Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1039

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Chapter 1038 Let the stock disaster come more violently!

Last month, the Association of Banks raised interest rates, which caused the Hang Seng Index to fall when the stock market opened on Monday, July 7, which was a prelude to the stock market crash.

It was just that Xia Yu immediately launched an action against Swire Group, which stimulated the nerves of all financial practitioners and allowed the Hang Seng Index, which had already fallen, to stop its decline and rise again.

In the 30-odd days between the Hang Seng Index plummeting today, the influx of nearly 100 billion HKD of capital into the stock market has boosted the Hang Seng Index from 1800 to 30 points to the peak that Hong Kong stock has never seen before. 2 1000 300 5 16.

The Hang Seng Index rose by more than 500 points in more than a month, which was the result of Xia Yu’s intervention and capital influx.

However, Xia Yu knew exactly how much moisture there was.

Financial practitioners also understand the overwhelming majority.

It’s just that drumming and spreading flowers is one of the capital games, and many institutions and investors also have a clear understanding. The moment the Swire Group and Jiuding Consortium will win out, the bubble is about to burst.

It can be said that the risks are almost perfectly clear.

It’s just that the benefits are too tempting, so that the institutions and retail investors who enter the market are willing to take risks and bet that they can make a lot of money from the fire, instead of becoming the last poor receiver.

Unfortunately, investors did not expect that in order to maintain a high stock price, Norman Swire would choose confidentiality after completing the controlling interest, and decisively chose the former among direct and hidden interests.

And Xia Yu’s equity shares clearance is also very technical and concealed, and there is no leak, and when the news came out, he had successfully escaped.

So simply did not give investors time to flee, resulting in the stock market plummeting like a flash flood after the market opened in the morning.

The capital market was already very panicked. After trying hard to stay calm, the breakthrough development of Hong Kong’s future problem, which was a nightmare for capital, came again, causing the “mountain torrent” with no difficulty to overwhelm everyone’s psychology. Line of defense.

After the news broke in the afternoon that caused the stock market to plummet, wailing and verbal abuse continued continuously in the Four Major Stock Exchanges. The Four Major Stock Exchanges was in a mess. Investors faced a full-scale collapse of the stock market and could only be desperate and helplessly passive. accept.

In the entire stock market, the purchase orders of various companies that were originally listed were quickly withdrawn when they had time to withdraw, but more often they were facilitated by the rapidly plummeting stock price, and then the funds were locked up.

Under this circumstance, all buying orders in the entire stock market have disappeared, and some are just selling orders that are constantly pouring out, and the price of the selling orders is lower than one. Many investors have lost their minds.

It’s not that they don’t know that no matter how low the price is, no one dares to buy. Continuously lowering the selling price will only make them lose more.

But what about 10000?

Is 10000 really foolish to buy it?

In a desperate and helpless situation, even the slightest possibility will be infinitely magnified and become a life-saving straw that everyone wants to grasp.

The stock prices of various companies continue to refresh the lower limit, driving the entire HSI market to plummet.

It was less than one and a half hours before and after. When the market closed at 4:00 pm, the Hang Seng Index fell below the 2 1000 100 points mark and closed at 2 1000 and 53 points.

When the market opened in the morning, the Hang Seng Index was 2 1000 300 5 16.

In other words, today, the Hang Seng Index plummeted by 303 points, a drop of 10% 2 points 8.

More than a month’s gains were wiped out in just one day.

As the stock market closed, the panic in the market subsided. I don’t know how many people fell to the ground.

And Jiuding Securities Ltd.

When Xia Yu saw the Hang Seng Index closing at 2 and 1000 o’clock, the corners of her mouth rose slightly, obviously in a very happy mood.

Seeing that the market value of Swire shares group dropped to 100 32 800 million HKD and the market value evaporated by 100 500 million HKD that day, the smile on the corner of Xia Yu’s mouth became more obvious.

