Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1030

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Chapter 1029 Return to Hong Kong’s Capital Market

Liu Tianci gave the general situation: “According to Chen Qingsong’s personal statement, he wants to obtain the support of our bank to purchase a piece of land on the right side of Miramar Hotel with a loan to develop commercial real estate.”

“As soon as he opened his mouth, he loaned 500 million HKD, and he used the combination of Carrian Group shares and property mortgage…”

“I didn’t promise him.”

Xia Yu showed an inexplicable smile, slightly nodded: “It was right to not promise him.”

Thinking of Carrian Group’s situation, Xia Yu heart moved, and asked: “Does our bank have any loan business with Carrian Group before?”

Liu Tianci shook his head decisively: “Never, Chen Qingsong has been to our bank many times before, but I always feel that Carrian Group is not right and the risk is too great. I am impossible to lend him a loan.”

“Chen Qingsong seemed to have noticed my attitude before, so it has been almost a year since he hadn’t been to our bank. This time he came to visit again. In fact, I was surprised.”

“But when he talked to me just now, he also came up with the 200 million HKD loan contract between Carrian Group and Hongkong and Shanghai Bank, and the loan conditions are still very loose, and the shares pledge rate has reached 50%. He seems to want to use this contract. Prove the credibility of the Carrian Group, dispel my worries, and convince me to lend to him.”

Xia Yu chuckled and shook his head, said with a smile: “Just don’t lend money. Chen Qingsong is an expert in playing capital, but he’s walking through crooked ways. Now he comes to us to prove that he can no longer withstand the pressure. The small bank has been unable to give him enough support…”

“If we give him a loan, he will turn around as if he was holding the loan contract of Hongkong and Shanghai Bank just now. To other bank loans, the time bomb of Carrian Group can last for one or two years. If we kick With his kick, the Carrian Group will immediately explode.”

Liu Tianci heart startled. He heard the profound meaning of Board-Chairman Xia Yu’s words. He secretly thought that Carrian Group had serious problems, and he also became curious about Carrian Group.

He asked curiously: “Board-Chairman, do you know Chen Qingsong and Carrian Group well? What’s the big problem?”

He also learned about the situation of Carrian Group when Chen Qingsong came to apply for a loan before, but now is different, especially Carrian Group is growing very fast, and he does not particularly understand and normal.

He doesn’t know much, that is, the Carrian Group is already one of the large listed groups in Hong Kong, the subsidiary company seems to have a fifty-sixty family, and Chen Qingsong has become one of the great characters at the top of Hong Kong.

Xia Yu faintly smiled and said softly: “Question? The question is too big. Chen Qingsong has deceived the whole Hong Kong from top to bottom.”

Hearing the scam, Liu Tianci’s expression became solemn, he quietly looked at the board member to Xia Yu, waiting for the next step.

Xia Yu took a sip of tea and said: “Chen Qingsong is from Xingcheng. He got his first pot of gold with the support of Zhong Family. Carrian Group was established in 1977, and he started 2 months earlier than me. The registered capital was only 5 million HKD at that time……”

“But Chen Qingsong has a thorough understanding of people’s greed, and he is also very proficient in capital operation. Through a series of actions, the whole Hong Kong people in mind have shaped the image of Carrian Group with an extremely strong background and unlimited funds. In addition, it happens that the Government of Hong Kong has liberalized the banking industry, issuing dozens of bank licenses a year, and promoting the birth of dozens of banks. These banks are rushing to send money to Carrian Group, making Carrian Group crazy mergers and acquisitions… “

“Carrian Group only went public on the backdoor in March last year, but last month you looked at it. Mergers and acquisitions of Qichang Insurance, a listed company, increased the number of listed companies under its control to three…”

“Up to now, the entire Carrian Group has at least 70 companies, and the combined value of listed and non-listed companies has reached nearly 100 to 100000000 million. Although it is not as good as the rectification of Swire Group, it has surpassed Swire shares, the core pillar of Swire Group…”

“If you think about it, it took more than 3 years from the establishment of the company, and an average of more than 20 mergers and acquisitions a year has created a diversified enterprise group of such a large scale.”

“If it hadn’t been for the limelight that I had been holding him down, he would have been mythical now.”

“The original British Four Major Consortium was backed by Standard Chartered Bank and Hongkong and Shanghai Bank, as well as the Government of Hong Kong. It was only in line with the time of the 1973 stock market crash, and I had banks and securities. The company can make money from the capital market.”

