Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1038

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Chapter 1037 Complete Crash! The stock market crash broke out!

I saw a large number of sell orders bursting out of the market suddenly. The large number reached 7 lots, and the few with 8 1000 lots. The listed price was even, and the lowest was even up to 3 HKD per share!

It is conservatively estimated that these sell orders are worth at least 10 million HKD!

The trader in front of Norman Swire hurriedly turned his head and asked: "Board-Chairman, do you still buy it?"

Just when Norman Swire was about to answer, there were several rapid voices in the operating room, which immediately attracted Norman Swire's attention.

"President, there has been a large-scale sell order for Swire Warehouse."

"President, Swire shipping company has a large number of selling orders, and the stock price is about to fall."

The stock price of these two companies also has a problem!

Although I did not go to see it, Norman Swire guessed that the situation would not be much worse than that of the Swire shares group.

I think that I will have to invest at least 2 30 million HKD to receive the order right now, and this is still at first, the gate has been opened, the sell order will definitely be continuously sold, and the existing more than 300000000 million funds must be unsustainable.

Norman Swire shake the head, and said to the trader in front of him in a low tone, "Let's wait and see."

After that, Norman Swire checked the stock prices of several other companies, and it turned out that selling orders kept pouring out, and the stock price was falling.

Before the stock price touched the insurance line of bank loan, Norman Swire decided to let it go. He did not believe that the stock prices of these companies would fall to the end!

All morning, Norman Swire watched the stock price fall with a heavy heart.

The only thing that made him gratified was that as the market was about to close in the morning, the stock prices of various companies were slowing down. Obviously, investors gradually calmed down after experiencing the initial panic.

After all, there has been no buyer to accept the order, and continuously lowering the price is useless. There are no benefits, so it is better to wait and see.

When the market was closed in the morning, the Hang Seng Index had fallen from the peak of 2 1000 365 points at the close yesterday afternoon to 2 1000 320 8 points.

The market value of Swire shares group also evaporated 39 100000000 million HKD, officially fell below 20 billion HKD, and the market value at the close was 100 9,8 billion HKD.

After a short break at noon, the stock market opened again, and the stock prices of Swire shares Group and other companies continued to ride down the slope along the slope.

It's just that the downward momentum has weakened a lot.

Around 2:30 pm, just when Norman Swire breathed a sigh of relief, he found that the stock price of Swire shares group seemed to have fallen a little faster.

Not only that, the stock prices of other listed companies also began to fluctuate.

Just when Norman Swire was puzzled, an employee gasping for breath rushed in, and the first sentence of his words made Norman Swire and Cedric Quincy complexion changed.

"Board-Chairman, President, the entire stock market is in trouble!"

Cedric Quincy is younger than Norman Swire after all. He walked quickly to the employees and asked seriously, "What's the reason?"

The reporting staff took a few breaths and quickly said: "President, a message was circulated on the stock exchange just now. When meeting with Fu Chaoshu and the others, the North Mainland publicly proposed the concept of'One Country, 2 Systems' for the first time, and the future of Hong Kong. It's already on the table."

Norman Swire, who had already walked over, listened to the employee's report, and his face was as dark as pot stickers. At this moment, his mentality was exploded, and he felt a buzzing in his head.

What can an employee be aware of, as the master of consortium, how can he not realize it?

Hong Kong Stock Market has been affected by mainland many times. In the past few years, the Hang Seng Index fell sharply, which was affected by Hong Kong's political future.

Every rumor will affect the stock market, causing the stock market to fluctuate drastically.

And this time, Norman Swire also heard that a team of Hong Kong intellectuals went north to mainland, headed by Fu Chaoshu.

Now that the news has come back, it is very likely that the news is true!

Mainland has officially planned to talk about the future of Hong Kong!

It will definitely cause a huge panic in the capital market!

Sure enough, the entire operation room began to become noisy.

