Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1063

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When the caravan of Xia Yu and the others was about to enter Xia Village, he saw a group of people standing at the entrance of the village. It was his uncle Xia Anshan and the others.

After stopping getting out, Xia Yu’s family members were warmly welcomed by the villagers of Xia Village.

“Uncle, uncle, long time no see!”

“This is my dad Xia Dahai, my mom Chen Mei, and this is my younger brother Xia Ming and Younger Sister Xia Xiaomei.”

“Parents, this is Patriarch Xia Anshan Old Master.”

Xia Yu smiled and introduced to both parties.

In the car, Xia Yu has already talked about some of Xia Cun’s relationships with his parents in detail, especially Xia Anshan, the most important character, and even touched on the kinship.

So Xia Dahai immediately used the port to say hello to Xia Anshan: “According to kinship, I should call you cousin, I am father Xia Dahai of A’Yu!”

“A’Yu told me about you, thank you for letting our family recognize ancestors and return to the fold!”

Xia Anshan laughed happily, and said hurriedly: “I’m all from my own family, so I’m not unfamiliar, calling you the sea.”

“The words of thanks should be for us. It is our blessing to be able to return to our hometown, and A’Yu also repaired bridges, paving roads, built schools for us, and led the clansman to make a fortune. This kindness is greater than God!”

Although Xia Dahai was very happy, she said modestly: “Uncle, they are all a family. A’Yu has this ability, and Good Fortune’s hometown should also be.”

Xia Anshan shook his head and said with a smile: “Where is the right thing here…”


After chatting briefly for a while, Xia Anshan greeted Xia Yu and the others and the official people to enter the village.

For a while, happy laughter and cheerful voices sounded in the ancestral hall.

Eating dried peanuts and drinking local camellia, Xia Yu asked about the current situation of Xia Village.

“Uncle, when I came, I saw that the changes in the village were quite big. How is the life of the big guy?”

As soon as these words came out, the local parents and officials sitting aside immediately became nervous, for fear that Xia Yu could not say anything, so that Xia Yu would have an opinion.

Xia Anshan smiled happily, and said happily, “Of course, it’s a good time. As far as the roads and bridges in our village are the best in Longfeng County, it is very convenient to go to the town. Children can also go to school in the village’s primary school. The government arranges very capable teachers…”

“Last year the government contracted land to households, and now every household is planted with navel oranges on the mountains, and there is guidance from your company and experts. Although there is no result yet, the Fruit Tree has grown very well. Everyone is looking forward to it. After finishing my work on the mountain, I can help your company take care of the Fruit Tree and make money…”

As the Head of a Clan, Xia’an Mountain is also the village party secretary of Xia Village. Talking about the various good changes in the village, he couldn’t stop at all.

Many villagers in the ancestral hall echoed from time to time. Although it seemed a bit noisy, whether it was Xia Yu, Wu Siming and the others, they all heard with keen interest pleasure.

As for Xia Anshan’s government’s policy of contracting land to households, Xia Yu had already been understood when he was in Hong Kong last year.

It should be because of his proposal, and the changes in Xiaogang Village were seen in 1979, so the household contract responsibility system came out 2 years ahead of schedule, allowing the productivity of the mainland to be released ahead of schedule.

After Xia Anshan finished speaking, Xia Yu asked curiously: “Uncle, who has the most fruit trees in the village now?”

Without waiting for Xia Anshan’s answer, someone in the surrounding crowd shouted and answered: “It is the Xia Xinhua family that has the most, planting 20 acres of Fruit Trees!”

Xia Anshan also nodded with a smile said: “Xia Xinhua is the most determined and aggressive. He has planted more than 1000 Fruit Trees.”

“Xinhua, take a stool and sit here.”

Soon, Xia Xinhua in the crowd sat aside with a silly smile.

Looking at the grandfather of previous life with a simple smile and grateful glances at herself, Xia Yu smiled and said to him, “Uncle, can you manage more than 1000 trees?”

