Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1050

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“Norman Swire in the hospital?”

Hearing the breaking news from Wang Qi, Xia Yu expression was inexplicable. The news surprised him.

“I heard that the company’s stock price plunge triggered the Hongkong and Shanghai Bank mortgage loan cordon. Norman Swire could not bear the blow. At the Swire Financial Company, he passed out on the spot. Many employees of Swire Financial Company witnessed his being transported on a stretcher. go.”

“The specific situation is still being confirmed.”

“But I guess the news won’t be false.”

“Because of this negative news, the stock prices of companies such as Swire shares Group have fallen sharply.”

Wang Qi’s face solemnly replied.

Xia Yu lightly said with a smile: “Norman Swire fainted at an untimely time. He gave himself a knife. Even if he wakes up understood, he doesn’t know whether he can bear the blow or faint again…”

Wang Qi also smiled and said: “It’s hard to tell. If he wakes up late, the situation of Swire Group will be more serious, and he is afraid that he will not be able to bear a more serious blow.”

Xia Yu laughed and didn’t worry about Norman Swire anymore.

He expressed his expression and said to Wang Qi: “Originally, it was conservatively estimated that the Hang Seng Index would fall to about 650 points at the latest next week, but today we got two assists from bank bankruptcy and Norman Swire fainting. It can fall to 2 points, and the trough is likely to be even lower.”

“Swire Group and Carrian Group can’t turn around, so we have to be ready to buy the bottom.”

Wang Qi repeatedly nodded and replied: “Okay, I will sort out the preparatory work again to make sure that 10000 is not lost.”



As the soul of Swire Group, Norman Swire’s fall was a devastating blow to Swire Group.

Xia Yu will not show mercy just because Norman Swire has not awakened.

Under his instructions, in the afternoon, the detailed debt situation of Swire Group and Swire Family was circulated, and news of Swire Group’s insolvency was also widely circulated in the city.

Until the stock market closed that afternoon, Norman Swire still did not wake up.

But the market value of Swire shares group has fallen to 2 1.8 billion 60 million HKD.

The market value of Swire’s warehouse company closed at 7 100000000, which is 10000 HKD more.

The market value of Swire shipping company closed at 9 100000000 2 1000 and more than 10000 HKD.

As for the Swire Industrial Group, since Jiuding Securities Ltd. did not go to rush to raise money, Song Bo also received Xia Yu’s notice not to interfere too much, so the market value fell to 1.3 billion 4000 and more than 10000 HKD.

Rao is that the market value of these companies has fallen to such an extent that they are still a handful of higher P/E ratios in the entire stock market.

Calculating carefully, compared with the market value when the Hang Seng Index was more than 1800 points, the market value of Swire shares group has only shrunk by about 6-Layer.

Companies such as Swire Warehouse have lost less than half of their market value.

When the stock market closed on the 3rd of the week, the Hang Seng Index had fallen to a trough of 662 points, which was nearly 1800/2 lower than when it was more than 3 points.

If compared with the Hang Seng Index, the market value of Swire shares group fell to 2 billion HKD.

Not to mention that because of Norman Swire’s series of loan operations, the debt ratio of the Swire shares group is much higher than that of other companies in Hong Kong stock, and the market value has fallen to 2 billion HKD, which is considered high for it.

Closer to home, there was another episode that afternoon, when another small bank declared bankruptcy, which made the entire banking industry even more panic.

6:00 pm half.

Xia Yu and Li Qian arrived at Murray MacLehose’s house on time and were warmly welcomed by Murray MacLehose and his wife.

This is the second time that Xia Yu has come to Murray MacLehose’s house with Li Qian.

“Mr. Xia, please have tea.”

After a polite greeting, Xia Yu and Li Qian sat on the sofa together, and Murray MacLehose’s wife poured a cup of tea for Xia Yu.

“Thank you!”


Simply he he chatted with tea, half an hour passed by, and the sumptuous dinner was good. Murray MacLehose and his wife greeted Xia Yu and Li Qian to share dinner.

After dinner, Murray MacLehose’s wife, like the last time, left with Li Qian, and gave the living room to two men to discuss matters.

After taking a sip of tea, Murray MacLehose sighed and said, “Mr. Xia, today is September 9, and my term is running out.”

“Think about it carefully. I came to Hong Kong in 1971. In less than two years, an unprecedented stock market crash broke out. Hong Kong’s economic and social order suffered a huge impact and damage. The period of the stock market crash was my worst Day, but I got through it.”

“In the past 9 years or so, I think I am responsible for Hong Kong people, and Hong Kong has become more and more prosperous in my hands.”

“But I didn’t expect that at the end of my political career, when Hong Kong successfully restored prosperity and surpassed its achievements before 1973, the stock market crash broke out again, destroying the prosperous Hong Kong to this point.”

“This is an unprecedented blow to me who is 6 14 years old.”

“Can you imagine how I feel?”

Throughout the speech, Murray MacLehose looked directly at Xia Yu.

Xia Yu can really feel that Murray MacLehose is sincere.

Of course, Xia Yu also saw a meaning in Murray MacLehose’s eyes that seemed to see through the world-I know that you have played a big role in this stock market crash.

Xia Yu is not surprised. As the Governor of Hong Kong, Murray MacLehose must know more than the average person.

Even more how this time the stock market crash, it was because Jiuding Securities Ltd. gave up the competition with Swire Group as the starting point, and it was indeed inseparable from him.

Xia Yu said with emotion: “Mr. Governor, I can understand your feelings.”

“I also know that the stock market crash this time has something to do with me. For that, I apologize to you.”

