Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1060

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“Board-Chairman, this is a summary of the results reported by various companies.”

In Jiuding Building, Xia Yu’s office, Canning Fok came in with a folder and showed it to Xia Yu’s desk.

“Well, you put it down, go to your business first, and then call you if you have something to do.”

Xia Yu lifts the head glanced at Canning Fok, then looked at the folder on the desktop, and then continued to write about the joint stock exchange plan.


Canning Fok replied obediently and softly. In order not to disturb Xia Yu, he stepped lightly and gently closed the door when he left.

Half an hour later, Xia Yu put down the pen, gave a lazy waist, and let out a long breath.

Looking at the plan that has been written over several pages, he mouth raised a smirk.

After getting up and flexing his muscles, he poured himself a cup of tea and drank it leisurely. By the way, he picked up the folder that Canning Fok had handed in and read it.

This folder contains a list of assets acquired from Swire Group and Carrian Group. For these, Xia Yu skips directly.

He focused his attention on assets other than these two main subjects, such as:

Hang Seng Bank 25% of equity shares.

Bank of East Asia 10.8% of equity shares.

Hongkong and Shanghai Bank 18.6% of equity shares.

Wing Lung Bank 35% of equity shares.

Chong Hing Bank has 100% equity shares.

Hong Kong Wing Hang Bank has 100% equity shares.

Malaysia Kwong Lee Bank has 100% equity shares.

Hong Kong Telephone Company has 24.5% of equity shares.

31.3% equity shares of Hong Kong Branch Office of United Kingdom Dadong Telecom Company.


These assets are all high-quality assets, especially those of Hongkong and Shanghai Bank, Hang Seng Bank and Bank of East Asia.

The Description Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company also completed the privatization at this time of downturn in stock prices.

Hong Kong Telephone Company is still outside except for a few hundredths of its equity shares. Excluding the 100% fixed share held by the Government of Hong Kong, the rest have been acquired and the controlling interest in Hong Kong Telephone Company has been completed.

In addition to the equity shares held by the parent company and the Government of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Branch Office of the United Kingdom Dadong Telecom Company has basically been acquired. As long as the parent company is settled, the Hong Kong Branch Office’s equity shares can be divested, and it can be completed. Controlling interest in branch offices.

In this case, the telecommunications market will be completely monopolized by Xia Yu.

At the end, Xia Yu saw a series of summarized numbers.

22,547,450,000 HKD!

This is the total amount of funds consumed by all assets that have been acquired!

If you put it a few months ago, let’s not mention whether these assets can be bought or not. Even if they can be bought, they are still high premium, and none of them are worth 100 billion HKD!

Let alone the bright future of these companies.

Sure enough, low-price bargaining is the best way to explosive development!

And now bargain hunters have not stopped, the consumption of more then 20 billion HKD is the entire consortium range.

But think about the stock market crash, Jiuding Bank and Standard Chartered Bank, the two companies have withdrawn nearly more than 2 billion HKD.

Jiuding Securities Ltd. is even more, the liquidity before the stock market crash has reached more than 26.783 billion HKD.

These three companies together have more than 3 billion working capital.

Other companies have a lot of working capital.

All companies of the entire Jiuding Consortium spent more then 20 billion together. This is nowhere. The more eye-catching and attractive assets have been almost robbed, and the remaining valuable companies and assets have also been covered more deeply. The volume is also smaller, and the subsequent capital consumption speed will continue to slow down.

But it doesn’t matter, anyway, even if the outbreak period of the stock market crash has passed, as long as Xia Yu does not take the initiative to stimulate, there will be a long period of time in the economic downturn, enough to slowly acquire!

After reading the asset list, Xia Yu thought for a while, took a call to Jiuding Bank, and he had to explain some things to Liu Tianci face to face.

It will take some time from Hong Kong Island to Kowloon Peninsula.

In about 25 minutes, Liu Tianci had endured the hardships of a long journey and arrived at Xia Yu’s office.

“Board-Chairman, sorry, you have been waiting for a long time.”

“It’s okay, sit down by yourself!”

“Okay, Board-Chairman, here are the information of the three banks you want.”

Liu Tianci replied, then opened the briefcase and presented the materials Xia Yu confessed to him on the phone.

“Well, let me see first!”

Having said that, Xia Yu flipped through the information of these three banks.

Chong Hing Bank, Wing Hang Bank and Malaysia Guangli Bank are three established mid-sized banks that were implicated in this crisis and were wholly acquired by Jiuding Bank.

