Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1024

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Jiuding Consortium and Swire Group went to war again, and it even covered all listed companies of Swire Group.

The intensity of this battle is not comparable to the previous Swire airline battle.

As long as mindful stockholders and institutional investors understand what this means.

Therefore, thanks to this news, investors’ enthusiasm for investment is soaring, and the trading volume of the entire stock market has begun to soar.

The major investment institutions have already transferred funds to make profit margins, but after judging that the stock market will skyrocket at least in the short term, they immediately moved the funds back and mobilized funds into the market.

The skyrocketing trading volume and the entry of large sums of money into the market directly caused the Hang Seng Index, which fell at the opening, to rise, easily conquer the loss and continue to rise.

This scene is exactly what Xia Yu enjoys.

He was happy, but Norman Swire, who was holding a one-week meeting in the Swire group, was furious with Thunderbolt.

The anger couldn’t conceal his panic. He immediately announced the adjournment of the meeting before the end of the meeting, and asked the managers of each company to rush back to their respective company oversees, and did their best to recover the payment and raise working capital.

He himself quickly rushed to the Swire Financial Company in Central, Hong Kong Island.

At this critical time, the fastest resistance and counterattack can only be his money bag-Swire Finance.

The President of Swire Financial Company is Cedric Quincy, who is 5 17 years old this year and has been in the financial market for more than 30 years. He is an elite among the elite and a powerful confidant of Norman Swire.

When Norman Swire arrived at Swire Finance, Cedric Quincy was intensively arranging ICBC activities.

“Cedric, how is the situation?”

Norman Swire asked eagerly.

Because time was urgent and Jiuding Securities couldn’t help it, Cedric Quincy was in a hurry to deal with it. Time was urgent. He had to speed up his speech and tell Norman Swire the general situation.

“Board-Chairman, it has now been determined that Jiuding Securities Ltd. will also acquire shares of our existing listed companies in the market, and the acquisition is very strong and the attitude is very resolute.”

“I’m sorry, I have already mobilized funds to join the rush to raise money before you came.”

“At present, because other investors and investment institutions are also involved, the current situation is very chaotic. It’s very difficult for shares to raise funds. The best way is to speed up the speed of placing orders and substantially increase the buying price to raise funds.”

Knowing that Cedric Quincy had arranged the action in advance, Norman Swire sighed in relief a little, and as expected, Cedric did not lose the chain at the critical moment.

“Good job!”

Encouraging Cedric Quincy, Norman Swire immediately asked: “How much liquidity does the company have now?”

Cedric Quincy’s face became solemn, and he hurriedly replied: “Board-Chairman, I just asked people to count. After all investment plans were urgently stopped, the company’s current capital is only 300000000 million 2500 270,000 HKD, which is still Including funds after leveraged capital allocation.”

“According to the current turbulent situation, this fund is too small to last long!”

Norman Swire’s face is very ugly. The money is indeed too small. If it is used to acquire Swire shares’ equity shares, according to the market situation described by Cedric Quincy, 5% will not be acquired!

At present, Swire Group and Swire Family Fund only hold 50% of Swire shares’ equity shares, and do not get more than 66.7%. If Jiuding Consortium comes in, it is enough to be a shit-stirrer and mess up Swire shares.

In the case of competing with Jiuding Securities Ltd., assuming you can grab another 15% of 7 equity shares, at least 2 billion!

Even more, there are so many listed companies!

This 300000000 2 1000 and more than 10000 liquidity funds is enough!

Funds must be raised as soon as possible!

After just a few seconds of thinking, Norman Swire looked towards Cedric Quincy ordered: “Cedric, the market should be stimulated now, and more and more funds will enter the stock market in the next few days. The market will definitely be very chaotic. , You immediately throw away all the shares of the company that is not part of the group, and the recovered funds are used to grab the equity shares of our company!”

Cedric Quincy’s complexion changed, and after a moment of entanglement, his expression seriously said: “Board-Chairman, our own capital is only about 750 million HKD, and the investor’s capital is about 600 million 40 million, which is less than 2.3. billion HKD.”

“Then the leveraged fund is about 43 100000000 million HKD.”

“Because it is still uncertain about the action plan of Jiuding Securities Ltd., if we throw away the shares of other companies and use all the shares of our group’s company, the funds will be highly concentrated, and the risk will increase by several levels.”

How can Norman Swire not know the truth?

But up to now, the fastest and best way is this, with fewer constraints. As long as the companies of the Swire Group can maintain a high stock price after acquiring shares, there is no risk of liquidation, and investors will also I will not lose one’s head out of fear and come here to get back the funds.

Swire’s financial risk is high, but Norman Swire judges that the risk is worth taking!

After all, in this case, it is not generally difficult for him to find the bank to borrow funds, and he has to put out a huge amount of assets as mortgage, and the bank association has just announced an interest rate hike, his borrowing costs are much higher!

“Execute as I said!”

Norman Swire said decisively with a sullen face, not listening to Cedric Quincy’s opinion.

He has clarified the risks, but since Board-Chairman has decided to do so, Cedric Quincy can only execute.

“Understand, I will let people act now!”

After that, Cedric Quincy once again checked the employees’ acquisition operations, and quickly mobilized other employees to perform the work of liquidation.

Norman Swire went to see the stock price of each listed company.

When I saw that the opening price of Swire shares was 3 HKD per share today, in about an hour, the stock price has risen to 5 HKD per share, an increase of ten 2 points.

The market value of Swire shares has also risen to 6 1.8 billion and more than 4000 HKD.

Although the market value of 8 more than 1 billion when the most peak of Swire Airlines was taken away a few months ago is still more than 1 billion, according to this rising trend, it will be sooner or later that the market value will regain lost ground and create Peak again. It can be realized tomorrow.

If he is usually happy, but now the stock price rises sharply, his mood becomes more irritable.

He resisted the irritability and continued to look towards the situation of other companies.

Swire Warehouse…

Swire Shipping Company…

Swire Industrial Group…


The stock price of every listed company has skyrocketed, and the lowest has risen by 2 points in the past hour.

He asked about the trader’s acquisition situation again, and learned that the previous rush to raise was very difficult, because the market was quite chaotic. Buy orders with different prices for large and small were thrown out, and sell orders were occasionally placed with uneven quantities. Other institutions ate it in one bite, and sometimes how much is left after filling in the purchase order at the corresponding price.

Fortunately, he has just authorized the purchase price to be raised substantially.

However, the drawbacks are also obvious. It will stimulate the market even more and make the stock prices of various companies rise faster. After all, they are not earning a mid-range price for buying and selling, but only buying and not selling.

But at this time, what can be done?

You have to drink the chronic poison too. Whether you can win the antidote before the poison dies depends on your ability!

After a while, Cedric Quincy returned again. After Norman Swire told him again, he authorized him with full authority, and then rushed to Hongkong and Shanghai Bank.

In the stock market, Cedric Quincy is able to stabilize for the time being, but it is too difficult to acquire equity shares from the Level 2 market. He must acquire the equity shares in the hands of major shareholder as soon as possible. This is the lowest cost and fastest The way to success!

Because Swire Financial Corporation is also in the middle ring, less than 100 meters away from Hongkong and Shanghai Bank, Norman Swire soon came to Hongkong and Shanghai Bank.

It happened that he met an acquaintance in the elevator, and a piece of news he learned from his mouth made him feel like burning his ass.

The people from Jiuding Securities Ltd. are here and are now negotiating with Board-Chairman Michael Sandberg and the others!

After asking about the meeting place, Norman Swire got out of the elevator and walked quickly towards that place, while praying continuously in his heart…

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