Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1032

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After Michael Sandberg finished speaking, Norman Swire seemed to show his attitude and bid the first time.

“I pay 30 million HKD!”

After the price was quoted, Norman Swire squinted and looked towards Yuan Tianfan. The hostility was very obvious.

But to everyone’s surprise, Yuan Tianfan actually remained unmoved, as if he hadn’t seen Norman Swire’s gaze, and had no intention of bidding.

The venue was silent for 5 6 seconds, and then among the 7 Chinese, one Chinese participated in the offer.

“3000 1 million!”

As soon as he finished bidding, Yuan Tianfan, who didn’t seem to have the desire to bid, stepped in suddenly and increased the price by 1 million and quoted a price.

“I’m out 3,200 10000!”

Norman Swire immediately followed up the price increase and assumed a stance that he was determined to win: “35 million!”

didn’t expect Yuan Tianfan was silent again.

This scene not only made Michael Sandberg brows tightly knit, but even other Chinese who had ideas were puzzled, and couldn’t figure out what Yuan Tianfan was thinking.

The venue was silent for more than ten seconds. The Chinese quoted earlier seemed to be very interested in Swire Dairy Farm and made another offer.

“3000 6,000,000.”

After the price was quoted, the Chinese also took a look at Yuan Tianfan.

Sure enough, Yuan Tianfan began to quote again.

“3000 7 million!”

The Chinese thought that Yuan Tianfan was deliberately targeting himself, and asked without a smile: “Mr. Yuan, are you Jiuding Securities Ltd. interested in Swire Dairy Farm?”

Yuan Tianfan smiled slightly and said vaguely: “It’s okay.”

The Chinese frowned took a deep look at Yuan Tianfan, stayed silent for a while, and turned his gaze on Norman Swire.

one after another stared, fiercely like a flame, and set Norman Swire on the fire.

Whether it was for the original plan, or for his own company, he had to brace oneself to bid.

After all, the highest price was only 2 times, and the highest price was 9 1 million HKD higher than the starting price. Even though the starting price was already premium 100% of the original value, at this time it still did not reach the peak. If he rashly gives up, After it was spread, it was doubtful.

Therefore, he brace oneself quoted again: “40 million!”


Every time afterwards, as long as Norman Swire quotes, Yuan Tianfan will ignore it. As long as it is quoted in Chinese, Yuan Tianfan will definitely increase the price by 1 million.

On the surface, it seems that Yuan Tianfan and Norman Swire are completely in one group.

But the Chinese who participated in the auction knew this was absolutely impossible. After all, the two sides are still fighting outside.

Moreover, Jiuding Consortium was raised by the slaughter of British consortium. It is the banner of Chinese capital. It is expected that Jiuding Securities Ltd. will assist Swire Group, unless dreaming!

Excluding this possibility, the biggest possibility is that Yuan Tianfan prevents them from buying these equity shares.

Why stop it?

Thinking of the words Yuan Tianfan said when he came in, these Chinese seemed to understand something, and the look towards Norman Swire and Michael Sandberg became different.

Moreover, their original thoughts about buying equity shares are also weakened. If they don’t get things clear, they dare not risk buying equity shares so as not to fall into the quagmire.

With Yuan Tianfan as a spoiler, this special auction house tiger’s head, snake’s tail ended, and the game set by Michael Sandberg and Norman Swire was completely destroyed.

As for all the equity shares that were auctioned out, except for some of them that no one wanted to sell, the rest were taken by Norman Swire.

After waiting distressingly for the auction to end, Michael Sandberg and Norman Swire watched as a group of Chinese crowded Yuan Tianfan away after they left the house, and the faces of the two of them finally came down.

Michael Sandberg affirmed: “Norman, it seems that our plan has been exposed.”

“What went wrong?”

Norman Swire brows tightly frowns, recalling the events of these days, and said with certainty: “I definitely did not leak here. I know the importance of this plan, so I didn’t say anything about it.”

He did not suspect that Michael Sandberg said it, but asked from another angle: “Michael, neither of us had the motivation to disclose the plan, but when you sold my equity shares to me a few days ago, someone was there, and you The bank also has the Asset Management Department. Could it be that these people leaked the news and aroused Jiuding Securities Ltd.’s suspicion?”

Michael Sandberg is silent. He can’t guarantee this point. If there is a problem here, it is not impossible to guess their plan based on the IQ of Jiuding Securities Ltd. Wang Qi.

