Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1023

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After eating breakfast, Xia Yu came to Jiuding Building early and saw Canning Fok sitting on the sofa waiting for him in the office.

“Board-Chairman early!”

“This is a secret document from President Liu of Jiuding Bank, President Liddell of Standard Chartered Bank, President Greg of 9 Ding Insurance Company, and President Wang of Jiuding Securities yesterday afternoon. It is about the statistics of the acquired equity shares. , Let me hand it over to you this morning!”

After getting up to say hello respectfully, Canning Fok immediately handed the kraft paper document bag to Xia Yu.

“Well, thank you for your hard work, waiting here so early.”

Xia Yu pats Canning Fok’s shoulder, said kindly, and then took the document bag.

“No hard work, this is what I should do.”

Canning Fok finished speaking modestly, and immediately went to make tea for Xia Yu.

Because time was urgent to rush to Jiuding Securities Ltd. before the stock market opened, Xia Yu didn’t have time to deal with Canning Fok, so he opened the file bag and took out the file and looked at it.

The year before last, he had already ordered Jiuding Securities to continuously absorb the equity shares of Swire Group related companies. At that time, he was indeed optimistic, and he also considered preparedness.

Then, when Jiuding Bank, Jiuding Bank and Standard Chartered Bank were established, Jiuding Bank and Jiuding Insurance Company would also deliberately purchase Swire Group companies.

Not to mention Standard Chartered Bank. After acquiring Standard Chartered Bank, Xia Yu urged Gals Liddell that the equity shares of Swire Group cannot be sold.

Coupled with the layout, he asked these four companies to actively collect the corresponding equity shares, so now the four companies hold a lot of equity shares, and the companies involved are also very large.

However, after browsing, Xia Yu remembered some of the more important equity shares in his mind.

The first is the core Swire shares company. Jiuding Securities Ltd. originally invested and secretly acquired recently, holding a total of 100% of the equity shares, and then Standard Chartered Bank held 7%. The insurance company holds 4% of the 4 equity shares, and the 6 companies collectively hold 9% of the 4 equity shares.

The 100:7/8 equity shares of Qiu Family in Star City were also taken, and the 100:6 7% of Song Family is in the bag and can be taken at any time.

If these 2 equity shares are added, Xia Yu will control 30% of Swire shares’ 8 equity shares in one fell swoop.

Then there was the equity shares of Swire Industrial Group, which was matched by Stanley Ho. Jiuding Securities Ltd. won the 5% point 6 equity shares held by the Ho Group of Hong Kong Ho Family, and then Fung King Hey of Sun Hung Kai Securities also It gave Wang Qi a lot of face and transferred his 3% equity shares of 4 points.

Coupled with the secret acquisition from the Level 2 market, Jiuding Securities Ltd. actually holds a total of 10% of 7:4 equity shares.

Standard Chartered Bank originally held 5% point-one equity shares, but at the weekend it took over 4% point-one equity shares held by Xiali Lira Group.

Counting the 5% point 2 equity shares purchased from the Kuala Lumpur Kepong Group last weekend, in fact Xia Yu already holds 30% of the Swire Industrial Group’s 8 point equity shares.

Then there are Swire Trading Group, Swire Warehouse Company, Swire Shipping Company… a series of equity shares of companies, the quantity is very considerable.

In general, the preparatory work here is very sufficient, which is also due to the accumulation of equity shares in the past two years.

These equity shares are enough to be used as shells for destroying Swire Group!

When Xia Yu finished watching, it was almost 9 o’clock.

It is estimated that Song Bo should have been waiting at Jiuding Securities Ltd., Xiu Yu immediately left the office with the information and drove to the headquarters of Jiuding Securities Ltd..

Sure enough, when Xia Yu arrived, she saw Song Bo who was following Wang Qi watching.

Seeing Xia Yu appearing, Song Bo’s face was filled with enthusiasm, and he greeted Xia Yu: “Mr. Xia, good morning!”

“Mr. Song, good morning!”

After shaking hands and saying hello, Xia Yu apologized and said, “Mr. Song, sorry has made you wait a long time. It took me a little longer to deal with things at the headquarters.”

Song Bo laughed and said nonchalantly: “It didn’t take long to wait, and I just arrived not long. After arriving, Mr. Wang Qi came over to entertain me in his 100s.”

After speaking, Song Bo asked Unable to Bear: “Mr. Xia, I heard from Mr. Wang Qi that you have been to Southeast Asia in the past two days. You should have gained a lot, right?”

