Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1028

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Chapter 1027 can make more than a dozen profits of 100000000 million!

After the stock market was closed that day, Norman Swire was busy negotiating with Michael Sandberg in detail, and Xia Yu was also not idle.

According to what he promised this morning, he is now trading equity shares with Song Bo, who is already gearing up and waiting.

“Mr. Song, take a look first. These are the equity shares certificates of Swire Industrial Group and Swire Commercial Group I acquired here, as well as related contracts.”

In the Jiuding Securities Ltd. conference room, Xia Yu pushed a stack of documents in front of Song Bo, saying with a faint smile.

Song Bo complied well, and immediately picked up the material and turned it over.

Xia Yu laughed and read the proof of equity shares provided by Song Bo.

After a while, Xia Yu read the relevant materials, and then waited for Song Bo to finish the negotiation of the deal.

“Mr. Xia, didn’t expect you to acquire so many equity shares. It is really the best decision in my life that I ask you for help.”

Song Bo said happily, his smiling mouth couldn’t close.

In the morning, although Xia Yu said that he had acquired 30% of Swire Industrial Group’s 8. 1 equity shares, he did not see that because he cared too much, he still felt unreliable, which led to thinking about it all day.

And the equity shares just now proved that he watched them all. The total equity shares of Swire Industrial Group reached 30% 2 points 2 5!

It is 100/4 more than what Xia Yu said in the morning. It was raised by Jiuding Securities Ltd. from the stock market at high prices during the day.

And how the other equity shares came from, he also understood very clearly through the trading contracts.

As for the equity shares of the Swire trading company, there are only a few equity shares and only one equity share certificate and transaction contract between Jiuding Securities Ltd. and Hysan Group. Jiuding Securities Ltd. bought Greece at a price of 9000 2 1 million HKD. Shen Group holds 100/7 equity shares of Swire Trading Group.

Xia Yu said with a light smile: “Mr. Song, since you have already watched it, then we will also try to complete the transaction.”

“Okay.” Song Bo responded hurriedly.

Xia Yu continued: “I won’t say much about the equity shares of Swire Trading Group. The purchase price is perfectly clear and written there, 9000 2 1 million HKD.”

“The key is Swire Industrial Group.”

“Except for the five contracts signed with Ho Group, Kepong Group, Standard Chartered Bank, Xiali Lira Group and Sun Hung Kai Securities, the rest were purchased by Jiuding Securities Ltd. before or now.”

“The price has been stated in the purchase contract with those five companies.”

“The equity shares of our Jiuding Securities Ltd. are divided into two parts, of which 2:100 out of 6 were previously held by us, and the other 7%, point to 2, were acquired from the stock market in recent times.”

“The first 100:6/7, according to the agreement, will be transferred to you at the closing price of 5 pm last week without any other fees. For the purchase, we will charge 5 at the previously agreed purchase price. Is the commission for the order okay?”

Song Bo shook his head and said, “No problem, it was agreed before.”

Seeing this, Xia Yu looked towards Wang Qi next to him slightly nodded. Wang Qi handed a completed calculation form to Song Bo.

“Mr. Song, take a look. This is a list of expenses.”

Song Bo took a closer look.


Jiuding Securities Ltd.’s total amount of expenditure for the acquisition is 800 million 1000 3.8 million HKD.

The commission fee is 5 points, so the commission is 4006 190,000 HKD.

Then there are 100:6 7 equity shares of Swire Industrial Group held by Jiuding Securities Ltd., which are worth 5 200000000 4400 HKD based on the 400,000 closing price of last week.

Song Bo needs to pay a total of 9 100000000 9800 8 190,000 HKD, which is about to reach 1 billion HKD.

“This number is not wrong.”

Song Bo put down the list and confirmed.

Xia Yu smiled slightly, and then said: “Mr. Song, as agreed, we now confirm the value of the equity shares you provided.”

“First is the Swire shares group. You have a total of 100/6 equity shares, calculated based on the market value at the close of the market last week, worth 7 million and 5 400000000 HKD.”

“Swire warehouse company has 4% equity shares of 2 points, valued at 5200 and 80000 HKD.”

“Swire shipping company has 4% equity shares of 7 points, valued at 7800 490,000 HKD.”


“The total value of the equity shares of these companies is 7 100000000 4300 20 30,000 HKD. According to the agreement, they will be transferred at the price of 5 last week for deduction.”

“After the deduction, you still need to pay us 200 million 5500 6 160,000 HKD in cash.”

After speaking, Xia Yu looked towards Song Bo with a smile.