“But the main responsibility for this stock market crash is not with me. Even if I didn’t fight with Swire Group, this stock market crash will happen. Maybe it will not be as violent as it is now, but the final outcome will not be better than it is now.”

Murray MacLehose invited Xia Yu over tonight, not to question Xia Yu, but to ask him for help.

And he really wants to know how Xia Yu views the stock market crash this time. If all the reasons can be found from Xia Yu, he can deal with it in a targeted manner.

“Mr. Xia, what do you think caused the stock market crash that only broke out in Hong Kong this time?”

“Mr. Governor, my think tank has already analyzed the reasons for the stock market crash…”

The answer to this question, Xia Yu has basically told Wang Ping before, and now Murray MacLehose asks it, and he tells it in a familiar way. Murray MacLehose listens very carefully, like a primary school student who is listening to the class.

In Xia Yu’s account, the battle between him and Swire Group was just an incomplete introduction. The signs of the stock market crash appeared when the bank association raised interest rates. His struggle with Swire Group temporarily covered up the stock market crash and postponed that’s all.

The most important reasons for the stock market crash were the problems with Hong Kong’s own economic structure; the insufficiently regulated securities market; and the mainland’s statement on Hong Kong’s future.

The collapse of the Carrian Group’s fraud myth and the 2 major events that led to bank bankruptcies were important reasons that helped the stock market crash become more serious.

After listening to Xia Yu’s account, Murray MacLehose suddenly became clear, and his resentment towards Xia Yu dissipated a lot.

The reason has been found. Murray MacLehose has a certain degree of confidence in reducing the loss of the stock market crash, and also feels that it is a wise choice to invite Xia Yu over tonight.

He solemnly asked Xia Yu: “Mr. Xia, in your opinion, at what extent will this stock market crash reach its trough?”

Xia Yu thought for a while and said uncertainly: “It’s hard to say, depending on the severity of the consequences of the banking crisis. Today, 3 banks have failed, and there are still many banks dragged down by the Carrian Group. These banks are also on the verge of bankruptcy.”

“And there are many banks associated with the Swire Group. I didn’t expect that Swire Family would be so crazy and burden the Swire Group with such a high debt. Now Swire Group and Swire Family must not be able to repay their debts. If this causes some banks to fail. , Then the problem will be more serious.”

“Hang Seng Index falling below 500 points is not impossible!”

In the last sentence, Xia Yu is mostly used to intimidate Murray MacLehose. Anyway, there are uncertainties, as long as he doesn’t blow too far.

If he really did, it would definitely be his credit for Hang Seng Index not falling so low.

After hearing Xia Yu’s words, Murray MacLehose showed self-blame, sighed said: “If you say so, I also have a responsibility. I shouldn’t approve so many bank licenses in batches two years ago, which led to a weak anti-risk ability. There are so many banks.”

Xia Yu comforted: “Mr. Governor, you don’t have to blame yourself. This has little to do with you. Even without these small banks, Carrian Group will find other bank loans, and the debt pressure will be transferred to other established banks.”

Murray MacLehose laughed at himself and didn’t dwell on it anymore.

After he settled his emotions, he solemnly said to Xia Yu: “Mr. Xia, now Hong Kong has the ability to save the stock market disaster, and only you are the only ones. I hope you can stand up and do me a favor and help all Hong Kong. Kong citizens are a favor.”

With such a high hat on Xia Yu’s head, Xia Yu cannot retreat, and he does not want to retreat.

He said solemnly: “Mr. Governor, Hong Kong is my hometown. As a member of Hong Kong, it is my duty to contribute to Hong Kong’s economic development.”

Murray MacLehose said gratefully: “Mr. Xia, thank you!”

“Mr. Governor, I don’t know where you plan to let me start?”

After Xia Yu asked the question, Murray MacLehose immediately replied: “The most important thing now is the bank run and bankruptcy crisis. Now the three closed banks are all small banks, but if the next mid-sized bank or Dah Sing Bank fails, Then the problem will be more serious.”

“I hope that Jiuding Bank can give them sufficient financial support when these banks are about to fail.”

“As for the bank that was dragged down by the Carrian Group…”

Speaking of this, Murray MacLehose was silent for a long time. He was not overwhelmed by others, but sighed and said: “If there is the value of salvation, you will save it. I will do special things to let you receive it at a low price or even free of charge. If there is no value in saving… Let them go bankrupt.”

This requirement is not excessive.

Xia Yu nodded said: “This point is no problem, I will try my best.”

Murray MacLehose smiled and thanked Xia Yu: “Thank you!”

After thanking you, the living room fell silent and neither Murray MacLehose nor Xia Yu spoke.

It’s a bit embarrassing to continue to be silent. Xia Yu thought for a while and said to Murray MacLehose: “Mr. Governor, the reason I just mentioned is that the banking crisis can be solved. The economic structure of Hong Kong is actually being solved, but it will take some time. Only when the Yuen Long Science and Technology Industrial Park can achieve results, there is only the most important issue of the order of the securities market, which is the basis for determining the ceiling of the Hong Kong capital market.

“This point must be resolved as soon as possible.”

Murray MacLehose brows slightly wrinkle and asked uncertainly: “Mr. Xia, what do you think?”

Xia Yu eyes slightly narrowed, expressing his true purpose: “The efficiency of the merger of 4 is too slow, and they are still arguing with each other. According to this progress, I want to truly create a perfect stock exchange, no 5-6 Years can’t be realized.”

“Li Fuzhao and the others are too selfish and lack sufficient overall view. They are not the ones who get things done.”

“I think this should be re-planned from the Government of Hong Kong level, and let the capable people do it!”

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