Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1026

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“Norman, go talk to my office.”

Perceiving that the atmosphere is a bit awkward, it’s not a big deal to stay here, Michael Sandberg immediately proposed to Norman Swire.

Norman Swire immediately followed Michael Sandberg’s words and nodded in response: “Okay, it’s up to you.”

Subsequently, Michael Sandberg sent away the other subordinates involved in the negotiation, and then took Norman Swire to his office, with Norman Swire’s bodyguards and assistants guarding the door.

Seeing that no one else was present, Norman Swire said immediately: “Michael, you must not sell my company’s equity shares to Jiuding Securities Ltd. this time!”

In order to increase the persuasive power, he forcedly explained: “As Jiuding Bank becomes stronger and stronger, it has already had serious competition with Hongkong and Shanghai Bank, and Standard Chartered Bank is also biased towards Jiuding Consortium. The whole of Hong Kong and Hongkong and Shanghai The largest business volume of Shanghai Bank is our Swire Group.”

“Think about the Hutchison Whampoa and Jardine Matheson in the past. They were both super-large customers of Hongkong and Shanghai Bank. However, after being annexed by the Chinese consortium headed by Jiuding Consortium, their business with Hongkong and Shanghai Bank basically ceased. It’s not that I don’t want to break it, but because the contract time has not arrived, it will be a matter of time before it breaks. Even if I am an outsider, I know that the business volume of Hongkong and Shanghai Bank has been greatly affected.”

“If my Swire group is also taken away by the Jiuding Consortium this time, then for Hongkong and Shanghai Bank, the loss will be irreversible and unbearable.”

Although knowing that Norman Swire is telling the truth, Michael Sandberg is not stupid and will not cause Hongkong and Shanghai Bank to suffer huge losses.

It’s just a play on the spot, the basic skills of the workplace, who can’t?

Michael Sandberg said with an affirmative expression: “Norman, what you are talking about is the real situation. I know all this, and you and I are also old friends, so I just interrupted the continued bidding between you. If you change As someone else, I am sure that you continue to bid, the higher the price, the better!”

Norman Swire expressed gratitude and said “thank you”.

Michael Sandberg sighed, and continued: “But you also know that HSBC Hong Kong is my final say, but I also have a parent company above me. We can take into account these far-reaching influences. It is hard to say whether the parent company only sees GBP .”

“Just now you have set the price to premium 2% 100. I am not the only one present. The news can’t be blocked. Maybe it will reach London tomorrow.”

“My activity space has become smaller. This is because I interrupted your bidding in time. Even if I want to take care of you, I can’t take care of too much, otherwise the parent company will definitely intervene.”

Norman Swire couldn’t tell Michael Sandberg’s true or false for a while, but he didn’t have time to tell, because he suddenly woke up, and there is a more important information to confirm with Michael Sandberg.

Last time Cathay Pacific and Description Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company were taken away by Jiuding Consortium. Although there is a Song Family relationship, Hongkong and Shanghai Bank also have inextricable responsibilities. If it were not for the last time the parent company of Hongkong and Shanghai Bank forced equity shares Take it, maybe now he is still fighting the Jiuding Consortium in the aviation field!

He hurriedly asked: “Michael, now the equity shares of my other companies are still with you, don’t tell me that your parent company has transferred equity shares again.”

After that, Norman Swire looked at Michael Sandberg nervously.

Michael Sandberg smiled and shook his head comforted: “Norman, this time you can rest assured that the parent company has not interfered anymore and the equity shares are still with me.”

Norman Swire sighed in relief abruptly: “It’s really lucky news.”

“Michael, since the equity shares are here, please sell them to me!” He solemnly pleaded with Michael Sandberg.

Michael Sandberg showed an awkward look and explained: “Norman, you have been watching just now. I have promised Yuan Tianfan of Jiuding Securities Ltd., as long as I think about it, I will notify them.”

“If I sell equity shares directly to you, I will lose my trust, and I will also offer Jiuding Securities Ltd., the nature will change.”

“You should know that Hongkong and Shanghai Bank and Jiuding Securities Ltd. have always had a cooperative relationship. Dingfeng Securities Co., Ltd. is a company jointly owned by us, and it is currently developing very well in the securities field.”

Norman Swire was anxious, seriously suspecting that Michael Sandberg was just trying to sell a higher price.

