Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1034

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“Dad, the Galaxy Film Company invested in a Hollywood blockbuster and also sent local Chinese actors in. It is a very gimmicky. When the movie called “Alien E·T” is released next year, if we can’t show the same Heavyweight movies are likely to be ugly to lose.”

“So my idea is that we also work with Hollywood giants to make a blockbuster to compete with Galaxy Films.”

“As long as we defeat the Galaxy Film Company at that time, then the banner of our Shao Clan film will not only be re-established, but also higher!”

Speaking of this, Shao Weiming could not help clenching his fists, feeling a little excited.

He has had enough of the oppression of Galaxy Films and Universal Cinemas. No matter how he resists, he will lose. The difference is that it is ugly and not ugly to lose. This is a huge blow to such a middle age person.

Shaw Family has established its foundation with film. Although the business is no longer limited to the film industry, and even the film industry is not the only pillar of the entire Shao Clan family, he still wants to keep this banner.

He can fight a few more!

Run Run Shaw brows tightly knit, he felt his son’s emotions.


Quickly tapping his fingers on the table, after thinking for a moment, Run Run Shaw asked a key question: “Is it impossible to invest in Hollywood blockbusters. The key is to find suitable investment objects and channels?”

At any rate, he was a person who has rushed to Hollywood several times, and also witnessed Wrinkle’s rush to Hollywood, but except for Bruce Lee’s time, there was no exception.

Run Run Shaw knows very well that entering Hollywood is not so easy to enter, and it is useful if you have money.

Good projects have long been wiped out of the Hollywood giants. Where else can it be his turn?

Unexpectedly, Shao Weiming said confidently: “Dad, I really have a goal and the prospects are good.”

Run Run Shaw heart moved, I am interested: “What project?”

Shao Weiming said: “It is a film invested and distributed by Warner Brother Company. At the beginning of the project, the goal was set to compete with MGM Films’ “Alien E·T” next year. The filming is scheduled to start on September 9st. This movie is called “BladeRunner”. This is a science fiction film based on the famous novel “Robot Dreaming of Electronic Sheep” from United States…”

“We didn’t have the chance. It’s just that the original major investor, filmways, withdrew due to a problem with their own company, which disrupted their plan. The film’s producer, Michael Dily, is my friend. The situation of our family also knows the competitive relationship between our family and Galaxy Film Company, so he contacted me and asked me if I was interested in investing, and besides our family, he told me that he also contacted 2 other people…”

Listening to his son’s detailed statement, Run Run Shaw’s complexion became more and more solemn, and he suddenly realized that this might really be an excellent opportunity.

In his perception, the strength of Warner Brother Company is much stronger than MGM Pictures.

Since this “BladeRunner” is used to fight “Alien E·T”, it will certainly not be bad, otherwise the money of the Warner Brother Company will be lost, and the company’s reputation will be compromised.

On the other hand, this movie is backed by the Warner Brother Company, and with their powerful distribution capabilities, the box office of the movie “BladeRunner” should be almost where.

If we take this opportunity to make Shao Clan Film Company and Warner Brother Company fully online, then Shao Clan Cinemas can fully cooperate with Warner Brother Company, and the competition with Galaxy Film Company and Universal Cinemas will have greater confidence and strength… …

Thinking of the benefits of this series, Run Run Shaw became more and more excited.

However, he also heard what his son said just now that the investment gap is huge, at least above 100 million HKD investment.

In the current situation of Shaw Family, this amount of money is not a small sum. He doesn’t invest in it as soon as he gets his head. At least he has to see it with his own eyes and make a judgment.

“Wei Ming, please contact your friend to see if you can meet me. If he can convince me, I will invest in this project.”

Shao Weiming lifted his spirits and immediately nodded: “Dad, Michael Dili arrived in Hong Kong yesterday. I have not left yet. I can contact him now.”

“Okay, you arrange it, I will meet him.” Run Run Shaw clapped.

A week later, in the afternoon of August 8…

Xia Yu was inspecting by Jiuding Newspapers Co., but got unexpected news.

Thinking that she hadn’t paid attention to the film and television industry for a long time, Xia Yu ordered someone to inform Jiang Zhiqiang and Wu Siyuan to come to her office.

“Siyuan, Xeon, sit down.”

“Thank you Board-Chairman!”

After the two people sat down, Xia Yu first asked Jiang Zhiqiang about the global cinema circuit.

“Xeon, come first, how many theaters are there in the theaters now?”

