Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1043

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“The Hang Seng Index fell below 1700 points!”

As soon as the stock market opened, with a scream, the market dived again, and the road to a full-scale decline opened again.

“Swire shares group has a buy order and has begun to buy back. Look at Swire shipping company.”

“Swire Warehouse also has an order to pay, everyone hurry up and sell…”

Soon, many investors who understood the press conference held by the Swire Group at noon found out that the Swire Group was really buying back shares!

This makes these investors very excited, rushing to adjust the price to sell orders, trying to flee.

As for restoring confidence and continuing to hold it?

This idea, at most, flashes in the minds of more greedy investors.

Now the stock market crash is definitely not in the end. Who knows how much Swire Group is preparing to buy back. If you don’t seize the opportunity to flee now, when Swire Group has no funds to give up the repurchase, then the shares you hold will not be able to cash out. .

This choice of investors has caused the selling orders of listed companies in the Swire Group to become very active, and the Swire Financial Company, which is responsible for the operation of repurchase matters, has been busy and has been paying attention to Norman Swire trembling in fear.

But no matter what, Swire Financial Company basically temporarily maintained the stock price of Swire shares Group and other companies.

The only price is the rapid consumption of funds.

Fortunately, Norman Swire got news from London that his eldest son has already borrowed funds urgently. Today, he is confident of borrowing at least 50 million GBP, which is also nearly 400000000 million HKD when converted to HKD.

In addition to the 300000000 million HKD originally owned by Swire Financial Company, the liquidity is over 7 100000000 million HKD, and he is also more certain.

Although you continue to borrow money now, once you fail, the loss will be even greater, but if you fail now, you can also make Swire Family lose the panties and end in bankruptcy. Since the results are similar, it is better to fight for a living!

The stock price of Swire Group’s companies is temporarily maintained, but Carrian Group is again ascending the stage.

There are a total of 3 listed companies under the Carrian Group, namely Carrian Real Estate, Vinda Shipping and Qichang Life Insurance Company, which was acquired just over two months ago.

All the rumors that broke out in the morning were deadly enough to plunge the stock prices of these three listed companies.

At noon, Carrian Group’s Legendary Board-Chairman Chen Qingsong was taken away by the police, and the people from Yumin Finance were also taken away by the police. These two news made everyone believe the authenticity of the “rumor”.

After many investors had their brains up, they also solved their doubts about the history of the rise of Carrian Group Legendary and sentenced Carrian Group to death in the heart.

Reflected in the stock market, the stock prices of the three companies have collapsed. The prices of the selling orders placed by investors have become more severe one by one, which is completely a trend of jumping off the property price.

But other people are not stupid. The probability of Carrian Group’s insolvency and bankruptcy is extremely high. Even if someone takes the order, it will be taken over by the big shot after the bankruptcy liquidation. Where can they get these simple financial institutions and retail investors?


The operation room of Jiuding Securities Ltd. is not serious at all, it seems very relaxed and cozy. Even the employees have nothing to do. 3 3 2 2 got together and joked while analyzing the stock market.

And Xia Yu stood beside Wang Qi and Song Bo, but Xia Yu and Wang Qi talked and laughed freely, while Song Bo smiled reluctantly and looked like a lot of thoughts.

Seeing that the stock price of Swire shares group was temporarily maintained, Xia Yu laughed instead.

“Hehe, didn’t expect Norman Swire to get old so quickly, it seems that he is overestimating his strength.”

Wang Qi agreed with nodded, said with a smile: “Yes, now that the market value of Swire shares group has not fallen to the market value before our action, Norman Swire has started to buy back, and must have taken a lot of equity shares to pledge loans.”

“I just don’t know how much money Norman Swire has for buyback shares!”

“It stands to reason, there shouldn’t be much, how can he have the confidence to fight?”

Song Bo suddenly said: “Mr. Xia, President of Swire Industrial Group proposed to buyback shares to stabilize stock prices. I directly rejected it, but it is difficult for other companies to say.”

“It doesn’t matter, the more you buy back, the faster you die.”

Xia Yu smiled slightly, and lightly said: “Since he is so rich, then Swire Financial Company’s money must be returned to others.”

Wang Qi was taken aback and heard the profound meaning of Xia Yu’s words. He asked: “Board-Chairman, is it to encourage investors of Swire Financial Company to ask for investment funds?”