Xia Xinhua said hurriedly: “It’s okay. Most of the time, there are more management sites. Sometimes when you are out of the office, you can’t be too busy, so you can ask the folks for help.

Xia Yu smiled and nodded, looked towards him, also looked at everyone, and said: “Uncle, and everyone, you can rest assured to plant, I will solve the sales problem here, so that everyone can make money and live a good life. !”

“it is good!”


As soon as Xia Yu finished speaking, the ancestral hall thought of cheers and applause, and the atmosphere in the ancestral hall became more enthusiastic.

After eating a hearty lunch, Xia Yu’s family went to worship the ancestors under the leadership of Xia Anshan.

When worshipping the ancestors, Father Xia, who was in her 40s, was in love with the scene and choked for a while. It was the commotion of the local feelings dissolved in Bloodline.

After worshipping the ancestors, Xia Yu’s family returned to Xia Village’s home, which was an antique rural manor.

This manor with a yard was built after Xia Yu left last time. It was followed up by Zhang 3jun, Company General Manager of Nine Provinces Fruit Industry Co., Ltd. According to Xia Yu, the villagers spontaneously came to help when building this manor. And said that he would not accept any wages.

After a rest for a night, Xia Yu’s family, some clansman in the village, and official people, went to the planting base of Nine Provinces Fruit Industry Co., Ltd.

About 40 minutes later, the entire group came to the planting base and saw the management of the fruit company waiting there. The leader was Zhang 3jun, the company general manager of the fruit industry.

For Zhang 3 Jun, Xia Yu has seen it several times, but because Zhang 3 Jun has a mole on his face, which is very discernible, Xia Yu has a deep impression on him.

“Boss is good!”

“Hello leaders!”

“en! Hello!”

“The 3rd Army, it is up to you to take us to the base to see.”

“Okay, please follow me.”

After speaking, Zhang 3jun led everyone to the planting base. The covering the mountains and the plains were all navel orange Fruit Trees.

While walking, Zhang Sanjun introduced the company to Xia Yu.

“Boss, now our company has planted a total of 50,000 mu of navel oranges in Longfeng County, and there is also a super-large seedling base. We plan to test fruit next year, and the full results will be formally completed the next year. Our plan is to create an annual output value in the next year. Ten industrial clusters of 100000000 million…”

“In order to finely manage our 50,000 acres of navel oranges, we hired more than 4000 farmers…”

“In order to better develop the navel orange industry, the company has now launched the industrial chain building plan and is preparing to build a special packaging plant, a high-end juice production plant, a super-large fruit sorting plant, and a super-large storage warehouse… …”

After Zhang 3jun’s introduction, Xia Yu gave him enough affirmation: “Your plan you did good. Navel orange planting is a long-term local industry. Our company must play a leading role. We can’t patronize making money, but we have to take responsibility. Social responsibility.”

As for the ten 3 million industry clusters mentioned by Zhang 100000000jun, Xia Yu also expressed his approval after calculating in his mind.

The company’s planting plus the scattered navel oranges grown by the villagers in Xia Village add up to more than 50,000 mu. As long as the fruit is officially produced in the following year, all the navel oranges are used for export, instead of selling the 30-plus pieces that they had in Hong Kong in previous years Jin, even at a price of 1/10, can make the output value reach 1 billion RMB.

With his strength in the field of retail and super business, he can digest it, and sales and making money are not a problem. He is more concerned about the positive impact of fruit companies on the local area.

Compared with his reputation and image, this amount of money is self-evident.

“What you taught!” Zhang 3jun replied humbly.

Wu Siming and the others who accompanied Xia Yu showed a knowing smile when they heard Xia Yu’s words.

“Did you encounter any major problems during the planting process?”

Xia Yu stopped in front of a navel orange sapling that was more than 60 cm high, stroking the dark green leaves, carefully observing whether there were any pests or diseases, and after confirming that there were none, he looked towards Zhang 3 Jun and asked.

