Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1055

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Lee Shau-kee eyes shrank, silent, the situation about China Towngas quickly emerged in his mind.

Among his assets are the equity shares of China Towngas, but not in Henderson Land Development, but under Yongtai Construction Co., Ltd.

Henderson Land Development, which went public in June this year, was founded by him alone, but Yongtai Jianye was established in partnership with Hu Baoxing after he emerged from Sun Hung Kai Enterprises in late 6.

Although after many share expansions, he is now Yongtai Jianye’s most major shareholder and Board-Chairman, but he still has not completely acquired Yongtai Jianye.

It’s not that he doesn’t want to completely acquire Yongtai Jianye, but that he doesn’t have enough funds for the time being, and partner Hu Baoxing still resists.

But now, there seems to be a good opportunity…

Although he also has ideas for China Towngas, now Xia Yu has come to the door. With Xia Yu’s style of acting, the preliminary preparations are certainly not bad. The proportion of Yongtai Jianye’s shares is really not necessarily an advantage, and his capital is just It’s not as good as Xia Yu. The result of a head-to-head will definitely be a mess, and it will also delay him from gaining momentum in the extremely rare opportunity.

It’s better to stop in time and cut off your thoughts on China Towngas.

Moreover, if the equity shares of China Towngas are to be sold off, according to his share ratio, he can get the bulk of the shares, and then he will start to acquire Yongtai Jianye.

Anyway, I am now ready to buy land and properties, and the assets of others are definitely not as important as the company I built myself.

And there are indeed some gaps in his funds.

Rich and imposing’s Xia Yu focused on the China Towngas company. The competition is sure to be unwinnable. It doesn’t matter if you stop thinking about it, and focus on real estate and property…

Xia Yu drank the tea tightly and waited patiently. He had analyzed the situation before he came. Based on the current situation of Lee Shau-kee and his personal style, he would not hold onto the equity shares of China Towngas. Don’t let go, the key point is to have money in place.


After Lee Shau-kee finished thinking, he took a sip of tea and said with a faint smile: “Mr. Xia, Yongtai Jianye owns 20% of China Towngas’s 6:4 equity shares, and we are also old friends, since You need it, then I am also happy with adult beauty.”

“But you also know that Yongtai Construction Company was not owned by me. It was co-founded by me and Hu Baoxing. I can convince him to agree to sell shares, but I must be able to speak out about the price.”

Xia Yu nodded said: “This should be done. There must be a reasonable price that both parties can accept.”

“In this way, you might as well listen to me first about my views and prices.”

Lee Shau-kee smiled and nodded, made a please gesture, and looked at Xia Yu quietly.

Xia Yu took a sip of tea and cleared her throat, slowly said: “When the market was closed this morning, the total market value of China Towngas was 1.3 billion 6900 and more than 10000 HKD. After the market opened in the afternoon, it was still falling. Then count it as 1.3 billion 70 million. HKD is the base.”

“On this basis, I purchased 30% of the equity shares held by your company with premium.”

“Mr. Li, what do you think?”

1.3 billion 70 million HKD is the base, and the value of equity shares of 20% 6 points 4 is 300000000 6100 680,000 HKD.

And then premium 30%, it is 400000000 70 million HKD in the early!

Lee Shau-kee quickly calculated in his mind and came up with a number.

This number is undoubtedly much lower than before the stock market crash.

He remembers clearly that before the battle between Jiuding Consortium and Swire Group, the most peak of China Towngas’ market value was thirty two 100000000 million HKD, and the paper value of his equity shares was 800 million 4000 and more than 10000 HKD.

Now it has shrunk a lot!

Lee Shau-kee smacked his lips, pondered for a moment, and said with an awkward look: “Mr. Xia, whether this price is too low, let’s not talk about the market value of Hang Seng Index after 1800. Before that, my equity shares were others. If you want to buy, don’t talk about it without 1.2 billion HKD.”

Xia Yu knew that Lee Shau-kee would not fail to understand, saying that it was nothing more than trying to raise the price.

But Xia Yu couldn’t really agree with him. The difference in the amount between them was huge. He was here to buy the bottom, not to be taken advantage of.

Therefore, Xia Yu bluntly retorted: “Mr. Li, you can’t say that. Before, we had to speak based on facts. No matter how high the market value of China Towngas was before, the situation is different now.”

“When the stock market crash came, no one knows what the future will be like. The stock market crash of 1973 took 6-7 years to slow down. Even if the stock market crash is small, it was 5 years.”

“If I buy this equity shares at the previous high price, it will take 5 years before the stock price rises back to the previous high, and the value of the equity shares is the same as the capital I invested.”

“But according to the current bank loan interest, taking a loan interest rate of 16% in the middle value, the interest of 1.2 billion HKD in 5 years will cost 9 100000000 million 6000 and more than 10000 HKD. I may not be able to pay back for ten years.”

“And the money five years from now can’t be compared with the money now.”

“If you buy equity shares and assets in the hands of other people now, will you use the current price or the previous price?”

Lee Shau-kee hit a haha ​​without feeling embarrassed. He smiled and defended himself: “Mr. Xia, I am not saying that I want to follow the previous high price, but just make a price comparison.”

