Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1031

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Liu Tianci glanced at Xia Yu, then took a deep breath, a touch of firmness flashed in his eyes.

Now that the Board-Chairman has decided, he will naturally perform unconditionally as a subordinate, even if many people will be affected.

After all, capital never carries “kindness” attributes…

After finishing his thoughts, Liu Tianci asked: “Board-Chairman, what should I do here?”

Xia Yu lightly said with a smile: “You don’t need to deliberately target Carrian Group. Its own problems are enough to kill itself. What you have to do here is to liquidate risky assets such as the real estate industry as soon as possible, without taking it back. The loan will be recovered as soon as possible, leaving you no more than a month to act.”

“You have to think of ways to resell your assets to foreign banks and Hongkong and Shanghai Bank as much as possible. Real estate and property loans can also be transferred at low prices or even at a loss. Now the vacancy rate of various properties is already very high. Come, all have to fall to the price of cabbage, when the time comes, then buy the bottom.”

“By the way, you should also focus on strong and high-quality banks, not just limited to Hong Kong, Southeast Asia banks should also pay attention, when the time comes after the stock market crash, you need to buy a group of banks.”

Speaking of this, Xia Yu told her agreement with Qiu Deba and solved Liu Tianci’s doubts.

“On these matters, you have to work harder during this period.”

“Board-Chairman, rest assured, I will act according to your instructions.” Liu Tianci nodded replied heavily.

“Well, just remember. I don’t worry about you. I won’t say more. Go ahead. I’ll go to Standard Chartered Bank and tell Gals Liddell.”

After speaking, Xia Yu drank the tea in the cup, swift and decisively left Jiuding Bank.

The headquarters of Standard Chartered Bank is also in Central, Hong Kong Island, not far from Jiuding Bank. Xia Yu arrived soon, then found Gals Liddell and gave him the same orders.

After finishing the arrangement, Xia Yu returned to Kowloon.


Nothing unexpected.

Week all around 5 In the past 2 days, Hong Kong’s capital market is raging, and the battle is no longer limited to the stock market.

With the influx of large amounts of foreign funds, the foreign exchange market has also fluctuated sharply, and the exchange rate spread that the Association of Banks worried has gradually disappeared.

Outside of the stock market, all tycoons are 8 cents across the sea and each show Magical Powers. Money is a gun, hunting for their favorite prey.

Of course, even though each and everyone big shot enters the game, they cannot conceal the glory of the two protagonists, Swire Group and Jiuding Consortium.

On the fifth day of the week, the stock market opened for less than ten minutes, and the Hang Seng Index directly broke through 5 points. This is a historic moment for Hong Kong stock.

This figure seems to be a stimulant, making investors even more crazy.

As a result, when the market was closed on Friday, the Hang Seng Index was fixed at 5 and 2 points.

According to the statistics of Four Major Stock Exchanges, the trading volume on this day has created a new history, with a breakthrough of 4 billion HKD and reaching 43 points of 800 million HKD.

Among them, the stock price of Swire shares Group is worthy of a breakthrough of 39 HKD, and the company’s market value has reached 100, 7 1.5 billion, and more than 6000 and more than 10000 HKD, which is about 3 times the market value at the beginning of the war!

The stock price and market value of a series of listed companies such as Swire Warehouse Company, Swire Shipping Company, and Swire Industrial Group have also risen sharply in these two days. The market values ​​of the three companies have been fixed at 2 3 million 38 and more than 100000000 HKD and 5000 10000 billion 5 more than 1.3 HKD and 4000 10000 million 60 more than 600 HKD.

After calculating, they were shocked to find that the combined market value of these 4 companies has reached 300 3 1.3 billion HKD, which has far exceeded the market value of Hongkong and Shanghai Bank.

And the entire Swire Group is far more than these 4 companies!

Although some people feel that the stock prices of these companies are already high, there are no small risks.

However, more people believe that the stock price will continue to rise because Jiuding Securities Ltd. is still rushing to raise money.

And the battle between Swire Group and Jiuding Consortium is not only limited to the capital market, but has further developed into the internal battle of some companies’ Board of Directors.

Although the company’s Board of Directors battle will affect the company’s operations and normally cause the company’s stock price to fall, but now in a special period, this kind of battle is counterproductive and has a strong stimulus effect on the stock price.

Overwhelming majority investors believe that if they want the stock price to fall, unless one of the Jiuding Consortium and Swire Group completely surrender.

Otherwise, as long as the battle exists for one day, the stock price will continue to rise!

On the 6th morning of the week, the stock market is closed, but Jiuding Securities Ltd. will go to work as usual.

