Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1036

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Normally, the stock market transaction volume increases, on the one hand, it indicates that buyers’ demand is increasing, and the stock price is bullish.

But the increase in trading volume has also made the stock market more chaotic, and the already muddy water has been stirred up more muddy.

Because of the over-expansion of trading volume, the stock price naturally follows the rapid increase. The main market players and large players and dealers can easily ship. Small and medium-sized investors cannot judge the true intentions of the main players. The probability of continuing to increase or passively lock up is great.

Those who play finance are smart people, so of course Xia Yu will not be arrogant and underestimate his peers.

I have 100 100000000 million HKD worth of shares of a company in the Swire Group. If you want to maintain a high stock price and ship as soon as possible, you must pay attention to technology to avoid market collapse.

To be on the safe side, Xia Yu everyday all personally oversee at Jiuding Securities Ltd. and remind Wang Qi to make adjustments from time to time.

In this case, shares held by Jiuding Securities Ltd. Swire shares group, Swire shipping company and other companies were quickly sold, related shares transaction volume skyrocketed, but the corresponding stock price has also been manipulated to continue to rise to the market Create an illusion that the stock price has not reached its peak and reduce the vigilance of other investors.

In the afternoon of May 8.

Swire Financial Corporation.

Cedric Quincy stared at every data in the operating room.

When it was counted that 10.8% of the equity shares of the Swire warehouse company had been purchased, he decisively ordered the employees to stop buying shares of this company, and then hurriedly reported to Norman Swire.

“Board-Chairman, the shares of the purchased Swire warehouse company have gone online!”

Norman Swire, who was thinking about things, heard the news and stood up excitedly.

“Cedric, are you sure?”

Cedric Quincy was nodded and said with a smile on his face: “Board-Chairman, I have been counting, there is absolutely nothing wrong, and now I have asked employees to stop buying.”

After confirming that it was correct, Norman Swire smiled openly. After venting part of the depression in his heart with a few laughs, he asked: “Cedric, what about Swire shares group and Swire shipping company? What are the differences?”

Cedric Quincy immediately replied: “Board-Chairman, the difference is not far, Swire shares group is still 1% point 2 one, Swire shipping company is still 2% point 3, it is expected that the past few days will be able to meet the target. “

“it is good!”

Norman Swire nodded with a smile.

At this moment, Cedric Quincy narrowed his smile and suddenly asked, “Board-Chairman, now that we have completed the actual control of the Swire warehouse company, do we need to make an announcement?”

Norman Swire contemplated for a long time, but slowly shook his head, and did not agree with Cedric Quincy’s proposal.

“Don’t announce, let the stock price continue to rise! Just have completed the control. The announcement will only affect the stock price.”

After completing the absolute control of Swire Warehouse, Norman Swire’s mentality and position changed again.

When he wants to buy shares, he must hope that the lower the stock price, the better, so that the cost will be lower.

But now, since the company will no longer be robbed, he must be eager for the stock price to be as high as possible. If the stock price collapses, he is the first to feel uncomfortable. After all, he took the shares of the Swire warehouse company to mortgage loan. The lower stock price will increase his risk and pressure.

Furthermore, he is not sure whether the shares he bought were sold by Jiuding Securities Ltd..

If it is, then Jiuding Securities Ltd. is likely to reverse short selling after liquidation. If he announces the news to suppress the stock price, he will help Jiuding Securities Ltd. instead.

Even if Jiuding Securities Ltd. does not completely liquidate its position, he does not believe that the enemy will still hold a large number of shares. If the stock price is high, let them make a profit, but there is not much more.

If it is not 10000, then Jiuding Securities Ltd. is definitely still rushing to raise money. The higher the stock price, the higher the buying cost of Jiuding Securities Ltd., and Norman Swire is happy to see the enemy’s funds being consumed.

Under a comprehensive analysis, it is actually best for him not to announce the news.

What he didn’t know was that his decision just helped Xia Yu!

Just as Norman Swire focused on buying the shares of the Swire shares group and Swire shipping company, Xia Yu is urging Jiuding Securities Ltd. to speed up the clearance once again.

Jiuding Securities Ltd..

“How much is left to throw away?”

In the operating room, Xia Yu glanced around, then looked towards Wang Qi and asked.

Wang Qi reported immediately: “Board-Chairman, according to statistics at 30:3, there are now 2% equity shares of Swire shares group 5 points, Swire warehouse company 3% point 6 points, and Swire shipping company 4 % The equity shares of 5 points are not sold.”

“The equity shares sold by these three companies have returned 3 to 100 billion HKD.”

Xia Yu faintly muttered to oneself, and said softly: “That is to say, now the company has 2 100 4 more than 1 billion HKD in funds?”

Wang Qi nodded said in detail: “The result of last night’s statistics was 2 100 40 600 million 8 10 million HKD. Now that we have sold some shares this morning, the cash in the account should exceed 2 100 5,000,000,000 HKD.”

