Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1046

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Liu Dashan swallowed, moving his gaze away from the “Qianshan” in front of him with difficulty, looked towards the sparse withdrawal crowd in front of the counter, and took his nephew Liu Wei to the counter: “Weizi, let’s ask about the interest first. What’s the difference.”

Of course Liu Wei had no objection. He immediately followed the second uncle Liu Dashan to the counter and found a window with the least number of people to wait in line.

After waiting for a while, it was finally Liu Dashan’s turn.

“Hello, what business do you need to handle?”

The young and beautiful teller asked Liu Dashan politely in a soft tone.

Liu Wei, who was behind Liu Dashan, looked straight and rushed to say: “Hello Miss, help me second uncle to see, what is his regular interest rate when his money is fully deposited, and what is the interest that he has withdrawn immediately? “

Liu Dashan said hurriedly: “That’s what it means.”

The beautiful teller smiled nodded and said, “Okay, please tell me the bank card and ID card. You can sit down and wait a while.”

After speaking, the beauty teller immediately took the bank card and ID card to start the inquiry, then picked up the calculator to quickly calculate, recorded the data on the paper, and then read it to Liu Dashan.

“You deposited 6 HKD in our bank on June 1st last year for a fixed deposit for 30,000 years. The agreement signed at that time was lump sum withdrawal, and the 5 year fixed deposit interest rate is 5/100. If you deposit in 8 After full, the amount of interest you can get is 2 1985 12,000 100 HKD.”

“Our bank’s current interest rate is 2% point 2 one. You have deposited 400 for 25 days. If you withdraw it now, you can only calculate it based on the current interest. The amount of the current interest is 700 70 9 HKD.” (Real data, that Time interest is really high. The highest demand for 8 years is 8% (2 2), and the highest demand for 8 years is 8% (9 6), which is like the current demand of 2 per 9)

“Do you plan to take it out now or continue to store it regularly?”

Liu Dashan hasn’t read any books, but the minimum size relationship can still be understood.

Continue to deposit until maturity and the gap between cash withdrawal is as high as over 10000 HKD!

In addition to supporting his family, he has only saved 50 dollars now in his 30,000s. If he is allowed to make his own money, when will he earn this 10000 HKD?

And when he handed the money to the bank, he could get more than 3 dollars in more than 10000 years.

He is nothing more than assuming the possible bankruptcy risk of Jiuding Bank.


Thinking of this, Liu Dashan subconsciously looked towards the “Qianshan” in the center of the lobby surrounded by people.

I thought of the Jiuding Bank vault that Liu Tianci said in the audio just now had more than 10,000,000,000 cash.

Will Jiuding Bank really go bankrupt?

After struggling in his heart, he clenched the teeth and said, “I won’t take it anymore, keep it.”

“Okay, thank you for your support and trust in our bank, and wish you a happy family!”

The smile on the beauty teller’s face became brighter, she said and immediately returned the bank card and ID to Liu Dashan.

Liu Dashan picked up the bank card number and ID card and immediately put it in his pocket, then got off his seat and looked towards his nephew Liu Wei.

“Weizi, do you want to withdraw money?”

Liu Wei shook his head suddenly and said, “Second uncle, I won’t take it anymore.”

The people who lined up behind Liu Dashan and Liu Wei to withdraw money saw this scene with their own eyes and were also affected. Some people simply left the line and did not plan to withdraw any more money. Most of those who continued to line up just wanted to know their fixed deposit interest. And what is the amount of demand interest.

This morning, the lobby of the Jiuding Bank headquarters was overcrowded, but almost all people who came to see “Qianshan” after hearing the news, very few really wanted to withdraw money.

Some counter staff were idle watching the excitement, and from time to time they sighed that the Board-Chairman and President this move were so brilliant.

The head office resolved the rush and the people who originally planned to withdraw basically went home, but the other branches were still busy.

However, the run on other branches was eliminated in the afternoon.

Just because at noon, Global Satellite TV’s “Noon News” focused on Jiuding Bank’s unprecedented “feat” worldwide.

“Noon News” also reported an interview with Jiuding Bank President Liu Tianci. Liu Tianci confidently said some “mad” words.

Jiuding Bank rich and imposing, not afraid of runs, and not begging for deposits from depositors, imprinted in the minds of every viewer who watched the news.

The whole Hong Kong was shaken!

9 Many people in Southeast Asia covered by DTV were shocked by this.

The “feat” that shocked the world this time gave Jiuding Bank a powerful advertisement, which led to the explosive growth of Jiuding Bank’s various businesses in Southeast Asia. Of course, this is a story.

At present, the major banks in Hong Kong are shocked and extremely envious of Jiuding Bank’s financial resources. Many bank managers have submitted greetings to Liu Tianci. The purpose is self-evident, and that Jiuding Bank can help them through. This storm.

In the afternoon, except for the Jiuding Bank headquarters, which was almost overwhelmed by people who wanted to meet up, the long queues at the gates of other branches and subordinate banks such as Dao Heng Bank, Ka Wah Bank and Hang Lung Bank disappeared. The banks that are still in a run are in sharp contrast.

What made those banks even more angry was that some citizens ran into Jiuding Bank to deposit money immediately after they had withdrawn money from their banks.

This scene is too heartbreaking…

Other big banks such as Hongkong and Shanghai Bank, Hang Seng Bank, Bank of East Asia and Bank of China (Hong Kong), etc., although they wanted to follow suit right away, they found reluctantly that either they did not have so much cash or they needed a certain amount of cash. Time to mobilize funds.

On the contrary, after Gals Liddell of Standard Chartered Bank had a phone call with Liu Tianci, he immediately asked Xia Yu for instructions and did the same, and got Xia Yu’s approval and support.

On Monday morning, news related to Jiuding Bank’s “1 billion HKD in cash piled up like a mountain” occupied the headlines of almost all newspapers. Newspapers owned by Jiuding Newspapers Co. seized the opportunity to flatter Jiuding Bank.

Seeing this situation, Xia Yu also laughed to Liu Tianci and said that this time will be the beginning of Jiuding Bank officially surpassing Hongkong and Shanghai Bank to become the leading bank in Hong Kong!

Liu Tianci is even more convinced that Jiuding Bank is not listed, otherwise, even if the stock market crash broke out, the stock price of Jiuding Bank could rise against the market.


Jiuding Bank’s grand occasion is just out-of-the-ordinary. Other banks are still in the midst of an increasingly fierce run. Not to mention the stock market. The market is closed for 6 days on Saturday and Sunday. Not at all provides a breathing space for the stock market, but because The latest developments of the Carrian Group announced by the police made investors increasingly pessimistic.

With the opening of the stock market at 10:00 am, the Hang Seng Index market once again started to shed 1000 li. The three companies that fell the most were Carrian Land, Vinda Shipping and Qichang Life.

Xia Yu’s attention is only slightly focused on the Carrian Group, which can no longer escape. He is more concerned about the Swire Group.

Seeing the skyrocketing trading volume and the slowly falling stock price of companies such as Swire shares Group, Swire Shipping Company and Swire Warehouse, Xia Yu couldn’t help but sneer.

Swire Family is still in Final Struggle, grabbing the small tree by the cliff and trying to climb up.

But regardless of whether Swire Family caught grass or trees on the edge of the cliff, anyway, this week, he made up his mind to pull weeds and cut trees. No matter what, must make Swire Family and Swire Group fall into the abyss!

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