In the face of Xia Yu’s calm gaze, Zhang Sanjun didn’t intend to speak arbitrarily, and truthfully replied: “Boss, after all, it is the first time for large-scale navel orange cultivation. We encountered many difficulties in this process, but fortunately the government gave us tremendous support. .”

“Now the National Navel Orange Research Center has been established. The manager of the research center is Professor Zhang Wencai. He is also the first expert hired by our company. Under his guidance, all the problems encountered have been solved.”

“Professor Zhang Wencai?”

Xia Yu raised her brow and looked at Zhang 3 Jun, then at Wu Siming and the others.

“Professor Zhang Wencai took the research team up the mountain early in the morning. He is on the mountain now, and I should be able to see it later.”

Zhang 3 The army immediately replied.

Wu Siming added at this time: “Mr. Xia, I know Professor Zhang Wencai. He is a top scientist in agriculture and horticulture. He is one of the founders of the national citrus science. He is 7 17 years old this year and can be described as a national treasure. In order to build Ganzhou’s navel orange industry, the state has issued relevant guidelines and arranged for him to come to Ganzhou. He is currently the Manager of the National Navel Orange Research Center and the Head of the Horticulture Institute of Ganzhou University.”

Xia Yu smiled and said with a smile: “Thank you for the support of the country. Professor Zhang is here. Ganzhou’s navel orange industry will definitely develop, and there is also the most advanced production, education and research system here. I can solve this problem on the market. I believe In another two years, Ganzhou’s navel oranges will surely be able to successfully rush to the world and contribute to 2 local surnames and countries.”

Wu Siming laughed happily and flattered: “All of this is inseparable from Mr. Xia’s support for his hometown. I, on behalf of Ganzhou’s elder locals, thank Mr. Xia!”

“With the support of compatriots with patriotism like Mr. Xia, why not worry about the country’s prosperity!”

Xia Yu smiled and shook her head, and said modestly: “The head of Wu Province, I didn’t do anything.”


After going up the mountain, Xia Yu met Professor Zhang Wencai with silver hair. He was standing in front of a navel orange tree, teaching a group of youngsters.

After Xia Yu met him, she chatted with him.

And Xia Yu’s family and clansman watched it in the vicinity of the strip, especially Xia Ming and Xia Xiaomei. Those who have eaten navel oranges but have not seen the navel orange tree feel very fresh about everything.

After visiting the base around eleven, Xia Yu returned with his family with satisfaction.

After eating at home at noon, he bid farewell to his parents and asked his parents and younger brother and sister to stay in Xia Village temporarily, and he set off for Ganzhou city.

In order to go to the capital in a hurry, he immediately visited Ganzhou University, which he had donated to him, accompanied by Wu Siming and the others.

In the past two years, Ganzhou University has been established.

According to Wu Siming’s introduction, in order to give Ganzhou University a better start, Jiangxi directly merged several established colleges in Ganzhou into Ganzhou University, and Tsinghua University, Yanjing University, Fudan University and other universities are all based on national standards. The instructions ruled out a strong team of professors from assisting Ganzhou University.

And in order to have a better source of students for Ganzhou University, the National Television Station and related newspapers have carried out many publicity to Ganzhou University, making Ganzhou University one of the popular universities for college entrance examination.

Now Ganzhou University has not only recruited a group of freshmen, but also students from 2nd to 4th. The school’s environmental facilities and teaching atmosphere are very good. After a visit, Xia Yu was in a good mood and decided on the spot. Donating 50 million RMB to Ganzhou University for the construction of the school and the procurement of top-level scientific research facilities made Wu Siming and the Principal of Ganzhou University laugh from ear to ear, and thank Xia Yu again and again.

In two days, what Ganzhou saw and heard made Xia Yu very satisfied. His previous life and hometown in this life were full of hope under his interference!

After dinner that night, Xia Yu got on the special train that goes directly to the capital…

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