Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1033

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Jiuding Securities Ltd., chairman’s office.

Xia Yu was sitting on the sofa in the middle and Wang Qi was sitting on the left. The two people quietly listened to Yuan Tianfan’s story of the “disruption”.

About ten minutes later…

“pa 啪…”

“You did good.”

Xia Yu smiled and applauded and said, looking towards Yuan Tianfan’s eyes full of appreciation.

Yuan Tianfan said modestly: “Board-Chairman, you are the leader, and then President Wang also taught me in detail how to do it, so that I can successfully complete the task.”

Xia Yu laughed and said, “Don’t be so imaginary, I can see if you have any skills.”

Yuan Tianfan laughed and did not reply again. It is best to remain silent at this time, neither overly humble nor proud.

Xia Yu became more and more satisfied with Yuan Tianfan, he looked towards Wang Qi, which happened to meet Wang Qi’s gaze.

The latter knowingly nodded, he made a decision, who was still under consideration.

“Tianfan, keep working hard in the future, don’t let me down.”

Xia Yu looked towards Yuan Tianfan, said encouragingly.

Yuan Tianfan was taken aback, then came back to his senses, and respectfully promised: “Board-Chairman, I will continue to work hard and will not let you down.”


“If there is nothing to do, go ahead.”

“Okay, Board-Chairman, President, I’m leaving now.”

After speaking, Yuan Tianfan exited the office lightly, and concealed the door of the office easily.

“Wang Qi, Yuan Tianfan can train more in management, he has the potential in this area.”

Xia Yu smiled and raised Wang Qi.

Wang Qi responded with a smile: “Board-Chairman, I will follow your instructions. Tianfan is indeed very good.”

Xia Yu was slightly nodded, and stopped talking about it, and asked Wang Qi: “How much money has been withdrawn this week?”

This data, Wang Qi everyday all, let the special statistics report to him that he is already familiar with it and blurted out: “Board-Chairman, because the stock market will continue to rise later, so this week’s liquidation is not particularly strong, that is, with Swire The equity shares of those companies that the financial companies are opposing have sold more equity shares. As of yesterday, they had paid back 1.5 billion 3000 and more than 10000 HKD.”

Xia Yu probably had the final say, and said softly: “The total amount of transactions on the 4 exchanges this week is estimated to be around 100 6 billion HKD, which means that the transaction volume of repayments accounts for nearly 1/10.”

Wang Qi immediately said: “Yes, apart from these, the shares we bought from the Swire Group listed companies from the stock market are not many, that is, there are many selling orders, and the actual trading volume is only 500 million HKD. about.”

Simple one plus, the transaction volume related to Jiuding Securities Ltd. has reached about 2 billion HKD, accounting for about one-eighth of the total Hong Kong stock market transaction volume.

This data is also in line with Jiuding Securities Ltd.’s leading position in the stock market, and it does not appear to be too much or less. Of course, on the other hand, Jiuding Securities Ltd. has not fully demonstrated its ability and is still restrained.

Xia Yu thought for a while, and instructed Wang Qi: “In the next half a month, it doesn’t matter if you move more aggressively. Sell most of the shares as much as possible. If someone finds out, you will claim that you want to withdraw funds to acquire Swire Group. The equity shares of a series of companies can eliminate all negative effects and even stimulate the stock market to continue to rise, making it easier to sell shares.”

“After half a month, I began to secretly sell shares of Swire Group companies.”

“What I said is slightly changed from the previous plan. You can adjust it according to the actual situation.”

Wang Qi solemnly nodded: “Good Board-Chairman, I will do as you ordered today and tomorrow, and I will present the adjusted plan to you for review on Monday.”


Xia Yu was slightly nodded, and then looked at his watch and found that it was over 40:1.

He got up and prepared to go home. Before he left, he smiled and said to Wang Qi: “You also get off work. I heard people say that you neglect sleep and forget about food when you work. This is good or bad. Everything has a degree. Spend a good time with your family at noon. During this time, work tasks are very heavy, but family members are equally important. After this time, I will take you a few more days off.”

Wang Qi warmed his heart, smiled, and said gratefully: “Thank you Board-Chairman for your concern.”

“I am leaving.”

Xia Yu laughed, waved her hand, and then left the office.


Although the stock market was closed for two days on the weekend, the capital market was still very active.

After the major capitals took a short break for two days, as the new week started, the wars blazed again.

When almost everyone focused on the stock market, the field of film and television changed again.

Needless to say, the film market in Hong Kong’s film and television industry nowadays, the Galaxy Film Company, which later entered, relied on a series of well-made films and a powerful distribution channel to successfully surpass Shao Clan Film and Golden Harvest, and became the leader in the film industry.

Run Run Shaw and Wrinkle, who had never been in contact with each other, were forced by the situation and chose to reconcile and join forces against the Galaxy Film Company.

In the TV field, with the support of advanced mechanisms and an endless stream of classic programs, Global Satellite TV is almost overwhelmed by TVB.