“What about him? Why can he catch up with Swire Group in just over 3 years?”

Liu Tianci was deeply nodded, because he didn’t know where the funds of Carrian Group came from, so he would not approve the loan when Chen Qingsong came in one or two years ago.

He personally witnessed the skills of Board-Chairman Xia Yu. Jiuding Securities Ltd. is also a trainer in the capital market, but he did not see what Chen Qingsong had. It was all based on people’s words and his vague background.

“Board-Chairman, then Chen Qingsong’s funds are actually borrowed from banks?”

Xia Yu shook his head slightly. When Liu Tianci was puzzled, he continued: “Not all, more than half are borrowed from various banks with high interest rates, and the other is cheated by him from Yumin Finance.”

Liu Tianci was taken aback, and then blurted out: “Is it the Yumin Finance under the Malaysia Yumin Bank? Or is it cheated?”

“This is an economic crime!”

“Has the entire executive of Yumin Finance been bought by him?”

Xia Yu slightly nodded: “If nothing happens, all the executives of Yumin Finance have been bought by him, and together they deceive Yumin Bank.”


Liu Tianci was at a loss for words, and he didn’t know what to say. After a long silence, he could only shake his head with a wry smile.

When Board-Chairman Xia Yu said this, many doubts in his mind were all eliminated.

There are overseas funds behind the Carrian Group, but it is not at all rumored to be so outrageous. What is the European and United States major consortium? What is the royal family of various countries.

And Yumin Finance also has this strength to support the development of Carrian Group into a large company, plus Chen Qingsong himself pits other banks in four places, it is justified that Carrian Group can develop to this level.

For Yumin Bank, Liu Tianci knew it.

This bank established by the Malaysian government is actually a bank set up by the Malaysian government specifically for the Malay ethnic group. It is used to fight against foreign banks and Chinese banks in the country. It has government financial endorsement, and naturally there is no shortage of funds.

Yumin Finance is an institution specially established by Yumin Bank in Hong Kong to face Hong Kong customers and spread the influence of Yumin Bank.

The reason why it is Yumin Finance and not Hong Kong Yumin Bank is because the Government of Hong Kong does not give it a bank license. Even though the Government of Hong Kong issued dozens of bank licenses in one go the year before, it just didn’t give it, compelled by circumstances, Yumin Finance can only exist in the form of a financial company that can absorb reserves.

After calming down a little, Liu Tianci had many thoughts in his mind.

“Board-Chairman, according to what you said, combined with the actual situation of Carrian Group, then the risk of Carrian Group’s capital chain rupture is extremely high when this stock market crash occurs. Do you want to burst this bubble?”

When asked this sentence, Liu Tianci’s expression was very solemn.

Because he knows the possible consequences of the disillusionment of the Carrian Group myth, which will further magnify the impact of the stock market crash.

In addition, the Carrian Group asked Hongkong and Shanghai Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Jiuding Bank and other large banks that they could not borrow money, and the borrowers were all small and medium banks.

According to the current value of Carrian Group of nearly 100 to 100000000 million, even if more than half of it is dependent on Yumin Finance, Carrian Group still owes 40-50 100000000 million HKD in debt to other banks in Hong Kong, and many small banks have assets estimated to be a few 100000000 million HKD, if these accounts are all rotten, it can kill a lot of small banks.

Although these banks are small banks and have little influence, they can’t help but have a large number. As the number increases, quantitative changes cause qualitative changes, and their influence will naturally increase.

As soon as the chain reaction comes, all banks in Hong Kong will definitely not be spared, and all of them will fall into a run. The impact will be great.

If the contact is not good, a scene of sorrow will appear.

If we follow the plan made by Board-Chairman and push it fiercely, the impact will be no less than the stock market disaster of 1973…

Seeing the look of hesitation on Liu Tianci’s face, Xia Yu knew his worries and worries.

Although many bad things will happen when the time comes, he still decides to do it.

The bubble is here, and the risk of a stock market crash is about to break out. The difference is that it is promoted and amplified by others.

It is said that without destruction there can be no construction.

Any innovation of Heaven and Earth turning upside down will be paid by someone.

Now that he has a plan for the future of Hong Kong, he can do it again. The framework that has been established is completely overturned and rebuilt. As long as the foundation is still there, he has the confidence to build his favorite “house”.

Therefore, Xia Yu expression said calmly and resolutely: “Of course we must pierce him, the greater the influence, the better!”

“Sweep away all the dirt and return the Hong Kong capital market to a bright future!”

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