Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1061

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That night, Xia Yu went to Henry Fok’s house. He received an emergency call from Henry Fok during the day, saying that he wanted to talk to him in person, and he certainly agreed.

After 6:00 pm, Xia Yu arrived at Henry Fok’s house.

“Old Fok, haven’t anyone else arrived yet?”

After putting down the fruit, Xia Yu glanced at the empty living room and asked casually.

Henry Fok said with a light smile: “There is no one else tonight, just two of us.”

Xia Yu brows slightly raise, realizing that Henry Fok is looking for him tonight is not simple, he faintly smiled and said: “That’s fine, I haven’t chatted with you in a long time, haha.”

“It’s been a long time.”

“Sit down and have a cup of tea. Dinner will take about 20 minutes.”

Henry Fok happily said with a smile, and then greeted Xia Yu to take a seat.


Xia Yu complied, sat on the sofa to the left of Henry Fok, which was convenient for a close chat.

“Old Fok, how is the harvest this time?”

Peeling a peanut casually and throwing it into his mouth, Xia Yu smiled and looked at Henry Fok and asked him about his hunting.

Upon hearing this, Henry Fok unable to bear smiled. Obviously, the harvest during this period was very great.

His next words confirmed this point.

“A’Yu, thanks to your informing me in advance, I have gained a lot.”

“To tell you, before the stock market crash, I had already made more then 400 million HKD from shares, cashed out 2.3 billion HKD, and then raised 1.8 billion HKD.”

“With this 4.5 billion fund, I have spent 3.7 billion in the stock market more than a month after the stock market crash. I bought a lot of companies. Among them, I bought fourteen for properties and buildings, and 79 for large and small land. Before the stock market crash, none of these assets more than 10 billion could not be bought. They did make a profit.”

“For the remaining funds, I intend to continue to buy the bottom of some companies in the electronics, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical industries, in line with your proposed industrial development strategy of building a’one core, six pillars’ for Hong Kong.”

Xia Yu said with a smile: “It’s good if you make a profit, and to be honest, now is the best time to transform. This stock market crash has cleaned up a large number of companies with weak competitiveness, integrated these companies at low prices, and developed them for a few years. Competitiveness has risen, and Hong Kong’s economy has recovered, which is just right.”

Henry Fok agreed with nodded: “You are right. For those who are prepared, this stock market crash is a good time for explosive growth and can open a relatively large gap with others.”

“Cheng Yu-tung, they want to catch up with me, it’s hard…”

At the end, Henry Fok couldn’t help laughing.

Xia Yu also laughed. Her allies have become stronger and will play a greater role in the future.


Waiting until around 8 o’clock, Xia Yu and Henry Fok, who had finished their dinner, changed places to continue drinking tea.

It’s just that this time, Henry Fok didn’t let his son listen to him. Obviously, some things were not convenient for his son to know.

After Xia Yu drank a cup of tea to soothe, Henry Fok pours tea to Xia Yu again, and slowly said: “A’Yu, in fact, inviting you to come tonight in addition to contacting the relationship, there is one more thing.”

Xia Yu slightly nodded, looking at Henry Fok calmly, waiting for his next words.

Henry Fok laughed and continued: “The decision on this matter is up to you. I was only asked by President Wang of Xinhua News Agency to pass on a message.”

“Last month there was news from the north, and then it was mixed with the stock market crash. Now you know the situation in Hong Kong, so mainland wants to see when you have time and can you make time to go north.”

“As for the situation of going there is not fixed, whether you go in secret or openly, or we can call a group of people to go together, it mainly depends on whether you are free.”

“In my personal opinion, after the mainland shouted the slogan, it wanted to start practicing, but before showing the sword to the United Kingdom, it wanted to get our local opinions, especially you.”

“A’Yu, it’s up to you to go or not, and it’s up to you to decide when to go. I just need to convey your opinion.”

Xia Yu looking thoughtful and nodded, said softly: “Let me think about it.”

After speaking, Xia Yu picked up the tea cup, took a breath, and drank slowly, but his dreamy eyes could tell that his mind was not on the tea.

Although Henry Fok’s words are euphemistic, they reveal a real situation.

That is, Xia Yu has become the economic leader of Hong Kong in the unnoticeable influence, and has become the face of Hong Kong. His words and deeds will be magnified and interpreted.

And because his career has affected all aspects of Hong Kong, he has become the most critical figure in Hong Kong!

So before the mainland wants to act, it is undoubtedly the best to communicate with him in place. Even once the mainland has his full support, things will go smoothly.

Although Henry Fok didn’t say why the mainland invited him to go north, Xia Yu, who was familiar with the historical trajectory, knew clearly.

So the question is, should I go to mainland at this time?

Thinking of what I was going to United Kingdom and what I must accomplish when I went to United Kingdom…

At this time, the mainland sent out an invitation again, and it’s okay to go to the mainland…

After all, even if the mainland does not ask him to do something, in order to build the foundation of Hong Kong and make his nest more stable, he has decided to do some things.

The stability and prosperity of Hong Kong have the most direct interest relationship with him. The next ten years is a very critical period. Having a stable rear can make him more able to use his hands and feet to beat other consortiums in the world.

It’s just that the mainland doesn’t know his plan. If it’s understood, it won’t invite him.

It just happens to bring personal affection!

Then delay a few more days and go north!

After making up his mind, Xia Yu drank the hot tea in the cup.

Henry Fok, who had been watching Xia Yu, refreshed and looked at Xia Yu with scorching eyes, waiting for his reply.

I saw Xia Yu smile and said: “Old Fok, tell President Wang, I will go there, but I can go by myself. I don’t need to conceal it or make a statement. The reason for going north is to check my property in mainland. And ancestor worship.”

Henry Fok hehe smiled: “Okay, then I will reply to them.”

“Right, what’s the time?”

Xia Yu said with a smile: “In terms of time, it will be three days later, because the day after tomorrow my cousin gets married and I get the show.”

Henry Fok’s eyes shimmered, nodded with a smile and said, “There is a happy event at home, so I should be in the front.”

He asked again, “What is your cousin’s name? Where are you going to have a wedding?”

“His name is Chen Bin, and the wedding banquet is scheduled to be at Peninsula Hotel…” Xia Yu knew that Henry Fok wanted to come and cheer. There was no need to refuse this kind of thing. He smiled lightly.

Henry Fok didn’t say much, smiling nodded and said, “Okay.”

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