Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1062

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2 days passed by.

On October 10, it is suitable to open business, settle in bed, pray for blessings, and get married…

Because my cousin got married today, Xia Yu didn’t plan to go to the company after eating breakfast. When the time was almost the same, she set off with her younger brother and sister.

As for his parents, Uncle Chen Liang has asked him to help.

Although Hong Kong has inherited many traditional customs of the mainland, as a place where China and the West meet, many customs will vary from person to person.

When Xia Yu arrived, she saw her uncle and another well-dressed middle age person at the entrance of Peninsula Hotel, in addition to his cousin and the newlyweds, who should be the wife’s father.

Xia Yu took the younger brother and sister with 3 people, but there were also bodyguards with him. As soon as I walked onto the red carpet, I immediately attracted the attention of many people, but Xia Yu was wearing sunglasses, and many people didn’t recognize it immediately. he comes.

But Uncle Chen Liang and Cousin Chen Bin will not fail to recognize them.

Seeing the arrival of Xia Yu, Uncle Chen Liang quickly greeted him with a smile on his face. Chen Bin and today’s bride Li Lan followed along, leaving Li Lan’s father Li Tenghui in place.

“A’Yu, A’Ming, Xiaomei, you are here!”

“Cousin, cousin, welcome you!”

“Cousin, sister in law is beautiful, just like a fairy!” Xia Xiaomei’s mouth was very sweet, which made Li Lan smile.

“The bride is very temperamental, cousin, you two match well!”

“Cousin, happy wedding! 100 years together!”

Xia Yu smiled and handed a red envelope to Cousin Chen Bin. There was a bank card inside. The money in the card was not too much, only six nines, which meant a long time.

“Thank you!”

“A’Yu, you quickly go in and sit inside, your parents are there to help Zhang Luo, you can see it when you enter.”

Gathering at the door is not good, and after a few simple words, Uncle Chen Liang invited Xia Yu to enter the arena.

When passing by Li Tenghui, facing Li Tenghui’s smile, Xia Yu smiled back.

When Xia Yu brought in his younger brother and sister and bodyguard, Li Tenghui, who was curious, immediately asked Chen Liang, “My nephew, your nephew looks familiar. He doesn’t recognize who he is wearing sunglasses. Bodyguard, very unusual!”

Chen Liang and his son Chen Bin looked at each other, thinking that after today, they might not be able to hide it. Later, Xia Yu will definitely be arranged to sit at the middle table.

He straightened his back and said proudly to Li Tenghui: “My nephew, you should have heard the name, his name is Xia Yu.”

“Xia Yu?”

Li Tenghui was taken aback for a moment, but did not react for a while.

He subconsciously looked at the Xia Yu entire group that was about to disappear from sight, and looked at Chen Liang who was red light across the whole face. An unbelievable thought flashed through his mind, swallowed saliva and said, and he stuttered. Said: “In-law… is that Stock God Xia Yu? 9 Ding… the one from consortium?”

Chen Liang red light across the whole face, proudly nodded, and affirmatively said: “It’s him!”

“My god!”

Hearing Chen Liang’s answer, Li Tenghui only felt a buzz in his mind, exclaimed in disbelief, and his heart beat rapidly.

He asked incredulously: “Is he really your nephew? My dear?”

Chen Liang nodded without hesitation and said: “Of course I am a nephew, I am an elder sister, don’t you know my brother-in-law surnamed Xia!”

Chen Bin also said at this time: “Dad, A’Yu is indeed my cousin, I can open Hengcheng Industry Company, or the initial capital he lent me, and the orders he received were given to me without him. My career won’t start either.”

Although Chen Bin honestly pushed all his achievements to Xia Yu, Li Tenghui didn’t look down on him at all. Instead, his eyes were bright, and Chen Bin’s eyes looked like a golden turtle.

He turned out to be the in-laws of Stock God!

At this moment, Li Lan tugged at Chen Bin’s sleeves and whispered to him: “My dear, someone is here again, is it your guest?”

When Chen Bin took a look, his eyes widened, and seeing the highly discernible face, he quickly said to father Chen Liang and his father-in-law Li Tenghui: “Dad, is that Daheng Huo?”

Chen Liang and Li Tenghui looked over immediately, and Li Tenghui was sure in an instant that it was Henry Fok who came with the bodyguard!

