Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1052

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Fung King Hey took a deep breath, stared at Xia Yu, and solemnly expressed his thoughts: “Mr. Xia, after this blow, I know that banks are different from securities companies. I am not a banker, so I hope I can sell Sun Hung Kai Bank to you!”

“In addition to your 30% Jiuding Bank shares, I now have 40% 6 equity shares of Sun Hung Kai Bank, and the remaining 20% ​​4 equity shares are in the hands of 4 shareholders.”

“I have discussed with them, Sun Hung Kai Bank is now priced at 200 million HKD, and I will sell 4% of the 20 equity shares held by 4 shareholders.”

“And the 40% 6 equity shares I hold, only 5% are left, and a board seat is reserved, and the remaining 40% equity shares can also be transferred to you!”

“So you only need to pay 200000000 million 30 million HKD to get 60% 5 of the equity shares of Sun Hung Kai Bank!”

“Although Sun Hung Kai Bank is facing a run crisis, I believe that as long as Sun Hung Kai Bank is acquired by Jiuding Bank, the run crisis will be automatically lifted, and the price of 200000000 million 30 million HKD is very cheap.”

“This is the real reserve price!”

Needless to say, Fung King Hey, Xia Yu also knows that this price is definitely worth the money.

He didn’t expect Fung King Hey to be able to really make up his mind to sell him the Sun Hung Kai Bank built by himself with painstaking efforts.

You know, when Sun Hung Kai Bank was a Sun Hung Kai Finance Company, in order to obtain bank license and Xia Yu’s help, Fung King Hey transferred 200% of his equity shares to him at the price of 30 million HKD at Sun Hung Kai Finance Company.

After Sun Hung Kai Finance Corporation transformed into Sun Hung Kai Bank, its business advanced by leaps and bounds, after obtaining deposits from depositors, its assets also skyrocketed and successfully ranked among the large banks. Although the bank was not listed, its valuation easily exceeded 1 billion HKD.

Although most of the bank’s assets are now locked up and have lost a lot of money, most of the assets still exist. As long as the capital chain that is about to be broken is restored and the bank’s assets are revitalized, Sun Hung Kai Bank can still operate well.

“Mr. Feng, are you sure you don’t regret it?”

Hearing what Xia Yu said, Fung King Hey sighed bitterly, “Mr. Xia, Sun Hung Kai Bank is like my son. If I say I am willing, that must be a lie, but I already know that I am not a bank. Between bankruptcy and change of ownership, I would rather it change ownership, at least it still exists.”

“As for Hong Kong as a whole, Sun Hung Kai Bank can develop best in your hands. I hope that after 100 years, the signature Sun Hung Kai Bank will continue to exist, even if it is not in my Feng Family’s hands!”

Xia Yu was silent, he could tell that this was Fung King Hey’s truth.

However, this is not the reason why Fung King Hey transferred Sun Hung Kai Bank to him at such a low price. There should be other purposes.

Xia Yu asked again: “Mr. Feng, Sun Hung Kai Bank said, what about Sun Hung Kai Securities?”

Fung King Hey took a deep breath, trying his best to calm the fluctuating mood, and solemnly said to Xia Yu: “Sun Hung Kai Securities is my lifeblood. I hope it can survive.”

“Although the funds are now locked up and the losses are serious, but its foundation is still there, as long as there is enough funds, it can be revitalized.”

“I hope you can inject capital into Sun Hung Kai Securities. In addition, Sun Hung Kai Securities now buys the equity shares of all the companies it holds. As long as you need it, you can sell it to you!”

“Apart from this, I have no other conditions!”

Xia Yu’s heart was a little touched, Fung King Hey is really digging his heart out with him now, spreading everything out, as if begging for alms from him.

The conditions are also very simple and the purpose is very clear. Let Xia Yu become a major shareholder of Sun Hung Kai Securities, and use Xia Yu’s prestige to get rid of the predicament faced by Sun Hung Kai Securities.

At the same time, the assets were sold to Xia Yu at a low price, so that the funds could be released to save life, even if the losses were serious.

Xia Yu looked at the vicissitudes of Fung King Hey and said with emotion: “Mr. Feng, you are making sacrifices. Few people can do this step of yours!”

Fung King Hey smiled bitterly.

He looked at Xia Yu and confided his own voice: “Mr. Xia, there is no way, I am old and I don’t know how many years I can live. You also know that I have 2 sons, eldest son, right? Finance is not interested at all, and now I went to Canada to run a newspaper.”

“Fortunately, although my son Yongxiang is only 2 years old, he is also a major in financial investment, and he is also very interested in investment. He also has a certain talent. I am a successor.”

“As a father, I have to leave something for my son.”

“So when I told you just now, I didn’t plan to play any tricks. I directly stated the bottom line and the most real needs. I just hope that you can see the friendship of our old friends, and you can be pity me. It also allows me to keep the last trace of face in front of my son.”

“I don’t want to wait for my son to succeed in his studies, but there is no platform for growth and display of abilities, and the father cannot escort him.”

This is a great father’s love for his son!

