Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1027

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“Then Michael, how about we change the way of cooperation, which will not only allow us to continue long-term cooperation, but also preserve the interests of Hongkong and Shanghai Bank.”

Michael Sandberg heart moved and asked curiously: “What way?”

Norman Swire talked about the plan he had just thought of flash of intuition,

“Hongkong and Shanghai Bank sold me the equity shares of Swire shares Group, Swire Steamship Group, Swire Industrial Group and their affiliated companies. I don’t want the remaining equity shares of other companies. I’m willing to pay some of the equity shares of these companies. , Part of the mortgage loan transaction.”

“For the remaining equity shares, I cooperated with Hongkong and Shanghai Bank and bid with Jiuding Securities Ltd. to raise the price and let Hongkong and Shanghai Bank make a lot of money from here.”

“In this case, Hongkong and Shanghai Bank will get at least 3 benefits. First: Swire Group will not fall, but at most streamline its strengths, but it can cooperate with Hongkong and Shanghai Bank for a long time. Second: You will not violate your promises. I just promised to inform Jiuding Securities Ltd. that the things that we can do, will not offend them; third: Hongkong and Shanghai Bank can obtain greater benefits.”

“Michael, what do you think?”

After speaking, Norman Swire stared at Michael Sandberg scorchingly, expecting him to agree.

Michael Sandberg did not agree immediately, but carefully considered it.

In fact, he has made up his mind on one point, that is, Swire Group cannot fall. If Swire Group is annexed by Chinese capital led by Jiuding Consortium, it will definitely do harm to Hongkong and Shanghai Bank.

Because Jardine Matheson and Hutchison Whampoa were dismembered and annexed before, the business volume of Hongkong and Shanghai Bank has been reduced by a lot, especially last year. Although the overall revenue has been growing, the growth rate has dropped significantly, combined with the overall social In terms of economic growth, Hongkong and Shanghai Bank are actually regressing in strength, and the impact will continue for many years.

Standard Chartered Bank does not unite with Hongkong and Shanghai Bank, but prefers Jiuding Bank. If Swire Group falls and loses Swire Group’s business, how can Hongkong and Shanghai Bank compete with Jiuding Bank and Standard Chartered Bank?

So Swire Group must not fall down!

But he also knows that with the current strength of the Swire Family, it is no longer possible to keep the entire Swire Group. Fortunately, Norman Swire has the courage to make up his mind and prepare to survive by docking, and only keep the core group companies, which he is happy to see.

To be honest, if Norman Swire at first tells him that he is ready to dock to survive and shrink capital, then he must release the water early to keep Swire Group.

Fortunately, Norman Swire has a gulf in his chest, and he also thought of playing Jiuding Securities Ltd. so that Hongkong and Shanghai Bank can get more benefits.

With this benefit to make up, then he can put in more water to complete Norman Swire.

It’s just that Michael Sandberg still has a concern. He told Norman Swire: “Norman, your plan has another shortcoming, which is the lack of the three most important equity shares of Swire shares Group, Swire Steamship Group and Swire Industrial Group. After that, for the remaining companies’ equity shares, Jiuding Securities Ltd. may not want it, and our bureau may not be able to do it.”

Norman Swire pondered his eyebrows for a moment, and suggested: “Michael, we can do this. You just make an excuse to say that you have made a mistake before. In fact, these equity shares have already been sold. As for Jiuding Securities Ltd. believing or not, it doesn’t matter.”

“The remaining company’s equity shares, you can release the news, and I will fully cooperate with your hype.”

“Although I don’t want to see some things happen, what can be expected is that besides Jiuding Consortium and Song Family, other Chinese consortiums will definitely participate this time. These equity shares Jiuding Securities Ltd. No, there are always others. Chinese consortium wants.”

“For Hongkong and Shanghai Bank, these equity shares are better if they are not sold to Jiuding Securities Ltd., what do you think?”

Michael Sandberg thought for a while, slightly nodded: “What you said makes sense, as long as you are willing to cooperate fully, you should be able to guarantee our interests.”

Norman Swire said decisively: “Of course I will fully cooperate, and no one else would have thought that I would take the initiative to give up these equity shares and join forces with you.”

