Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1066

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Xia Yu said with a smile: “Okay, Curator Yan, then I have to trouble you, no matter how many calligraphy and paintings you can bring, I want it, and you can get the specific price. I trust you and I will arrange it later. People contact you.”

Yan 4 Hai Busi happily nodded: “Mr. Xia, no trouble, please rest assured, I will definitely handle this.”

Liu Zhihe also said at this time: “Mr. Xia, we will also check it for you.”

Xia Yu waved his hand and said nonchalantly, “Dr. Liu, you don’t need to be so troublesome. You know I don’t lack this money. As long as I don’t lose this money to the museum, I don’t want to lose this money to the masters, otherwise my conscience will not make it through.”

Director Liu replied again and again, no longer mentioning it, but he still gave Yan 4hai a look at the moment Xia Yu turned around.

Yan 4 Hai busy knows nodded.

To be able to accompany Liu Zhihe throughout the journey, Xia Yu must be a VIP guest of the mainland. There is no need for Liu Zhihe to mention anything. Yan 4hai also knows what to do. No matter when, political tasks are above all else, this concept has penetrated his bones.

And now it is really difficult for him to deal with these calligraphy and paintings here. Xia Yu is willing to buy them all, which has given the museum a huge help, and he is content.

In Yan 4hai’s thanks, Xia Yu and Liu Zhihe went out, and the red flag car drove away from the National Revolutionary History Museum.

After getting in the car, Xia Yu, who had picked up at least “a few 100 100000000 million”, was very happy and smiled unconsciously on her face.

Seeing Xia Yu in a good mood, thinking of what Xia Yu said in the museum just now, Liu Zhihe heart moved and pretended to ask with interest: “Mr. Xia, you are building the Kowloon Cultural Museum in Hong Kong, I am in mainland I also heard that it contains a national treasure-level “Yongle Dadian”, which is more than the Forbidden City?”

Xia Yu laughed and said modestly: “That is to say, the number of “Yongle Dadian” is more than that of the Forbidden City. In other respects, the shoes for The Palace Museum are not worthy.”

“Although my Kowloon Cultural Museum is famous in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia, it still has a long way to grow. It has only collected more than 10000 cultural relics. Even if I add a few 10000 calligraphy and paintings now, it will only be a few 10000. Unlike The Palace Museum, which has a collection of 1000000 pieces, and each piece is a fine piece of the finest, I can’t compare it!”

Liu Zhihe smiled and flattered and said: “Mr. Xia is humble. With your financial resources, it is not difficult to fill the collection of the Kowloon Cultural Museum to more than 1000000 pieces.”

Xia Yu shook his head with a bitter smile, and sighed: “Dr. Liu, it is not so easy. I want to buy back as much Chinese cultural relics as possible and build the Kowloon Cultural Museum into a stage to showcase Chinese culture. But what The acquisition of overseas cultural relics is difficult.”

Liu Zhihe immediately said: “Mr. Xia, it is very difficult to buy Chinese cultural relics overseas, but the difficulty is still very small in mainland. If you need large quantities of cultural relics, you may wish to consider state-owned cultural relics stores.”

“Antiquities store?”

Xia Yu became interested, and under Liu Zhihe’s reminder, he also realized this good opportunity that he had overlooked.

It seems that in the 7 80s, mainland has a cultural relics store that sells cultural relics, and the purpose seems to be to earn foreign exchange.

Liu Zhihe nodded said: “Yes, the cultural relics store is the only designated store for cultural relics in the country.”

Xia Yu asked with interest: “Director Liu, can you tell me more about it?”

Seeing Xia Yu’s interest, Liu Zhihe lifted his spirits and carefully described the situation of the cultural relic store: “Mr. Xia, the cultural relic store is…”

As Liu Zhihe continued to talk about it, Xia Yu also understood the cultural relics store. Although Liu Zhihe was an official person, his attitude was biased towards the official when he said it, but combined with some understanding of later generation, Xia Yu can also have his own judgment.

In general, the cultural relics store is now the nation’s only platform for the acquisition and trading of cultural relics established by the country. This is the only channel. If it is sold to other places, it is speculative and violates national laws. In addition, no other units or people dare to ask for it. .

The law only stipulates that what is buried in the ground belongs to the state, but there should not be too many cultural relics circulated by the people. This is private property and the people can sell it.

In order to regulate the cultural relics market and to protect precious cultural relics as much as possible, the state has set up cultural relics stores to purchase cultural relics.

After the acquisition, the precious cultural relics will be handed over to the museum from the cultural relics stores in various places, and the inferior ones will be sold to foreign guests as commodities in exchange for the precious foreign exchange needed for national construction.

It is also worth noting that the people of mainland can sell cultural relics in cultural relics stores, but they cannot buy them in cultural relics stores. Cultural relics stores only sell cultural relics to foreign guests, because only foreign guests have foreign exchange.

