Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1059

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“Good Board-Chairman!”

“Well, hello!”

When he came to Jiuding Securities Ltd., Xia Yu saw a busy scene. In the greetings of employees, he found Wang Qi who was busy.

“Wang Qi, come to my office when you are done!”

Seeing that Wang Qi wasn’t so fast for the time being, Xia Yu didn’t let him stop either, and after speaking to him, each minding their own business left.

First, I went to the operation room and made a round, and found that all the employees were fully engaged in hunting down the stock market. Xia Yu left with satisfaction and went to his chairman’s office.

After drinking tea leisurely for about a quarter of an hour, I saw Wang Qi stepping in hastily.

“Board-Chairman, I’m sorry to keep you waiting!”

Xia Yu smiled and shook her head to show that she didn’t mind, and then asked, “How is the work going?”

Wang Qi replied: “It’s all going well. There are no major obstacles for the time being, and all the minor troubles have been resolved.”

Xia Yu slightly nodded: “That’s good!”

Then immediately asked: “How about the acquisition of the equity shares of Four Major Stock Exchanges?”

Wang Qi put it first in this acquisition work, so there was a lot of results. Faced with Xia Yu’s inquiry, he was not at all false.

He reported the results to Xia Yu in detail: “Board-Chairman, the equity shares of Four Major Stock Exchanges have been acquired at present. The gold and silver stock exchange and the Kowloon Stock Exchange have made greater progress, and the larger Far East stock exchange and Hong Kong stock exchange equity shares are more difficult to acquire, but there are still many results.”

“Currently holding 19.2% equity shares in the stock exchange of gold and silver, 18.5% equity shares in the Kowloon Stock Exchange, 30.3% equity shares in the Hong Kong stock exchange, and 12.4% equity shares in the Far East stock exchange.”

“The reason why Far East Stock Exchange has the least number of acquisitions is because its lead Founder Li Fuzhao saw that we were acquiring, and followed the acquisition of equity shares, which made our acquisition more difficult.”

Xia Yu was slightly nodded, and said nonchalantly: “Don’t care about Li Fuzhao. Although Bank of East Asia has lifted the run crisis, a lot of funds have been taken away. Now Li Family does not have much liquidity, and Li Family will not let him In this regard, he can’t buy much. We buy more equity shares of the other three stock exchanges. The same applies. Anyway, the last four mergers will re-divide the equity shares according to the size of the four stock exchanges.”

“The acquisition of the Hong Kong stock exchange has slowed down a bit. This stock exchange has more British shareholders. Now that the British capital has retreated, they must all want to return to the United Kingdom. They can serve them with carrots and sticks.”

Wang Qi unable to bear laughed, nodded softly replied: “Okay!”

Xia Yu took a sip of tea to moisturize her throat, and then asked again: “What about the joint stock exchange creation committee? Is there any major trouble?”

Wang Qi laughed, and the expression easily replied: “When I first entered, I was frightened by our power, and the internal resistance and confrontation within the committee on the surface basically never happened. They all gave me and President Liu face, but they were secretly Negative confrontation.”

“It’s just that I acquired the equity shares in the holders of Four Major Stock Exchanges. After entering their internal Board of Directors, they also knew our tough attitude and recognized the situation. So now the situation is relatively good. The work progressed in an orderly manner.”

“I have also learned a lot. The progress of the work is relatively slow now. The main reason is that there is a big difference in system construction. There are many stock exchange templates in United States and Europe. I plan to take the essence and eliminate the dross, but many systems Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, and it is difficult to make a decision at a time.”

Xia Yu suddenly understood, said with a light smile: “Then do it first. I have been planning these days. I will come up with a guiding plan as soon as possible. When the time comes, I will focus on my plan.”

Wang Qi immediately sighed in relief and nodded happily: “Okay!”

After understanding these circumstances, Xia Yu and Wang Qi ordered the acquisition of Carrian Group’s assets, and let him be responsible for sending out an excellent acquisition team to acquire Carrian Group’s valuable assets with Jiuding Bank.

