Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1035

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The two days of the weekend were fleeting.

In a blink of an eye, it is another new week. With the opening of the stock market at 10:00 am, the extinguished monstrous war is rekindled again.

After the stock price of Swire Shipping Company, Swire Warehouse Company and other companies opened sharply, they immediately entered into a fierce battle.

The Swire Industrial Group is different. The stock market did not jump at the opening, but fluctuated violently. The shares on sale were much more than before, and the buy orders were slightly less than the sell orders.

Obviously before the market close on May last week, the news announced by the Swire Family worked.

Only shortly after the last news was announced, the stock market was closed, and most investors did not respond.

However, two days on the weekend are enough for investors to think clearly and make judgments. Therefore, the market opened this Monday and investors who determined that the stock price of Swire Industrial Group had reached the top were scrambling to clear their positions.

There are more selling orders and fewer buying orders, and the stock price naturally fluctuates sharply.

This scene is exactly what the Swire Family would like to see.

Just when Norman Swire instructed Swire Financial to take the opportunity to buy, it was discovered that a large number of selling orders placed by investors disappeared at an extremely fast speed, and they were swept away in a short while.

The buyer made no secret of it, it was Jiuding Securities Ltd.!

After scanning the sell orders, Jiuding Securities Ltd. also listed 3 lots at a price of 10 30,000 HKD per share, a total of 3,000,000 shares buy orders, with a total value of 9 10 million HKD!

After such a huge purchase order threw away, all investors were shocked and their confidence skyrocketed.

Investors who have already sold shares regret it, but investors who are about to place a sell order all have lingering fears. Fortunately, they have been slower.

The stock price of Swire Industrial Group no longer fluctuates sharply due to the purchase order of 9 10 million HKD from Jiuding Securities Ltd., and the stock price continues to rise with the new purchase orders issued by other institutions.

The scheme of Swire Family was not only easily broken by Jiuding Securities Ltd., but also the peaches that were grown were easily removed by Jiuding Securities Ltd., making Norman Swire, who witnessed this scene with his own eyes, become furious.

Soon afterwards, Song Bo stepped up again and went to the stock exchange as the legal representative of the Song Group to disclose the shares information to the Swire Industrial Group. The Song Group held up to 44.32% of the equity shares of the Swire Industrial Group. Many people Shocked.

And Song Bo also confidently declared that the Song Group is already the first major shareholder of Swire Industrial Group, and has a veto right against Swire Industrial Group.

Even if the joint shares of Hong Kong Swire Group and Swire Family Fund exceed 50%, it does not mean that the outcome has been divided. He has enough confidence that the outcome is far from being divided!

After Song Bo issued a statement, Jiuding Securities Ltd. also shouted in the air, arrogantly saying that “Swire Industrial Group must change ownership.”

Suddenly slapped twice, how can Norman Swire stand it? Although knowing that if he accepts it, it will stimulate the stock price of Swire Industrial Group, the consequences of not accepting it are even greater.

Therefore, Norman Swire responded through Swire Financial Group-“Evil can never defeat justice, and the traitor will never succeed!”

Many stockholders eat melons with keen interest pleasure, but don’t forget to hold their shares firmly, and at the same time invest more money into the stock market, for fear that they will make less money if they enter the stock market late.

In the next half a month, the stock market is similar to an erupting volcano. Capital from all directions flooded into the stock market. Major media rushed to report wealth stories, which helped the Hang Seng Index to climb.

Under this kind of prosperity, Jiuding Securities Ltd., Jiuding Bank, Standard Chartered Bank and other Jiuding Consortium companies have cashed out.

According to the last statistics, Jiuding Securities Ltd. alone liquidated most of the overt and secret investments, withdrawing over 100 100000000 million HKD from the stock market.

The two major banks have also withdrawn huge amounts of funds from the stock market or non-stock market, totaling more than 2 billion HKD.

Many companies under Xia Yu have also received secret instructions from Xia Yu and are silently recovering funds.

After August 8th, the planned 15nd Stage was launched.

Jiuding Securities Ltd. started shipping.

Wang Qi set up multiple working groups to sell shares of a series of companies in Swire Group in a cross-covered manner.

This requires extremely high skills and execution, as well as close cooperation between teams.

You need to place buy orders in large quantities to continue to maintain the trend of rising popularity and stock price. At the same time, you must control the quantity and price of sell orders according to the actual situation to ensure that shares will not be bought by yourself, and you cannot let sell orders stay in the market. One 2 seconds.

As for whether shares will be bought by Swire Financial Company in large quantities at this point, Xia Yu is not worried.

He had been guarding against this point a long time ago, so in addition to instructing Song Bo to disclose the equity shares of Swire Industrial Group, a must-buy company, other companies such as Swire shares group. The equity shares of listed companies such as Swire Shipping Company are scattered in various accounts and are not disclosed to the outside world. Swire Family does not know who these equity shares are in, only that the acquisition is extremely difficult.

And Xia Yu does not believe that Swire Financial Company can grab more than half of the shares released by Jiuding Securities Ltd. in the case of many investment institutions rushing to raise funds.

If you can grab 1/3, even if Swire Financial Corporation has strong acquisition capabilities, and Norman Swire cannot guess the truth even if it has doubts, it will be more fortunate to keep the company.

