Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1022

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Although expecting Li Laisheng’s support, Xia Yu couldn’t help smiling when he saw his positive attitude.

With the support of the “Rubber King”, his plan will be much easier to operate later.

He thanked: “Mr. Li, thank you for being so insightful. No wonder Li Family’s career is getting bigger and bigger!”

Li Laisheng smiled and said modestly: “Mr. Xia Liao praised, what you mentioned is a win-win matter, and I should support it.”

In a good mood, Li Laisheng asked, “By the way, Mr. Xia, what is the second thing you just said?”

Xia Yu pondered for a moment, and his face seriously said, “Mr. Li, the second thing is that I hope you can accomplish one thing for me.”

Li Laisheng’s smile faded slightly, and gently nodded said: “Mr. Xia but it doesn’t matter.”

Xia Yu looked directly at Li Laisheng and said sincerely: “Mr. Li, as far as I know, your family’s Kepong Group holds 5% of the equity shares of Hong Kong Swire Industrial Group. I hope you can bear the pain. Cut love and fulfill me! This equity shares is very important to me!”

Li Laisheng pondered for a moment, and a lot of information appeared in his mind.

Then he replied: “Mr. Xia, the origin of this equity shares is actually an inside story. I will tell you later.”

“I would like to ask, do you intend to acquire Swire Industrial Group wholly, or simply want to invest in it?”

Xia Yu did not hide it, nor did he feel that he could deceive Li Laisheng, so he said frankly: “My purpose is very clear, which is to acquire Swire Industrial Group wholly.”

“It’s just that Swire Group and Swire Family have relatively strict control over Swire Industrial Group, so in order to be as successful as possible, I need to acquire as many equity shares as possible before attacking, so I need your help!”

Speaking of this, Xia Yu paused for a moment and said sincerely again: “Mr. Li, Hong Kong belongs to Chinese after all. British tyrannically abuse power has been long enough. Malaysia has driven away most of British, so Chinese The living environment and business environment have been greatly improved, and I hope that Hong Kong will once again usher in a bright future!”

Xia Yu’s words made Li Lai lively and aroused his inner national sentiment and nationalism.

For a time, he felt 10000 1000 in his heart.

He has experienced the colonial period of the United Kingdom, so he has a deep understanding of what Xia Yu said. Even Xia Yu’s words are only part of it.

Malaya (Malay Peninsula) and Sabah, Sarawak, Star City and other places were colonized by the United Kingdom since 1785. They were colonized by Japan for 1942 years from 3, and then after the Second World War in 1945, these colonies were again colonized by the United Kingdom. Kingdom got it back.

During the colonial period, all sovereignty of Malaya, Sabah, Sarawak and Star City was taken away by the United Kingdom. British aloof and remote, even the wealthy and powerful Chinese families in the local area, were equally short in the face of British. It depends on British face.

All kinds of profitable industries are occupied by British. Even if Chinese relies on hard work and ingenuity to engage in some industries, it still faces tremendous pressure and has to meet British unfair competition.

If it weren’t for Malaya’s independence in 1957, and then Sabah, Sarawak and Star City’s independence in 1963, they joined Malaya, formed Malaysia, and regained the right of Patriarch, and then the British had retreated, and their family would have grown up to the present level. He also don’t want to be the “rubber king”.

Before Malaysia’s independence, Hong Kong’s situation was relatively better, but after Malaysia’s independence, Hong Kong was actually inferior to Malaysia in various environments.

Li Laisheng knows very well that Hong Kong has gathered too many Chinese Tycoons and families, so the overall strength is strong enough to be able to barely resist British oppression.

After the appearance of Xia Yu, it has attacked British several times, weakened the strength of British consortium, and opened up a broader Heaven and Earth for Chinese.

So now Xia Yu bluntly wants to do Swire Group again, although he must have selfish reasons, but it is undeniable that if it really succeeds, it will definitely further optimize the life and business environment of Hong Kong Chinese.

Hong Kong is also one of Southeast Asia’s economic centers, and even the status of Southeast Asia Chinese will be promoted, so this is beneficial to the entire overseas Chinese nation.

It’s even more pretentious to talk about the help to the motherland.

During the Anti-Japanese War, his father Li Mingxing responded to the overseas Chinese leader Tan Kah Kee to launch the “Dedicated Plane to Save the Nation” campaign. His father took the lead in donating a plane worth 100,000 USD. Now his family’s ancestral house still hangs the “Quiet Justice and Goodness “, “Patriotic Pioneer” plaque.