Norman Swire has said this, and Michael Sandberg’s last concern has been dispelled.

Then there is no need to waste time…

He said very simply: “Norman, I agree to your plan. All the equity shares associated with Swire shares Group, Swire Steamship Group and Swire Industrial Group can be sold to you.”

“As for the price…”

In Norman Swire’s some nervous attention, Michael Sandberg indulged for a moment and suddenly smiled and said: “I won’t continue to raise prices. I will trade at premium 200%. I think, if the stock market continues to sell like this, the stock price will be reversed. 5 or 6 times are possible, and now the price is yours, which is not too expensive.”

Norman Swire quickly said with a smile: “Of course not expensive, Michael, thank you!”

Michael Sandberg smiled and shook his head and said, “No thanks.”

“I will let people count now, how many company’s equity shares are there…”


On this day, the stock market was fought fiercely. Like cats that smelled fishy, ​​various capitals flocked to the stock market frantically, trying to get a piece of the pie from the fire.

This further pushed up the stock price of listed companies belonging to the Swire Group.

When the market was closed in the afternoon, the core Swire shares group stock price had risen to 8 HKD per share, with a market value of 8 6 billion 8 and more than 1.4 HKD, which directly exceeded the normal market value before losing Swire Airlines. The competition is fierce.

Even so, because of the large size of the Swire shares group, the closing price increased by about 40% 2 from the opening price.

The Swire Shipping Group is not listed, but its Swire Warehouse Company and Swire Shipping Company are both listed companies. The closing price of the two companies has increased by 2 points and 52 points respectively from the opening price.

The market value of Swire Warehouse has risen to 1.8 billion 9000 and more than 10000 HKD.

The market value of Swire Shipping Company today is fixed at 25 100000000 2 1000 and more than 10000 HKD.

As for the Swire Industrial Group that Song Family needs, the closing price is 40% higher than the opening price 8, the stock price is fixed at 1 HKD per share, and the market value is 3 1.1 billion 6700 and more than 10000 HKD.

The stock prices of other listed companies have increased by at least 40%.

The transaction price of non-listed company equity shares is unknown, but it is certain that the increase in the stock price of listed companies will become the seller’s price indicator.

After the stock market was closed, Norman Swire, who had counted the number of equity shares, immediately negotiated with Michael Sandberg.

Michael Sandberg and Norman Swire did not expect the stock price to rise so fiercely today. According to statistics, according to the closing price in the afternoon, the real-time value of the equity shares required by Norman Swire reached 1.1 billion 1000 6 1 million HKD.

In addition to premium 200%, Norman Swire will have to pay 3 1.3 billion 4000 8 1 million HKD.

Feeling the tremendous pressure, Norman Swire was also a little grateful. Fortunately, he decided to give up some companies, otherwise he would really not be able to fight the Jiuding Consortium!

Premium 2% 100 is really not too high!

Afterwards, he immediately negotiated with Michael Sandberg, and the final result was half of the cash payment and half of the purchase with asset pledge loans.

Michael Sandberg is also very proud and gave Norman Swire the loosest pledge rate-50%.

This means that Norman Swire only needs to put out a pledge of equity shares worth 3 1.3 billion 4000 8 1 million HKD, and can loan up to 600 7000 million 4 1 million HKD.

The specific transaction time was agreed by 2 people to complete within 2 days, depending on the speed of Norman Swire’s fundraising and asset consolidation.

Once the transaction is successful, except for the Swire shares group, which actually controls more than 50%.

The cumulative share ratio of Swire Family to Swire Warehouse Company will increase to 50% 5 points 9.

The cumulative shares of Swire shipping company will increase to 40% 9:9.

The share ratio of Swire Industrial Group will increase to 40% 7:8.

Based on this situation, Norman Swire is fully confident that these four listed companies can be controlled. The worst case will be that the Jiuding Consortium infiltrates and obtains a veto, and continues to fight that’s all. At any rate, the company has kept it. I’ll talk about it later.

Unfortunately, Norman Swire’s optimism is only suitable for normal situations.

When encountering some special circumstances, it is hard to say…

PS: To ensure that the villain’s IQ is online and will not be easily pushed off by the protagonist, it’s too difficult to write

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