Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1029

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The golden-bright and dazzling sunrise gradually dyed the eastern sky red, and Hong Kong, which had been peaceful for a night, was shrouded in noise again.

Early in the morning of 4th week, after Xia Yu had breakfast, she went to Jiuding Securities Ltd..

With nearly an hour and a half before leaving the city, Wang Qi convened Deli’s subordinates to hold a deployment meeting before the operation every day. It was also a plan adjustment meeting to review the results of yesterday’s operation, and at the same time brainstorm and adjust the action plan according to the actual situation.

Xia Yu just sat in front of her and listened, without interfering in Wang Qi’s management, letting him give orders.

After the meeting, when Xia Yu and Wang Qi were left in the conference room, Wang Qi said to Xia Yu: “Board-Chairman, I found a problem related to our plan, but it hasn’t been affected for the time being. Everyone is distracted. I just told you not at all in the meeting.”

Xia Yu asked softly: “What’s the problem?”

Wang Qi whispered: “According to the original plan, it was a targeted attack on Swire Financial Company and restrained Swire Group’s money bag, but through the past few days of follow-up investigations, our people discovered that Swire Financial Company is on a large scale. Clearance shares cash out.”

“I have a 100/90 certainty. Swire Financial Company is underfunded and wants to liquidate irrelevant investment shares and return the funds to use it for companies related to the Swire Group.”

Xia Yu nodded lightly, and after a little thought, he narrowed his eyes and said directly: “Then change the plan. Except for the companies of the Swire Group, we will not buy shares of companies in which Swire Financial Corporation invests in shares, and we will hold us. The shares are also sold, and the stock price is controlled.”

“I wish that Swire Financial Corporation would cash out all the funds into Swire Group’s company shares, but I can’t let them cash back at a high price.”

Wang Qi solemnly nodded: “I understand.”

In fact, what Board-Chairman Xia Yu said is exactly what he considered. The purpose of their plan is to make Swire Financial Company deeply locked up and then be destroyed by the stock market crash.

Although according to the current market trend, almost all Hong Kong stocks are rising, they can wait for the stock prices of non-Swire Group companies to rise before selling them to obtain higher returns.

But in order to control the funds of Swire Financial Corporation and weaken their ability to resist risks and bear pressure, it is a big deal to hurt people with this. Anyway, when the time comes Swire Group will be even more miserable, and the loss will definitely be taken back from Swire Group.

At this moment, Xia Yu suddenly asked, “Wang Qi, you are going to leave Yuan Tianfan in charge of negotiating with Hongkong and Shanghai Bank to acquire equity shares, right?”

Wang Qi nodded replied: “Yes.”

Xia Yu continued: “I have received confirmation that Hongkong and Shanghai Bank have secretly transferred their equity shares of the Swire Group to Swire Family, and they have jointly established a bureau and are ready to cheat us. “

Wang Qi was startled, and sighed that Board-Chairman’s hands and eyes were open to the sky, he quickly asked: “Board-Chairman, what is their plan?”

Xia Yu replied: “The purpose of both parties is very clear, that is, to take us wrong.”

“You should have received notice from Hongkong and Shanghai Bank this morning. Negotiations are scheduled for 6 am the day after tomorrow. Hongkong and Shanghai Bank will definitely publicize the matter in these two days to attract more people to participate in the competition. Swire Family It is the trust of Hongkong and Shanghai Bank.”

“You can make arrangements for what I said. Since Hongkong and Shanghai Bank are going to unite with Swire Family to cheat us, then we don’t have to worry about it. With the help of the stock market crash, we will fight one, and we will fight two. All of Swire Group’s equity shares Let Hongkong and Shanghai Bank fall in their hands, so that they won’t be able to get through the stock market crash smoothly.”

“In order to obtain the equity shares of Swire shares Group, Swire Warehouse Company, Swire Shipping Company, Swire Industrial Group and other companies held by SF Bank, Swire Family has given out ten 600 million 7000 4 million in cash and a value of 3 1.3 billion. 4000 8 1 million HKD’s equity shares are used to pledge loans.”

“Swire Family’s funds have reached the top, basically can only rely on Swire Financial Company, and Hongkong and Shanghai Bank now has sixteen more than 6 million cash flow, it can not be increased.”

“Those equity shares must be left in the hands of Hongkong and Shanghai Bank or Swire Family.”

“These things are troublesome to operate, and they pay more attention to details. Do you think Yuan Tianfan can do it with his current ability?”

Wang Qi thought for a long time and was nodded: “Board-Chairman, Yuan Tianfan is old and prudent. I will give him some advice later. It should be possible to do it.”

“Okay, let him continue to do this thing. When the time comes, tell me about his performance.” Xia Yu believed Wang Qi’s judgment, so he nodded agreed and made a request.

Yuan Tianfan is the potential stock he has set, and he also wants to see how far Yuan Tianfan’s ability has reached after he has been with Wang Qi for more than a year, and whether there is any need to increase his burden.

“Okay, I’ll make arrangements later.”



Sure enough, just ten minutes after the chat between Xia Yu and Wang Qi, Wang Qi received a call from Michael Sandberg, and Michael Sandberg invited them to participate in the private equity shares auction held by Hongkong and Shanghai Bank on the 6th morning of the week.

After once again lamenting the Board-Chairman’s powerful intelligence capabilities, Wang Qi took this matter more carefully and personally participated in the discussion of the special action plan.

As for Xia Yu, after the stock market opened, he watched the Hang Seng Index continue to rise and the shares stock price of Swire Group’s companies continued to rise rapidly, he left with satisfaction.

He is going to Central, Hong Kong Island to see how Jiuding Bank and Standard Chartered Bank are doing.

A general stock market disaster is both a disaster and an opportunity. It is certainly a disaster for companies that are unprepared and usually chaotic, but it is certainly an opportunity for companies with strength and stable operations.

Not to mention, this time the outbreak of 81 years in history has affected the stock market disaster in 83. Xia Yu is preparing to promote the outbreak artificially. As the initiator, he must be prepared properly to avoid minefields as much as possible and maximize the benefits at the same time.

The bank is of course the most critical.

When Xia Yu came to the headquarters of Jiuding Bank in Central, Hong Kong Island, she learned that Liu Tianci was receiving important customers. Xia Yu stopped her subordinates from calling Liu Tianci and drank tea leisurely in the office.

About half an hour later, Liu Tianci who got the news quickly walked to the office.

“Board-Chairman, sorry, you have been waiting for a long time.”

As soon as he entered the door, Liu Tianci said apologetically.

“It doesn’t get in the way, work matters.”

“Sit down and talk.”

Xia Yu smiled and waved her hand, calling Liu Tianci to come and sit down on the sofa.

Then he asked casually: “Who came just now and needs you to personally receive it?”

Liu Tianci said with a smile: “It’s the Board-Chairman Chen Qingsong of Carrian Group.”

Xia Yu raised her brows, and she paused when she was holding the tea cup and preparing to drink tea.

He frowned slightly, and asked with concern: “What is his purpose?”

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