Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1042

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“Michael, you said, besides Hongkong and Shanghai Bank, at this time, where else can I get funds?”

Michael Sandberg’s attitude determinedly refused time and time again made Norman Swire desperate. He was unwilling and said angrily.

As for Michael Sandberg’s threat to sell his mortgaged assets at a low price, he didn’t dare to object to it, and he didn’t want to entangle it.

The most important thing now is to stabilize the stock price of related companies. As long as the stock price does not fall to the cordon in the pledge loan contract, the scene described in Michael Sandberg’s words will not happen.

He is now full of brains and only a single thought is left, that is-make money! Make money! Make money! ! !

Looking at Norman Swire’s red eyes, the calmness and wisdom he used to be completely absent, he looked like a lunatic, and Michael Sandberg was slightly calm.

He took a deep breath, and when Norman Swire’s eyes were shining with hope, he slowly shook his head and gave him another crit: “Norman, let me say one last sentence. I can’t give you extra money to support you. Being schemed by Jiuding Bank and Standard Chartered Bank, I am ready to seek help from my parent company to survive this disaster. Hongkong and Shanghai Bank are very difficult to protect themselves, and they are no longer able to help you!”

“It’s less than an hour before the stock market opens in the afternoon, so hurry up and think about other methods.”

Norman Swire looked at Michael Sandberg with a look of astonishment, but found that the latter didn’t seem to be a joke at all, and his mind was in confusion.

Hongkong and Shanghai Bank are actually schemed by Standard Chartered Bank and Jiuding Bank?

These things happened?

Even until now, Hongkong and Shanghai Bank, the richest in Hong Kong, are short of funds?

Norman Swire wished to hear that these all were fake, but the bitter smile and regretful expression on Michael Sandberg’s face did not seem to be fake at all.

His mouth squirmed, and for a long time he showed a smile more ugly than crying.


Norman Swire didn’t say much, he sighed heavily, then turned and walked towards the door, this figure is so lonely and lonely.

Michael Sandberg stood still, like a piece of wood, watching Norman Swire’s heavy steps, Xiao Suo’s back gradually disappeared in the corner.


After a long time, another sigh sounded in the empty office.

After a moment of depression, Michael Sandberg worked hard again and walked out of the office quickly. He had to find a way to raise funds. With just over 600 million HKD in working capital, he had no confidence to deal with this sudden stock market crash…


Norman Swire, the British consortium big shot, is on the verge of collapse, and the other Chinese big shot at the center of the rumors in the depths is also unsuccessful.

Carrian Group headquarters.

Standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling window on the top floor, Chen Qingsong watched the crowd gathered downstairs. What lingered in his ear was the noisy phone ringing on the desk.

The phone hasn’t stopped since morning until now. After receiving a few times, he never picked it up again. He doesn’t know who made the call, but he knows the purpose of the caller. No, why bother to pick it up?

Just let it ring…


At this time, there was a rapid knock on the door, which beat Chen Qingsong’s heart like a urging drum.

He looked back towards the door of the office a little stubbornly, and said wearily: “Come in.”

I don’t know if the person knocking outside heard clearly. After Chen Qingsong finished speaking, a few seconds later, the person knocking outside opened the door and cautiously pushed the door and looked towards the room, which happened to be dim with Chen Qingsong. The eyes met.

The person who knocked on the door was Chen Qingsong’s secretary, Chen Feng, and his nephew, a youngster aged 27-28 years.

Seeing Chen Qingsong inside, Chen Feng walked over quickly.

Without waiting for Chen Feng to report, Chen Qingsong’s hoarse voice sounded: “How many banks have come?”

Chen Feng said immediately: “Uncle, people from 5 banks have come here, including executive from Hongkong and Shanghai Bank, Vice-President from Hang Seng Bank, and Vice-President from Bank of East Asia. All other banks are directly managers. Here, they have been arguing to see you. We all said you were not in the company, but they didn’t believe it at all.”

“Just now Zhong Zhengwen wanted to come to you, but now he is also entangled by them.”

The Zhong Zheng mentioned in Chen Feng’s words is the master of Hong Kong Zhong Family and Chen Qingsong’s Bole. He is now the deputy Board-Chairman of the Carrian Group.

Chen Qingsong’s expression numbly nodded means understood.

