Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1057

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Song Bo took a deep breath, suppressing the regret and helplessness in his heart, slowly said: “Mr. Xia, I have prepared 550 million funds.”

Xia Yu said with a light smile: “Mr. Song, it seems that the funds you have prepared are not enough!”

Song Bo shook his head with a wry smile and sighed: “Mr. Xia, our Song Family is far inferior to yours. It is already the best of the whole family to be able to take out so much cash. The number of equity shares that can be bought does not matter.”

In fact, the strength of Song Family is not weak in Hong Kong, but it is not enough for him to swallow Swire Industrial Group and Swire Commercial Group.

The combined value of these two companies is close to 2 billion HKD in normal times.

Not to mention that in the previous competition for equity shares, the value of Swire Industrial Group and Swire Commercial Group soared, and the market value of the listed Swire Industrial Group has more than quadrupled.

As a result, his equity shares did not acquire much, but he had to spend 1 billion HKD.

The valuable equity shares of other companies were exchanged at a fair price, and the equity shares of other companies that Xia Yu didn’t need had much left, and there was no cash out.

In addition to replacing the equity shares with nearly 750 million HKD last time, it also spent more than 250 million HKD in cash.

Then when he bought it himself, he also spent more then 400 million HKD.

It is already his limit to be able to raise so much money now.

Seeing Song Bo’s expectant and anxious gaze, Xia Yu smiled slightly, and did not intend to make him wait any longer.

“wait for me a while.”

With that said, Xia Yu got up and came to his desk, opened the drawer and took out a thick stack of documents, came to the tea table again, and put the stack of documents in front of Song Bo.

“Mr. Song, take a look. This is the list of equity shares acquired by our company, as well as all the corresponding contracts. You can see that I haven’t lied to you on the price.”

Hearing what Xia Yu said, Song Bo hurriedly said with a smile: “Mr. Xia said and laughed, how could you lie to me.”

Speaking of it, Song Bo picked up the top list and browsed it. He scanned the details of the equity shares acquisition, focusing on the two rows of aggregated data.

The equity shares of Swire Industrial Group totaled 51.38%, and the acquisition cost a total of 594 million HKD.

Swire Commerce Group’s equity shares totaled 79.9%, costing a total of 636 million HKD.

Seeing these two numbers, Song Bo’s heart sank, a touch of bitterness in his heart.

The total value of these 2 equity shares is over 1.2 billion HKD. He only raised 500 million 50 million HKD. It seems that he can’t even buy half of it.

If he now puts out more than 1.2 billion funds and eats all these equity shares, Swire Industrial Group and Swire Commerce Group will become wholly-owned industries of Song Family.

But… hey…

Who makes their family not strong? The money that can be borrowed has already been borrowed, and now at this time, let alone ask who has borrowed money…

Slightly shook his head to sweep away the loss, Song Bo put down the list, picked up some acquisition contracts and looked at it.

These equity shares mainly came from Hongkong and Shanghai Bank, because these assets were taken to Hongkong and Shanghai Bank by Swire Group and Swire Family to mortgage, and then successfully bought by Jiuding Securities Ltd..

The value base of the purchased equity shares is based on the current valuation, but there is an average of more than 30% premium.

After reading a few contracts, he found that the purchase amount above was exactly the same as the statistics list, so he didn’t look at it again.

After replacing the file, Song Bo took a deep breath and said to Xia Yu: “Mr. Xia, I have already read it, and it is all right.”

Xia Yu smiled slightly and asked, “Then how many equity shares do you want?”

This is the most critical point. Only when you make the right choice can you maximize your benefits.

Song Bo browses slightly wrinkle, sinks into deep thought, and quickly calculates in his heart.

500 million 50 million HKD It is not enough to just eat the equity shares of one company, and if you do this, equivalent to give up another company, which is not in line with his previous ideas.

Then the best way is to control the interest one, and relatively hold one, so that both companies can control.

Controlling interest Swire Industrial Group or Swire Trading Group?