Xia Yu is indeed in a good mood. The reason is not that the commission of more than 4000 HKD 10000, the commission is just that’s all.

This batch of equity shares worth 7 100000000 4300 20 30,000 HKD, according to today’s closing price, is worth more than 1 billion HKD.

And considering the overall plan, after the stock price rises later, Xia Yu is confident that this batch of equity shares will be able to withdraw more than 2 billion HKD when they are sold.

Simply calculating, there are more than a dozen of 100000000 million in profit!

Although Song Bo felt painful, he thought that it had been agreed before and the control plan of Swire Industrial Group had achieved breakthrough progress. If Xia Yu did not sell the purchased equity shares to himself, he could make a lot of money. It was relieved.

And think about it carefully. If Xia Yu did not launch a full-scale attack on Swire Group, the impossible stock prices of Swire Group companies have also soared, and it is very likely that they will fall because of bank interest rate hikes.

The profit margin of the fair transfer of equity shares should indeed be obtained by Xia Yu.

He took a deep breath, nodded said: “Mr. Xia, this number is correct, I have the funds ready, let’s trade now.”

Xia Yu smiled and nodded: “Yes.”

Next, enter the final transaction step.

The main reason is that it took some time to accept funds of more than 250 million HKD. The exchange of equity shares is only a paper work, and it does not need to be too time-consuming.

By 6:00 pm 100%, the transaction was fully completed.

After carefully packing all the equity share certificates and the transaction contract into the bag, Song Bo shook hands with Xia Yu with a smile on his face and said gratefully: “Mr. Xia, thank you for your help.”

“Next, I have to trouble you to wait a little longer and help me buy more equity shares.”

Xia Yu said with a smile: “No problem, this was originally agreed, Mr. Song, please rest assured, although it is difficult to acquire now, I already have a comprehensive plan.”

“When the time comes, I will hand over the equity shares of Swire Industrial Group and Swire Commercial Group to you, depending on whether you have enough funds.”

“I will definitely prepare funds with all my strength, Mr. Xia, are you free tonight, do you want to have a casual meal?”

“No, I’m still busy at night, I have to prepare for tomorrow’s action, next time.”

“Okay, let’s talk about it next time…”


In the next two days, the stock market became more and more hot. The trading volume of the 2 stock exchanges in Hong Kong everyday all hit a new high, especially on the 4nd and Wednesday, when the stock market trading volume reached thirty two 22 million HKD that day, the HSI was pushed. At 3 in 100000000, the equivalent to rose by an average of 1968 per day, which shows how hot the market is.

The negative effects of the announcement by the Association of Banks of raising interest rates seem to be nonexistent!

The stock price of Swire shares group rushed to 27:9 HKD per share, and the market value quickly broke through the 3 HKD mark after the market opened early in the morning. When the market closed that day, the market value was fixed at 10,000,000,000 100 25 100000000 and more than 7000 HKD.

Compared to 5 o’clock last week, the market value of Swire shares group more than doubled.

But almost all investors know that this is definitely not the end!

Now the battle between Swire Group and Jiuding Consortium is still a pin against an awl. Other consortiums have also participated in the hunting of Swire Group, and many people deliberately guided it to spread the war beyond the battle of the 2 major consortium.

Many small newspapers have already fanned the flames, solemnly vowed claiming that the market value of Swire shares group breakthrough 20 billion HKD is a certainty, which further increases the difficulty and input cost for Swire Financial Corporation to raise funds.

In these two days, the Swire Family was fully mobilized, and Norman Swire was stunned to piece together, and collected ten 2 million 600 7000 million HKD in cash.

After adding 3 1.3 billion 4000 8 1 million HKD worth of equity shares and taking the pledge, he got the equity shares he wanted.

It’s just that after this operation, including the equity shares just received, the Swire Family assets have not yet been pledged, and the total value of freely operated equity shares is worth more than a dozen 100000000 million. If you want to raise funds, either Sell ​​these equity shares, either by credit lending.

Norman Swire implements these two methods at the same time.

Fortunately, in terms of stock market rush to raise funds, Cedric Quincy kept selling shares to withdraw funds, and he did not need to worry about it.

After learning about Jiuding Securities Ltd.’s overbearing situation again and again, Norman Swire was eager to realize that the funds of Jiuding Securities Ltd. must be consumed immediately in order to reduce the enemy’s attack and make the stock price not so crazy.

It’s time to implement the plan of Jiuding Securities Ltd.!

Thinking of this, he dialed the number of Michael Sandberg’s office…

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