Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1048

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“Young Jun is here, hey, what kind of fruit does this bring, why is your family so polite?”

“have you eaten?”

Seeing Xia Jun coming in with the fruit, Mother Xia immediately greeted him with a warm smile. Although the words contained blame, they were not really blame, but rather close.

“Aunty, I have already had lunch, and I didn’t know what to bring on the way here, so I bought some fruits on the way, not worth a lot of money.”

Xia Jun laughed and said, trying to put the fruit on the table, but Mother Xia Chen Mei took it from him.

“Young Jun, sit down and drink tea after dinner.”

Father Xia also said to Xia Jun kindly.

“Brother Jun, sit down!”

Xia Yu said softly with a smile, and greeted Xia Jun to come and sit down on the sofa next to him.

Seeing Father Xia pouring him tea, he quickly reached out and wanted to come by himself: “Uncle, I will come by myself.”

Father Xia pushed his hand away, and said unhappily, “You are a guest. How can you pour tea? Do it well.”

Xia Jun sat down again with a sad expression.

Xia Yu on the side couldn’t help but chuckle.

“By the way, Young Jun, I heard your mother said that you were promoted again last month. Have you been promoted to police inspector? You are still the youngest inspector in Hong Kong, right?”

Mother Xia brought another plate of fruit on the tea table and asked Xia Jun curiously.

“What police inspector, it’s an inspector, don’t make a mistake.”

Father Xia suddenly pointed his tongue.

Mother Xia whited Father Xia for a glance. Father Xia pretended not to see, drinking tea while each minding their own business, looking towards Xia Jun from time to time, and he was also curious about Xia Jun’s situation.

Xia Jun immediately replied humbly: “Auntie, A’Yu helped me to become an inspector, otherwise I am still a little Police Constable.”

“A’Yu helps to help, the key is to look at yourself. You were born to be a policeman. In our entire village, you were the first to be a policeman.” Father Xia said with a smile.

Xia Yu also lightly said with a smile at this time: “Brother Jun, this is inseparable from your own efforts and abilities.”

“It took Li Kwan-ha 2 or 1 years to rise from Police Constable to Superintendent of Police. His speed can only be considered above-average. I think you can take half the time.”

“When the time comes, you are not in charge of a squad. Now you have to take the role in advance to exercise your abilities. I think you are born to be a policeman. It must be fine.”

Xia Jun obediently nodded, said with a smile: “A’Yu, as long as you say I do, I will definitely not shame you.”

Although Xia Jun has a smile on his face, the pressure in his heart has risen sharply, and he secretly determined to continue to strengthen his ability building after returning.

He is now 22 years old, only 3 years and 8 months from the police, but he has risen to Fifth Level from Police Constable.

There are two levels between the Inspector and the Superintendent of Police, the Senior Inspector and the Governor.

If you really want to let him be on the Superintendent of Police for 6 years according to what Xia Yu said, then it must be a jump every year, next year he will be promoted to senior inspector, the next year he will be promoted to Governor, and he will be promoted to Superintendent of Police in 1984.

Following this pace, it took more than 6 years to go from Police Constable to Superintendent of Police.

At that time, he was only 2 14 years old, and his age could definitely surprise people.

But don’t think about how high the level of Superintendent of Police in Hong Kong is. In fact, the Superintendent of Police in Hong Kong is equivalent to mainland, a deputy chief of the county police department.

Now Xia Jun, the level is placed in the mainland, which is equivalent to a deputy Captain or the director of a police station.

And 2 14 years old, I have been working for more than 6 years. I come from a real political family with political line planning. There are many people in the deputy office, and there are not no people at the current level.

That is to say, Xia Jun’s starting point is low, starting from the lowest level Police Constable. When he started, Xia Yu had just started and was unable to get up.

Fortunately, Xia Yu has risen very quickly, so he can plan his promotion route and pave the way.

According to Xia Yu’s plan, now Xia Jun is indeed a little younger. You can stay for a few more years. When the age reaches 2 eighteen-nineteen or more than 30 years old, age will not become a shortcoming, when the time Comes push him to Senior Assistant Commissioner or even Deputy Commissioner of Police.

As long as his ability is not bad, 40 years old or 40 years old to push him to the police station is completely OK.

Of course, Xia Yu didn’t tell Xia Jun about the following plans.


