Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1047

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“Board-Chairman, something is wrong, our buyback shares measure seems not at all to reassure investors, and sell orders are still continuously being thrown out.”

“The funds are consumed too fast!”

Swire Financial Corporation saw that more than an hour after the opening of the market, the speed of selling orders remained unabated. Cedric Quincy was at a loss, and Good and Evil reported the situation to Norman Swire seriously.

Although the Board-Chairman bought another 6 2 million HKD from London in the past week 300000000 and 50 days, he still can’t make him feel at ease.

After all, as of May last week when the market was closed, the funds in the Swire financial company’s account had fallen from more than 5 7 million to more than 100000000 million to more than 200.

Even with the 300000000 million 50 million HKD borrowed over the weekend and the 200 million 10 million HKD raised by related companies for the equity share repurchase, Swire Financial’s total account funds were only 800 million 4000 before the market opened today. 10000 HKD.

However, in just over an hour, more than 9000 10000 funds were consumed.

According to his analysis, this consumption rate is considered to be slow. There should be two reasons. One is that the retail investor’s entrusted securities placing orders are relatively slow, and the other reason is that he does not want to face it, that is, it may also share shares. The institutions have a tacit understanding that they are afraid that Swire Financial will not be able to digest the large low-price orders at one time, and the sharp drop in the stock price will cause more serious damage to the interests.

After hearing Cedric Quincy’s report, Norman Swire hurriedly asked the relevant details. The former unreservedly told the real situation and his own guesses.

After Norman Swire listened, his brow furrowed into a word Sichuan, his face was full of heavy color.

“According to your judgment and analysis, the remaining 7 100000000 5000 more than 10000 HKD, how many days can it be supported?”

For a long time, Norman Swire asked his most concerned question.

Cedric Quincy thought about it seriously, and said in a heavy tone: “If the current situation does not ease, the best case is to consume all funds on Wednesday.”

“The most conservative estimate is that the funds will bottom out tomorrow.”

Norman Swire’s face was as dark as pot stickers, his mouth wriggled and muttered silently.

Seeing Board-Chairman not speaking for a long time, Cedric Quincy hesitated for a moment and added again: “Board-Chairman, unless you are able to spend at least 3 billion HKD later, or reverse the investor’s impression of Swire Group in one fell swoop, Otherwise, this situation will be difficult to ease now.”

3 billion HKD!

It’s easy to talk about it, but it’s difficult as ascending heaven to raise so much money!

Norman Swire’s eldest son borrowed a total of 2 million HKD in London twice, and still took a mortgage loan of 750 billion HKD worth of assets from the United Kingdom parent company.

Cedric Quincy is not clear about the situation, but Norman Swire knows very well that the debt ratio of the parent company of United Kingdom is higher than that of the branch of Hong Kong, and now he wants to borrow another 3 billion HKD, which is completely impossible!

Unless a bank or friend is willing to borrow credit!

“No need to mention 3 billion HKD, you still think of a way to see how to reverse the current situation?”

Hearing Norman Swire’s deep voice, Cedric Quincy’s heart sank, and his expression became more bitter. These days, he held meetings every night to brainstorm ideas. If he could think of it, he would have thought it out long ago, why wait until now?

However, if I can’t think of it directly, I will probably attract the anger of Board-Chairman who is in a irritated mood to myself.

Hearing the noise coming from downstairs, he moved slightly and said to Norman Swire with a bitter face: “Board-Chairman, now investors who claim back their investment funds are blocking the door of our company. We have been delaying time and investing. The patience of the holders has been exhausted. I heard that some investors are ready to solve the problem through legal channels. If this problem is not solved, no matter what we think of, we will not be able to strengthen the confidence of the shares holder.”

“Moreover, investors’ funds are basically used by us to purchase shares of companies such as Swire shares Group. Once our funds are exhausted and we cannot repay investors’ funds, our financial company will also go bankrupt.”

Norman Swire’s breathing became more and more rapid. He only felt that his mind was messed up and couldn’t calm down and think about the solution.

He is on the verge of collapse.

With his heart fluctuating, his temper became irritable, and he shouted to Cedric Quincy, “Cedric, Jiuding Bank can solve similar problems. You quickly call up your subordinates to come up with an effective way, no matter who wants it. Come out, as long as the problem of investors claiming back investment funds is solved, 10 million will be awarded!”

“As long as the stock price of these companies can be stabilized, the method proposer will reward 10 million! The operation team will reward 10 million!”

Cedric Quincy, who was still a little emotional, was also taken aback when he heard this number, but since the Board-Chairman has come up with such a big hand, what excuse can he make?

I can only pray that someone can take away the 30 million.

He nodded and said: “Board-Chairman, I will convene people to find a way right away.”

“Remember, it must be kept secret and cannot be disclosed. Whoever dares to disclose, I will make him pay an unbearable price!”


After driving away Cedric Quincy, Norman Swire’s frowned brows were not at all stretched. He didn’t know whether this 30 million bounty would work…

If Xia Yu understood Norman Swire’s idea, it would be impossible to bear to laugh.

If his elaborate plan for the Swire Group’s killer game is so easy to crack, he would be a shit!

Even the Swire Group can’t clean up, what is the need to fight with those real global major consortiums in the future?


When the market was closed at noon, the Hang Seng Index was fixed at 968 points, and dropped by 119 points in the morning. The decline has been reduced a lot.

But this is also normal. After all, it has plummeted by more than half from the most peak. If it continues to plummet by more than 400 points a day, it will fall to zero on the morning of the third week.

But Hang Seng Index is absolutely impossible to drop to zero.

According to the analysis of Jiuding Securities Ltd.’s team, the Hang Seng Index’s downward trend will slow down this afternoon. At the latest next week, the Hang Seng Index is expected to fall to a trough of 650 points and then fall into volatility.

In this regard, Xia Yu agreed. After all, when the Hang Seng Index drops to around 650 points, the stock price of Hong Kong stock overwhelming majority companies will have no moisture, which will trigger the bottom line of financial institutions and listed company shareholders, and they will do their best. Hold this line.

Although a Swire Group and a Carrian Group are large in size, they can have a huge impact on the stock market; the destructive power of the bank run is also very strong; the future of Hong Kong is also very important, which can severely damage the Hong Kong Stock Market, but they are both insufficient To completely destroy the Hong Kong Stock Market.

At noon, when Xia Yu had just finished eating and the nanny was cleaning the table, Xia Jun came to Xia Yu’s home.

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