“You have said so much, and I also have a point of view. After all, China Towngas is different from other companies. It is the only gas production, transportation and supplier in Hong Kong, and it is also the only Hong Kong company with a central pipeline gas supplier in Hong Kong. , It has an irreplaceable monopoly.”

“Although the stock market crash has caused many assets to depreciate, the price of gas used by residents will not change, so China Towngas’ profits will not drop much.”

“The price of premium 30% is indeed lower. I think 80% is more relevant, and Hu Baoxing has no opinion on the price.”

Xia Yu immediately retorted: “Mr. Li, you mentioned the monopoly of China Towngas. This point is true, but because of its monopoly, as a public utility company, it also has the highest P/E ratio in that field. The company’s price-earnings ratio is much higher than that of the public utility companies such as China Light and Power Company and Kowloon Bus Company that I acquired before. I know this point very well.”

“Even if the stock price has fallen now, the price-earnings ratio of China Towngas is still at the current high level.”

“As for the profit you mentioned, it will definitely drop sharply. There are not a few companies that went bankrupt in the stock market crash, and the company’s gas consumption will be greatly reduced. Residents will definitely save gas consumption subconsciously because their wallets are not up.”

“Premium 80% is too ridiculous, but since you have spoken, I will not refund or give you face, so let’s add 5 more points to premium.”


Although Xia Yu and Lee Shau-kee are negotiating, the two of them are very restrained and take care of the atmosphere to avoid hurting their peace. The drawing style of the negotiation is entirely reasonable between talking and laughing.

If you feel that what the other party said is reasonable, take a step back consciously.

In the end, Xia Yu was slightly better. When the price was set at premium 50%, Lee Shau-kee couldn’t say anything.

“Mr. Xia, your eloquence is so good, I have seen it today, I have to admire it.”

Lee Shau-kee said with a bitter smile, and gave Xia Yu back tea.

Xia Yu smiled slightly, and said to himself: “It’s too much praise, but Mr. Li, you don’t want to argue with me too much that’s all.”

Lee Shau-kee smiled and shook his head and said, “Mr. Xia is too humble.”

After smiling, Lee Shau-kee narrowed his smile and said to Xia Yu: “Mr. Xia, premium 50% I personally have no objection, but tonight I have to ask Hu Baoxing to see what his attitude is. I will be early tomorrow morning. Give you an answer, what do you think?”

Xia Yu slightly nodded with a smile: “No problem, then I am waiting for your good news.”

Lee Shau-kee joked, “I’m not sure if it’s good news.”

“haha ……”


After sitting for a while, Xia Yu said goodbye and left in peace.

He didn’t worry that Hu Baoxing would disagree. With Lee Shau-kee’s share ratio and status in Yongtai Jianye, he said that he would ask Hu Baoxing’s opinion during the negotiation just now as an excuse, leaving himself room for negotiation that’s all.

If Lee Shau-kee really had no decision-making power, he would not talk to him about premium 50% alone.

He just needs to prepare the funds and the lawyer to sign the contract tomorrow.

The facts are just as Xia Yu expected. After going to work next day, he received a call from Lee Shau-kee and talked about the process of “convincing Hu Baoxing”, and then asked him when to sign the contract.

The equity shares were safe, so Xia Yu told him to come right away.

After hanging up the phone, take the good people to Henderson Land Development Company and sign the acquisition contract with Lee Shau-kee.

Wait until 9:3 am 100%, the contract is signed, the purchase price is 500 million 4200 520,000 HKD, and it will take 3 days for the funds to be credited to Yongtai Jianye’s Jiuding Bank account before the contract will come into effect.

Xia Yu didn’t let Lee Shau-kee wait too much. After leaving, he asked Liu Tianci to pay. The money was transferred to Yongtai Jianye Company’s account before ten o’clock and Lee Shau-kee was notified.

In the next two days, Xia Yu visited Lee Family’s Li Mingze and Bank of East Asia’s Board-Chairman Li Fushu and acquired 2% points 35 and 25% points at premium 16% and premium 5% respectively. One of the equity shares, a total of 5 300000000 8,000 and more than 600 HKD was spent.

In addition to the 2% 10 equity shares purchased by Jiuding Securities Ltd. in the past 2 years when investing in the past 8 years, the 10% 2 equity shares originally held by Hang Lung Bank acquired by Jiuding Bank, and Standard Chartered Bank’s hands 100/6 of 4 equity shares held.

Xia Yu holds a total of 70% of the 8:4 equity shares of China Towngas.

Then Xia Yu gathered all these equity shares and put them under the banner of 9 Ding Energy Group.

Among the heated discussions, the first thing that 9D Energy Group took over China Towngas was to apply to the stock exchange for delisting and privatization.

After the electricity, the gas market was monopolized by the Jiuding Consortium, and those with good things privately gave Xia Yu another domineering title-the king of energy in Hong Kong.

China Towngas became the first Patriarch company to apply for privatization before the stock market crash ended. Many big shots holding capital seemed to have heard the clarion call of the charge and started to act.

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