After weighing in his mind for a long time, a firmness flashed in Song Bo’s eyes.

I decided to take control of the larger Swire Industrial Group!

Swire Industrial Group has Swire Rubber Company and Swire Machinery Manufacturing Company. According to the current economic planning of the Government of Hong Kong and the investment and planning of Jiuding Consortium in Yuen Long Science and Technology Industrial Park, Swire Industrial Group should have greater potential!

Thinking of this, Song Bo solemnly said to Xia Yu: “Mr. Xia, I have decided that I want 22.38% of the equity shares of Swire Industrial Group. After buying this, the remaining funds will buy the equity shares of Swire Commercial Group.”

He previously held 44.32% of the equity shares of the Swire Industrial Group, and now he buys 22.38%, and he can increase his equity shares to 66.7%, just over the controlling interest line.

Xia Yu smiled and asked, “Are you sure?”

Song Bo was heavily nodded, with a firm expression on his face, and his tone of answer was vigorous and powerful: “I’m sure!”

Xia Yu nodded said with a smile: “That’s OK, I’ll let someone come over and figure it out now, you also call your lawyer over.”

“Okay, let me borrow the phone.”


Song Bo got up and came to the phone, dialed the phone at home, gave a few words to his son who had been waiting, and hung up.

After a while, an accountant came in and Xia Yu asked him to start calculations based on Song Bo’s choice.

After a few minutes, the result was calculated.

Swire Industrial Group has 22.38% equity shares and the purchase price is 258.7 million HKD.

Then Jiuding Securities Ltd. bought it on its behalf, and the commission was 5%. After adding the commission, Song Bo needed to pay 271.67 million HKD.

Then Swire Commerce Group has 31.2% equity shares, the purchase price is 265.06 million HKD, plus 5% commission, Song Bo needs to pay 278.32 million HKD.

Xia Yu took the calculation result, took a look, and handed it to Song Bo.

Song Bo looked at the detailed calculation process and found that it was indeed correct.

Then he silently added 25.1% of the equity shares of the Swire Commerce Group he already held to 31.2% of the equity shares, and the result was 56.3%.

He secretly relieved secretly.

Fortunately, the relative holding line has passed.

Most of the pressure in his heart was sent away, and a smile appeared on his old face.

“Mr. Xia, it’s okay, just assign it like this.”


“Since your people have not yet come, then I will draft the contract here.”



For professionals, it does not take much time to draft a contract.

When Xia Yu had just drafted the contract, Song Bo’s lawyer just came over and checked the draft contract to see if there was any omission.

After verification, the contract is signed immediately.

When Song Bo saw that Xia Yu signed and pushed the corresponding equity shares certificate to him, he smiled happily.

“Mr. Song, congratulations!”

Xia Yu got up and stretched out his hand to Song Bo, smiling and congratulating.

Song Bo shook hands heavily with Xia Yu and said sincerely: “Mr. Xia, thank you for your help. Cooperating with you is the most correct decision I have made in my life. I believe that in the days to come, our cooperation will More intimate.”

Xia Yu heard the subtext in Song Bo’s dialect, which was showing loyalty to him. He stood on his side on behalf of Song Family.

Xia Yu smiled and replied: “I also believe that the days to come will be long, take your time.”


“Mr. Xia, do you want to have a light meal at noon?”

“Next time, there will be more opportunities in the future, there will be more things during this time.”

“Yes, then next time! As long as you have time, I can do it anytime!”

After a few greetings, Song Bo left with his equity shares in high spirits.

The remaining equity shares proved that Xia Yu put it away.

After selling out the equity shares to Song Bo, he still has 33.3% equity shares of Swire Industrial Group, and 40% of Swire Business Group’s equity shares of 3:7.

These equity shares, he thought about it, and prepared to temporarily put them under the banner of Jiuding Industrial Group, which will be handled by Welley.

At this point, he finally fulfilled his promise to Song Bo and added Song Bo to his camp.

The comprehensive strength and influence of his Jiuding Consortium has grown again!

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