Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1037

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When dawn comes, warmth cuts through the sky, the early morning sun is extraordinarily warm, plus a rain that suddenly came last night, sweeping away all kinds of exhaust gas and floating dust, making the air exceptionally fresh.

This seems to indicate that today is a good day.

As the sun gradually rises and the time gets closer to the time to go to work, the whole city begins to noisy.

Norman Swire was tossed and turned to sleep well last night because of the news that came out suddenly yesterday afternoon. After having breakfast this morning, he rushed to Swire Financial Company.

As it happens, Cedric Quincy also had trouble sleeping last night and came to the company early.

When Norman Swire arrived at the company, he happened to see Cedric Quincy reading the newspaper intently.

“Cedric, good morning!”

Norman Swire’s words awakened Cedric Quincy.

The latter immediately put down the newspaper and greeted Norman Swire respectfully: “Board-Chairman, good morning, you are here so early!”

“Need a newspaper?”

Looking at the thick stack of newspapers in front of Cedric Quincy, Norman Swire had read the newspapers for a while while eating breakfast at home, but due to time constraints, he only read “Jiuding Daily” and “South China Morning Post.”

He also wanted to know what the headlines of other business newspapers were.

“Bring me all business newspapers except “Jiuding Daily” and “South China Morning Post”.”


After receiving the newspaper handed over by Cedric Quincy, Norman Swire flipped through it quickly, scanning the newspaper back and forth, searching for key words, and stopped flipping when he found the target, staring carefully every word Read it.

After reading the newspapers, Norman Swire’s face gradually became gloomy, and his breathing became heavier.

Cedric Quincy, who has been observing closely, can understand Board-Chairman’s mood, because he was not in a better mood than Board-Chairman when he was reading the newspaper just now.

Newspapers such as “Hong Kong Economic Journal”, “Hong Kong Commercial Daily”, “Sing Pao”, “Economic Daily” and other newspapers all discuss the same news on the front page.

That was the news that suddenly spread throughout Hong Kong yesterday afternoon that Jiuding Securities Ltd. gave up the acquisition of Swire Group.

Of course, every newspaper has a different style, and different entry points and headlines for news.

The most popular title party is “Jiuding Consortium VSSwire Group, it ended in failure!”

The more bland headline is “Jiuding Securities Ltd. retreats, Hong Kong Stock Market walks to the dividing line!”


Of course, the focus of Norman Swire’s attention is not the headlines of the newspapers, but the impact that these newspapers all report on the headlines of this news!

Before the market was closed yesterday morning, Swire Financial Company finally completed all plans, which also means that he firmly controlled Swire shares Group and other companies.

He was in a good mood yesterday at noon and afternoon.

It was just when he was off work that he learned that Jiuding Securities Ltd. had given up the acquisition, and his original good mood instantly disappeared.

Almost all newspapers now report this news. At this point, there is no doubt that most investors in Hong Kong almost know this news.

This certainly gives the Swire Group an aura of glory that defeats the Jiuding Consortium, but this is just a virtual thing, and the impact is secret and intangible.

But the most urgent thing is that as the Jiuding Consortium retreats and the battle is over, the stock price pushed up by the two rivals has lost the core motivation of Continuously. How to maintain it?

The stock price rose by 3 4 times for the low stock price and 5 6 times for the high stock price. This kind of increase is invalid even if he throws good news, not to mention that he cannot find good news.

And the most effective way is undoubtedly to invest a large amount of money in repurchase, and to eat all the low-priced selling orders, the stock price will naturally stabilize temporarily.

Just this way, Norman Swire PASS directly, he doesn’t have so much money!

If he had so much money, he would not give up part of his assets, and his strategy would shrink his strength.

So the situation facing now is-no solution!

If the stock price drops slightly, it’s okay, if it drops too sharply, then he will be on the wax.


After putting down the newspaper, Norman Swire sighed for a long time. Even if he has just gotten up for an hour or two, he still feels physically and mentally exhausted.

“Cedric, how can you stabilize the stock price?”

Norman Swire looked towards Cedric Quincy with a hint of hope, hoping that he, the financial elite, could figure out a way.

It’s a pity that Cedric Quincy is a man and not a god. He thought about this situation last night and didn’t come up with a solution.

Facing the hopeful gaze of Board-Chairman, he could only lower his head slightly, shook his head bitterly, and said apologetically: “Board-Chairman, apart from repurchase, there is no other effective method. I can only hope that investors can maintain calm.”

After finishing speaking, he paused for a moment, glanced at Norman Swire, who had an ugly face, and then plucked up the courage to say: “Moreover, you have to prevent malicious short selling. Once you are short-selling by other institutions, no matter whether there is a short selling agreement. Will seriously affect the stock price.”

“If there is an institution to bet against, then we will have to raise funds to take over and stabilize the stock price, otherwise it is easy to be overwhelmed by the stock price, and the consequences of market panic will be very serious.”

After all, there must be enough funds!

With sufficient funds and ammunition, no matter which way the enemy comes, he can deal with it calmly.

But Norman Swire’s shortfall is funding!

And when the equity shares are already sufficient, he doesn’t want to buy shares at such a high stock price. The risk is too great!

“How much money does the company have now?”

Norman Swire took a deep breath and asked after trying to calm down.

Cedric Quincy immediately replied: “Board-Chairman, there are still more than 300000000 4000 and more than 10000 HKD in the company’s account.”

This amount is an astronomical figure for an ordinary person, but if it is now used for the initial defense, it is far from enough compared to the 4 companies that have accumulated a market value of more than 50 billion HKD.

This money must be used to save life at the most critical time!

Don’t mess around!

Norman Swire fell silent, fighting fiercely in his heart.

After a long time, he sighed and said softly: “Look at the stock market first. In severe cases, the funds will not be invested in the stock market.”

Cedric Quincy solemnly nodded, and whispered: “Okay.”


As time passed, the opening time of the stock market was getting closer and closer. Norman Swire and Cedric Quincy both came to the operating room and waited nervously for the stock market to open.

As soon as ten o’clock arrived, with a bell ringing, Four Major Stock Exchanges opened at the same time.

The stock price of Swire shares Group, which Norman Swire closely followed, shook violently, and the stock prices of several other companies were the same.

Immediately, he saw that there were many selling orders on the market, but almost no buying orders.

One of his hearts was lifted up, almost reaching his throat, and he subconsciously held his breath.

I saw that the stock price of Swire shares group fluctuated sharply between 52:6 HKD and 5:52 HKD.

After fluctuating violently for about ten seconds.

at this time!

A sudden sell order made Norman Swire complexion greatly changed.

Because this amount is as high as 100 lots with a value of more than 500,000 HKD, the listed price turned out to be 51 points 5 HKD per share!

Directly lower the price of a little more than HKD per share!

“Buy! Buy! Buy!”

Norman Swire stared at the sale order steadily, shouting continuously in his heart, hoping that an organization would eat the sale order.

But things are counterproductive.

One second passed!

3 seconds passed!

5 seconds passed!

7 seconds passed…

Distributed institutions and retail investors gathered in stock exchanges saw that this low-price sell order was so late that no one bought it. The situation was completely on the surface, and their originally fragile mentality collapsed in an instant.

After Norman Swire struggled fiercely in his heart, a firmness flashed in his eyes, and he immediately ordered a trader in front of him: “Buy this equity shares first…Uh…”

Norman Swire hadn’t finished speaking, his neck was as if being pinched, his eyes were bloodshot instantly, he stared at the electronic disk firmly, his old hand was subconsciously clenched.


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