Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1065

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“Of course no problem, please!”

After speaking, Yan 4hai said a please gesture, and then walked in with Xia Yu and Liu Zhihe and the others.

After turning a few turns along the corridor, Xia Yu found that this is another building, the annex of the Equivalent to China Revolutionary History Museum. In addition to the guest house and restaurant, there is also a special calligraphy and painting exhibition hall.

The calligraphy and painting exhibition hall is exactly the goal of Xia Yu.

After walking in the progress hall, the scene in front of me makes Xia Yu eyes shined.

I saw many people standing in the huge exhibition hall. Except for a dozen foreigners, most of them were old men of a certain age, admiring the calligraphy and paintings on the walls.

Xia Yu glanced, and conservatively estimated that there were at least a few hundred calligraphy and paintings hanging in this huge exhibition hall. Some were only a few feet long and wide, and of course there were paintings 100-50 meters long. Just a glance, Xia Yu recognized these calligraphy and paintings. Almost a boutique!

Xia Yu went straight to the front of a drawing. It was an ink painting. It was a group of shrimps cruising, with different postures, lifelike and full of charm. It painted the shrimps leisurely swimming and the vivid and lively feeling of “being in it”. The artistic conception of taste and poetry.

This shrimp is well drawn!

Xia Yu looked towards the words in the lower right corner and the red seal.

There are not many words, only two, but it makes Xia Yu eyes shined.


There is a 4 4 square red seal under the word. There are not many lines in the word, but Xia Yu can still see it. The upper left corner is the stone word, and the lower right corner is the white word.

This is Qi Baishi’s chapter!

Sure enough, the introduction of Yan 4hai that sounded at this time confirmed Xia Yu’s judgment.

“Mr. Xia, this drawing is Qi Baishi Old Mister’s painting. We have several Qi Baishi Old Mister drawings in our museum. Because of the area of ​​the exhibition hall, only a dozen of them are displayed. The size of this painting is considered medium.”

Hearing that the museum actually collected a few 100 Qi Baishi Old Mister paintings, Xia Yu was a little surprised and curiously asked: “Then what is the price of Qi Baishi Old Mister’s drawing?”

Yan 4 Hai Lima said, “This drawing is for sale for 2 yuan?”

Xia Yu stared slightly, thinking that she had heard it wrong, looked at Yan 4hai, and asked again: “2 100 yuan RMB?”

Yan 4hai thought that Xia Yu was too expensive, he quickly explained: “Mr. Xia, Qi Baishi’s Old Mister paintings are indeed at this price, mainly because his old man has passed away for more than 20 years, and his paintings are sold for one less than one. , And his old man’s reputation is relatively large, so the price is more expensive.”

“Like the current Master Li Keran’s paintings, because he continues to create, so the price will be much cheaper. The fine works are 5 yuan a foot, and the early paintings can be bought for 8 yuan or 9 yuan.”

“If you want to buy this drawing, I can discount you half the price!”

Hearing what Yan 4hai said, Liu Zhihe glanced at him dissatisfiedly, and hurriedly added: “Mr. Xia, if you like this drawing, I can give it to you directly on behalf of the museum. Here you can see which one you like. You can take it away!”

Yan 4hai heard Liu Zhihe say this, and took a look at the latter and found that Liu Zhihe kept winking at him. He immediately changed his words and said, “Yes, Mr. Xia, you are our distinguished guest. Just take any drawing you need, I Let someone wrap it up for you now”

Xia Yu somewhat didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. Seeing Yan 4 Hai seemed to be planning to call someone, he waved his hand to stop him.

“Director Yan, Director Liu, you don’t need to be like that. If you don’t have any rules, don’t mention it if you give it away. I will buy it if I want it!”

“Let’s go see the painting over there!”

After that, Xia Yu stepped forward, ignoring Qi Baishi’s drawing.

Liu Zhihe and Yan 4 Hai looked at each other in blank dismay. I don’t know if Xia Yu likes this drawing.

Two people can only quickly follow in the footsteps of Xia Yu.

Next, Xia Yu stopped in front of many screens. Yan 4hai would give an introduction. Xia Yu inevitably asked the price, and Yan 4hai would answer truthfully.

After some understanding, Xia Yu looked at the Master’s calligraphy and paintings all around, and there was an emotion in her heart that seemed to be gushing out, which was worthless and regretful for them.

These domestic masters who are late or are still alive are very famous, but their masterpieces are sold in the National Revolutionary History Museum at low prices.

