Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1040

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“Qianqian, I won’t go home for dinner at noon today.”

At around 40:1, Xia Yu stopped working and came out of his position. Before ready to go, he stroked Li Qian’s hair and said softly.

Li Qian obediently nodded, tidyed up the tie for Xia Yu, and said softly: “A’Yu, you go, but you should drink less.”

Xia Yu smiled slightly, said in a soft voice: “I listen to you and don’t drink so much.”

Li Qian hearing this, a charming and sweet smile appeared on the pretty face.

“Well, it’s very decent, it’s getting late, I should start.”

Looking at his watch, Xia Yu stroked Li Qian’s jade hand, and after speaking, he was sent out by Li Qian.


Harbour City Marco Polo Hotel, Luxury Box No. 88.

When Xia Yu pushed in, he immediately saw Wang Ping and Li Hua chatting inside.

The two of them got up immediately, smiled enthusiastically, and greeted Xia Yu kindly.

“Mr. Xia, you are here, please sit down!”

“I’m sorry, the road is a bit blocked, so the two Presidents have been waiting for a long time, and they still look at Haihan.”

Although it was not the appointed time, Xia Yu almost stepped on it. He said with an apologetic expression. When speaking, he shook hands with Wang Ping and Li Hua respectively.

Yes, in the morning he received a call from Hong Kong Xinhua News Agency 1st President Wang Ping, inviting him to eat at Marco Polo Hotel at noon.

“No no no, we have just arrived on the front foot, and it is not yet the agreed time, how can we apologize.”

“Yeah, Mr. Xia, you are out of sight.”

“Sit down, please.”


After a hello and my good greeting, Xia Yu went to the table, and the waiter waiting at the door immediately came in and asked Board-Chairman Xia Yu and Wang Ping and the others to order.

It was another refusal that Wang Ping had to provoke the “important task” of ordering.

Xia Yu chatted with Li Hua.

After ordering, the waiters all left and closed the box doors. In the huge luxury box No. 88, there were only 4 people Xia Yu, Li Wuming, Wang Ping and Li Hua.

Xia Yu guessed the purpose of Wang Ping and Li Hua, but if Wang Ping took the initiative to advance, Xia Yu wouldn’t say anything.

So when all the dishes are ready, the chat is temporarily over, and there is no substantial content.

However, after drinking a glass of wine, he noticed that the atmosphere was getting warmer, and Wang Ping finally couldn’t help it.

After putting down his chopsticks, he asked Xia Yu carefully: “Mr. Xia, the stock market is in chaos now, how is the situation of your Jiuding Securities Ltd.?”

Xia Yu said with a light smile: “My luck is good, and it happened to clear most of the shares the day before yesterday. In this situation, I don’t have anything to do without investing.”

Xia Yu’s answer completely disrupted Wang Ping’s thoughts. He could only reflow his thoughts and say congratulations: “That’s good.”

“When I came, I also thought that with your far-sighted vision and powerful skills, Mr. Xia, Jiuding Securities Ltd. is definitely the best securities company in the entire Hong Kong Stock Market today.”

Xia Yu humbly said with a smile: “Luck, luck!”

At this time, Li Hua suddenly said, “Mr. Xia, don’t be humble. If you say it is luck, luck is also part of your strength.”

Speaking of this, he didn’t wait for Xia Yu’s answer. When the conversation changed, Sighed said: “But most investment institutions and investors don’t have as good luck as you.”

“The stock market crash suddenly broke out. If it is not rescued and stopped in time, I don’t know how many people will die, and the entire Hong Kong investment market will be devastated. When the time comes, the stock market crash has passed and only devastated, investment will become very difficult.”

Xia Yu came secretly thought, but his face was nodded in agreement and said: “Yes.”

“Don’t hide it from two people. In fact, I convened people overnight to analyze the situation and the result was that the stock market crash could not be saved.”

Wang Ping was vaguely aware of the meaning of Xia Yu’s words, and he quickly said: “Mr. Xia, in fact, it can be saved. Now most people are worried about Hong Kong’s future and the safety of their assets. To be very clear, it will ensure that the social system remains unchanged, and the interests of Hong Kong people will also be guaranteed. As long as the publicity is in place, everyone will believe us, instead of thinking about leaving Hong Kong with assets.”

“Mr. Xia, you know our policies and original intentions, and with your energy in the media field, if you are willing to come forward, I believe you can calm the panic of most people.”

After speaking, Wang Ping and Li Hua both looked at Xia Yu with scorching eyes, with hope and hope in their eyes.

Xia Yu smiled bitterly and shook his head, took a look at the food, and said to Wang Ping and Li Hua, “President Wang, President Li, let’s talk while eating, otherwise it won’t taste good when the dishes are cold.”

Wang Ping and Li Hua looked at each other, nodded one after another, picked up the chopsticks again and put the dishes into their mouths, just because there was something in their minds, no matter how delicious the dishes were in their mouths, they would chew the wax.

Xia Yu has no burden. After eating a few bites of food, she slowly said: “President Wang, speak frankly, I haven’t thought of intervening, but the final analysis shows that I can’t come forward and I can’t afford it. responsibility.”

“Mr. Xia…” Wang Ping became even more anxious when Xia Yu refused. He wanted to say something.

But Xia Yu raised her hand and interrupted.

“President Wang, you might as well listen to me first.”

Wang Ping took a deep breath, barely smiled, and nodded said: “Sorry, you continue.”

Xia Yu continued: “I have a certain influence in the media field, but this does not mean that I can talk nonsense.”

