will be built, you can support me!”

Li Laisheng applauded and responded: “Mr. Xia’s such feat is of great help to us. We have long hoped to have such a platform, but throughout Southeast Asia, there is no right rubber and palm oil. In Hong Kong’s futures trading market, Hong Kong’s economy is prosperous. Although there is a futures market, there is no futures for rubber and palm oil. Most of them are cotton, soybeans and grains.”

“Now that Mr. Xia is able to build such a platform, I absolutely fully support it. As long as you have a word, I will be a lobbyist for the planters I know at Southeast Asia. I believe everyone will enthusiastically support this kind of thing! “

Li Laisheng also has an understanding of futures, knowing the role of the rubber futures, palm oil futures and palm futures markets with great influence.

The most basic is to provide hedging function, which can lock in profits and reduce risks.

Kepong Group can fully use the futures market hedging business. When the market price is favorable, it will establish a selling position in the futures market in advance; when the future product really enters the market sales, even if the market price has a downward trend that is not conducive to the company . Kepong Group can also make up for the “loss” of the drop in spot sales prices through the closing position surplus of futures positions.

For example, Kepong Group, as a seller, must have a group of distributors underneath. In normal years, they will sell one ton of rubber for 10000 dollars. If the year is bad next year, Kepong Group will lose if it doesn’t sell 10000 dollars. If Brace Oneself asks the distributor to sell 10000 dollars, the distributor cannot sell, and the Kepong Group loses money, and the distributor also loses.

If there is hedging, the market price is locked. Kepong Group can follow the market price with a substantial price cut, or even lower, without worrying about losses, and the seller is not difficult, so he survives, and the dealer survives is not a stable customer? The same reason, the customer in the procurement process The maintenance effect is the same

Then another example is the market management function.

Market management is not only price management, it can help companies stabilize the market, stabilize customer channels, and even expand the market.

If the rubber of the Kepong Group can become the designated trading and delivery product of the futures stock exchange, then this will not only provide stable sales channels for the Jiadong Group, but also greatly enhance the market brand awareness of the company’s products.

Of course there are drawbacks, but compared with the benefits, those drawbacks are negligible!

So for Xia Yu, Financial Tycoon, who is willing to do this, and anyone with a discerning eye can judge that the success rate is very high, Li Laisheng certainly raised his hands to express his support.

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