Paying attention to Board-Chairman’s gaze, Wang Qi said with a smile: “Swire shares is the company that needs the most stock market value today. Now that the stock market crash comes, it’s the worst fall, with 10 billion market value evaporated in one day. I guess Norman Swire has to be scared of a heart attack.”

Xia Yu glanced at Wang Qi and said jokingly: “You can go to the Huangdaxian Temple this afternoon and have someone open your mouth.”

Wang Qi was taken aback, then chuckled up.

“Wang Qi, you arrange work first, and then come to my office.”

After the joke, Xia Yu smiled and said to Wang Qi.

About ten minutes later, Wang Qi came to Xia Yu’s office and saw Xia Yu who was drinking tea.

“Board-Chairman, I’m finished.”

Xia Yu slightly nodded, signaled Wang Qi to sit down and instructed him: “The black material about Swire Group that Song Bo brought over, and the black material about Carrian Group, you will let it out tomorrow and add a fire , Be careful not to be discovered.”

Wang Qi solemnly nodded guarantees: “Please rest assured, there will be no mistakes.”

Xia Yu was nodded with satisfaction, thought about it and warned repeatedly: “One more thing, as a leading brokerage firm, there must be a newspaper office at this time. If you want to know our attitude, you must restrain your employees and stop talking, lest you Being over-interpreted.”



That evening, after dinner, Xia Yu turned on the TV and watched Global Satellite TV’s “News 30 Minutes”. The program spent 5 minutes covering the stock market crash and also reported Wang Ping’s key speech. As for Others did not say at all, the position was very neutral.

With the scale of Global Satellite TV’s ratings, more than half of the people in Hong Kong watched this news. Questions about the future of Hong Kong spread throughout Hong Kong in an instant, and many people were worried about it.

Even Xia Yu’s parents worriedly asked him what to do. Xia Yu could only explain to them to calm their emotions.

Xia Yu understands their parents’ concerns. After all, their son is a big capitalist, and Xia Yu has never told them about the relationship with mainland.

The next morning, what was hiding the sky and covering the earth were all negative news related to the coming of the stock market crash and the future of September 9th.

In this public opinion situation, the entire Hong Kong is shrouded in panic.

With such an atmosphere, even people with strong inner hearts will inevitably be infected, causing the entire society to be alarmed.

Of course, there are still positive reports, such as mainland-controlled media such as “Ta Kung Pao”, but the sales of these newspapers are small, and the sound of occurrence is directly overwhelmed.

Murray MacLehose held a press conference immediately after he went to work, urging the public to stay calm and call on stock market investors to stay calm.

But unfortunately, the effect is not obvious, and the panic is still spreading.

As soon as 10:00 am, the stock market opened again.

Amidst exclamations and screams, the Hang Seng Index plummeted immediately after the opening. The chaos that occurred in the stock exchange yesterday came again today.

It took only ten minutes to open the market, and the Hang Seng Index broke through the 2 point mark and kept going downward.

When the panic came, it was when the rumors started.

There are all kinds of unfounded news circulating in the chaotic stock exchange.

However, several news from some unknown sources caused some retail investors and institutions to panic.

“Carrian Group is already insolvent, with debts of more than 100 100000000 million HKD, and is suspected of financial fraud. There is no consortium behind it. It just started by defrauding Yumin Finance.”

“Carrian Group’s Board-Chairman Chen Qingsong is ready to abscond with the money.”

“Swire shares has financial problems in the group, and the Swire Family maliciously invaded the group’s interests as much as 7 100000000 million 5000 and more than 10000!”


each and everyone The news said the truth is the same, very confusing, can not help others not believe it.

Those who believed it immediately took action and feedback to the stock market was that the listed companies of Swire Group and the stock price of Carrian Group opened VIP channels, and the decline was even more rapid.

Just when Norman Swire and Chen Qingsong were surprised and angry, Xia Yu, who was doing business affairs in the office comfortably, received an unexpected call.

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