“In order to avoid the chaos caused by the 4 rumors, Global Satellite TV’s “News 30 Minutes” last night spent half of the time reporting relevant news. If the two Presidents watched it, they would know that our attitude was very fair. President Wang’s meaning at the press conference was conveyed to all audiences.”

“I also read a lot of newspapers this morning. There are many newspaper offices for fear that the world will not be chaotic. The report’s position is very extreme. Compared with them, our position is the most fair.”

“So in fact, I have already expressed my opinion in this regard.”

“President Wang, I also know your concerns and goals. I definitely don’t want the stock market crash to become more serious, but I can tell you from our analysis that the mainland’s placing of the Hong Kong problem on the table is a factor in the expansion of the stock market crash. But it is not the most fundamental reason for the stock market crash. You don’t need to take the responsibility on yourself.”

Upon hearing this, Wang Ping and Li Hua both browse tightly knit.

Li Hua said bitterly:

“Mr. Xia, I know that the stock market plunge was caused by the Swire Group company, but this factor alone, even if the stock price plunge, will drop to the level of more than a month ago, or even lower.”

“But with the current situation, the entire Hong Kong is discussing the future of Hong Kong, and it is generally pessimistic. This situation will definitely open the lower limit of the stock market and cause Hong Kong people to suffer heavy losses. When the time comes Citizens with red eyes will definitely sprinkle resentment on the mainland.”

“We are sent by the organization. It is our responsibility to maintain the stability of Hong Kong. How can we not be responsible?”

Xia Yu shook his head and said, “President Li, the main responsibility for this stock market crash is really not mainland, but Hong Kong itself has a problem.”

Wang Ping frowns stretched out a bit, and hurriedly asked, “Mr. Xia, what is the reason?”

Xia Yu slowly said: “There are multiple reasons. First, there is a problem with the structure of the Hong Kong Stock Market. This point is also clear to you. The Government of Hong Kong knows more clearly that the Four Major Stock Exchanges are parallel, resulting in many loopholes in the investment environment. of Hong Kong has been resolved, but the progress is too slow, and there is no substantial progress yet. If there is only one stock exchange in Hong Kong, the investment environment will be much better.”

“The second most fundamental point is that there is a problem with Hong Kong’s economic development structure. Hong Kong’s economic growth rate has begun to slow down, which is actually a reverse in disguise. This has led to a decline in the purchasing power of HKD and the loss of sufficient economies. In order to solve this problem, Hongkong and Shanghai Bank proposed that the Banking Association passed an interest rate hike plan last month, the purpose of which is to smooth the interest rate differential and prevent the exchange rate spread. Capital outflow.”

“Under normal circumstances, after the Association of Banks announced an interest rate hike last month, there was a sign of the stock market crash. You can check it out. The first Monday after the Association of Banks announced the interest rate hike, the Hang Seng Index will be immediately after the stock market opened. It fell.”

“But there was an accident, which is the third reason. This reason is the most direct and has something to do with me, because I have a fight with Swire Group.”

“The capital market is very realistic. The stock market’s trading volume skyrocketed, which will naturally make the stock market more prosperous. My 9-Ding Group and Swire Group are the two poles of Chinese and British capital. There is no doubt about their influence. I got up and brought other Chinese consortiums into to fish in troubled water. This greatly stimulated the stock market, so the stock market crash was postponed.”

“Because of the capital war, the Hang Seng Index has risen by more than 500 points. This is all false highs. Investors know this point. That is why the stock market plummeted yesterday. After the crash, the most fundamental problem still exists. “

“Even if there is no news from mainland, such as the news of Carrian Group that just came out today, it is enough to make the stock market plummet. After all, Carrian Group has always been a’iron stock’ with a market value of 100 to 100000000 million, and it is also a stock market. The weather vane is enough to take over Swire Group and detonate the stock market.”

“So even if the impact of mainland’s policy is quelled, the stock market crash should come or come.”

“President Wang, President Li, do you think that if I stand up and say to quell the stock market crash temporarily, but the stock market crash continues to erupt later, will I become a target? Can I bear such a big responsibility?”

In the last sentence, Xia Yu spoke very hard, looking towards Wang Ping and Li Hua, making the two of them looked at each other in blank dismay, their expressions were very embarrassing.

Feeling the stagnation of the atmosphere, Xia Yu suddenly smiled, and the stagnant atmosphere was like melting ice and snow.

“President Wang, President Li, if asked above, you can pass on my words as they were.”

“I will also say something from the bottom of my heart, the twisted melon is not sweet, and those who want to leave can’t keep it, and there is no need to keep it, and all they can take away is money. Hong Kong’s foundation cannot be taken away. It’s nothing more than a lot of companies that change their operations. Wouldn’t it be better for people who have the wrong position to leave?”

“President Wang, President Li, I’m a bit hungry. I’m going to eat after I drink the wine, how about you?”

Seeing Xia Yu holding up the cup, Wang Ping and Li Hua came back to his senses, and quickly smiled and toasted.

“Mr. Xia, thank you for your advice, I am suddenly enlightened after hearing your words!”

“Yes, Mr. Xia, thank you, we respect you!”


Xia Yu drank the wine in one sip, and served a meal after a few bites of the food. Wang Ping and Li Hua didn’t bother to drink.

After eating and talking for a while, Xia Yu said goodbye, Wang Ping and Li Hua sent Xia Yu to the car, and then the two worried people rushed back.

Xia Yu’s attitude has been very clear. Wang Ping hopes that Xia Yu’s plan to appease him will go bankrupt. Then the stock market crash will continue to erupt, and he must report the real situation to it.

For the rest, they have nothing to do, they can only see how to deal with it…

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