After chatting for a while, Father and Mother Xia knew that Xia Yu and Xia Jun had something to talk about, so they left the room and gave the living room to Xia Yu and Xia Jun.

Seeing that there was only Xia Yu and herself in the living room, and it was not too early, Xia Jun immediately started talking about business.

“A’Yu, this time it is mainly Li Kwan-ha who asked me to come over and tell you about Chen Qingsong.”

“After Ibaraki’s confession list, all executives of Yumin Finance were controlled, and the evidence was relatively sufficient. In the face of the evidence, Yumin Finance’s executive was not resistant, and their homes were also seized and a lot of them were found. The stolen property involved, now the key lies in Chen Qingsong.”

“Chen Qingsong should have thought that there would be such a day a long time ago, so he previewed it in advance. He is very cunning now. He has pleaded guilty to some minor crimes, but he has been very hard-talking about the key crimes, and his lawyers have also started. Great effect.”

“Actually, the evidence that the police has already possessed is enough to convict Chen Qingsong, but there are still some facts that have not been investigated clearly. If Chen Qingsong will take the initiative to confess and we handle it continuously day and night, then the case will advance very quickly.”

“But according to the current situation, it may take more than half a month to fully investigate. This is still a relatively optimistic judgment.”

“If you close it according to the facts ascertained now, it will be enough to convict him, but his crime is not so serious, there may be some hidden dangers, and there may be other influences.”

“So Li Kwan-ha asked me to come over and ask what you mean.”

Xia Yu slightly nodded, lightly said with a smile: “He is able to lay down such a large family business, and it is not someone who is easy to deal with, and his anti-reconnaissance awareness is normal.”

“He must find out if he committed a crime, but at least half a month is too late.”

Speaking of this, Xia Yu paused for a moment, said with a light smile:

“It just happened that I got something, and the current situation just happens to come in handy.”

“Well, in the afternoon, before you go to work, I will ask someone to bring you something, and you will hand it to Li Kwan-ha alone, let him find a suitable opportunity to arrange for someone to give it to Chen Qingsong, and your work will be much easier in the future. , Seize the opportunity and immediately conclude the conclusion, time is very important.”

Knowing that Xia Yu has a back-up, Xia Jun sighed in relief and showed a relaxed smile. He didn’t ask what it was. Nodded said, “Okay, I must hand it over to him.”


Brother 2 chatted for a while, Xia Jun said goodbye, Xia Yu did not stay, but sent him out after a few words.

After Xia Jun left, Xia Yu immediately dialed Ma Qianjun using a satellite phone and asked him to send someone to send some items of Chen Qingsong’s nephew and family, as well as letters from Chen Qingsong’s wife and nephew, to Xia Jun’s hands.

Yes, Chen Qingsong arranged for his nephew Chen Feng to abscond with his family, but he did not know that his family and Chen Feng were being monitored in real time. Chen Feng and the others were secretly taken away by Luo Wang’s people before boarding the boat. It was delicious. It’s delicious.

Since Carrian Group has become Xia Yu’s blade against Swire Group and the financial system, of course he will ensure that it will be sharp until it runs out, and not be dull at critical moments!

Chen Qingsong’s mouth is hard now, and his family’s things and letters are enough to pry open his mouth and let him confess his guilt.

Sure enough, when Chen Qingsong saw the personal items of his wife and children and the letters written by his wife and nephew in the afternoon, the line of defense he insisted on collapsed.

The Police Force immediately seized the opportunity to conduct a breakthrough on him. Chen Qingsong, who had no choice, pleaded guilty obediently and honestly, and took the initiative to confess the account details. The case proceeded quite quickly.

On the 2nd afternoon of the week, the Hong Kong Police Force handed over the prosecution opinion and the case to the Hong Kong Legal Department, and the Legal Department filed a lawsuit against Chen Qingsong and the persons involved in Yumin Finance in the High Court of the Hong Kong.

As soon as the news came to light, everyone lamented the efficiency of the Hong Kong Police Force this time, but also clearly realized that the process of the Carrian Group’s bankruptcy was greatly accelerated.

As long as the Hong Kong Department of Justice and the High Court of the Hong Kong can remain efficient, the Carrian Group will be able to As the water recedes, the rocks appear within this month.

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