Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1051

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Murray MacLehose eyes shrank, took a deep look at the smiling Xia Yu, and understood the purpose of Xia Yu in seconds.

Xia Yu’s words reminded him that after quickly weighing in his mind, he decided to agree to Xia Yu’s request.

He also believed that Hong Kong’s financial market was too chaotic, and the parallel situation of Four Major Stock Exchanges restricted the development of Hong Kong’s financial industry, so the merger of the four was promoted.

In fact, he was also not satisfied with the people behind Four Major Stock Exchanges arguing with each other for benefits, but there has been no suitable opportunity to warn them.

However, this time the stock market crash not only had a huge impact on Hong Kong’s listed companies, but also caused serious damage to Four Major Stock Exchanges. Now is an excellent opportunity.

However, although the merger of the 4 institutions is a push by the Government of Hong Kong, if it is to be implemented well, it still needs to convince the stakeholders. The Government of Hong Kong at best gives an Imperial’s Sword.

Therefore, Murray MacLehose said to Xia Yu: “Mr. Xia, the execution of the joint stock exchange creation committee is really poor. If you have the right person, even if you recommend it to me, I will adjust the relevant personnel.”

“But apart from these, the rest is up to you. I believe in your strength, Mr. Xia.”

The attitude of Murray MacLehose is enough!

Xia Yu smiled and said gratefully: “Mr. Governor, thank you!”

“Please rest assured, most people in Hong Kong want a good investment environment.”

Murray MacLehose happily said: “I am relieved with Mr. Xia’s words.”

“hehe ……”


After chatting again for a while, seeing when the time comes is late, Xia Yu is ready to leave.

“Mr. Governor, it’s late, then I won’t bother you, and I will come to you for tea next time.”

“Okay, you are always welcome!”

Murray MacLehose and his wife 2 sent Xia Yu and Li Qian to the door, smiled and waved to watch Xia Yu’s car leave.

“I should be able to fall asleep tonight…”

After regaining his gaze, Murray MacLehose was relieved, long sigh.

These days, the stock market crash and the banking crisis have kept him busy, and a large number of petitions gathered at the gate of the Government of Hong Kong every day to hope that the Government of Hong Kong will introduce effective measures to curb the stock market crash has also put him under tremendous pressure.

He was already in his 60s and his sleep quality was very poor. The tremendous pressure these days made him unable to sleep every night.

Now Xia Yu, who surpasses Hongkong and Shanghai Bank, the real Hong Kong economy Overlord is willing to take action. He believes that it will definitely have an effect.

He suddenly looked forward to how Xia Yu would act…


Early the next morning, after Xia Yu went to work, she was planning to summon her subordinates to arrange work, but didn’t expect received a help call from cooperation partner Fung King Hey.

Because the matters involved are extremely important, Fung King Hey hung up the phone after learning that Xia Yu had time, simply said a few words, and planned to visit Xia Yu in person to tell him clearly.

After Xia hung up the phone, he sat in his seat and thought for a while, and then called Liu Tianci and Wang Qi respectively, and asked them in detail about the current situation of Sun Hung Kai Securities and Sun Hung Kai Bank.

Fung King Hey may have really burned his ass. Less than ten minutes after he finished the call, he came to Xia Yu’s office.

Seeing Fung King Hey’s bloodshot eyes and a little thin face, Xia Yu was a little surprised, but considering the current situation Fung King Hey was facing, she was relieved.

“Mr. Feng, please sit down! This is freshly brewed tea!”

“Thank you!”

When Fung King Hey came to express his thanks, he picked up his teacup and took a sip. It seemed that he was drinking a little urgently, and he burned his mouth. Xia Yu was watching all the time.

Seeing Fung King Hey a little embarrassed, Xia Yu took the initiative to smile and asked: “Mr. Feng, it was not clear on the phone just now. The situation on your side seems a bit bad now?”

Fung King Hey sighed and looked at Xia Yu, and said bitterly: “Mr. Xia, I blame my company for being too aggressive, which caused me to be so downhearted. I can’t care about the face. I am here to ask you for help this time. I am now powerless to defend himself!”

“If one is not good, both Sun Hung Kai Bank and Sun Hung Kai Securities may fall apart!”

“I thought about it. At this point, only you among the partners can save me.”

Xia Yu showed a grave expression and asked: “Mr. Feng, don’t worry, I have a lot of things. I don’t know much about Sun Hung Kai Bank and Sun Hung Kai Securities. Can you tell me the specific situation first? “

Fung King Hey nodded, telling his own situation: “Mr. Xia, the funds of the securities company are basically locked up. The stock market crash is too violent. I have no time to deal with it. Many of the shares of the companies I bought I fell below the closing position line, but now I can’t stop the closing position.”

“Because securities companies have obtained leverage support from Sun Hung Kai Bank in terms of funds, Sun Hung Kai Bank’s losses are very large.”

“Besides, I was inadvertently deceived by Chen Qingsong. I lent a total of 300000000 million 50 million HKD to Carrian Real Estate. Now with the bankruptcy of Carrian Group, this loan has suffered serious losses, with a loss of at least 200 million 50 million HKD.

“The most important thing is the run crisis. Since the outbreak of the run crisis, depositors have withdrawn more than 300000000 million HKD in deposits. Now Sun Hung Kai Bank’s fund library is in a hurry, and the reserves are now less than 8 10 million HKD!”

“But now the run crisis has not alleviated at all. The remaining cash of less than 8 10 million HKD will not last long. I can’t think of other methods to eliminate the run crisis.”

“Investors in securities companies have also begun to claim back investment funds from us, and now they can only cope with difficulties.

“Mr. Xia, now I am about to reach the end of the world!”

As Fung King Hey continuously talked about it, Xia Yu frowned.

The situation is even worse than what Wang Qi and Liu Tianci said!

However, he did not blame Wang Qi and Liu Tianci for the idea.

After all, Jiuding Securities Ltd. only holds 10% of the equity shares of Sun Hung Kai Securities, and has limited knowledge of Sun Hung Kai Securities.

Although Jiuding Bank holds 30% of the equity shares of Sun Hung Kai Bank, it has not robbed the bank of the right to operate. It is normal for the board-chairman and president of Fung King Hey Bank to understand the situation of Sun Hung Kai Bank.

Having said that, according to the situation described by Fung King Hey, both Sun Hung Kai Securities and Sun Hung Kai Bank have suffered serious losses and both have a great risk of bankruptcy.

He is capable of helping. Last night, he also promised Murray MacLehose not to bankrupt medium-sized banks, but what can he get?

After a single thought flashed in his mind, Xia Yu pretended to be an awkward look and said to Fung King Hey: “Mr. Feng, Sun Hung Kai Securities and Sun Hung Kai Bank are in such a serious situation and there is a high risk of bankruptcy. Even if I want to help, It may not work!”

Fung King Hey suddenly became anxious, he had no intention of analyzing Xia Yu’s purpose.

Anyway, as long as Xia Yu is willing to help him, otherwise these two companies will go bankrupt and he will have nothing.

He had already thought about it when he came. As long as Xia Yu is willing to help him, he is basically willing to agree to the overwhelming majority condition. After all, how can it be better than two companies going bankrupt?

“Mr. Xia, as long as you are willing to make a move, you will definitely be able to help me.”

“And I’m not asking you to help me without good cause, I can’t do this kind of thing by Fung King Hey!”

Xia Yu expression moved slightly, picked up the tea cup and sipped a sip of tea, pretending to ask casually: “Mr. Feng, what are your plans then, you might as well just say it.”

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