Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1049

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On the morning of Wednesday, after the opening of the headquarters of Central, Hong Kong Island Standard Chartered Bank, the pile of 3 billion HKD in the center of the lobby shocked all depositors who were preparing to withdraw.

With Jiuding Bank’s jade in front, Standard Chartered Bank second followed suit and demonstrated its strength with 1 billion HKD in cash.

Of course, the effect is beyond doubt. Depositors who come to prepare for withdrawal are basically relieved and give up withdrawing.

And through their mouths, the news that Standard Chartered Bank took out 1 billion cash to prove its strength spread quickly throughout Hong Kong. A large number of melon-eating people and bank depositors rushed to Central, Hong Kong Island to witness the strength of Standard Chartered Bank.

Just when Standard Chartered Bank and Jiuding Bank twin beads shined, another landmark event occurred in the banking industry.

9:8 1 am.

A bank officially announced that it had run out of funds and declared bankruptcy.

The bank is called Tianyu Bank. It is a small bank that obtained a bank license and was established in 1979. It has only 3 branches and the total assets of the bank are only more than 8,000 HKD and 10000 HKD.

In order to develop by leaps and bounds, Tianyu Bank came to the thigh of Carrian Group, and depositors’ funds were basically lent to companies under Carrian Group.

Originally, Board-Chairman Wang Yiqing of Tianyu Bank was still struggling to borrow funds to support it. However, after the news that Hong Kong Police Force handed over the Carrian Group case to the Legal Department yesterday afternoon, Wang Yiqing immediately asked a friend of Police Force for details.

After learning that Carrian Group and Chen Qingsong were really involved in huge financial frauds, and that Carrian Group was 95% likely to be insolvent, Wang Yiqing was completely desperate in wailing.

When registering for Tianyu Bank, he also brought a few friends to join the partnership. The registered capital is 10 million HKD. He has 3 1 million HKD, occupying 30% of the shares, and has the most equity shares, and serves as the Board-Chairman.

Last night, he called his partners to meet, and after discussions, everyone agreed to let Tianyu Bank file for bankruptcy.

If they do not declare bankruptcy, after losing 10 million HKD of their registered capital, there will still be a loss of nearly 60 million HKD with Carrian Group that they need to fill.

When the stock market crash is coming, they can’t make up the money with their hard work.

Anyway, the remaining money is basically taken away by the depositors. Instead of dragging yourself and the others into the abyss, if you cut a little bit and file for bankruptcy and liquidation, the loss can be greatly reduced.

On that day, the General Manager of Yu Bank stepped up to announce the bank’s bankruptcy and ceased all business. The crowd of depositors waiting to withdraw money in Tian Yu Bank immediately rioted. The General Manager launched by Wang Yiqing and the others was beaten into a pig. Fortunately, Wang Yiqing called the Police Force ahead of time to warn him. The police arrived in a timely manner and temporarily stabilized the situation.

But he became a pig’s head and could not stop the spread of the bad influence of Tianyu Bank’s bankruptcy.

Everyone has relatives and friends.

After the depositors of Tianyu Bank rushed to call their relatives and friends to inform their relatives and friends of the situation, many people became anxious. Some people skipped work and rushed to the depositing bank with their ID cards and bank cards.

When the bankers learned that Tianyu Bank had filed for bankruptcy, they were all horrified. They immediately realized a little bit.

With the bankruptcy of Tianyu Bank, the banking run crisis has officially escalated!

In addition to Jiuding Bank, which has already demonstrated its strength and its wholly-owned subsidiary banks, there is Standard Chartered Bank. All other banks have to face greater pressure!

Of course, there are some small banks like Tianyu Bank that have been mistreated by the Carrian Group. After Tianyu Bank took the lead, the shareholders or managers of these banks called Wang Yiqing and the others.

They are also ready to learn to lose their baggage…


Affected by the breakthrough progress of Carrian Group’s practice and the negative impact of Tianyu Bank’s declaration of bankruptcy, investors who had gradually calmed down panicked again.

After the stock market opened, the Hang Seng Index plummeted from 700 79 points.

The stock price of Carrian Real Estate Co., Ltd., whose market value has fallen to 800 million 70 million HKD, plummeted again.

Although there are a lot of properties and affiliated companies under Carrian Real Estate, the value must be far more than 400000000 million 70 million HKD, but the stock market is still flooded with shares that no one cares about.

Some companies’ shares are worth bargaining, and some companies’ shares cannot be bargaining.

Carrian Real Estate’s shares are undoubtedly the latter.

After all, Jianing Real Estate has huge assets, but the debt is likely to be larger than the existing assets!

As long as you take over Carrian Real Estate, you must accept the debts from it at the same time. Now no big shot dares to take this risk.

