Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1045

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The bank has a full-fledged run storm. This is not just a stock market crash, but a problem of the economic order of Hong Kong’s entire society.

Therefore, in addition to the big shots of the banks vying to show themselves to prove their innocence, and appeal to the public to calm down.

The Government of Hong Kong, the Financial Secretary and the Financial Bureau, and other relevant departments have also moved up, and Murray MacLehose has also stepped up and called on the people to calm down.

But at this time, anyone’s empty words are no longer useful. Citizens only care about protecting their own interests as soon as possible. As long as they hold their own money in their hands, no matter what society becomes, at least they still have a certain degree of freedom. Guarantee capacity.

Therefore, the withdrawals continue to withdraw, and those who want to get back the investment continue to get back the investment.

In this case, the negative impact of the bank run has actually made the stock market crash worse.

The stock market and the banking industry have fallen into a vicious circle.

When the market was closed this afternoon, the stock market Hang Seng Index fell to 1087 points.

Although today’s decline is not as large as yesterday, it has maintained a decline of more than 3 points for three consecutive days, creating a historical record for Hong Kong Stock Market.

The speed and severity of the stock market crash has never been before. Many investors have actually gone bankrupt. The stock market is full of shares that no one cares about. These shares are placed like rotten cabbage in the “vegetable market” of the stock market. Selection by the incumbent.

However, the Hang Seng Index of 1087 obviously did not bottom out, and no one is stupid enough to enter the market to buy bottom.

Not to mention, the stock market crash broke out so suddenly, and the bank also broke out a run on the bank, which made the bank tighten the money to collect loans. And how many companies such as Henderson Land Development were lucky to go public and raise more than ten 100000000 million in the period before the stock market crash?

Not many! !

Overwhelming majority companies are in a hurry to deal with banks. Where can I find the remaining money to think about bargaining after the stock market crash?


After the stock market was closed today, Xia Yu paid special attention to the shares of Swire shares Group and other companies, and was surprised to find that although the stock prices of several companies such as Swire shares Group have fallen today, the decline is not significant.

For example, the market value of the most prominent Swire shares group has been fixed at 77 100000000 5000 and more than 10000 HKD. Compared with the market value at the close yesterday, it only fell by more than 300000000 million 8,000 and 10000 HKD.

Think about it yesterday, but the market value of Swire shares group evaporated by 5 more than 1 billion!

Today is exactly the 5th of the week, so after the stock market is closed, it will be closed for 2 days, so Norman Swire can live longer temporarily.

But Xia Yu didn’t care. As long as Norman Swire can’t come up with more than 5,000,000,000 cash, then Swire Group is destined to fall.

Now Swire Financial Company is also facing the storm of investors claiming back the investment funds. Hongkong and Shanghai Bank must have no time for him to take care of him. He does not believe that Norman Swire has this ability to borrow so much money!

Just let him live a few more days, anyway, the end result is the same…


The panic-shrouded week 6 passed by, and it was Sunday morning in a blink of an eye.

On this day, Xia Yu deliberately woke up a little earlier. After punching, she didn’t plan to stay at home after eating breakfast, so she changed her clothes and went out.

Today, he will take Li Qian to a good show.

When his car drove to the vicinity of the Jiuding Bank building in Central, Hong Kong Island, he saw that the stairs at the entrance of Jiuding Bank were full of people.

It’s just that these people are not at all messy, but are waiting in line very honestly.

The reason why these people can be restrained is the dozens of burly men who uniformly dress in black. These are the elite bodyguards of Aegis Security.

After Xia Yu asked the driver to park the car, he wore sunglasses and, surrounded by bodyguards, led Li Qian into the bank through the special staff channel of Jiuding Bank.

“Good Board-Chairman!”

“Board-Chairman, good morning!”

As soon as I entered, Xia Yu saw that many employees were preparing for their respective positions. In the face of these employees’ greetings, Xia Yu gestured continuously.

“Ah, A’Yu, is this all… money?”

When Xia Yu brought Li Qian to the lobby, he saw a huge iron cage in the center of the lobby and a pile of Qianshan over 3 meters high in the glass cabinet, Li Qian couldn’t help but marvel, beautiful eyes widened and looked very cute .

Li Qian’s exclamation attracted the attention of Liu Tianci next to the iron cage. After seeing Xia Yu, he walked towards Xia Yu quickly.

“Board-Chairman, good morning.”

After greeting Xia Yu, Liu Tianci nodded kindly gestured to Li Qian.

“It looks good.”

Xia Yu said with a light smile, and then said to Li Qian: “Qianqian, there is 1 billion HKD in cash. Haven’t you seen so much money? Come to see me.”

After that, Xia Yu took Li Qian straight to the “iron cage money mountain” guarded by bodyguards.

As he approached, Xia Yu looked up at the “Qianshan” in front of him, and couldn’t help feeling.

The visual impact of this “money mountain” is indeed strong.

In the tempered glass cabinet with length, width and height of more than 3 meters, neat and tidy are full of money, a full 1 billion HKD!

Although he has several assets of 100 100000000 million USD, the equivalent of HKD has broken through 1000 100000000 million.

But that is just a cold number on paper. On the contrary, the cash of 1 billion HKD can cause his inner fluctuations.

This is the case with Xia Yu’s mentality, not to mention Li Qian and the surrounding employees.

Xia Yu clearly felt that the breathing of the security guards on the side was heavy, and it was obvious that they were not at ease.

