Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1044

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In fact, Hong Kong’s banking industry has already experienced a run-up boom, and all banks in Hong Kong are crowded with depositors who come to withdraw money.

The source is of course the stock market crash.

But adding fuel to the fire, it is not the Swire Group that has been at the center of the storm that is driving the squeeze upsurge, but the Carrian Group!

There are many banks that lend to Carrian Group. When they realize that the stock market crash is coming, these banks are all wary of 10000 points. When assigning the task of recovering loans, the confidentiality work also mentioned the highest level.

For example, which companies have loan business with banks, bank liquidity and other information are kept confidential and then kept secret.

But confidentiality is useless.

The scene where managers and executives of ten five banks entered the Carrian Group at noon was caught by reporters.

Based on the reporter’s insight, they quickly identified all the managers and executives of these banks.

After the news came out, fifteen banks including Hongkong and Shanghai Bank, Bank of East Asia, Hang Seng Bank, all poured into a large number of bank depositors.

And there are more than ten banks that have loan business with Carrian Group!

As interested people continue to investigate in depth, more and more banks have been picked up.

Of course, the most serious run is undoubtedly Yumin Finance, a financial company that can accept deposits.

The “rumor” pointed out that Yumin Finance had loaned more than 3 billion HKD to Carrian Group in an illegal manner!

Of these 3 billion HKD, in addition to part of it comes from Malaysia Yumin Bank, many of them belong to Hong Kong depositors!

When Xia Yu went home in the afternoon, as long as he passed the bank along the way, he could see a long line outside the bank, even at the gates of Jiuding Bank and Standard Chartered Bank, which had no negative news at all.

It is enough to show the panic of Hong Kong citizens.

“A’Yu, Jiuding Bank is also facing a runny. To see the number of people queuing at the door, there are still people queuing up. The bank may not be able to control the door at 2 or 1 tonight. Would you like to take some measures?”

When passing by a branch of Jiuding Bank again, Li Qian saw the long line of people at the bank’s door through the car window, with a worried expression on his face, and softly asked Xia Yu.

Xia Yu faintly smiled, the expression said easily and naturally: “Qianqian, don’t worry, they can’t withdraw much money. Even if all the depositors withdraw all the money, it will not affect the normal operation of Jiuding Bank.”

“It’s never too late for me to make arrangements tomorrow.”

What Xia Yu is talking about is not a joke. Jiuding Bank is totally different from other banks in Hong Kong, because Xia Yu keeps injecting capital into Jiuding Bank. In the beginning, Jiuding Bank was developed with the support of his own funds. Bank made a lot of money from foreign exchange and GBP speculation. Even if Xia Yu drew out the money temporarily, it was re-injected later.

So now even if all depositors withdraw their deposits, Jiuding Bank still has liquid funds.

Seeing Xia Yu’s confidence, all the worries on Li Qian’s face disappeared. Gentlely nodded, she stopped talking. She leaned on Xia Yu’s shoulder, and a charming smile appeared on her pretty face.


The next morning, Xia Yu drove to the Jiuding Bank headquarters in Central, Hong Kong Island after eating breakfast.

As soon as the car arrived at the entrance of Jiuding Bank, Xia Yu saw the crowds in the hall. Fortunately, the security personnel maintained order so that it did not appear to be messy.

Surrounded by bodyguards, Xia Yu entered Jiuding Bank, went straight upstairs, and found Liu Tianci.

“Board-Chairman, good morning!”

Seeing Xia Yu’s arrival, Liu Tianci was a little surprised, and quickly put down his work and greeted Xia Yu.

“Well, good morning!”

Xia Yu replied casually, and asked straightforwardly about the situation: “Tianci, how long did the run last night?”

Liu Tianci immediately reported: “Board-Chairman, banks in Hong Kong are experiencing a run-up. Yesterday, I only let all branches close at 2 and 1 o’clock. I asked them to investigate. Our bank was the last night to operate. The late family.”

“If we don’t close, I guess depositors who withdraw money will be able to line up until this morning.”

“I listened to the staff report that many depositors came over at 4 or 5 today and started queuing.”

Xia Yu was slightly nodded, and asked with concern: “How is the employee’s mood?”

Liu Tianci replied: “The emotions of the employees are very stable, but they have been busy, I am afraid they will not be able to bear it.”

Xia Yu nodded, thought for a while and instructed: “Let all branches work in shifts. The health of employees is more important.”

Liu Tianci also has this plan, so he readily responded: “Okay, today I will let someone carry it out.”

“But…Board-Chairman, according to the current trend, the run on Hong Kong will intensify. The Carrian Group has pitted many small banks. Those small banks have little capital and face runs. The risk of bankruptcy is extremely high. Once a bank goes bankrupt , Then the upsurge of the raise will reach a new height again.”

“Although our bank is not bad for money, I don’t think we can allow depositors to withdraw, and we can even absorb savings against the market.

Xia Yu brows slightly raise, smiling and asking: “What are you going to do?”

Liu Tianci immediately said the method he thought of last night: “Board-Chairman, I thought of a method, but there is a relatively large risk, which requires the strong support of Aegis Security.”

“My plan is to make a transparent glass cabinet in the center of the lobby of the headquarters, weld the iron cage outside, and put 1 billion HKD in cash in the glass cabinet.”

“As long as they enter our bank, they know that our bank has money, which should be enough to dispel the worries of depositors who are worried about our bank’s bankruptcy.”

Xia Yu smiled and praised: “This is a good way.”

“It’s just that you have calculated, how big is the cash of 1 billion HKD?”

Seeing the Board-Chairman’s agreement, Liu Tianci was refreshed and immediately replied: “Board-Chairman, I have calculated specially that if you put 1000 yuan in banknotes, the volume of 1 billion HKD is about a little 3 2 cubic meters.”

“If you put all 100 yuan in banknotes, the volume of 1 billion HKD is 7 cubic meters.”

Hearing this, Xia Yu directly said: “Just use 100 yuan denomination, piled up to more than 3 meters high, can give people a shocking visual impact, the more this kind of run, the more it can reflect the strength of our bank. “

“Don’t worry about security, I will let Yan Shining take care of it.”

“Now the key is cash. How long will it take to mobilize?”

Liu Tianci said decisively: “There is enough cash in the underground vault, which can be carried out at any time.”

Xia Yu nodded: “Well, today you have someone to make toughened glass cabinets and iron cages during the day, and work overnight at night, and the day after tomorrow, when the door opens on Sunday morning, can it be done?”

“Two days are enough!”

“Okay, I will provide you with the security staff, waiting for your performance the day after tomorrow!”

“Thank you Board-Chairman, I promise not to let you down!”


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