Even though Run Run Shaw acquired some equity shares last year and became TVB’s first major shareholder and Board-Chairman, completely in charge of TVB, it still has a difficult business operation.

Up to now, TVB has not been on the stars. How can it compare with Global Satellite TV, which is also in Southeast Asia market today?

The gap between the two is widening.

But who is Run Run Shaw, he is not the kind of person who would easily admit defeat after business ups and downs several decades. Now the satellites ordered by TVB are already in production. He is accumulating power in an attempt to compete with the world after TVB’s satellite rise. Satellite TV competed.

At noon on Monday, Run Run Shaw returned home and just sat down on the sofa after lunch. His son Shao Weiming sat next to him and poured him a cup of tea.

“Dad, drink tea!”

“Well, let it go first.”

Run Run Shaw said slightly nodded, and then asked his son about the operation of the theater.

“How is the revenue of theaters now?”

After Run Run Shaw concentrated on running TVB, Shao Weiming became the General Manager of Shao Clan Film Company and Shao Clan Cinemas. Hearing the question of father, he revealed a bitter smile. Sighed said: “Dad, things are not good. Many theaters have a low attendance rate. Even if some of them have been renovated and opened, they have implemented a box office tiering system. However, because they are too long behind, the bad effects have not been eliminated, and they have entered a vicious circle.”

“The Galaxy Film Company is not only highly productive, but the film quality is also very good. In addition, every time a movie is released, it does a good job in promotion and marketing, and every movie is a big seller.”

“After the new year passed last year, Universal Cinemas introduced more Hollywood blockbusters.”

“In addition, the films of other small and medium-sized film companies will be supplied to the Universal Cinemas, so there is no shortage of excellent films in the Universal Cinemas.”

“Over time, audiences are accustomed to watching movies in the theaters of the Global Cinemas, which has caused a serious drop in the passenger flow of our Shao Clan Cinemas.

“If things go on like this, if this situation cannot be resolved, then our Shao Clan theater will gradually lose money and become a burden.”

Run Run Shaw’s face was gloomy, and after a long silence, he asked: “Then you haven’t thought about how to get out of this predicament?”

Shao Weiming said immediately: “Dad, we have thought about it and tried it. It is to restore the audience with sufficiently good movies. As long as we succeed several times in a row and restore the image of our Shao Clan movie in the mind of the audience, the audience will Come back slowly.”


Having said that, Shao Weiming wanted to say something but stopped, and finally lowered his head, shaking his head and sighing.

He tried it, and he used carefully crafted movies to avoid the films produced by Galaxy Film Company and compete with other small and medium-sized film companies.

He thought he would be able to win a hearty and hearty victory. Who knew that relying on the powerful announcements of the global theaters, the movies produced by small and medium-sized film companies could also trigger an upsurge.

Although the boutique movies produced by their Shao Clan Film Company are leading the way, they are tightly bitten by people and cannot make the gap.

What he lacks is the kind of movie that will fix everything!

Although the son did not go down, Run Run Shaw understood what his son meant.

He took a sip of tea and calmed down his confusion. He solemnly asked: “If you don’t have a good movie, then go all out to make it. I won’t get the money. The key is do you have a good script?”

When the Shao Clan Film Company was shooting a movie, there was basically no script. It relied on the director to perform, and the filming was extremely fast.

But since the emergence of Galaxy Films, Run Run Shaw has seen the importance of a complete shooting team and detailed scripts, and Shao Clan Films has also improved it. Now every film and TV series must first come up with the script. Only after the script is reviewed can filming be started.

The concept that the script is the soul of a film has been unforgettable.

Shao Weiming whispered: “Dad, in our company, there are excellent scripts. It shouldn’t be bad at the box office, but I don’t have much confidence to achieve the effect we want.”

Run Run Shaw frowned, a little angry: “Then how are you going to solve it?”

Shao Weiming took a deep breath, seriously said: “Dad, since this road is not easy for the time being, I wonder if I can find another way.”


Run Run Shaw spoke concisely and looked directly into his son’s eyes.

Shao Weiming continued: “Last year, Galaxy Film Company entered Hollywood, United States, so this year it has made a lot of money by relying on Hollywood films and has also robbed a lot of audiences.”

“And the most important thing is that the Galaxy Film Company and MGM Pictures jointly launched the filming of “Alien E·T” early on. It will definitely be released next year. Now many people are already looking forward to it, 10000 When the time comes, it really explodes, it will deal a very serious blow to us.”

“I wondered, the best defense is offense. Just like TVB is preparing for stardom, our Shao Clan movie will also have to face the Galaxy Film Company. If we can defeat the Galaxy Film Company at that time, the global theaters will also be affected. , We can save the situation in one fell swoop.”

Run Run Shaw eyes slightly narrowed, gaze like a blade, as if to see through people’s hearts, he solemnly asked:

“Are you sure?”

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