Xia Yu expression moved. He remembered that Feng Yongfa, the second son of previous life Fung King Hey, did a lot in the capital market, but he later lost in a fight with Joseph Lau, but Feng Yongfa is still Hong Kong’s Financial Tycoon. .

Since Fung King Hey’s requirements are so low, and he doesn’t have to spend much effort, he can still reap huge benefits.

He could not find a reason not to help.

Therefore, facing Fung King Hey’s expectant and perturbed gaze, Xia Yu nodded said: “Mr. Feng, I can help with you.”

Fung King Hey looked surprised, he suddenly got up, bowed to Xia Yu, and said gratefully: “Mr. Xia, thank you! Thank you!”

“Hey, Mr. Feng, you don’t have to be like this. We just have what we need. I also take a big advantage. You can shame me if you give such a big gift.”

Xia Yu quickly supported Fung King Hey, persuaded.

Fung King Hey shook his head and said, “No, Mr. Xia, you are helping me. I know very well that if you are someone else, you will probably hit a person when he’s down again and eat me at a lower price. .”

Xia Yu also knows that this is indeed possible.

But it’s boring to continue struggling with this. He said to Fung King Hey: “Mr. Feng, let’s go back to the topic just now. When do you need me to take action?”

Fung King Hey immediately said: “Of course, the sooner the better. If it is convenient now, I will go back and get the equity shares.”

Xia Yu said with a light smile: “Every minute you drag, the depositor will take more money. It’s not too late. So now, you go back and make preparations. I will also let people prepare for it. In the morning, the run on Sun Hung Kai Bank was quelled.”


“Mr. Xia, then I will go back now and bring someone over later.”

After speaking, Fung King Hey left in a hurry.

Xia Yu immediately called Liu Tianci and Wang Qi and asked them to come over.

About half an hour later, Fung King Hey came with everything, including the current list of assets and liabilities of Sun Hung Kai Securities. Obviously, considering the capital injection of Sun Hung Kai Securities, the details have not been discussed yet. Come here to determine the value.

Needless to say, the transaction of Sun Hung Kai Bank directly signs the contract.

Jiuding Bank invested 200000000 30 million HKD and obtained 60% of 5 equity shares.

In addition to the original 30% equity shares held, a total of 95% of the equity shares of Sun Hung Kai Bank are held, and the remaining 5% remain in the hands of Fung King Hey.

Then there is Sun Hung Kai Securities.

Xia Yu didn’t go too far and gave a loose price.

Jiuding Securities Ltd. injected 200000000 20 million HKD into Sun Hung Kai Securities, increasing its equity shares from 10% to 30%, becoming the second major shareholder of the second only to Fung King Hey.

As for the asset acquisition, Xia Yu left a detailed list of assets and planned to arrange the acquisition by Jiuding Securities Ltd. after it was clear. Fung King Hey had no opinion.

After all the contracts were signed, Fung King Hey completely entered the Xia Yu Jiuding Consortium camp.

Then, Xia Yu called Yan Wenhan and asked him to send someone to join him.

Because Jiuding Bank, Jiuding Securities Ltd., Sun Hung Kai Bank and Sun Hung Kai Securities will jointly hold a press conference. The protagonists are Liu Tianci, Wang Qi and Fung King Hey, and Xia Yu does not intend to come forward.

At the press conference, Liu Tianci first announced in a high-profile manner that Sun Hung Kai Bank has become a subsidiary of Jiuding Bank, and depositors’ capital risks are guaranteed by Jiuding Bank.

Then Wang Qi announced Jiuding Securities Ltd.’s capital injection into Sun Hung Kai Securities, and declared that Sun Hung Kai Securities is a securities company with great potential. The stock market crash cannot destroy it. He is confident that he will join forces with Fung King Hey. Sun Hung Kai Securities is better built.

After the whole press conference, all the reporters who came were as if they had taken stimulants.

Immediately afterwards, the content of the press conference quickly spread throughout Hong Kong, shocking the entire Hong Kong.

Many people were shocked at the change of ownership of Sun Hung Kai Bank, but they were also envious of it. At least Sun Hung Kai Bank did not have to worry about bankruptcy.

This is also the case.

After learning that Sun Hung Kai Bank became a subsidiary of Jiuding Bank, the overwhelming majority of the bank’s depositors were sighed in relief, and they gave up withdrawals. The run crisis of Sun Hung Kai Bank was directly resolved.

Investors who demanded back investment funds from Sun Hung Kai Securities and made trouble at the company’s door also left.

Stock God’s Jiuding Securities Ltd. has become a major shareholder of Sun Hung Kai Securities. In order not to damage its own interests, Stock God will not let Sun Hung Kai Securities continue to lose money. Even if it loses now, it can definitely make it Danger. Land turned over.

Except for investors who are disappointed in Hong Kong who want to bring their capital to emigrate and insist on claiming back their investment funds, overwhelming majority investors are at ease to go home.

The crisis of Sun Hung Kai Securities has also been mostly eased.

Fung King Hey finally showed a relieved smile, thanking his wise move…

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