And with him, there is the tycoon Yue-Kong Pao!

And these two people walked straight towards them.

“My husband, did you invite these two big shots?”

Li Tenghui immediately asked Chen Liang in a low voice.

Chen Liang shook his head blankly and denied, “I don’t have one!”

Watching Yue-Kong Pao and Henry Fok walking towards them continuously, Chen Bin whispered: “I heard that Daheng Huo and Daheng Bao have a good relationship with A’Yu. Will it be based on A’Yu’s face? of?”

Chen Liang and Li Tenghui looked at each other, and then the two immediately brought Chen Bin and Li Lan to greet them.

“Mr. Huo, Mr. Pao, welcome you!”

“Haha, Mr. Chen, Mr. Li, congratulations to the two!”

“Congratulations to the two handsome men and women who tied the knot!”

While congratulating Yue-Kong Pao and Henry Fok, they also handed out red envelopes respectively. Chen Liang and Li Tenghui took them with flattering expressions, and repeatedly thanked them.

“Mr. Chen, was Xia Yu in just now?”

“Yes, 2 gentlemen, let me take you in!”

Chen Liang said immediately, and then after Yue-Kong Pao and Henry Fok agreed, they walked in with two people. Li Tenghui looked at the backs of the two big shots and felt that the whole person was floating, which was too unreal…


At the wedding scene, the man’s guest level is relatively low, and his knowledge is not so broad, but Li Tenghui, as the 10000000 million rich people of New Territories, has a higher contacts circle.

In addition, the excited Li Tenghui showed off in a low-key manner. The news that Xia Yu, Yue-Kong Pao, Henry Fok and other three tycoons attended his daughter’s wedding personally shocked the guests.

It’s just that the protagonist of today’s wedding is two newcomers. Xia Yu and the others are very low-key. The three people gathered together and chatted quietly, making people afraid to come in and disturb.

After the wedding, Xia Yu deliberately learned about his cousin’s current situation and learned that his Hengcheng industry company’s assets have reached nearly 8000000 million. In addition to supplying his 9 tripod toy company, he also opened up other businesses, and his career has gradually grown. .

As long as Chen Bin does not make mistakes, and with his backing, there is great hope for Chen Family to become a rich and powerful family in the future.

After the wedding, Xia Yu simply packed up her things and took her family to head north!

According to the route plan, in order to save time, Xia Yu will go directly to the ancestral land in Ganzhou, Jiangxi City. As for the relevant Manager of the Nine Provinces Industrial Group, he will be waiting for him in Ganzhou City, and he will report related work when he has free time.

When Xia Yu’s convoy entered the Jiangxi territory, the former old acquaintance Wu Siming, deputy governor Wu, took the heads of Ganzhou City and Longfeng County to personally receive Xia Yu. After a few Jeep were merged into the convoy, they approached Xia Village, Nanshi Town, Longfeng County, Ganzhou City Drive away.

Compared to two years ago, Longfeng County has undergone great changes. The minimum roads have been repaired. The county roads are flatter and wider. Obviously, some thoughts have been taken on it and the local area. Moreover, the Nine Provinces Fruit Industry Company entered Longfeng County. Ganzhou City makes every effort to improve the environment in Longfeng County.

When Xia Yu entered Nanshi Town, she felt that the changes were more obvious. Along the road, many mountains were reclaimed. The mountains are yellow and green orchard strips.

Father and Mother Xia, who has been fishing for food at sea for half his life, did not see this kind of orchard strip, and curiously asked Xia Yu: “A’Yu, how do those hillsides look like this? What Fruit Tree are they planted?”

Xia Yu smiled and explained to father: “Dad, that’s a strip of navel orange trees. I have a company called Nine Provinces Fruit Company. It has been here for almost 2 years, leading the local development of the navel orange planting industry. By the way Find a way to make a fortune for the clansman of Ancestral Land.”

Xia Dahai said happily: “A’Yu, you did good, this is much better than giving money directly!”

Xia Yu hehe smiled and looked towards the car window, but his thoughts flew to Xia Village a few kilometers away in advance.

I don’t know what Xia Village and the people he cares about after he hasn’t been here for 2 years…

PS: There are not too many plots for mainland.

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