Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1056

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The first big move was from the 1973 stock market crash. After the 4 stock market crash, I bought a bargain hunter and ate a mouthful of oily later generation 1 big real estate big shots.

Li Ka-shing, Kwok Tak-seng, Lee Shau-kee, and Cheng Yu-tung have bought out real estate companies with large amounts of land or already built properties.

Among them, the most powerful fund and the biggest one is Lee Shau-kee, the big shot of the four who can grasp the capital market most.

No way, who made the stock market crash so suddenly this time?

Although Xia Yu’s Jiuding Consortium has been fighting with Swire Group for a while, anyone with a sense of crisis will find a way to cash out shares to raise funds at that time, but the time is still too short.

Although Li Ka-shing, Kwok Tak-seng and Cheng Yu-tung cashed out some shares at a high level and also raised some funds from other sources, they are definitely not as good as Lee Shau-kee.

Henderson Land Development alone raised 6 billion HKD in its listing in June.

Think again before the 1973 stock market crash, Lee Shau-kee seized the opportunity to launch Yongtai Construction Company, which had just been established a few months ago, and raised a large amount of funds for bargaining after the stock market crash.

How similar is this scene!

Lee Shau-kee’s ability and sense of smell are not comparable to the other three.

Of course, after the stock market crash broke out, the bank run crisis has not been resolved, and companies with broken capital chains are uncommon. Naturally, Lee Shau-kee and Li Ka-shing are not the only big shots who want to buy at this time.

Big shots such as Hu Yingxiang, Teddy Wang, Luo Yingshi, Francis Tien, etc. also ended.

But their acquisitions are not limited to listed companies.

Even for the acquisition of listed companies, most of them do not acquire shares from the stock market. In order to improve efficiency and save costs, they directly find a shareholder. Like Xia Yu, they directly sign the contract after the negotiation is completed.

Xia Yu is a good start for everyone.

As long as you get the size of the shareholders and increase the share ratio to more than 66.7%, you can naturally take over the Board of Directors, and then apply for privatization from the stock exchange through the Board of Directors resolution. The price of privatization can be lowered. When the time comes, the repurchase is mandatory.

If you slowly acquire from the stock market, it will take time and effort, and investors will not necessarily sell all of them. It is easy to raise the stock price and increase the cost of acquisition, which is too uneconomical.

At this time, it is also the easiest time to buy shares directly from a shareholder.

No way, at this time, the importance of cash has been more than ten times more prominent. As long as the full payment is made, assets with a value of 100000000 million before can now be bought for 30 million or 20 million!

And because many acquisitions did not go through the stock market, this caused the stock market’s trading volume to rise, but it was still a buyer’s market. The Hang Seng Index could not rebound against the trend and could only fluctuate sharply at more than 600 points.

In other big shot actions, the managers of the companies under Xia Yu did not intend to miss this opportunity.

Until now, thanks to Xia Yu’s wise guidance and foresight, his companies have developed very fast and have very strong profitability.

Except at first, he will draw funds from various companies to invest in the capital market. Later, when he has huge funds, he has not drawn much money. Even if he draws, he will re-inject more funds.

This has led to his company’s cash flow has been healthy.

After receiving the most executive strategic instructions from Xia Yu this time, many companies of Jiuding Consortium have started to acquire companies that can strengthen their business.

For example, 9 Ding Retail Group is eyeing Hong Kong’s largest sports retail company, the Hong Kong Marathon supplies chain store.

9 Ding Pharmaceutical Group is eyeing Hong Kong’s first modern pharmaceutical company, Aomei Pharmaceutical Factory, and Renyuantang, a manufacturer and seller of healthcare drugs.

Of course, the biggest move is the Jiuding Real Estate Group, which has received the largest financial support from Xia Yu.

Whether it is a real estate company with a large amount of land, a specialized infrastructure company, a property management company that holds a large number of properties, or a hotel management company, they are all targets of Jiuding Real Estate Group.

According to Xia Yu’s instructions to Liu Shihao, Liu Shihao should take advantage of this time to buy as many commercial land and popular properties as possible, and at the same time expand the infrastructure team as much as possible, so as to further develop a large number of low-priced real estate temperature-controlled housing prices. Good solid foundation.

Of course, many companies under the Swire Group are also one of the most delicious cakes.

After Hongkong and Shanghai Bank released the news, many rich people went to ask for the price. Seeing that many people were interested, Michael Sandberg arranged for someone to host an asset auction with the intention of maximizing the benefits.

Other banks holding Swire Group and Swire Family mortgage assets have also released news to attract people.

Perceiving that the time had come, with Xia Yu’s order, many acquisition teams of Jiuding Securities Ltd., which had been waiting for a long time, were dispatched one after another.

With Jiuding Securities Ltd.’s financial resources and power, no one can grab the edge. As long as Jiuding Securities Ltd. wants the goal, it will eventually be won by Jiuding Securities Ltd., and the price will not be too high, because at this time Few people are willing to go to the offend Jiuding Consortium.

But Norman Swire could only watch the equity shares that belonged to Jiuding Securities Ltd. fall into the hands of Jiuding Securities Ltd..

The hearts of all the members of the Swire Family are bleeding, and an atmosphere of grief and helplessness has been hanging over the Swire Family.


September 9th at 13:10 am half.

Xia Yu is browsing the latest acquisition results and progress reported by various companies.

Song Bo rushed to Xia Yu’s office.

“Mr. Song, you are here, please sit down!”

Seeing that Song Bo was knocking on the door, Xia Yu knew clearly, said with a light smile.

After Song Bo sat down, he asked expectantly: “Mr. Xia, I just heard that you have already taken the other equity shares of Swire Trading Company and Swire Industrial Group?”

Xia Yu played said with a smile: “Mr. Song, you are well informed!”

Song Bo laughed and said somewhat embarrassed: “Mr. Xia, there is no way, now my entire Song Family is paying attention to this matter, and I will count on two companies in the future.”

Xia Yu laughed and said to him: “Mr. Song, I told you that these two companies can definitely be acquired.”

Song Bo was busy nodded, and said gratefully: “Mr. Xia, I have always believed that you can successfully acquire it. You have bothered you during this period of time.”

Xia Yu waved her hand.

Then he smiled and said: “Mr. Song, now I have 51.38% equity shares of Swire Industrial Group. Except for the 44.32% you hold now, the remaining 4% point 3 equity shares are in the hands of Swire Family. All de-mortgaged equity shares have been acquired, and the 4% of the unsecured equity shares of point 3 have not been acquired for the time being.”

“There are also 79.9% equity shares of Swire Trading Company.”

“What about you, how much did you prepare?”

“How much you can buy depends on the amount of your funds!”

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