Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1064

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Although the various decorations inside the special train are top-notch, the 80s railway is indeed inferior to the later generation, and it is really annoying to stay on the train for a long time.

Fortunately, the special train did not need to stop for the whole journey, so it took ten or eight hours. At 8:12 pm next day, the train arrived at Guodu Railway Station.

As soon as Xia Yu got off the train, she received a warm welcome from Director Liu Zhihe and the others who had been waiting for a long time on the platform.

“Mr. Xia, you are welcome to come to Guodu again. The bumpy train made you suffer. Please forgive me!”

Xia Yu shook hands with Liu Zhihe, and serene said with a smile: “Everything I suffer is from a junior. The train is much more comfortable than the boat I took when I was young.”

“It’s me who is forgiving. It’s really sorry to ask you to pick me up on a transfer.”

Liu Zhihe hurriedly said: “Mr. Xia, you are our distinguished guest. We should give you the highest reception. Now the conditions here are simple, so you don’t need to be surprised.”

“No, no …”

After a few simple greetings, the feeling of strangeness that I hadn’t seen in 2 years gradually melted away.

Liu Zhihe asked Xia Yu to get on the bus and the convoy went to the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse where Xia Yu stayed 2 years ago.

After enjoying a perfect lunch at Xia Yu, Xia Yu took a walk in the gardens of the Diaoyutai State Guest House, while Liu Zhihe accompanied Xia Yu during the whole journey.

“Mr. Xia, the meeting time is set at 9:30 am tomorrow. Do you have any plans this afternoon? If so, please tell me, I will make every effort to arrange it.”

After strolling a section of the road, Liu Zhihe said to Xia Yu when he walked into the pavilion.

Xia Yu is one of the VIP guests of mainland. During Xia Yu’s time in the capital, Liu Zhihe had only two tasks. One was to do a good job as a liaison officer, and the second was to accompany Xia Yu well so that he could stay comfortable in the country. Freely.

As mentioned above, as long as Xia Yu’s request is not a violation of principle, he must do his best to satisfy it, and he has obtained special approval, so other departments can cooperate fully at any time.

Xia Yu thought for a while and said, “Director Liu, can you take me out to visit Beijing 4.”

Liu Zhihe said without hesitation: “Of course no problem!”

“Go now?”

“En!” Xia Yu nodded responded.

After that, Liu Zhihe immediately arranged a vehicle and started to wander around Beijing with Xia Yu.

Beijing in 81 is very different from the later generation. There is no steel jungle of later generation. There are basically several floors of houses on the second side of the road. There are basically no cars on the empty roads, and there are very few motorcycles. The basics are 2 2 bars.

Unlike Pengcheng in the south of mainland, there are already many cars on the road.

Regarding the status quo of Beijing, Xia Yu can understand that although it has been 3 years since the announcement of reform and opening up, Beijing is a special existence. It is the center of political power in the country and people who hold different positions on the issue of economic development. There are too many. The older generation’s ideas have been deeply rooted and cannot be changed easily.

“Hey, is this coming to Tiananmen Square soon?”

Looking at some familiar roads, Xia Yu looked from a distance and said in surprise.

Liu Zhihe, who was sitting next to him, immediately said, “Yes, it’s already going to Tiananmen Square, Mr. Xia, do you want to park there?”

Xia Yu just wanted to say yes. Suddenly he saw a special building. He immediately asked Liu Zhihe: “Director Liu, where is there?”

“Oh, there is the China Revolutionary History Museum, which was formed by the merger of the 1969 China Revolution Museum and the China History Museum.”

Liu Zhihe followed Xia Yu’s gaze and immediately replied.

Xia Yu suddenly became interested and said to Liu Zhihe: “Director Liu, let’s go there and have a look.”


“Park in front of the museum!”

Liu Zhihe complied and immediately instructed the soldier who drove.

Soon, the red flag car stopped in front of the China Revolutionary History Museum.

After Xia Yu getting out, under the leadership of Liu Zhihe, he entered the museum. At the same time, Liu Zhihe also invited the Hall Master Yan 4hai, an old man in his 50s with eyes, to introduce the museum to Xia Yu.

Under Yan 4hai’s introduction, Xia Yu learned about the China Revolutionary History Museum. This National Museum in front of Tiananmen originated from the National History Museum, which was built in 1912, and was later renamed China Academy of Peking History in 1929. The museum was renamed the Beijing History Museum after the founding of the People’s Republic of China. In 1958, the country decided to establish the China History Museum on this basis, and then merged with the China Revolution Museum in September 1969, which is what it now looks like.

As the National Museum in front of Tiananmen Square, it represents the face of Chinese culture to a large extent. After all, when foreigners come to Beijing, Tiananmen Square is almost a must.

Therefore, the collection in the China Revolutionary History Museum is very rich. In addition to the historical relics related to the revolution, there are also very rich historical relics. In Xia Yu’s view, there are not a few national treasures, which can definitely surpass the current Kowloon Cultural Museum.

As he walked, he stopped in front of a door and looked a little surprised at the words hanging on the door.

I saw 5 words written on it-Foreign Guest Service Department.

Seeing Xia Yu stopping, Yan 4hai took the initiative to introduce: “Mr. Xia, Director Liu, this foreign guest service department mainly receives foreign guests and sells some painter’s paintings.”

Xia Yu was a little surprised: “The museum still sells paintings. Are they ancient or modern?”

Faced with the unintentional problem of Xia Yu, Yan 4hai was a little embarrassed, but Liu Zhihe was here. He also realized that this was an opportunity to ask for funds to improve the status quo of the museum, so he immediately said: “Mr. Xia, we are a museum. Ancient paintings will certainly not be sold. The main ones sold here are modern paintings. It provides a place for artists from the Academy of Fine Arts and the Fine Arts Association to sell calligraphy and painting.”

“Artists also have to live. The foreign guests who come to visit do not understand the situation in our country. Many foreign guests will propose to buy some culture to take back. So we cooperate with the artists so that the artists can make a living and the museum can earn some money. Funds are used to receive foreign guests.”

When Yan 4 Hai said this, Liu Zhihe’s expression was a little embarrassed. He glanced at Xia Yu subconsciously and found that Xia Yu didn’t care at all, but instead showed an expression of interest.

At this time, Xia Yu really came to be interested. There are many masters among artists at this time.

Masters such as Qi Baishi and Xu Beihong are already not in, but Masters such as Chang Dai-chien, Li Kuchan, and Li Keran are still alive. I don’t know if there are any of their calligraphy and paintings!

If so, how much is the selling price now?

Thinking of the master’s paintings of later generation as tens of millions or even a few 100000000, he has a begin to stir in his heart. Will there be a treasure in it?

Thinking of this, Xia Yu immediately said to Yan 4hai: “Chairman Yan, can I go in and have a look?”

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