In the early stage of Jianguo, due to the Western influence imposed on the new China “embargo” policy, Li Laisheng tried every means to transfer through the third country channels, re-export a large number of rubber products and semifinished products to support the economic construction of the new China.

It can be said that Li Family has special feelings for the motherland as a nation, and has made indelible contributions to the motherland. It is definitely a patriotic overseas Chinese family.

Compared with Li Laisheng, a certain person of the same surname will be stronger in the future, but in some respects he does not even have the qualifications to carry shoes.

Closer to home, he has no reason not to support something like Xia Yu that benefits the motherland and the nation.

Just when Li Laisheng was emotional, he felt his foot being touched. He turned his head and looked at him. Eldest son glanced at him, and then silently poured tea.

Li Laisheng apologized to Xia Yu and said, “Mr. Xia, sorry, I just thought of some things. I was a little distracted. You have been waiting for a long time.”

Xia Yu said with a light smile: “I didn’t wait long, I suddenly came to talk to you about such an important matter. Mr. Li was not prepared, so I really need to consider it.”

Li Laisheng laughed, and suddenly said readily: “Mr. Xia, don’t worry about it, I am willing to sell you equity shares!”

“I also hope you can bring down the Swire Group!”

Xia Yu smiled and thanked again and again: “Mr. Li understands the righteousness, thank you for your help, you have helped me a lot, I must remember it in my heart, thank you!”

Li Laisheng waved his hand and said modestly: “It’s not a big deal. This is normal business cooperation.”

Now that Li Laisheng has agreed, the other is the details. Xia Yu remembered what Li Laisheng had just said, and he asked: “Mr. Li, you said there are some inside stories just now, I don’t know what it is?”

Li Laisheng immediately said: “That’s it.”

“Mr. Xia, you have investigated Swire Industrial Group. You should know the industrial structure of Swire Industrial Group.”

Xia Yu cooperated with nodded to show that she knew it.

Li Laisheng continued: “Many of these companies have direct business dealings with our family, such as Swire Paint Co., Ltd., Swire Rubber Co., Ltd., and so on.”

“For our family at the time, Swire Industrial Group was a major customer, and Swire Industrial Group also needed a stable and affordable supplier. So in order to deepen the relationship between the two parties, our family and Swire Industrial Group shared each other.”

“At that time, Swire Industrial Group transferred 5% point 2 equity shares to our Kepong Group, and we also transferred 5% point 5 equity shares of Kepong Group to Swire Industrial Group. We also made up some more cash.”

“By now, in fact, the business relationship between Swire Industrial Group and our family has become ordinary.”

“I hope, Mr. Xia, after you acquire Swire Industrial Group, you can sell back to us the 5% point 5 equity shares of Kepong Group.”

Xia Yu immediately nodded and said: “It’s okay, this one can be written into the contract.”

Li Laisheng smiled and nodded, responding: “With Mr. Xia, I am relieved with your words.”

“The rest is the price issue.”

Xia Yu took the initiative to hand the bid to Li Laisheng, and asked softly: “Mr. Li, can you make a price.”

As a seller, Li Laisheng feels that he is not good at bidding.

So he kicked the ball back to Xia Yu lightly.

He said with a warm smile: “Mr. Xia, I don’t know the current situation of Swire Industrial Group. Or you can make a price, I will sell it if it suits you. In short, the purpose is hello, me, hello, everyone.”

“Business is only temporary, and friendship is long-lasting.”

“Mr. Li is right. Getting acquainted with you is the biggest gain from my trip to Kuala Lumpur. Compared with that, everything else is secondary.”

Xia Yu also said with a drink.

After speaking, he pondered for a moment, worrying that Li Laisheng would ask Qiu Deba afterwards, and his own purchase of Qiu Deba’s Swire shares company’s equity shares equivalent to premium 35%, so it is not good for him to give Li Family a low price.

Furthermore, the value of Swire Industrial Group and Swire shares is very different. With the proportion of equity shares held by Li Family, even premium 35% is not much more.

Anyway, the money came from Song Family, and he didn’t need to make Li Lai feel dissatisfied.

Thinking of this, he said seriously: “Let’s do it like this, Mr. Li, now the market value of Swire Industrial Group is 2 1.1 billion 40 million HKD fluctuates up and down, and I use this price as the base.”

“Then premium 35%, your family’s 5% equity shares of point 2 are valued one after another 100000000 5000 zero 220,000 HKD, the fraction will be erased, and I will give you 200000000 50 million HKD.”