Yuan Tianfan was instructed by Wang Qi for three more times, and then drove the team to Hongkong and Shanghai Bank in Central, Hong Kong Island for the appointment.

He got stuck.

When he came back to the conference room of Hongkong and Shanghai Bank, he immediately felt a different atmosphere.

Seeing those Chinese faces in the conference room, his expression was ancient well without ripples.

According to President Wang Qi’s instructions, he already knew about the poor plans of Hongkong and Shanghai Bank and Swire Family. There is no doubt that these people are competitors.

Seeing the heavy expressions on these Chinese faces, Yuan Tianfan smiled at them nodded and signaled. In a group of people’s puzzled response, he found a place to sit down, and then picked up a small file at the place to read it, just looking at it. After ten seconds, an inexplicable expression appeared on his face.

This document lists the equity shares of the Swire Group’s subsidiaries held by Hongkong and Shanghai Bank in detail, which is today’s auction target.

And there really is no equity shares like Swire shares group.

At this time, after confirming that everyone was there, Michael Sandberg looked at the time again and found that it was already up. He asked people to close the door and said aloud: “The time has come. I know that everyone is not interested in listening to me. I simply Say 2 sentences.”

“Everyone has read the documents in hand, and there are all the things you need on them. It saves you each and everyone from coming to me, so I invite everyone to come and prepare to solve the problem at one time. As long as your bid is right, you can take away what you want. ‘S company equity shares.”

“Now we go directly to the subject…”

“Wait a minute!”

When Michael Sandberg tone barely fell, Yuan Tianfan’s words attracted everyone’s attention to him.

Michael Sandberg face doesn’t change and asked calmly: “Mr. Yuan, do you have any questions?”

Yuan Tianfan said without hesitation: “Of course there is, and the problem is still big. It was here a few days ago. I want the equity shares of Swire shares Group, Swire Industrial Group and other companies. Why are there no such shares now?”

“Without those core products, your company took out these crooked melons, isn’t this fooling me?”

Yuan Tianfan’s “reaction” was originally expected by Michael Sandberg. With a smile on his face, neither fast nor slow explained: “Mr. Yuan, I am not fooling people. In fact, there is a misunderstanding. I have to tell you. I apologize. Last time you came here, you directly negotiated the price. I didn’t have time to carefully sort out which company’s equity shares our bank has. Now I have sorted out all the equity shares I hold.”

“Not at all found the equity shares of companies like Swire shares Group and Swire Industrial Group, I don’t have to lie to you!”

Yuan Tianfan sneered and asked, “Mr. Michael Sandberg, do you think that our Jiuding Securities Ltd. can develop to the present level, and the ability to collect business information is so poor?”

He looked towards Norman Swire who was sitting calmly, sneered and insinuated: “Or have you secretly sold your equity shares to someone?”

“If it is sold, why not sell it clean and leave such scraps to open such an auction now?”

“No… who didn’t want it?”

Speaking of these last words, Yuan Tianfan scanned Michael Sandberg and Norman Swire back and forth, as if he wanted to discover something.

As soon as he said this, the faces of the sitting people changed, especially those Chinese who wanted to compete. Each expression was subtle, and their eyes moved frequently on Norman Swire and Michael Sandberg.

Michael Sandberg and Norman Swire, who had always been calm, were finally unable to remain calm.

Michael Sandberg quickly explained: “Mr. Yuan, the real situation is like this. I don’t need to lie to you. Now you have listed the equity shares of the Swire series owned by Hongkong and Shanghai Bank. As for what you call Swire Equity shares such as the shares group and Swire industrial group were bought by a United Kingdom company before. I can’t disclose who it is. After some time they take the initiative to disclose the shares, you will know who it is. “

Michael Sandberg does not admit that Yuan Tianfan has no strong evidence to break his lie, and he does not need it. The reason why he came here just now is to show these Chinese people, and 2 is to force Norman Swire to bid actively later. .

At this level, it’s all right.

He looked suspicious and said indifferent expression: “Since Mr. Michael Sandberg said so, I can only wait.”

After speaking, he leaned on the back of the stool and made an appearance that he didn’t want to talk.

Michael Sandberg and Norman Swire breathed a sigh of relief, but not at all completely relaxed. The two people looked at each other vaguely, and everything was silent.

Then Michael Sandberg continued the topic.

“Let’s go back to the mainline, and now we will start the first equity shares auction. The unlisted company Swire Milk Co., Ltd. has 1600, 10000 shares, a total of 10% of 3 equity shares, and the starting price is 5 2 1000 8 million HKD.”

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