It is worth mentioning that, considering the difficulty in selling cultural relics, cultural relics stores are not all are welcome. The Foreign Trade Acquisition Department issues numbers for a limited time. A certain number of numbers are issued every day. If no number is listed, cultural relics stores will not accept them. Up.

Moreover, cultural relics stores are also very picky about buying cultural relics, regardless of whether they are old cultural relics, anyway, as long as they are damaged or flawed, they will not be accepted.

No way, who has allowed the mainland to collect too many cultural relics? Even with such restrictions, there are queues waiting to sell cultural relics in front of cultural relic stores from night to morning.

Therefore, Liu Zhihe also assured Xia Yu that, if he needs it, although the best cultural relics in the cultural relics store are already in the museum, the others are not bad. It is a good choice to fill the museum.

After listening to Liu Zhihe’s words, Xia Yu was of course tempted.

He not at all disliked that the cultural relics store was not the boutique in the boutique, because he thought of a very critical question.

There are so many cultural relic stores across the country. He doesn’t believe that every cultural relic store is equipped with a master of all kinds of proficient palms.

Therefore, in the cultural relics stores across the country, there must be counterfeit copies of Republic of China, and there are also misread boutiques.

Whether it is a counterfeit or a treasure, at the current price, it is a few tens of dollars. At this price, buying a counterfeit from the Republic of China and putting it in the later generation is worth a lot of money. Anyway, you make a profit.

Thinking of this, Xia Yu didn’t hesitate, and immediately said to Liu Zhihe: “Director Liu, I want to buy these cultural relics. 100,000 pieces are not too small, and 1000000 pieces are not too much. Anyway, I want as many as I want, and I am worried that my museum is still empty. Yes, I use foreign exchange for all the acquisition funds. The type of foreign exchange is whatever you want.”

“Moreover, instead of buying these cultural relics by foreigners who don’t know how to appreciate, not equal to me, they bought them all and put them in the museum to realize the value of cultural communication. Hong Kong people need these things to experience the shining culture of China and accept the spirit baptism.”

When the latter words were said, Liu Zhihe eyes shined, and he realized the political value of it.

If Xia Yu’s words are fed back up, he is sure that the above will definitely mobilize cultural relics to sell to Xia Yu, not only can earn foreign exchange, but also can play a more significant political value, which is 10000 times better than selling to foreigners!

Therefore, he said without hesitation: “Mr. Xia, don’t worry, I will report your ideas, and I will tell you as soon as the results are available!”

Xia Yu smiled and thanked: “Then I will trouble you.”

Later, when it was too early to see, the energetic Xia Yu was accompanied by Liu Zhihe, went to the Liuli Factory, saw the cultural and entertainment market that had begun to thrive, and also saw the state-run Rong with a history of more than 300 years. Baozhai, according to Liu Zhihe, the 3 characters of Rongbaozhai are still engraved with Guo Moruo’s calligraphy ink as the standard.

There, Xia Yu saw the team selling cultural relics to the cultural relics store, and also saw the current value of the cultural relics, a piece of “300” porcelain-a large porcelain bottle with double ears and slippery shoulders about 1.5 metres in height. The purchase price ranges from a few yuan to a dozen yuan, this price is simply not too low!

After walking around in the afternoon, Xia Yu had a deep understanding of the current status of the mainland’s cultural relics, and he had already made up his mind to make two plans.

On the one hand, let the government come forward to collect the cultural relics from the cultural relics store and sell it to him. On the other hand, let the mainland establish a special company to privately purchase the cultural relics and store them. Whether it is put in a museum, or for later Sotheby’s Auction House enters the mainland as a background. s Choice.


Next morning, Xia Yu met with the executive of the mainland. The atmosphere during the whole process was very peaceful. Xia Yu grasped the yardstick and satisfied the mainland, but also obtained a great space for himself.

And as he expected, mainland hopes that he can stabilize Hong Kong as much as possible and play a positive role in Hong Kong’s future.

The former is what Xia Yu is doing and planning, the latter is what he is going to do right away, and there is a deep connection between the two.

Therefore, Xia Yu agreed to do his best, and decided to leave for the United Kingdom immediately after returning to Hong Kong to do all these things, and ask mainland to wait for a while and wait for his results.

Mainland agreed, and also accepted Xia Yu’s love, so that his goal of going north was achieved.

After the meeting, Xia Yu received a grand reception again, and during the meal, he reached an agreement with mainland on the purchase of cultural relics. Mainland will try its best to mobilize cultural relics from cultural relics stores across the country to sell to Xia Yu, and the price will be higher than that of foreigners. Some discounts.

Xia Yu doesn’t care about some discounts, but since the mainland executive will make a statement about this, it means that his cultural relics trading with mainland is not only a business, but also a political task.

As long as the mainland is serious, then this matter will definitely have a good result.

Xia Yu has made up his mind to go back and immediately explain to Huashengshi to expand the team so that it can receive an extremely large number of cultural relics.

In the afternoon of the same day, Xia Yu boarded the return train in a warm farewell to mainland.

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