Among them, Chong Hing Bank, formerly known as Liao Chong Hing Bank, was founded by the late banker Liao Baoshan in 1948. However, during the stock market crash in 1961, it was on the verge of bankruptcy due to the run crisis. The British capital acquired more than half of the equity shares, but it didn’t. Expect 20 years later, because of the run-on crisis, the British capital failed and the bank was wholly acquired by Jiuding Bank.

Wing Hang Bank was founded by veteran banker Feng Jingyao in Yangcheng in 1937 and then moved to Hong Kong after the 2nd World War. However, it fell into a crisis in the 1973 stock market crash and was purchased by New York, USA Irvine Trust Company for half of the equity shares. With the introduction of advanced banking technology and the connection of the international banking industry, there is a large business market in Southeast Asia. In the previous year, Wing Hang Bank demolished the old headquarters and rebuilt it into a 20th-layer head office building, which is very impressive.

Only this time Wing Hang Bank was dragged down by the Carrian Group and became a key run. Jiuding Bank seized the opportunity to buy back all the equity shares from the New York Irvine Trust Company Hong Kong Branch Office, and then bought it from other shareholders. equity shares, making it a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jiuding Bank.

The last Malaysia Kwong Lee Bank, formerly Kwong Lee Mortgage and Remittance Company established in Kuching, Sarawak in 1905, was renamed in 1934. It is the oldest financial institution in Malaysia. It just started to expand Hong Kong business on a large scale the year before. Chen Qingsong’s Carrian Group seized the loan and scammed 5 more than 100000000 million loans of Guangli Bank. Several branches of Guangli Bank in Hong Kong were withdrawn by Hong Kong citizens frantically.

Although Guangli Bank has a long history, it is not as supported by the Malaysian finances as the Yumin Bank behind the Yumin Finance. Therefore, it fell into a crisis and Jiuding Bank spent a lot of effort to acquire it wholly.

This bank, as Xia Yu knows, will historically be acquired by Malaysia’s business giant Ma Lian Industrial Group and renamed Ma Lian Bank, and later by the Hong Leong Group of the Star Kwok’s family, and changed to Hong Leong Bank, becoming Malaysia’s first The 4 major banks also have large markets in other countries in Southeast Asia.

Jiuding Bank spent 300000000 million 9000 5 million HKD on the acquisition of Chong Hing Bank, 400000000 million 5000 7 1 million HKD on the acquisition of Wing Hang Bank, and 500 million 2 1000 3 1 million HKD on the acquisition of Guangli Bank.

If these three banks were placed a few months ago and wanted to buy, each of them would have to be at least more than 3 billion HKD. Now the price of cabbage has been bought after the crisis.

Thinking of the previous purchase of 100:7/8 equity shares of Swire shares held by Qiu Deba of Star City, he had promised Qiu Deba to take out a bank worth more than 1 billion HKD for equivalent replacement. The bank also has business coverage in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia.

Xia Yu decided to use these three banks to trap Star City Qiu Family, his chosen ally.

After putting down the information, Xia Yu instructed Liu Tianci: “Tianci, now that these three banks are all available, you have to think about integrating these three banks into one bank.”

Liu Tianci knew about the agreement between Board-Chairman and Qiu Deba, and nodded responded: “Okay, I’ll start this when I go back.”

Xia Yu smiled and shook his head and said: “You don’t need to spend too much time on it for the time being, just let the people below do it, and don’t merge too fast, as long as it is completed before June next year.”

This strange command of the Board-Chairman made Liu Tianci stunned, but he did not question and asked, obediently nodded and said: “Okay.”

Xia Yu laughed and proactively explained: “The combined purchase price of the three banks is less than 3 billion HKD. Now that it is used to fulfill the contract, Qiu Family can obtain more than 1.4% of equity shares. There are too many shares, and our bottom-hunting results have not been achieved. It is necessary for Qiu Family to reap the benefits. By June next year, the banking industry will gradually recover and the effects of the merger of the three banks will be visible. It will be more cost-effective to fulfill the promises after the value increases.”

Suddenly, Liu Tianci said, nodded with a smile: “Board-Chairman, or you think more thoroughly, I will follow your instructions and strive to maximize the effectiveness and value of the three banks by June next year.”


“It’s up to you will do.”

Xia Yu smiled and nodded and said casually.

Later, Xia Yu advised Liu Tianci on some considerations for the acquisition, and also chatted with him about the establishment of the joint stock exchange, and asked him to return to Jiuding Bank.

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