Looking at Uncle, who was still full of high-spirited and vigorous and red light a few days ago, now his face became haggard and lacking in energy in just one morning. Chen Feng was worried, thinking about what he wanted to report, his mouth squirmed, not knowing what to do. How to report, he was afraid that Uncle could not bear this blow.

Chen Qingsong glanced at Chen Feng and asked in a hoarse voice: “Let’s talk, what else is there?”

Chen Feng was silent for a long time, thinking that time was passing by, he plucked up the courage and said, “Uncle, the police are here.”

Chen Qingsong’s spiritless eyes regained its brilliance as soon as he heard the police. He took a deep breath, forcibly concentrated one’s mind, and paced back and forth in the office.

After a while, he stopped and suddenly said to Chen Feng: “Did you not say that I was not here?”

Chen Feng said with a bitter expression: “Uncle, I have already said it, but the police do not know where to determine that you are at the company. They forcibly ordered me to come up and find you to cooperate with the investigation. If you haven’t come down in ten minutes, they will come up by themselves. .”

Chen Qingsong was silent.

The police even issued an ultimatum, so they must know that he is here.

But he couldn’t figure out why the police are so confident and dare to come directly to the door?

Thinking of the “rumors” that suddenly came out in the morning, even the source of Carrian Group’s funds and Yumin Finance were directly exposed, and Chen Qingsong felt that an invisible giant hand was manipulating behind him.

Since the messenger behind the scenes knew such a secret thing, if he directly handed the evidence to the police, then…

Thinking of this, Chen Qingsong felt his scalp numb, breathing was not smooth, and the despair in his heart became stronger.

Everything happened too suddenly, and simply didn’t give him time to respond.

Seeing that Chen Qingsong hadn’t spoken for a long time, Chen Feng kept looking at his watch, when there was one minute left.

He hurriedly reminded: “Uncle, there are still two minutes before the time limit given by the police.”

Chen Qingsong suddenly made a decision. He ignored Chen Feng and quickly walked to his desk, opened the hidden compartment in Chen Feng’s shocked gaze, revealing the safe inside, and then quickly unlocked it and took out 2 bank cards and a few. The forged ID card and 2 wads of USD went up to the shocked Chen Feng and handed it to him, hurriedly warned repeatedly: “A Feng, here are 2 anonymous bank cards, this one from Citibank is for you, and there is enough money in it. The password is six 6s. You give this bank card from Swiss Bank to your aunt. She knows the password.”

“Tonight, immediately take your aunt and your nephew and niece on a boat to Japan, and then fly to Los Angeles, USA. I bought a house there. Your aunt knows where it is. They ask you to take care of them first.”

“You must be optimistic about your aunt, don’t call me, you have to pay close attention to the news of Hong Kong, 10000 one…I’m fine, I will take the initiative to call, remember?”

Seeing this picture of Uncle explaining the funeral, Chen Feng felt sad and said with a sad face: “Uncle…”

Chen Qingsong grabbed Chen Feng’s shoulders with both hands, gaze like a blade, scolded: “A Feng, I’m sorry to many people in this life, but I’ve never been sorry to you. You must take good care of your aunt and nephew, or I won’t die. forgive you!”

“Take care of them!”

Chen Feng heavily nodded, swearing: “Uncle, I swear, as long as I am still alive, I will never let my aunts and aunts have trouble!”

Chen Qingsong didn’t say much, pats Chen Feng’s shoulder, and then strode towards the door.

The police are already waiting downstairs. He has nowhere to escape. All he can do is to cooperate with the investigation.

I just hope… the police didn’t have deadly evidence…

It’s just a pity that the police have already received detailed evidence.

After Chen Qingsong went downstairs, he was taken away by the police in full view. The managers of the many banks waiting downstairs were desperate.

The reporter waiting at the door kept taking pictures excitedly.

On the way to the police station, Chen Qingsong’s brain was running at a high speed. He thought of many reasons to excuse him. After arriving at the police station, he also saw his lawyer, which made him feel a little bit calm.

However, when passing by an examination room and just seeing Ibalahi, the assistant manager of Yumin Finance Company, Chen Qingsong’s brain buzzed and his heart quickly sank to the bottom.


The news that Chen Qingsong was taken away by the police spread quickly, especially after it reached the stock exchange. Even during the market break, the crowded stock exchange “exploded” again. Panic lingered in everyone’s heart.

In the suffering and panic of everyone, the time came to 2:30 pm.

The stock market, which has been closed for 2 hours, reopens…

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