Of course Wang Qi accepted the task obediently.

Later, Xia Yu once again urged him not to relax the acquisition of Swire Group and other bargaining plans.

He then left Jiuding Securities Ltd..


Time goes by quickly, whether it is weekdays or weekends, the stock market is open or closed, Jiuding Consortium’s bargaining and acquisitions are advancing rapidly.

In the face of a few 100 100000000 million HKD liquidity, no company can resist to the end, and every company is continuously taken down.

Jiuding Consortium’s assets are growing rapidly!

In order to quickly end the stock market crash, Murray MacLehose urged the High Court of the Hong Kong to close the case as soon as possible after ascertaining the facts.

On the day of September 9, the court opened a trial to hear this huge financial fraud case.

In order to give an explanation to the people of Hong Kong and to make Southeast Asia investors clear about the situation, Murray MacLehose signaled the High Court of the Hong Kong to authorize Global Satellite TV to broadcast the entire trial process.

The citizens are very concerned about this matter, and many people turned on the TV to watch the live broadcast.

Because the investigation was very clear, all the relevant persons involved were recruited. The key point is that Chen Qingsong himself took the initiative to plead guilty and confessed a lot of circumstances. During the trial, for the safety of his family, Chen Qingsong read all the true crimes to the judge. All the crimes and charges were claimed, and the judge finally pronounced that Chen Qingsong was sentenced to 25 years imprisonment and all his assets were confiscated to pay off the debt.

Chen Qingsong announced in court that he would give up his appeal and plead guilty.

Seeing this result, the audience in front of the TV applauded.

After the court hearing was completed, the Carrian Group’s asset disposal officially began, and the hunters who had already been waiting for it jumped out.

But no surprise, all the assets Xia Yu wanted were eventually taken by Jiuding Securities Ltd. and Jiuding Bank, and the price paid was not high.

As for the debts of Carrian Group, it has nothing to do with the assets he bought and does not need to be borne by him.

After the assets were acquired, Xia Yu ordered Chen Qingsong’s wife, children and nephew to be released. After Chen Qingsong in prison got the news, he finally had a worry, obediently and honestly went to jail.

After the assets of the Carrian Group were acquired.

On October 10, Swire Group’s asset competition finally came to an end.

The most important Swire shares group in the Swire Group was wholly owned by Xia Yu.

The most important Swire Properties group was divided by Jiuding Real Estate Group, and Swire Infrastructure Company, Swire Properties Development Company, Swire Hotel Management Co., Ltd., Swire Property Management Company, etc. were respectively annexed by similar companies under Jiuding Real Estate Group.

The Swire Warehouse Company, a subsidiary of Swire Shipping Group, was also wholly-owned by Hutchison Whampoa Mergers and Acquisitions. Its 4 ports merged into Hutchison Whampoa Port Company, which increased the number of ports owned by Hutchison Whampoa Port Company from 7 to 21. Occupies 24% of Hong Kong’s 80 ports at 7:5!

As for Swire Shipping, another listed company under Swire Shipping Group, Xia Yu was not interested and did not fight for it.

Apart from this, Xia Yu also took over the Swire Agricultural Group and the Swire Marine Development Company, which was just established in 1975.

In general, most of the assets of Swire Group are received by the Jiuding Consortium of Xia Yu.

Swire Financial Corporation, the financial core of the Swire Group, because most of the funds were used to acquire shares of the Swire Group, but most of the funds were investors and banks, so all the assets were auctioned. Swire Financial Corporation declared insolvency. collapse.

After the auction of the assets of the Swire Group and Swire Family pledged by the bank, it is still not enough to offset the bank’s debt.

Under the strong request of a large number of banks, it is useless to leave the Swire Family. The Government of Hong Kong prohibits the Swire Family from leaving Hong Kong. After paying off the assets it still owns, it is impossible to release the prohibition order. .

Seeing the fate of Swire Family and Swire Group, many people sighed, and they had a deeper impression of the stock market crash. Of course, they also had a deeper understanding of Xia Yu.

Jiuding Consortium has reached a new height!

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