According to Yan 4hai, many artists take the initiative to sell their paintings here in order to make a living, because selling to foreign guests can have a higher price and can also contribute to the country.

But what about the price?

Li Keran’s paintings range from 7 yuan to 8 5 yuan a foot.

Li Kuchan’s painting is more than ten yuan per foot.

Wu Zuoren’s paintings are 6 yuan a chi.

Lin Fengmian’s painting is 3 yuan a chi.

Chang Dai-chien’s paintings cost more than ten yuan a chi.

And what about the works of the late Master?

Qi Baishi’s shrimp pictures, Xu Beihong’s steed paintings, Pan Tianshou’s flower and bird pictures, Wu Changshuo’s calligraphy and paintings, Huang Binhong’s landscape paintings… the price ranges from tens of yuan to a few 100 yuan. (This is a real thing. Some people have scanned more than 200,000, and the later generation is worth a few 100 100000000)

this era……

Hey, it’s all caused by poverty!

Seeing Xia Yu staying there for a long time without speaking, Liu Zhihe was a little worried and asked in a low voice: “Mr. Xia, what’s wrong with you?”

Xia Yu woke up and looked at the worried expressions of Liu Zhihe and Yan 4hai. He smiled, shook his head and said, “It’s nothing, just thought of something.”

After speaking, he looked towards Yan 4 Hai, and asked in a puzzled manner: “Curator Yan, I have a question for you.”

“Mr. Xia, please speak!” Yan 4 Hailima said.

“You just said that the income from selling calligraphy and paintings here is mainly used to improve the budget of the museum and to entertain foreign guests. These calligraphy and paintings are sold for such a price, is the income enough? Can they be sold?” Xia Yu asked.

Yan 4 Hai somewhat embarrassed, looked at Liu Zhihe again, sighed said: “Mr. Xia, let’s not tell you, the income from selling calligraphy and painting is definitely not enough. According to the above requirements, we have to receive foreign guests when the museum comes. It’s 3 yuan per person, but how can the 3 yuan be enough? The difference will be solved from the income here, but the Chinese don’t have much money and can’t buy many paintings, and the foreign guests don’t understand the culture of our country. Buy less.”

“Up to now, it is almost out of business. As a national museum, it is embarrassing to sell calligraphy and paintings here, but we are the hope of many artists, so we can’t do it now.”

Hearing Yan 4hai’s words, Liu Zhihe glanced at Xia Yu awkwardly.

I saw that Xia Yu expression was a bit complicated, and I didn’t know what I was thinking.

After a while, Xia Yu let out a long sigh and glanced at the calligraphy and paintings all around, and then the expression solemnly said to Yan 4hai: “Curator Yan, I want to buy calligraphy and painting!”

Yan 4hai glanced at Liu Zhihe and found that the latter was nodded to him. He beamed with joy and asked, “Mr. Xia, which calligraphy and painting do you like?”

Xia Yu glanced at all around, lightly spit out 2 words: “All.”


Yan 4 Hai was startled, blinked, and asked uncertainly: “Mr. Xia, do you mean that there are 100 calligraphy and paintings hanging here?”

Xia Yu shake the head, just when Yan 4hai was a little disappointed, what Xia Yu said shocked him completely.

“I mean all the calligraphy and paintings that you take out in your museum, the ones that are hung here, and those that are not, I want them all!”

When these words came out, not only Yan 4hai was shocked, but even Liu Zhihe was stunned by Xia Yu’s operation.

It’s not that Yan 4 Hai has never seen a person who buys calligraphy and painting here at great generosity, but it is the first time that he has seen someone like Xia Yu who has said everything.

“Mr. Xia, a conservative estimate, we have a few 10000 paintings, are you sure you want them?”

Xia Yu slightly nodded, said with a light smile: “It’s just a few 10000 pieces. I want them. If you can offer more, I want them. Anyway, I want as many as there are!”

“I have a museum in Hong Kong, which is large enough to collect 1000000 cultural relics and works of art. It is still empty now. I just bought some calligraphy and painting to fill it in.”

After Xia Yu was confirmed, Yan 4 Hai’s surprise smile on his face could not be concealed. He quickly said: “Mr. Xia, you can rest assured that our museum is in cooperation with China Fine Arts Academy, China Fine Arts Association and other schools and institutions. The works cannot be taken into our place. They still have a lot of works there. If you need them, I can take them all!”

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