No wonder he suspected Michael Sandberg with sinister thoughts. After all, every 10% premium can be more than 200 million HKD, which is not a small amount!

I really want to bid with Jiuding Securities Ltd. again. With the attitude that Yuan Tianfan showed just now, he didn’t have a trace of confidence in his heart, but there was just endless pressure.

So no matter what, what you say today will make Michael Sandberg fall to him completely.

“Michael, at the price I just opened, as of the close of this afternoon, all equity shares are premium 2% 100, equity shares are sold to me, I have kept Swire Group, and the relationship with Hongkong and Shanghai Bank will always exist. And it will get better and better. After ten, 20, 30 years, Hongkong and Shanghai Bank will be able to make huge profits.”

“If you sell equity shares to Jiuding Securities Ltd., according to Chinese, you will sell hen that lays golden eggs. Jiuding Bank will grow stronger and lose the business volume of Swire Group, which will make Hongkong and Shanghai Bank Suffered an immeasurable loss.”

Michael Sandberg was silent for a moment, and suddenly asked: “Norman, at the price you just opened, it is premium 2% 100, paid in full in cash, can you do it?”

Norman Swire was speechless.

Seeing Norman Swire’s expression, Michael Sandberg laughed clearly. He knew that Norman Swire would definitely not be available. Just now it was just a brace oneself bidding that’s all with Yuan Tianfan. If he didn’t stop it, Norman Swire would not want to step down.

Seeing Michael Sandberg’s smile, Norman Swire was very embarrassed, but he still cheeked and quibbleed: “Michael, although I can’t get the cash, I can use the assets to replace the Hongkong and Shanghai Bank mortgage loan.”

“In this case, Swire Group will be completely tied to the war chariot of Hongkong and Shanghai Bank, and the volume of business between us will also skyrocket. Hongkong and Shanghai Bank will earn more interest from it every year.”

Michael Sandberg laughed irresponsibly and did not say disagree, but said with a light smile: “Norman, based on the value of the equity shares of the Swire group of companies currently held by Hongkong and Shanghai Bank, if you want to get If you want to pledge another company’s equity shares mortgage loan, you have to pledge at least 100 100000000 million equity shares. Are you sure you can get that much?”

Norman Swire’s expression froze suddenly, and his face twitched after a while.

He had to admit that Michael Sandberg was right, but because of this, he didn’t know what to do for a while.

It is conservatively estimated that the equity shares of a series of companies in the Swire Group held by Hongkong and Shanghai Bank are worth 1.5 billion HKD, so premium 200% will yield 4.5 billion HKD.

However, using shares to pledge loans cannot be done by ordinary people or ordinary companies. Banks are reluctant to lend such loans. After all, the risk is too high.

Even if you are willing to lend, the general loan limit is 30-40%. In this calculation, if you want to borrow 4.5 billion HKD, you really need 100 to 100000000 million company shares to pledge.

Even if he talked about the capped 50% pledge rate, he would have to pledge company shares worth 9 billion HKD.

Zooming into the entire Swire Group, it can still be obtained, but it is about to reach its limit.

But this is difficult to operate, because the assets of the loan belong to the various groups and companies of the Swire Group. The money from the loan to buy back the equity shares belongs to all the shareholders and must be apportioned in proportion to the shares. It does not belong to the parent company or the Swire Family fund. , He is making wedding dresses for others.

The only thing that can achieve his goal is to mortgage the assets held by the Swire Family. The shares purchased by the loan belong to the Swire Family, so that the Swire Family can strengthen the control of the entire Swire Group.

However, the shares held by the Swire Family Fund and the assets owned by the Swire Family, plus those in the United Kingdom, are less than 10,000,000,000 HKD. Some of these assets have already been taken to the mortgage loan.

So what he just said can’t be operated at all.

even more how, even if all the assets were emptied and the equity shares held by Hongkong and Shanghai Bank were taken, it was not enough to keep all the companies, and he had no funds, he had to lose!

Thinking of this, he had to give up this mortgage loan strategy.

Shares can be mortgaged, but they cannot be mortgaged so simply.

The company wants to keep it, but based on the current situation, the cost required is too high, and its own strength is limited, it can only make a choice. It is important to keep the core part.

Survival is the most important thing!

Thinking of this, Norman Swire was heartbroken and proposed a new plan to Michael Sandberg.

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