Not to mention that the market value of Carrian Real Estate is still 400000000 million 7000 and more than 10000 HKD. Even if they are allowed to take over at the price of 1 HKD, they must have the courage to take it!

If you really have the strength and interest to take over, you have to wait for the High Court of the Hong Kong to liquidate its assets before taking over the assets you are interested in.

Wait until 8:1 in the morning.

Union Bank, which was owned by Carrian Group shares, announced that the funding chain had broken and filed for bankruptcy protection.

Less than 2 hours after Tianyu Bank declared bankruptcy, another bank went bankrupt!

The panic sentiment has further fermented, and the crowding crisis has increased again.

Banks that have not fallen have almost lost their patience and confidence.

Especially banks that provide financial leverage to securities companies and fund companies, those holding shares that reach the closing position line directly force the closing position, and those that do not reach the closing position line also force the relevant investment company to return the funds as soon as possible.

The pressure on securities companies and fund companies has increased sharply, increasing the intensity of shares selling and trying to liquidate their positions.

Among them are the shares of companies such as Swire shares Group and Swire Shipping Company, which have extremely high P/E ratios in the entire stock market.

A large number of sell orders were thrown out, and Swire Financial Company was completely unprepared, and the pending buy orders were instantly hedged.

The speed of continuing to place buy orders is still not as fast as the speed of selling orders.

The stock prices of many companies began to drop rapidly.

Swire Financial Corporation.

Cedric Quincy anxiously sounded in Norman Swire’s ear: “Board-Chairman, the funds are in a hurry. It has fallen below 100 million HKD.”

“The company’s stock price is still falling.”

“There are too many selling orders. Even if all the 100 million HKD is sold and threw away, it will be emptied at most one minute!”

Norman Swire pushed Cedric Quincy away and looked pale when he saw the densely packed sell orders on the electronic disk and the falling stock price.

This time is really over!

Cedric Quincy was right. Throwing 100 million HKD into the stock market just took a splash and disappeared. The selling by other institutions and stockholders has become a torrent.

There is no other way but to put out 3 billion HKD and invest in a comprehensive takeover!

“There are 80 million funds left!”

“Stop it!”

Hearing the statistics, Norman Swire whispered 3 words to Cedric Quincy. After speaking, his whole body seemed to be exhausted. The whole person wanted to collapse. Cedric Quincy immediately Support him.

At the same time he loudly shouted and ordered everyone: “Stop buying immediately.”

All traders immediately stopped their movements, and everyone watched ugly complexion as the stock price, which had lost the last block, dropped unimpeded.


In the HSBC Securities Investment department.

When the stock price of Swire shares Group and other companies began to plummet, the manager of the investment department urgently reported to Michael Sandberg, anxiously Michael Sandberg went directly to the Securities Division.

Seeing that there was no purchase order for 3 seconds, Lin Changlong, the manager of the securities investment department, complexion changed, and immediately said to Michael Sandberg: “Board-Chairman, Swire Financial Company has retired, and there is no hope.”

“Look at the stock price of Swire shares.”

Following Lin Changlong’s fingers, Michael Sandberg saw a number beating constantly.

Ten 5 points 2 7

4 8 points 1 a

Ten 4 points 6 6


Ten 3 points 3 3!

When the stock price fell to ten 3 HKD per share after two minutes, the market value of Swire shares group fell to 3 billion HKD.

Lin Changlong said immediately: “Board-Chairman, the stock price has fallen below the warning line!”

Michael Sandberg complexion changed, closing his eyes and sighing.

After a while, Michael Sandberg re-opened his eyes and his eyes became cold and unsympathetic. He ordered Lin Changlong: “You should inform Norman Swire and let him make up the security deposit or collateral according to the loan agreement, otherwise we will handle all the pledged shares.”

“He has been at Swire Financial Corporation these days, you go directly to find him there and ask him in person!”

Lin Chang Dragon Fruit replied: “Yes!”

Ten minutes later.

Lin Changlong met Norman Swire at Swire Financial Company, not far from HSBC Securities Investment Department.

Norman Swire, who also knew that the stock price had fallen below the warning line, saw Lin Changlong and heard his confession. After being exhausted to the limit, he couldn’t hold it anymore and passed out.

Ten and five minutes later.

The ambulance came to the Swire Financial Company, and the doctors and nurses brought Norman Swire, who had not yet woken up, out of it with a stretcher.

Investors who were besieged at the door of Swire Financial Corporation to obtain investment funds saw that Norman Swire had fallen, and were completely panicked, and frantically blocked Cedric Quincy from letting him go.

Central, Hong Kong Island was originally a gathering place for financial institutions. What happened at Swire Financial Company spread all over the capital market in an instant…

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