The brain made up for this, and it had already happened, Michael Sandberg had no choice but to accept it.

“Norman, I will investigate this matter and clear out the traitors that may exist within the company.”

“But now the key is the disposal of these equity shares.”

“Just now those people saw that you had already photographed these equity shares. If these equity shares were sold from me or from you, what do you think they would think?”

“The war between Swire Group and Jiuding Consortium is still going on. If such negative news comes out, what impact will it have?”

After a few questions, Norman Swire was speechless, and he could understand Michael Sandberg’s irritability.

The equity shares of these companies, equivalent to, have been frozen and can no longer be sold.

Selling it will make people discover the bottom of Swire Group and know that there is a problem with the Swire Group’s funds. This will only make the evil wolves that were still waiting and watching frantically pounce, and the pack of wolves that are already besieging Swire Group is even more fierce.

The final consequences will be passed on to Swire Group and their Swire Family.

If Swire Group falls, Hongkong and Shanghai Bank, which has been tied tighter with Swire Group, will also suffer huge losses.

For a moment, Norman Swire regretted it, and knew it shouldn’t be suggested to publicize the matter and attract other Chinese to participate.

If he is the only one competing with Yuan Tianfan today, then even if Yuan Tianfan is aware of the plan, he will not be afraid. Anyway, the hostile relationship between the two sides, no matter how Yuan Tianfan promotes it, he can kill Yuan Tianfan and spread the rumors, causing little impact.

It is like now, besides Yuan Tianfan, there are 7 Chinese witnesses.

For a long time, Norman Swire said brazenly: “Michael, since things have happened, don’t sell these equity shares for the time being. Let your bank continue to hold them. After I have enough funds, then sell them to me, how about?”

Michael Sandberg was speechless. He took a deep look at Norman Swire and said with dissatisfaction: “Norman, if it wasn’t to take care of you last time, my equity shares premium of 200%, I can sell for more than 1.3 billion HKD and earn 8 9 100000000 HKD profit, now you don’t want to say anything?”

“A few days ago, I sold you the equity shares of the 4 companies in the Swire shares group. I also incurred some losses. I don’t count it much, even 200 million.

“To help you, I made ten less profit of 100000000!”

It’s no wonder that Michael Sandberg is dissatisfied. Now is a special period, so the equity shares of the Swire Group can sell at a high price. In fact, if you miss it, you can’t sell it at this price.

Norman Swire knew he was at a loss, but he would definitely not be able to take the money, nor would he take it.

So he can only play a rogue.

He cheekily said with a smile: “Michael, you can’t say that. You have to think about how much money did Hongkong and Shanghai Bank invest in holding the equity shares of these companies. Even if these equity shares are now sold at par, you have to I can make a lot of money, not to mention the higher value I bought.”

“And my plan was originally good. The two of us don’t want to see the plan leaked, but who made someone in your bank leak the news…”

Michael Sandberg said immediately: “I didn’t say that our bank leaked the news. I’ll talk about it after we find it out.”

Norman Swire put his palm on his chest and said solemnly: “But I dare to swear to God, I definitely didn’t leak it.”

Michael Sandberg was speechless and felt that there was no need to argue with Norman Swire.

He sighed his head and said, “Well, then I won’t sell these equity shares.”

“But you can’t keep it in the bank.”

“You set up a separate investment company, take a form, transfer the equity shares of these companies to that company, and then transfer the ownership of that company to me. I will arrange for a company under the bank to temporarily hold it secretly.”

The reason why it is so troublesome, Michael Sandberg is entirely to prevent possible “spy” within the company.

Do you have to make a full set of play…

Norman Swire also understands this truth. He readily nodded and said: “Yes, I will arrange for someone to do this after I go back.”

Michael Sandberg was slightly nodded, he who was in a good mood said to Norman Swire earnestly: “Norman, Hongkong and Shanghai Bank and I have paid enough to help you. It will be difficult to play any role in the future. You can only rely on yourself. .”

Norman Swire took a deep breath, nodded, and reached out to hold Michael Sandberg tightly. On the surface, he said to Michael Sandberg, but in fact he said to himself.

“Michael, Jiuding Consortium must not fight me!”

“I believe it too!” Michael Sandberg smiled and blessed.

Afterwards, Michael Sandberg personally sent Norman Swire out the door, and gave him a hug before leaving.

“Come on, my old friend!”

Watching Norman Swire’s car go away, Michael Sandberg silently blessed.

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