"The report shows that the Hang Seng Index market has begun to plummet, and almost all company shares have begun to fall!"

"The report shows that the stock price of Swire shares has fallen below 40 HKD per share, and the rate of decline is very alarming, with a particularly large number of sell orders..."


The impact of the news instantly formed a hurricane that swept the entire stock market. Where did Norman Swire and Cedric Quincy still have the mind to ask about the real situation of the news, 2 people and 2 words immediately went to see the stock market.

Sure enough, the stock prices of all listed companies in the entire stock market are falling, and no one can see that the stock price of a company is still rising!

Norman Swire's heart instantly froze.

If someone is worried, someone is happy.

While practitioners in the entire capital market, including Norman Swire, were panicking, the atmosphere of Jiuding Securities Ltd. was very relaxed and comfortable.

Seeing that the Hang Seng Index fell below 2 1000 300 at a rapid rate, and rushed down quickly, Xia Yu's face was lightly smiled.

After Wang Qi was shocked, he immediately looked towards Xia Yu of serene from beginning to end with a smile on his face, and asked: "Board-Chairman, did you know the news in advance?"

Xia Yu laughed and did not answer Wang Qi's question.

However, this attitude of Xia Yu made Wang Qi affirm that the Board-Chairman understood would happen a long time ago, and he couldn't help feeling greatly.

"Well, let's sit down and watch the show slowly and see how far we can fall when the market closes in the afternoon."


The capital market was in a mess because of this news, and the media field did not give in too much.

The reporters of major media can smell blood like sharks and rush to the same destination with long-camera, which is the mouthpiece of the mainland in Hong Kong-Xinhua News Agency.

At the end of the mainland meeting at noon today, Wang Ping received the complete content of the conversation and received an order to make it public.

Even if Wang Ping did not say, Fu Chaoshu and the others, who had already started returning after lunch, would bring the news back to Hong Kong.

Instead of changing the content of the conversation and letting Hong Kong rumors arise, affecting the stability of Hong Kong, Wang Ping of course chose to publish it himself, trying to calm the chaos that just happened in Hong Kong.

Therefore, facing the reporters who were besieged at the entrance of the Xinhua News Agency building, Wang Ping directly held a press conference, read the idea verbatim, and declared that the mainland’s position is that people’s living standards will not decrease. Foreign capital remains unchanged and Hong Kong's social system remains unchanged.

A press conference was like a war. After it was over, the shirt under Wang Ping's suit was soaked, and his forehead was covered with densely packed sweat. I didn't know if it was tired or hot.

"Pharaoh, now the stock market has begun to plummet, and looking at the press conference just now, Hong Kong is going to be messed up. We have implemented the above orders, but I don’t think the effect will be too good. We must do the worst. intend."

Seeing reporters rushing back with the interview results, 2nd President Li Hua said to Wang Ping anxiously.

Wang Ping was also worried. He sighed and said: "I just asked people to count. The media in Hong Kong came to more than half of them. It would be okay if these media can report what we mean. I'm afraid these will fan the flames for sales. what!"

"Yes, some newspapers have no bottom line for money."

Li Hua agrees with nodded very much. He knows the urgency of many media in Hong Kong. They can make up news for the sake of sales. He is sure that this time there will be newspapers deliberately choking news from the beginning to the end to make news. The original intention is completely different.

But Hong Kong is not in the country. They cannot use administrative means to restrain and manage. This is the worst!

Wang Ping took a deep breath, pats Li Hua’s shoulder, comforted: "Old Li, let's not think about it so much, let's wait and see the situation tonight and tomorrow morning, then we will act according to circumstances."

"We haven't seen Xia Yu for a while, so we can just visit him."

Li Hua eyes narrowed, thinking of Xia Yu's media empire and his standpoint, he slowly nodded.

As long as Xia Yu is willing to help, the strength control of 9 Ding Media Group should be enough to bring public opinion back on track.

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