Jiang Zhiqiang thought through his thoughts and reported to Xia Yu: “Board-Chairman, in general, the number of theaters in Hong Kong and Macau has not changed, and the number of theaters in Southeast Asia has slightly increased. The major change is United Kingdom. , Japan, United States and Canada markets.”

“Excluding franchise theaters, just our own property-owned direct-run theaters. Now Hong Kong and Macau have twenty six theaters, Southeast Asia 100 88, Japan seventy two, United States 365, United Kingdom 31, Canada 8. 1 homes.”

“Together these theaters, our company now has 700 theaters under its umbrella, with a total of 1100 70 5 screens.”

“Now in Hong Kong and Olympics and Southeast Asia, our global cinema line is the largest cinema line. In the Japan market, our global cinema line can be ranked fourteenth. In the United States market, we have already had the number of theaters and screens. Jumped to number 2.”


“good achievement.”

After listening to Jiang Zhiqiang’s detailed report, Xia Yu immediately commented, with a satisfied smile on her face.

The scale of the global theater line is the cornerstone of his movie empire, and it is also the confidence that his movie empire can break with other film giants.

Moreover, the global cinema is not his true strength. After all, it is one of France’s domestic cinema giants. It only involves the French President election. In order to avoid suspicion, it has been secretly controlled by the United Kingdom Bright Fund and has not been transferred to the world. Under the theater chain.

“Continue to work hard, the scale of the company has become larger, the difficulty of operation has also increased, and the output of a single screen should be increased as much as possible.”

Seeing Jiang Zhiqiang’s expression of joy, Xia Yu poured cold water on him again.

Jiang Zhiqiang narrowed his smile and solemnly nodded and said, “Board-Chairman, I will continue to work hard.”


Xia Yu smiled and nodded, and looked towards Wu Siyuan.

“Siyuan, what’s the situation with Galaxy Films?”

Wu Siyuan reported: “Board-Chairman, last year’s annual report has already been reported to you at the beginning of the year, so I won’t go into more details. I will mainly report to you the situation this year.”

“As of yesterday, we have produced and released a total of eleven movies, the output ranked second in Hong Kong, Jiahe Films ranked third, and Shao Clan Films ranked first, with a total of seventeen films released. the film.”

“Only in terms of total box office, we are the highest. The total box office in Hong Kong is 7000 and 600,000 HKD. The average local box office for a single movie is 600 4 110,000 HKD, far exceeding the 2nd place Jiahe and 3rd place Shao Clan.”

“Of the movies that have been released this year, the top 5 at the box office are produced by our company, and 7 of the top ten movies are our company.”


As Wu Siyuan continued to tell, the detailed image of Galaxy Films as the leading film company in Hong Kong and Asia appeared in Xia Yu’s mind.

And because Wu Siyuan will intersperse with the comparison between Jiahe and Shao Clan films when he tells, Xia Yu also understands the current pattern of the film market.

There is no doubt that Run Run Shaw has not completely given up on the film market. It can be seen from Shao Clan Film Company’s average release of 2 films a month.

It can also be seen from this amazing output that Shao Clan Films has accumulated a background of several decades. There are not enough people behind the scenes to support such a large output of Shao Clan Films.

It’s just that the output belongs to the output, and the quality belongs to the quality. Although the output of Shao Clan movies is high, the average single box office is far inferior to the Galaxy Film Company, which focuses on “Yinhe produced, must be a boutique”. the company.

“Run Run Shaw went to the hospital for a sudden illness. Too many bad movies will only destroy the Shao Clan film company’s sign faster.”

After Wu Siyuan finished speaking, Xia Yu said with a light smile.

Wu Siyuan took the conversation and said, “Yes, I also let people deliberately guide. Now that Shao Clan Film Company has created the image of a bad film, Shaw Family must also know this.”

“It’s just that our film company has been producing hot movies. Even if the Shao Clan Film Company produces high-quality movies, it will not pose a big threat to us. Shaw Family can only use this kind of trick, without this kind of trick, Shao Clan Film Company Not landing faster.”

Xia Yu was nodded with a smile, and recognized Wu Siyuan’s statement.

If you don’t do this, you will die faster. If you do this, 10000 will be a dark horse, and it will occasionally come back to slow down the decline of Shao Clan Film Company, and buy some time.

It’s a pity that until now Galaxy Film Company almost made no mistakes, and Shao Clan Film Company did not succeed.