After speaking, his look towards Xia Yu showed expectation.

Xia Yu showed a smile, and nodded said: “There are indeed no small gains, Mr. Song, let’s go to the office and talk.”


After Song Bo finished speaking, he hurriedly went to the office with Xia Yu.

Song Bo just sat down, and before he asked him actively, Xia Yu spoke first.

“Mr. Song, is there any progress on your side?”

Song Bo did not hide it, and shook his head with a wry smile: “Mr. Xia, the progress of my acquisition is not very big. On the Swire Industrial Group side, I only acquired 4% of the equity shares held by Bank of East Asia. It’s only 3/100/9 when it’s up to our original.”

“As for the Swire Trading Group, I only acquired 5% of the equity shares held by Dachang Trading Company, plus our original 4%, 10:7.”

“This kind of shares ratio is simply too difficult to achieve the goal.”

“Mr. Xia, I can only count on your help.”

Xia Yu lightly said with a smile: “Mr. Song, you have a lot of equity shares in your home, plus what I bought, Swire Industrial Group is enough to give you a firm foothold.”

Song Bo eyes shined, with boundless expectations rising in his heart, impatient asked the situation: “Mr. Xia, how much is it?”

Xia Yu faintly smiled and introduced the real situation: “Now I have 30% of Swire Industrial Group’s equity shares of 8. 40 points, plus your own, it has reached more than 1%.”

Song Bo opened his eyes and said in surprise, “There are so many?”

Xia Yu smiled and nodded.

After Song Bochang laughed, he hurriedly asked, “Mr. Xia, what about Swire Trading Group?”

For this company, the results are indeed not great. Xia Yu calmly said: “Mr. Song, I only won the equity shares of the Swire Trading Group held by Hysan Group. As for the Stephen and Wheelock and Company companies, I still have While making people tackling tough issues, I don’t know when there will be results.”

Although it is regrettable that the equity shares of Swire Trading Group are far less than that of Swire Industrial Group, Song Bo did not dare to be dissatisfied. He still smiled and said gratefully: “Mr. Xia, thank you!”

After thanking him, Song Bo cheered and asked again: “By the way, when can I transfer this equity shares to me?”

Xia Yu thought for a while and said: “When the market is about to open soon, the stock market is more important. Or after the market closes at 4:00 pm, you can bring along the Swire company except Swire Industrial Group and Swire Commercial Group. Find equity shares, and after calculating the value, we will replace them at the same price.”

“No problem, just do what you mean.”

Song Bo readily nodded in response.

Time gradually passed, and soon it was time for market opening.

At the close of the market on May last week, the Hang Seng Index also reached a new high of 5 1800 of 61.

But after two days, with the continuous interpretation of the media and adding fuel to the fire, the impact of the bank association’s interest rate hike has finally spread on a large scale.

Investors voted with their feet.

As soon as the stock market opened, the Hang Seng Index fell immediately to 1800 38 points and 3 zero, and the shares of the entire stock exchange were almost in decline.

Investment institutions and investors saw that the Hang Seng Index fell sharply and their mentality was affected. They began to flee their funds. There were many more shares selling orders in the market, and the prices generally went lower.

Wang Qi, who had been prepared a long time ago, issued a lot of purchase orders for shares of a listed company of Swire Group at the closing price of last week.

Some unidentified investors thought it was an institution that did not respond to the high price order and immediately sold the shares in their hands.

More and more shares have entered Jiuding Securities Ltd.’s account.

It just keeps going by over time.

The Hang Seng Index is still oscillating violently, but the share purchase order for a series of listed companies in Swire Group has not decreased. Some flexible-minded investors and institutions have begun to realize that it is wrong.

Definitely a problem!

The investment institution launched a contact to investigate, and Jiuding Securities Ltd. did not conceal the account this time, so it was easy to find it. The investigator was shocked. There was a battle for Swire Airlines that took place some time ago. The investigator subconsciously determined that Jiuding Consortium was ready again. For Swire Group.

After the judgment, the institution immediately stopped selling stocks and began to buy again.

When the overall market fluctuated and fell, the stock prices of Swire shares, Swire Industrial Group and other companies began to go public against the market, and those who were slow to realize it was wrong.

After a while, a shocking news coaxed the various stock exchanges.

Jiuding Securities Ltd. acquired equity shares of a series of Swire Group companies on a large scale.

2 consortiums are about to start again!

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