Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1058

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In the next few days, Hong Kong’s business community remained the same, with bottom-hunting, sale-and-sale, and run. Anyway, the news hotspots of the media are no less than that. All kinds of breaking news continue to be exposed, which leads to citizens’ desire to buy newspapers. Greatly increased.

Yan Wenhan also specially calculated that the sales of all newspapers under Jiuding Newspapers Co. have increased to a certain extent.


This morning, Zhou Keji, General Manager of Standard Accounting Firm, came to Xia Yu’s office excitedly.

“Board-Chairman, the assets of Carrian Group are liquidated!”

Before sitting down, Zhou Keji excitedly presented the document detailing the Carrian Group’s assets to Xia Yu.

Xia Yu took it with some surprise, and smiled and praised Zhou Keji: “Self-denial, efficiency is good!”

Zhou Keji laughed modestly and explained: “Board-Chairman, this is all the credit of the people below, and now it has just been cleared, I will bring it over immediately.”

“Well, good job!”

“You also lead the team well!”

Xia Yu affirmed Zhou Keji’s credit and ability, and then flipped through the Carrian Group’s asset list.

Seeing the real estate, construction, trade, shipping, travel, insurance, filming, insecticide, investment and other fields listed on the catalog, there are as many as 100 subsidiary companies, and Xia Yu can’t help but feel a little moved.

Chen Qingsong is indeed a genius. In just a few years, he just used continuous mergers and acquisitions and capital operations to build a small company with a registered capital of 5 million HKD into a business that spans many fields and has 3 listed companies. kingdom.

Because Carrian Group has a lot of assets, the asset list has dozens of pages. It took Xia Yu a quick look at it and it took him more than an hour.

After reading it, Xia Yu compared the detailed information about Carrian Group that was investigated before, and found that there are still many that didn’t touch know clearly.

After reading it, Xia Yu picked up the pen and turned from the first page again.

He wants to outline the acquisition targets he is interested in.

The first is the equity shares of 3 listed companies, Carrian Real Estate, Vinda Shipping and Qichang Life.

There are many properties and land under Carrian Real Estate, many of which are in good locations and are worthy of acquisition. Of course, there are also many things that he does not need.

Xia Yu continuously sketched the properties and land plots that were eye-catching, and skipped those that were not eye-catching.

There are a total of ten 2 plots of the property, and ten 7 plots of land!

Then there is Vinda Shipping Company. This is a company that Patriarch wants to operate in the shipping industry. Its business coverage is still very wide. The Carrian Group’s share ratio to this listed company is as high as 60% 5!

It is 1.4% equity shares short of controlling interest!

But after Xia Yu browsed it, don’t all, this company is a mess.

The future shipping industry is definitely bright, but for now, the global shipping industry is sluggish and deteriorating. Vinda Shipping is still losing money. This is caused by environmental factors, even if Xia Yu took over. It is difficult to develop well. In the current rapid development, a slight profit is actually equivalent to a loss!

The assets of this company should be reserved for those in need, and see who can get it!

Then there is the last listed company, Qichang Life Insurance, whose full name is Qichang Life Insurance Co., Ltd. This insurance company was established in 1909. It is a well-established insurance company with a high share of the insurance market.

The business of Qichang Life is mainly to operate life insurance, household marine insurance and fire insurance. It has branches and agency companies in United Kingdom, Australia, Malaysia, Star City and Thailand.

This company was just acquired by Carrian Group in June this year.

Carrian Group used 100/6 equity shares equivalent to Carrian Real Estate’s issued shares, totaling 15 million shares, in exchange for 40% 6 equity shares of Qichang Life, which is held by Philippine major shareholder Aila International Enterprise Co., Ltd. .

It happens that Xia Yu’s 9 Ding Insurance Co., Ltd. is hitting the throne of Asian insurance giants. Jason Gregg is still acquiring and acquiring companies. Qichang Life Insurance has reached out to Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Australia and Southeast Asia. Insurance companies are an excellent prey.

Needless to say, all 40% of 6 equity shares must be taken!

Then find a way to acquire equity shares in the hands of others and privatize them into a wholly-owned subsidiary, which will definitely increase the strength of 9 Ding Insurance Co., Ltd.

After Qichang Life Insurance Company finished hooking up, Xia Yu continued to look down and continued to sketch.

When it turned to the second half, there was an asset that moved Xia Yu’s heart.

This asset is the equity shares of 20% of Nikkatsu Corporation, a listed company in Japan.

