Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1041

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After successfully fooling Wang Ping and Li Hua, Xia Yu no longer had any concerns and continued to drive the stock market crash.


Because of the spread of rumors, the stock price of Swire shares group fell even more severely. When the market was closed in the morning, its market value had fallen below 10,000,000,000 HKD and closed at 81 100000000 3000 and more than 10000 HKD, which evaporated 5 1.1 billion HKD in the same morning, showing a downward trend. Not inferior to yesterday.

The other listed companies of Swire Group, such as Swire Shipping Company, Swire Warehouse Company, Swire Industrial Group, etc., have related rumors outflow, and the stock prices of these companies have also collapsed.

Norman Swire had no idea that the market value that has risen in more than a month will evaporate 80% in just over a day, and it is likely to evaporate all today!

Norman Swire, who is over sixty years old, was in a state of anger and panic all morning just like taking gunpowder.

At noon, when Xia Yu flicked Wang Ping casually, Norman Swire was so busy with red eyes.

Because Norman Swire has been in business for many years, even though there are rumors that he has infringed on the interests of shareholders of 100000000 million, the Government of Hong Kong has not sent anyone to investigate, nor restrict him from leaving the country.

But there is no official pressure, just pressure from banks including Hongkong and Shanghai Bank has already caused Norman Swire to collapse.

The headquarters of Swire Group.

At noon, the scorching sun made the reporters gathering downstairs of the Swire Group headquarters uncomfortable, but none of these reporters were willing to leave. The groups of two or three discussed how the Swire Family would respond. From time to time, someone looked up and looked towards the building. executive, seems to be able to see the emergency meeting being held inside.

The conference room of Swire Group.

Managers of all executives and subsidiaries are here, listening to the “roar” of the top Norman Swire.

I saw Norman Swire’s face flushed, and his eyes were bloodshot, giving people a crippled feeling.

His red eyes kept scanning, and he ordered loudly, and his voice was a little hysterical: “Listen, now the downstairs are full of reporters. A press conference will be held immediately after the meeting. You will all come to the stage to express your opinion. I don’t care what method you use. After going back, Must promoted to raise funds immediately, and commissioned Swire Financial Company to buy back equity shares, at all costs, and stabilize the stock price. If anyone fails, they will be removed…”

“Have you heard clearly!”

With a roar, many people were shivered in fright, and immediately answered loudly.

“Listen clearly!”

“The meeting is over, come downstairs with me!”

After that, Norman Swire walked towards the door with the help of his nephew.

Soon, Norman Swire entire group came downstairs. He ordered people to stop the crazy reporters, took everyone to the simple stage built in advance, and held a press conference.

At the press conference, Norman Swire denied all rumors and claimed that the rumors would pay a heavy price. Then, with an oath, Norman Swire claimed that everything in the Swire Group is healthy, including the parent company, and all listed companies have sufficient The funds will be at all costs buyback shares.

Throughout the press conference, Norman Swire tried his best to maintain his composure and self-confidence, just for fear that his ugly attitude would be maliciously interpreted and cause greater harm.

After the brief press conference was over, Norman Swire, who had returned to the company, couldn’t hold back anymore, restoring the mixed emotions of surprised and angry.

Immediately afterwards, a call from Hongkong and Shanghai Bank by Michael Sandberg personally made Norman Swire crazy. Exhausted, he had to cheer up and rushed to Hongkong and Shanghai Bank with his nephew Wade Swire.

When Norman Swire came to Hongkong and Shanghai Bank, he was greeted with a busy scene. Although it was off work, the lobby of the bank headquarters was crowded with people and all came to withdraw money.

In the ten-twenty years of Hong Kong, stock market crashes have occurred several times, and bank failures have occurred from time to time. So when the stock market crashes, people with brighter heads immediately thought of taking out their deposits, even if the target was Hongkong and Shanghai. Bank!

Michael Sandberg is also worried that some irrational citizens don’t understand, so in this special period, in order to prevent things from becoming more complicated, he dare not let his employees off work, and all businesses run as usual.