“I bought Qiu Deba’s Old Mister’s equity shares, and also gave this premium ratio. I respect you as much as I do, so I treat him equally.”

“And you can observe the situation in Hong Kong in the next one or two months, and you will find that if you sell your equity shares to me now, you are absolutely right.”

“Do you think this price is okay?”

Xia Yu said so candidly, and the price given is indeed not low. Considering the meaning of Xia Yu’s words, it is obvious that the value of Swire Industrial Group will fall, so he didn’t say the price.

Therefore, he nodded said with a smile very categorically: “Mr. Xia is so generous, if I am no longer satisfied, I will appear too greedy.”

“I don’t have a problem, just as you say.”

After speaking, he said with emotion: “I didn’t expect you to go to Qiu Deba for the sake of Swire shares. Your handwriting is not so big, admire it!”

He knows that the size and market value of Swire shares are more than several times that of Swire Industrial Group, and Swire shares is the core pillar of Swire Group.

Xia Yu is now working on these two companies at the same time, or that he knows only these two, then Xia Yu must have launched a full-scale attack on Swire Group. This kind of financial strength, strength and courage is far less than their Li Family.

He had heard of Xia Yu’s Legendary experience before, and he also deliberately collected relevant information. It was shocking at the time, but now that he has seen it with his own eyes, the shock is even greater.

At this moment, Li Laisheng suddenly felt that being able to get acquainted with Xia Yu and have a good relationship is the most correct thing he did.

“Mr. Li, thank you again for your generosity.”

Xia Yu got up, said with a big smile, and stretched out a hand to Li Laisheng.

Li Laisheng extends the hand, one old and one young 2 hands are held together tightly.

After releasing, Xia Yu said: “Mr. Li, because I have to fight back to Hong Kong tonight, so I hope to complete the cooperation as soon as possible now.”

Li Laisheng immediately nodded and agreed: “No problem, then I will let someone come over now, Mr. Xia, your person?”

“I’ll borrow the phone and let them come directly.”



Not long after Xia Yu finished the phone call, his acquisition team was led to the manor of Li Family, led by employees who knew the situation in the local branch.

After some negotiations, the complete contract was freshly released, the price was filled in, and the signature was exchanged.

Xia Yu took out a cheque, wrote the number 200000000 50 million HKD, signed and sealed it, handed it to Li Laisheng, and pointed to a middle-aged Chinese and said: “Mr. Li, this is me Jiuding Bank’s large cheque, this is Bank President Su Shanming of Jiuding Bank Kuala Lumpur branch. You can ask him to take you to the transfer later.”

Li Laisheng took the check, glanced at the number, and after confirming that it was correct, he solemnly accepted it and said, “Okay.”

Then he smiled and politely said to Su Shanming: “Mr. Su, I will trouble you later. Our group opens an account at your bank. Later I will ask my son to come with you and transfer the money to us. On your account.”

“No problem, thank you Mr. Li for supporting our bank!” Su Shanming bowed slightly.

After that, Xia Yu accepted the contract and proof of equity shares, shook hands with Li Laisheng, thanked him again, and said goodbye.

“Mr. Li, thank you again for your help and support. I wanted to nag you for a while, but because tomorrow is Monday, the stock market has to reopen, so I must hurry back to oversee as soon as possible, and I can only say goodbye to you regretfully Up.”

Li Laisheng nodded said: “I understand, your business is more important.”

“I won’t be able to keep you any more today. We know each other anyway. There will be more opportunities in the future. I must come and sit here when I come to Kuala Lumpur.”

Xia Yu nodded with a smile: “This is for sure. You have walked more bridges than I have walked. I will come to learn more if I have the opportunity.”

“If you come to Hong Kong anytime, you must let me do my best as a landlord.”

“Definitely!” Li Laisheng said with a smile.

“Then I will leave.”

“I will give it to you!”


After leaving Li Family, Xia Yu rushed straight to the Kuala Lumpur airport and caught the flight to Hong Kong which took off at 5:1.

When the plane arrived at Hong Kong International Airport, Kai Tak, it was already more than 9 pm.

After asking the driver and the others to get out of the airport garage, Xia Yu drove back to home in the car. He felt a little tired after traveling for 2 days, and fell asleep after washing.

It was the early morning of July 7 in a blink of an eye.

Xia Yu was eating breakfast at home, looking at the newspaper and watching the highly provocative news articles above. His eyes became deep and his thoughts gradually drifted out of the sky.

The curtain is about to open…

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