Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1025

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“Are you President in there?”

After finding the place, watching the two employees standing at the door guarding the door, Wade Swire asked.


“Mr. Swire, we Board-Chairman have something wrong now, you might as well go to the reception room and so on.” An employee knew Norman Swire, so he didn’t ask him if he had an appointment, and said respectfully.

Norman Swire was already distraught. How could he agree? He said directly: “The thing I’m looking for is what he is talking about now. Can you take the responsibility if something goes wrong?”

The employee was suddenly speechless and his expression kept changing.

Norman Swire gave the bodyguard behind him a wink. The bodyguard immediately blocked the two employees, and then Norman Swire opened the door directly and entered.

The two groups of people who were negotiating in the house all stopped and looked towards Norman Swire and the others who came in suddenly from outside.

Michael Sandberg looked at Yuan Tianfan who was sitting opposite, showing an inexplicable smile, and then stood up and walked towards Norman Swire.

“Norman, why are you here?”

Norman Swire said immediately: “Michael, I’m sorry to come in so rudely, but I’m afraid I’ll be late when I’m late. I hope I can talk to you.”

At this time, Yuan Tianfan, who was still sitting in his seat, suddenly interrupted and said: “Mr. Swire, everything is important first, first come first, what do you have, wait until we finish talking with Mr. Michael Sandberg, this is the most basic etiquette.”

Michael Sandberg, who wanted to speak, narrowed his eyes, then looked towards Norman Swire with some embarrassment, meaning it was self-evident.

How could Norman Swire be willing? Jiuding Securities Ltd. was originally the enemy, unless his brain was amused, Yuan Tianfan could negotiate with Michael Sandberg smoothly.

He had an impatient tone and said unceremoniously: “Etiquette is for friends, you are not qualified!”

The atmosphere in the room suddenly became tense as soon as this was said.

In fact, Norman Swire came in suddenly, hitting Yuan Tianfan’s arms.

This situation was something he hadn’t anticipated before, but it was the most beneficial to their plan. He had a headache. How could he let Norman Swire know that they had bought equity shares from Hongkong and Shanghai Bank, but now they don’t need it at all. Better than direct competition!

If you want to make the plan more effective, the current climate is still far away. The more tense the atmosphere, the better!

So he directly said with a cold laugh: “Hehe, we are not qualified? I still disdain it!”

“I know what your purpose is, but I’m not afraid to tell you that Hongkong and Shanghai Bank holds equity shares such as Swire shares, we have to decide!”

“We lack everything, we just don’t lack money!”

After speaking, Yuan Tianfan stopped looking at Norman Swire, who was flushed with anger, and smiled and looked towards Michael Sandberg and said: “Mr. Shen, some people think that personal relationships can make you embarrassing requests, but things in the mall, It’s still up to you to love me, and the one with the highest price will get it!

“You also have to be responsible for the shareholder, so I won’t make it difficult for you!”

“We are very sincere. The equity shares of all Swire Group companies are based on the closing price of today’s stock market. We are willing to acquire 100% of premium. This is our greatest sincerity!”

As soon as Yuan Tianfan said this, Norman Swire, who was already very angry, was shocked and felt as disgusting as if he had eaten a fly.

In front of him, Helmsman of Swire Group, he directly said that he wanted to buy his company’s equity shares, and the bid was very arbitrary.

Yuan Tianfan slapped him in the face naked.

But as far as Michael Sandberg is concerned, Yuan Tianfan’s step is quite timely, and he can face Norman Swire more calmly.

Michael Sandberg looked towards Norman Swire, with an awkward look, and said: “Norman, please understand that I really have to be responsible for the company and the shareholders, public to the public, private to private, I hope business matters will not affect our relationship Friendship.”

How can Norman Swire say no?

Although I was very angry and disgusting, I had to smile nodded and said: “Michael, I understand, I won’t let you break the rules.”

“I am also willing to double the price. I hope you can sell all the company’s equity shares back to me!”

Norman Swire bid, marking the official entry into the bidding stage.

Yuan Tianfan said immediately: “Mr. Michael Sandberg, we can all premium 110%, and all use cash to buy and sell! Absolutely default!”

Good guy, as soon as Yuan Tianfan said this, the expressions of everyone present changed.