Of course, these businesses do not include foreign loans…

When Norman Swire found Michael Sandberg, Michael Sandberg was intensively scheduling work, ordering employees at all costs to collect the payment.

Seeing that it was not a place to speak, Michael Sandberg could only say a few more words, and took Norman Swire to his office.

Seeing the door closed, Norman Swire hurriedly said: “Michael, you must help me…”

Before Norman Swire finished speaking, Michael Sandberg, who was also under great pressure, interrupted him strongly, determinedly saying: “Norman, I can’t help you this time!”

“I also need a lot of money!”

“Now the assets you used for mortgage are all locked up, and you are quickly approaching the warning line. If you can’t spend enough money to make up the margin pool, then I can only take a special way to solve it.”

“Michael, you know my situation. I’m going crazy. I need a lot of money to buyback shares and stabilize the stock price. I can’t spend much. It’s a special period. Only you can help me. If mine The Swire Group fell, and HSBC will also…” Norman Swire looked very ugly, but tried his best to convince Michael Sandberg.

Michael Sandberg, who was also under great pressure, shouted again in a louder voice: “Norman, I said I don’t have money to lend you. You saw it when you came. People withdrawing money have filled the entire hall and are about to be queued. It’s on the road, HSBC can’t die with you!”

“I have helped you enough!”

Norman Swire doesn’t believe that Hongkong and Shanghai Bank will have no money at all. In Hong Kong, Hongkong and Shanghai Bank are the only life-saving straws he can grasp. He wants to let him give up easily. It is absolutely impossible!

“Michael, when I bought equity shares at HSBC last month, didn’t I give HSBC ten 600 million 7000 4 million HKD? How could HSBC have no money?”

“Lend this money to me again, and I will pledge enough assets!”

Hearing Norman Swire’s words, Michael Sandberg’s remorse in his heart grew stronger. He couldn’t wait to slap himself a few times. Why did Jiuding Bank and Standard Chartered Bank take over these two banks at a low price? Part of the loan business and assets, resulting in the consumption of most of the liquidity.

It can be said that in the past few years, the cash flow of Hongkong and Shanghai Bank has never been as small as it is now!

Now the liquidity of the entire HSBC Hong Kong account is only over 600 million HKD.

The HSBC Securities Division of another pocketbook, at this time all the funds are locked up, and if they do not solve the set, the position will be liquidated not far away, by then Hongkong and Shanghai Bank will have to suffer huge losses.

The collateral in the loans of Hongkong and Shanghai Bank and Swire Group and Swire Family is worth seventy-eighty 100000000 million HKD. A large part of it is the equity shares of Swire Group companies, and it has suffered a miserable loss in this regard.

Once the news is exposed, the 600 million HKD currently on Hongkong and Shanghai Bank’s accounts is not enough for depositors to run, let alone fill the gaps in losses.

Moreover, now that the stock market crash is coming, the stock prices of Hongkong and Shanghai Bank have also plummeted continuously, and he also needs funds to stabilize the stock price.

So the current Michael Sandberg, facing the terrible status quo of HSBC Hong Kong today, is entirely because incarnation has become a cheapskate, no one wants to pull a hair from him!

Not only that, he also wanted to invest money everywhere to enhance the bank’s ability to resist risks.

But in these circumstances, Michael Sandberg is absolutely impossible to tell Norman Swire.

He didn’t explain at all, his attitude was as tough as before.

It is not that he disregards the friendship between friends, but Norman Swire does not talk about friendship. Now at this time, he still wants to use assets to borrow money. He is about to be miserable by the assets of Swire Group and Swire Family. Pick up the time bomb!

“Norman, don’t waste your time with me. You should think of a way to raise funds as soon as possible. Once the assets you mortgage with us are insolvent, you will default. In order to reduce the loss, as long as someone pays, I will Will sell and avoid more losses!”

“I have to be responsible for the shareholder and the parent company!”

“I hope you can understand!”

Speaking of this, Michael Sandberg gaze like a blade, staring straight at Norman Swire, his eyes firmer than ever, showing that he will do what he says.

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