Sure enough, with the start of the new week, Swire Financial Corporation felt that the difficulty of the acquisition has dropped a bit, and Cedric Quincy immediately reported the situation to Norman Swire.

“Board-Chairman, this is our result this morning.”

Cedric Quincy handed it to Norman Swire with a concise statistical table.

The latter immediately took it and looked at it carefully.

Swire shares group 300 and 60,000 shares, totaling 100 per 6, cost 8 200000000 5600 HKD.

Swire warehouse company 1.3 million shares, a total of 100 per 7, cost 2 5180 HKD.

Swire shipping company 100 6 160,000 shares, a total of 100 8 per 3, cost 7300 8 170,000 HKD.

Swire Industrial Group 250,000 6500 shares, a total of 100%, cost 9 900 HKD.

In addition to the difficulty in acquiring the equity shares of Swire Industrial Group, the other three companies achieved great results in the morning.

After putting down the statistics, Norman Swire asked about the situation: “Cedric, have you investigated which agency released these shares?”

Cedric Quincy nodded said: “I have been investigated, but only a small part of it is released by some institutions, and most of it is thrown by unknown retail investors.”

“But the throws are so concentrated, I think it should be the anonymous account of some institutions, which institution is specific, I can’t find out.”

Norman Swire frowns thought about it and asked for a long time: “Is it possible that it is Jiuding Securities Ltd.?”

Cedric Quincy pondered for a moment, replied: “It must be possible, but we can’t be sure.”

After answering, Cedric Quincy immediately asked the question he was most concerned about: “Board-Chairman, do we continue to buy in the afternoon?”

Norman Swire said without hesitation: “Of course it must be acquired!”

“You continue to order people to pay attention to the seller’s situation, and at the same time increase the effort to raise money, regardless of whether the other party is Jiuding Securities Ltd., our goal will not change.”

“Once you reach the task line, report to me immediately.”

Cedric Quincy immediately felt relieved, with the words of Board-Chairman, he could operate without scruples.

“Understood!” Cedric Quincy replied loudly.

“By the way, plus this morning’s results, what are the gaps from the planned line?”

Norman Swire asked again.

The equity shares acquired from Hongkong and Shanghai Bank last time all belong to the Swire Family Foundation. Except for the original Hong Kong Swire Group shares and Swire Family Fund shares, in order to reduce the burden, Norman Swire is held by Swire Financial Corporation.

As long as he firmly controls the Swire financial company, it does not matter that equity shares is under the company’s umbrella.

It’s not that he doesn’t want to acquire all the equity shares under the Swire Family fund, but that he has no money and it is difficult to borrow money. Without the funds of Swire Financial Corporation, he can basically not operate.

Therefore, he has set up a lot of planning lines for Swire Financial Company early. As long as the planned lines meet the standards, the total shares of Swire Financial Company, Hong Kong Swire Group and Swire Foundation can exceed 66.7%.

“Board-Chairman, wait a minute!”

After finishing talking, Cedric Quincy walked to his desk, took out a notebook from the drawer, and then checked and subtracted the equity shares acquired this morning to get the amount of the equity share gap of each company. .

After the result came out, he immediately gave it to Norman Swire.

“Board-Chairman, this is the number of equity shares that need to be acquired.”

Norman Swire took a look.

Swire shares group has a gap of 100/6.

Swire Warehouse has a shortfall of 100/7.

Swire shipping company has a 10% gap 2.

Swire Industrial Group has a 15% point 5 gap.

Taking into account the situation of Song Family’s shares, Swire Industrial Group has reached the impossible standard, and Norman Swire directly ignored it.

Of the remaining three companies, the biggest gap is Swire Shipping.

Even if the Swire shares group with the smallest gap, according to the current stock price, if the stock price does not rise later, if you want to buy so many equity shares, it still needs nearly 1.5 billion HKD.

If Swire shipping company and Swire warehouse company also need to reach the line, at least 2 1.1 billion HKD is required.

After Norman Swire calculated this data in his mind, he felt tremendous pressure.

It is conservatively estimated to have a huge cash flow of 30 600 million HKD!

According to the capital of Swire Financial Company, it is definitely enough, but I don’t know how much money Cedric Quincy has already withdrawn!

Norman Swire asked again: “How much liquidity does the company have now?”

Cedric Quincy said immediately: “Board-Chairman, we have already liquidated about half of the shares, but we have invested 1.2 billion 4000 and more than 10000 HKD to buy shares of 4 companies, and now there is still left on the account. 2 1.1 billion 3000 more than 10000 HKD.”

Norman Swire said immediately: “It’s not enough, the working capital is more than a dozen 100000000 million HKD.”

“Now that the difficulty of acquisition is reduced, we must seize the opportunity to raise funds as soon as possible, and the funds cannot be delayed.”

“This week, you must increase your clearance efforts and withdraw at least 2 billion HKD in funds!”

Cedric Quincy looked solemn, nodded: “Guaranteed to complete the task!”

Norman Swire was slightly nodded, thinking it over again, and found that there should be nothing left, he secretly relieved, his face relaxed a little, and said to Cedric Quincy: “Cedric, you worked so hard at noon today. Once it’s arranged, take the time to rest.”

“After the stock market opens in the afternoon, you still need to control it.”


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