Norman Swire’s face was as black as pot stickers, just like a dead father.

Michael Sandberg was shocked by the strength of Jiuding Securities Ltd.

Based on the equity shares of companies belonging to the Swire Group held by Hongkong and Shanghai Bank, according to the stock market’s rising trend today, and calculated by the closing price this afternoon, a conservative estimate is that the value is at least ten 500 million!

According to Yuan Tianfan’s words, Jiuding Securities Ltd. has to spend at least 3 more than 1 billion HKD in cash. Even if this money is not from Jiuding Securities Ltd., it can prove the strength of Jiuding Consortium!

Anyway, with the strength of Hongkong and Shanghai Bank, 3 billion HKD in cash is not impossible to raise, but it will definitely not be as easy as Yuan Tianfan said.

And this is why Norman Swire feels so stressed.

With the financial power shown by Jiuding Securities Ltd., think about the funds of Swire Financial Company. He wants to win this war, difficult as ascending heaven!

But no matter how difficult it is, he must try his best to keep it!

So he gritted his teeth and said to Michael Sandberg: “Michael, I am willing to pay premium 120%, and also pay all in cash!”

Michael Sandberg’s eyes deepened for an instant, looked towards Norman Swire with a solemn face, and made sure that he did not seem to be joking, but he knew Swire Group very well, but he did not believe that Norman Swire could come up with the money.

Yuan Tianfan said mockingly: “Mr. Swire, there are some things you can’t say nonsense. If you say it, you can cash it out. I doubt you can get so much money?”

Norman Swire had bloodshot scalp, flushed face, and hardened his neck. Coldly snorted replied: “If I can get it, you can’t control it. Anyway, these equity shares, don’t even touch them!”

Yuan Tianfan shrugged indifferently, lightly said with a smile: “It’s not your decision. The higher the price. Our attitude is also here. We have to set these equity shares!”

Then he raised the price sharply and said: “Mr. Michael Sandberg, as a sign of sincerity, we are willing to premium 100% 50 for all equity shares! Full cash payment!”

Norman Swire has if you ride a tiger, it’s hard to get off, but at this time he has no retreat and can only continue to follow.

“I am willing to pay premium 100% 60, but also cash payment!”

“We are premium 100% 70!” Yuan Tianfan was full of confidence and calmly continued to raise prices with a very tough attitude.


“I’m premium 200%!” Norman Swire said with a flushed face and emotionally. The pressure in his heart had already overwhelmed him, making it difficult for him to control his emotions.

Michael Sandberg, who had never had a chance to speak, noticed that a taste was coming. Yuan Tianfan took the opportunity to deliberately stimulate Norman Swire, and Norman Swire had to hold on regardless of whether he noticed it or not.

Taking into account the general relationship with Jiuding Consortium and the close relationship with Norman Swire and Swire Group, Michael Sandberg stepped up to make ends meet when Yuan Tianfan wanted to increase the price.

“Mr. Yuan, Norman, let’s calm down. Now that the equity shares are with us, I haven’t considered whether to sell or not, so it’s useless if you compete now. I think you will let me consider it for a few days. Sell, I will contact you to discuss the price, how about?”

Hearing Michael Sandberg’s words, Norman Swire secretly relieved secretly in his heart, and gave Michael Sandberg a grateful look. Michael Sandberg pretended not to see it.

And Yuan Tianfan nodded with a smile said: “Mr. Shen said it is reasonable. The business really pays attention to your love and my wishes. Then wait for you to consider it first. I hope you must inform me that my price will not make SF Bank lose money. !”

“The price I just offered has been valid!”

Michael Sandberg said with a smile: “Mr. Yuan, I can feel your sincerity, don’t worry, as long as I think about it, I will notify you.”

Yuan Tianfan smiled and nodded, then stood up and stretched out his hand to Michael Sandberg, who immediately reached out and shook Yuan Tianfan’s hand.

“Mr. Shen, then I won’t bother you, let’s go first.”

“Okay, go slowly!”

Before leaving, Yuan Tianfan glanced at Norman Swire, laughed provocatively, and then decisively left with someone.

For a while, the atmosphere in the house was a bit stagnant.

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