Xia Yu gave Wang Qi an appreciative look, saying with a light smile: “Yes, Norman Swire has always used Swire Financial Corporation’s public funds for private use, regardless of the interests of investors. This behavior must be stopped.”

Wang Qi laughed immediately. He could imagine Norman Swire and Cedric Quincy in embarrassment when investors contained Swire Financial Corporation.

Xia Yu gave Wang Qi a look, and the latter immediately responded nodded, and then left the operating room directly.

Xia Yu looked towards Song Bo again, said with a smile: “Mr. Song, the stock price plunge of Swire Industrial Group is a good thing for you. Just wait for the low price to take over.”

Song Bo squeezed out a smile and said, “Yes, a good thing.”

Seeing Song Bo’s smile, Xia Yu raised her brows and asked: “Mr. Song, how do you look unhappy?”

“Isn’t it due to insufficient funding?”

Seeing Song Bo’s smile stagnated, Xia Yu knew it, and she was right.

But he doesn’t care if Song Bo has enough funds, he has reminded him several times anyway.

In order to stop Song Bo from asking him to borrow money to buy, he said in a joking tone: “Mr. Song, I have reminded you a few times, try to find a way to raise funds, the opportunity is rare, you can rest assured to buy, anyway. I will support the bottom, not cheap others.”

Song Bo was a little stunned. He pressed the words that were already difficult to speak directly to the bottom of his heart. He was emotionally nodded: “Okay, I will think of a way.”


When Wang Qi ordered people to release the news that “Swire Financial Company will use most of the investor’s funds to acquire Swire shares Group, Swire Shipping Company… junk stocks, the risk of bankruptcy is extremely high”, all investors in Swire Financial’s funds After hearing the wind, they moved towards the Swire financial company with the investment agreement.

At the oversee Swire financial company, Norman Swire, who directs buyback shares, felt like the world was spinning after hearing the news.

Many funds under Swire Financial Corporation have raised 1.5 billion 40 million HKD from investors.

If all investors now come to ask for funds, Swire Financial will not be able to get it.

Once you can’t get it out…

Thinking of the consequences of terrifying, Norman Swire felt that the future was dark.

When he finally regained his feet, Cedric Quincy asked him anxiously: “Board-Chairman, the company will definitely be surrounded by investors in a while, what should we do?”

Norman Swire expression changed rapidly, and finally clenched the teeth, and said bitterly: “Agree to them to get back the investment money, but they will benefit from the deprivation of their active breach of contract, and delay the refund as much as possible!”

Norman Swire This is planning to resort to drag characters.

Cedric Quincy replied heavily nodded: “Understand, I will arrange it now.”

It’s just that he stopped as soon as he took a step, then turned to Norman Swire and asked: “Then Board-Chairman, do we continue to buy back?”

Norman Swire looked coldly, said solemnly: “Continue to buy back!”

Anyway, if you really want to die, then drag the investor into the water together so that the investor can bear part of the loss for him. The agreement signed by Swire Financial Company and the investor was written perfectly clear during class. The fund investment has the risk of failure, and the responsibility is Investors bear.

Facing Norman Swire’s bloodshot eyes, Cedric Quincy in ones heart trembled, immediately nodded and responded: “Okay.”

After speaking, he left quickly, and he had to arrange for his subordinates to deal with the upcoming wave of refunds.


As soon as Cedric Quincy arranged the arrangement in an emergency, a large number of investors rushed into the Swire Financial Company brandishing the investment agreement, clamoring to get the investment funds back, and the entire Swire Financial Company suddenly became like a vegetable market.

And along with these investors came a large number of reporters who were excited to film this messy scene.

It’s just that Swire Financial Corporation easily agreed to refund investors, which disappointed reporters.

It’s just that over time, these reporters discovered that Swire Financial’s refund rate is not generally slow, and investors need to wait for a batch of refund materials to be collected and then go to the bank for refunds. Investors are impossible to get them on site. Return investment funds.

Some clever reporters discovered the strangeness, and became excited again, and they had already begun to conceive the best copy in their minds.

At 4:00 pm that day, the stock market closed again.

The Hang Seng Index closed at 1500 23 points. It plummeted by more than 500 points that day, which is even bigger than yesterday!

The stock market’s temporary closing is not the end, but another beginning.

Retail investors from the stock exchange began to rush to Hong Kong’s many securities companies, private equity and public equity funds, and… banks!

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