Just when Xia Yu and the others were observing “Money Mountain” in the bank.

Outside the door, as time continuously approached the working hours of the bank, the people in line were a little restless.

The two at the top of the line are 2 uncles and nephews, an old man in his 2s and a youngster in his 50s. Uncle and nephew 20 came to the gate of Jiuding Bank to wait since 2 o’clock, so they were able to get to the front. .

The youngster’s name is Liu Wei. He glanced at the expressionless black clothed robust man on the second side. He felt a little hairy. He was close to his second uncle Liu Dashan. He asked in a low voice: “Second uncle, what is the situation now? Yesterday. I haven’t heard anyone say that there are so many bodyguards at the door of Jiuding Bank, and it’s too late to open the door. Is there something wrong with it, and I’m afraid of people making trouble, so I hired so many bodyguards here?”

Hearing what his nephew said, Liu Dashan, who is not highly educated, has been holding his right hand subconsciously in his pocket and grabbing his bank card.

He answered his nephew’s questions babblingly, and seemed to be comforting himself: “Weizi, Jiuding Bank is the bank of Stock God, and Stock God is the God of Wealth of Hong Kong. There must be something impossible.”

He said that, in fact, Liu Dashan is also a little restless in his heart. He paid Jiuding Bank’s high interest last year, but he saved all the money he had accumulated for half his life in Jiuding Bank. He was counting on this money to provide for the elderly. The question is, how should he live the rest of his life…

Liu Wei saw his anxiety about the second uncle, and he realized that he was scared of the second uncle.

He pursed his mouth and whispered comforted: “Second uncle, don’t worry, we will rush in as soon as the next door opens. We will definitely be able to withdraw the money. When the time comes, regardless of whether Jiuding Bank has any problems, we follow We are okay.”

Liu Dashan agreed with nodded, and muttered: “Why don’t you open the door…”

Before Liu Dashan finished complaining, he noticed that the door in the distance of five meters was slowly opening.

It’s just that the fence in front of him hasn’t opened yet, so he can’t rush even if he wants to.

“Everyone pays attention to order, and for everyone’s safety, everyone should not run.”

Just after the door was completely opened, the bodyguard in front of him shouted, and then unlocked the fence.

Liu Dashan and his nephew Liu Wei walked quickly to the Jiuding Bank lobby.

Only a few meters after they walked into the lobby, they were attracted by a tall “building” in the center of the lobby.

The sharp-eyed Liu Wei found that the glass cabinet seemed to be full of money. He swallowed, his palms gripped Liu Dashan’s wrist tightly, and his voice tremblingly said: “second uncle, in the cabinet in front It seems to be all money.”

Of course, Liu Dashan, who kept walking inside, also saw the tall iron cages and glass cabinets guarded by bodyguards.

“It’s really money, like a hill, my God!”

Liu Dashan said in shock.

Having said this, they had already arrived in front of the glass cabinet. Liu Dashan wanted to go straight to the counter to withdraw money, but looking at the money in the glass cabinet before him, his eyes were almost protruding, and the soles of his feet were like rooting. I can’t move.

“Second uncle, it’s really all money, a lot of money!”

Liu Wei could see clearly this time that the glass cabinet was full of 100 yuan in cash, piled up taller than the two of him, and it was long and wide. He couldn’t help exclaiming.

At this time, he noticed a sign in front of which was written a string of numbers “1 yuan”.

He counted it subconsciously: “One, ten, 100, 1000, 10000, 100,000, 1000000, 10000000, 100000000… 1 billion?!!!”

At the end of the two words “1 billion”, his voice has become very sharp and harsh, and it is obvious that his heart has been shocked to the limit.

“Second uncle, there are 1 billion HKD in cash! There is so much!”

At this time, the citizens following Liu Dashan and Liu Wei also came to the glass cabinet. Seeing the mountains of 100 yuan bills in the glass cabinet, everyone was shocked. Some people’s eyes became blood red in a flash.

“A lot of money!”

“Jinshan is like this, right!”

“My god, I have never seen so much money in my life!”


Talking, screaming one after another, everyone was shocked by this “money mountain”.

After seeing that the bodyguards did not prevent them from taking a closer look, some people hurried forward and watched the piles of 100 yuan bills clearly visible in the glass cabinet covered by the iron cage, breathing more and more quickly.

After being shocked by some reporters who had been notified, they immediately raised their cameras in excitement and pressed the shutter frantically. The film was like no money.

At this moment, the sound system that used to play soothing music in the lobby suddenly appeared with a strong male voice, attracting the attention of crazy people.

“Dear guests, I am the Board-Chairman and President Liu Tianci of Jiuding Bank. What everyone sees in the center of the lobby is 1 billion HKD in cash. I just want to tell you that Jiuding Bank’s strength is all ranked in Hong Kong. First, there are more than 10,000,000,000 cash in our vault. All other banks in Hong Kong will fail, and Jiuding Bank will not fail. We are capable of welcoming customers who come to our bank for business. The situation in Hong Kong is now tense. I understand everyone’s concerns, and I don’t persuade you. I just want to state the attitude of our bank.”

“We do not block any customer withdrawals, and thank customers who believe in us. The level of interest income is completely up to you. I only hope that you will not regret it!”

After listening to the audio, the crowd in the lobby looked at each other in blank dismay, and then looked at the mountain of money in front of them, many people looked struggling.

Liu Weila pulled his second uncle Liu Dashan, hesitantly asked: “Second uncle, do we still take this money?”

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