Wu Siyuan suddenly said with a solemn expression: “But Board-Chairman, just now, Shao Clan Film Company held a press conference with great fanfare and announced that it had reached a cooperation with United States Warner Bros. Film Company and would invest 200000000 million 50 million HKD in a co-production. For a Hollywood science fiction blockbuster, Shao Clan Films has changed its strategy.”

Xia Yu light nodded with a smile: “It is rare that Run Run Shaw has such great generosity. He is planning to target our “Alien E·T” next year.”

Wu Siyuan said with a facial expression grave: “Then Board-Chairman, should we talk to United States about how to check the quality?”

It can be seen that in the face of Run Run Shaw’s 200000000 million 50 million HKD investment, Wu Siyuan is not calm.

Xia Yu wanted to comfort him and didn’t care, after all, Xia Yu knew that “Alien E·T” would sweep away the whole world.

But he changed his mind to worry Wu Siyuan, which can stimulate his motivation.

So he gently nodded agreed: “You can contact Barry Diller and Shirley Lansing more, but don’t interfere with Steven Spielberg’s shooting, and focus more on Asia.”

“You still need to be hard on your own, and you need to focus more on your own business. For example, as you just said, among the movies that have been released now, our company’s films occupy the top 5 at the box office. This is a good result, but why Do ten occupy seven?”

“There are still five months left at the end of this year. After these five months have passed, can they sweep the entire list?”

Wu Siyuan took a deep breath, nodded: “Board-Chairman, I understand what you mean, and I will continue to work hard to report good news to you at the end of the year.”

Xia Yu smiled and nodded.


After chatting for a while, Wu Siyuan and Jiang Zhiqiang left one after another.

Xia Yu drank tea and thought of the “BladeRunner” shot by Shao Clan Film Company and Warner Brother Company. The previous life in Hong Kong should be translated as “Blade Runner”. This movie was later regarded by many science fiction fans as the greatest science fiction. Films, but in history, but hit the street, the global box office has just exceeded the investment cost.

The 200000000 million 50 million HKD invested by Run Run Shaw only recovered less than 40 million HKD and the loss exceeded 100000000 million.

This life Shao Clan Film Company is in a difficult situation because of his Galaxy Film Company.

And because the TV field was suppressed by his Global Satellite TV, Run Run Shaw did not make any money in the TV field.

Today, the strength of the Shaw Family has not at all increased, but has shrunk.

Run Run Shaw can also put out 200000000 million 50 million HKD to cast a movie, it will not be easy, it can be said to be desperate.

“It doesn’t matter if you work hard, you will be able to recognize reality more clearly after a big somersault…”

After thinking about it, Xia Yu chuckled, then stopped paying attention to the matter, and put his mind back on this plan.

When the market was about to close on this day, a message released by the Swire Family spread throughout Four Major Stock Exchanges.

Swire Family Foundation disclosed to the public that it holds 16% equity shares of Swire Industrial Group.

In addition, Hong Kong Swire Group holds 30% of the equity shares of Swire Industrial Group at 3.

Swire Family’s equity shares control of Swire Industrial Group has reached 50%. Point one!

Over 50% of this relative holding line!

The meaning of Swire’s announcement of this news is obvious. This is a declaration of sovereignty over Swire Industrial Group, and it is also telling everyone that Swire Industrial Group has been impossible to be taken away!

As soon as the news was announced, the stock market shook, the upward momentum of the stock price of Swire Industrial Group suddenly stopped, and the stock price fluctuated violently.

Fortunately, when the market closed, Four Major Stock Exchanges was officially closed. The stock price of Swire Industrial Group was fixed at 29 points and 6 HKD per share, and the market value was fixed at 4 8 billion 1.4 and more than 5000 HKD.

Jiuding Securities Ltd..

Looking at Song Bo, who was a little discouraged and unwilling, Xia Yu smiled and comforted: “Mr. Song, don’t worry, the outcome of this war is too early!”

Song Bo thought that Xia Yu was comforting himself. He forced a smile and said, “Mr. Xia, you don’t have to comfort me.”

“You have helped me increase the share rights of Swire Industrial Group to 44.32%, which is beyond my expectation, but at first I am far from Swire Family. This is a crime of non-war.”

Xia Yu’s smile remained the same, and her voice was soft but loud and loud: “Mr. Song, the next one is still the same. You can pay for it, and I will fix the equity shares for you. You can keep watching later.”

“Not only Swire Industrial Group, but also Swire Commercial Group!”

“I’m afraid you regret not having enough money when the time comes!”

Song Bo was taken aback, suddenly looked towards Xia Yu, in a daze, he seemed to see a layer of white light shrouded in Xia Yu.

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