The equity shares were acquired in October and February of last year. Caring Real Estate Co., Ltd. and Japan listed company Nikkatsu Corporation reached an agreement to acquire each other. Carrian Land acquired 2% equity shares of Nikkatsu Corporation at a consideration of 100 million HKD, while Nikkatsu Corporation subscribed for 20 6620 40000 400 shares of Carrian at a consideration of 4 16 HKD.

In other words, Carrian Real Estate actually paid about 3000 10000 HKD in cash and controlled 20% of Nikkatsu Corporation’s equity shares.

Established in 1912, Nikkatsu Corporation is one of the earliest large-scale production companies in Japan. It is based on 100 companies including Yoshizawa Store, M.4 Generation Company, Fukuhodo, and Yokota Chamber of Commerce in Kyoto, the largest film company in the Meiji era. Jointly formed, now Nikkatsu Corporation’s main business is entertainment, including film production and distribution, operating 428 domestic theaters in Japan, and also has a lot of land reserves.

It is worth mentioning that after entering the 70s, due to Japan’s economic development issues, Nikkatsu Corporation also set foot in operating (not popular in Tokyo) films in order to increase revenue, which also made it the only one of all major film companies in Japan to set foot in Film companies in this field.

However, Xia Yu is not tempted by this, nor does he want to be the Principal of many Teachers. He is tempted by the huge theater chain and distribution network of Nikkatsu Corporation.

Think about his global cinema chain. Some time ago, it has just broken through 700 cinemas, and it is still the number of cinemas worldwide. If it is only in Japan, it will only have seventy two cinemas.

How much is Nikkatsu Corporation?

428 homes!

This number is called Japan’s largest cinema chain!

Nikkatsu Corporation has been able to keep the throne of one of Japan’s top five movie giants, and this huge theater chain is indispensable.

If Universal Cinemas can annex Nikkatsu Corporation’s theaters, Universal Cinemas will become the leader of Japan’s theater market, and Japan’s movie market will also depend on his face.

And his Galaxy Film Company can also mix like a fish back in water in the Japan film market!

There are so many benefits!

Don’t hesitate, you must win!

Xia Yu draws decisively with a stroke of a pen!

After Nikkatsu Corporation, there are not many assets that interest Xia Yu.

After sketching, Xia Yu reassembled the files.

He once again praised Zhou Keji: “The assets are cleared and the arrangement looks very comfortable.”

“Thank you Board-Chairman for the compliment!”

Zhou Keji said modestly, but the smile at the corner of his mouth showed the mood swings in his heart.

A satisfied expression flashed in Xia Yu’s eyes, and after thinking about it, he instructed Zhou Keji: “Keji, Carrian Group’s affairs are over, the rest will be handled by the High Court of the Hong Kong, and I will arrange for someone else to take charge. But you can’t be free yet.”

“Now many brother companies are hunting down assets. Time is money. The faster the asset liquidation, the better. This requires your efforts.”

“Moreover, many Hong Kong big shots such as Yue-Kong Pao and Henry Fok have also greeted me. They need the strong support of a standard accounting firm. Don’t let me lose face.”

“So you have to do a good job of scheduling, this time is also an opportunity for the rapid growth of our standard accounting firm, we must not be careless.”

Zhou Keji looked serious and nodded replied: “Board-Chairman, I must bear your teachings in mind. The standard accounting firm will never hinder the group or shame you!”


“see your performance!”

“If there is nothing else, you can go back first and work hard!”

“Okay Board-Chairman, then I’m leaving now!”

Seeing Zhou Keji slowly leaving, Xia Yu smiled satisfied.

After sitting in his seat for a while, he picked up the phone and called Liu Tianci, asking him to send someone to pick up the Carrian Group’s asset list he had endorsed, and instructed him to cooperate with Jiuding Securities Ltd. until the High Court of the Hong After Kong announced the auction of assets, he must take down the acquisition target he outlined.

The reason why Liu Tianci was also involved was also considering that Sun Hung Kai Bank was a major creditor of the Carrian Group, and it also lent three more than 3 million HKD to it but did not recover it.

As a major creditor, Sun Hung Kai Bank certainly has a certain priority for asset repayment, and it is also related to it. It can completely repay some assets in advance. It does not need to go through the asset auction process and can be directly traded at the assessed price. Save the cost of acquisition, but also save time.

After talking to Liu Tianci, Xia Yu wanted to call Wang Qi, but after checking the time, it was less than 1 o’clock in the morning. He thought about it and left for Jiuding Securities Ltd..

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