There are 2 100 5,000,000,000 HKD in cash, enough to wreak havoc in the next stage.

After thinking about it for a while, Xia Yu solemnly instructed Wang Qi: “Increase the selling, and be sure to discard all the shares of the Swire Group companies before the market is closed tomorrow afternoon, even if it will cause the stock price to fall!”

“After the market is closed tomorrow, calculate all the data such as liquidity and profit earned by the action to me”

Hearing this order from Xia Yu, Wang Qi realized that August 8 should be a crucial turning point.

He nodded without hesitation, and replied in a deep voice: “Guaranteed to complete the task!”

Wang Qi, who was ordered by Xia Yu, finally let go of his hands and feet. After the market was closed in the morning, he summoned the group leaders of all action groups to convey the spirit of Board-Chairman Xia Yu’s instructions, and worked out an action plan for the afternoon and tomorrow.

Sure enough, after the stock market opened in the afternoon, investors suddenly noticed that the selling orders of Swire shares group, Swire warehouse company and other companies suddenly increased, which naturally attracted the attention of some institutions.

It’s just that Wang Qi has stepped up the selling, which does not mean that he has not even done basic cover-up work.

The price control group of Jiuding Securities Ltd. is still actively speculating on the stock price.

Because the stock price is still rising, even if there are a lot of sell orders in the market, there are still institutions willing to take a gamble to take the order.

But on the other hand, major institutions have launched relationships one after another, trying to find out which big head is selling and leaving the market.

If the selling party is Jiuding Securities Ltd., the vanity target, then they have to quickly think of a way out.

It’s a pity that Wang Qi has dealt with shares a long time ago, and has also strictly ordered employees to keep their mouths shut. It is strange that other organizations can find out.

After half an hour before the market close on the afternoon of August 8, the last Swire shipping company’s shares were listed for sale, and the transaction was quickly completed.

“President, our three groups have also completed the tasks.”

After the Manager of Action 3 confirmed the account, he reported loudly to Wang Qi in the middle of the operation room.

Wang Qi glanced across the faces of the group leaders and ordered: “All groups will report all the statistics to me. I will wait for you in my office.”

After speaking, Wang Qi left the operating room with confidence.

After 20 minutes, each group submitted all the data to him. He did not ask the secretary to assist him. He alone summarized the data reported by each group.

After calculating for nearly half an hour, he confirmed each number three times, then took the data, got up and walked to Board-Chairman Xia Yu’s office.


“Come in!”

“Board-Chairman, this is the data you want. I personally counted it. I checked it three times and it should be fine.”

After Wang Qi finished speaking, he presented the statistics to Xia Yu.

Xia Yu showed a smile, took the data sheet, and looked through it carefully.

Swire shares Group’s shares acquisition invested 25 100000000 4000 9 1 million HKD and sold a high price of 7 1.5 billion 4000 4 million HKD. The profit reached 49 100000000 9000 5 million HKD, which is about to break through 5,000,000,000 HKD.

Swire warehouse company invested 500 million 4000 7 1 million HKD in the acquisition and sold a total of 20 600 million HKD, and the profit reached 2 billion 5000 3 1 million HKD.

Swire shipping company invested 7 100000000 29 million HKD in acquisition funds, sold a total of thirty two 100000000 3000 9 1 million HKD, and the profit reached 25 100000000 10 million HKD.

The cumulative figure is that the total investment is 38 100000000 million 25 million HKD, but the profit has reached 95 100000000 million 5800 and more than 10000 HKD, and the profit is 2 times the cost!

This profit exceeded the estimated amount in Xia Yu’s mind. He originally estimated that if the action went smoothly, he could make a profit of about 7 billion, but now it exceeds more then 1 billion HKD.

But thinking about it the other way round, the stock price of the Swire shares group with the lowest stock price increase is about 4 times the stock price before the action, so the room for increase is about 3 times. This is limited by the company’s large size, so the increase is small.

Like the Swire warehouse company with the lowest market capitalization, its market capitalization is now 6 times that before the action, and the room for growth has reached 5 times!

Xia Yu’s comprehensive profit is only 2 times. Compared with the increase of these companies, it is not too high, but considering that the huge amount of itself makes the operation difficult, it is normal.

Then Xia Yu looked at the total liquidity, including the profit of this operation, as high as 200 67 100000000 8,000 300 and more than 10000 HKD.


After reading all the data, Xia Yu smiled satisfied.

He instructed Wang Qi: “Wang Qi, you can relax in the next few days. From now on, the investment department is only allowed to sell shares, not to buy any shares, and everything will follow my instructions.”

“By the way, we will abandon the acquisition of Swire shares Group and other companies after you let the news.”

“Tomorrow, we can watch the show!”

Hearing this, Wang Qi showed a relaxed smile, looking forward to tomorrow…

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