Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1067

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After returning to Hong Kong, Xia Yu took a day off, and then boarded the plane to London.

This time, considering that what he did in United Kingdom might be risky, Xia Yu did not bring Li Qian with him, but only brought a large number of bodyguards.

Not only that, secretly, Ma Qianjun had already sent more people to Europe Luo Wang branch in advance according to Xia Yu’s instructions to protect Xia Yu’s safety in secret.

When the Boeing 747 aircraft with Cathay Pacific printed on it landed at London Heathrow International Airport, it was already more than 3:00 pm.

When Xia Yu came out of the VIP passage with a group of bodyguards, she suddenly heard a cry of surprise.

“Hey, Master, I’m here!”

Xia Yu followed the prestige, with a bright smile on her face.

It was Elena and Henry 2’s siblings and their bodyguards, and the shouting was of course Henry, who was running towards Xia Yu.

As for Elena, she is better than Henry. She has been trained in strict aristocratic etiquette, carrying a white skirt, and trotting towards him with brisk steps.

Seeing Elena’s face filled with joy, Xia Yu’s heart touched, her eyes softened and she speeded up her pace to walk towards her.

“Master, I finally saw you again. It’s great. I planned to go to Hong Kong to find you during my long vacation…”

Seeing Henry pulling Li Wuming with excitement and talking about Danger Land, Xia Yu and Elena met and couldn’t help laughing.

“Elena, long time no see, miss you so much!”

Xia Yu’s eyes were soft, her brows were smiling, and she said softly.

“me too!”

Elena’s white face was blushing, and Shui Lingling’s beautiful eyes looked straight at Xia Yu. Although she didn’t say the words of missing her, all her emotions had already been passed to Xia Yu through her eyes.

Looking at each other for a moment, Xia Yu opened her hand to Elena, leaning forward slightly, Elena hugged Xia Yu very naturally.

The faces of the two people pressed together gently, and when Xia Yu was about to kiss Elena’s forehead, Elena suddenly raised her head.

Xia Yu froze slightly, and then the expression naturally touched Elena.

Seeing that the bright red color on Elena’s face became more and more obvious, her gaze also slightly avoided, Xia Yu smiled slightly, pretending not to see.

Familiar friends usually use hugs to express intimacy. Of course, there are also kisses. Generally, it is a kiss on the forehead or cheek of the recipient. Only when the relationship is very close and happy , Will give a kissing ceremony, and leave with a touch, expressing affection and condolences.

Although I haven’t seen each other for a long time, Xia Yu and Elena almost talked on the phone every day.

Distance produces beauty. Two people are ten thousand li apart. Relying on a telephone line, the relationship gets closer and closer. In the unnoticeable influence, the relationship between the two people has become very close.

It is precisely because of this that Elena will let Xia Yu give a kissing ceremony in full view. If she is not excited to a certain extent, she will not behave like this.

at this time.

“Hey, Xia Yu, are you planning to stand in the sun with my elder sister stupidly?”

Seeing Henry with his hands on his hips and speaking to himself in an adult tone, Xia Yu laughed blankly.

Before Elena wanted to speak, he rubbed Henry’s hair and said, “Henry, why are you here today?”

Henry twisted the beginning so that Xia Yu couldn’t rub his hair with his hands, rolled the eyes, and said solemnly in a disgusting tone: “Today is Saturday, no class, why can’t I come?”

“And I’m not here to pick you up, I’m here to meet my Master.”

“Also, don’t touch my head, this is not a gentleman’s behavior!”

Xia Yu and the somewhat helpless Elena looked at each other and couldn’t help laughing.

“Well, I apologize to you!”

“I won’t touch your head next time!”

“So now, Mr. Henry, where are we going? To my house or to yours?”

Henry glanced at his elder sister, spread his hand, shrugged and said, “I can do it. I suggest you ask my elder sister about this.”

Xia Yu laughed and looked towards Elena.

Elena smiled softly and said softly: “Xia Yu, go to your place, you still have so much luggage, you have to put it home first.”

“Okay, let’s go then!”

Having said that, Xia Yu got in the car with the entire group of Elena and went to his manor in the suburbs of London.


Although Xia Yu hasn’t been to London for a long time, butler still has butler and Fred takes care of his servant.

When seeing Xia Yu coming back, Fred and the others were very happy. After busying, they set up luggage and made tea for Xia Yu, and began to prepare for a sumptuous dinner.

As for Henry, after sitting for less than two minutes, he took Li Wuming out.

When butler saw that it was okay to go down, Xia Yu and Elena were left in the huge living room.

“Elena, did you have a good time in the past?”

Xia Yu dialed an orange, broke it in half and handed it to Elena, and asked with a faint smile.

Elena took the orange, looked at Xia Yu, said with a faint smile: “It’s not bad, I have a more fulfilling work and life.”

“And when you are bored, aren’t you still calling me?”

After that, Elena blinked big eyes at Xia Yu, with a playful and cute feeling.

“What about you?”

“You everyday all have to deal with so many company matters. Although you don’t tell me on the phone, it must be very hard, right?”

Seeing Elena’s concerned eyes, Xia Yu warmed her heart and said truthfully: “When things are urgent, they will be a little tired, but most of the time it’s easier. I have many subordinates with outstanding ability. They take most of the pressure for me. .”

“On the contrary, it is you. I heard George say that you don’t know how to relax when you are at work. You are always working. He reminded you many times.”

Elena laughed and blinked at Xia Yu and said, “This is your company. You put me in such an important position. Of course I have to work hard.”

Xia Yu couldn’t help but shook his head and laughed.


I talked for a while.

Elena asked Xia Yu: “Xia Yu, come to London this time, how long do you plan to stay here?”

What Elena didn’t realize was that when she asked this question, because of too much tension, Yushou clenched the skirt subconsciously.

Xia Yu saw Elena’s concern. He said with a smile: “I will stay in Europe for at least 2 months. As for the future, I haven’t decided yet.”

After getting this answer, Elena smiled joyfully and murmured happily: “2 months? It will be Christmas…”


Because I cared too much, Elena heard every word Xia Yu said clearly. After thinking about it, he still didn’t ask any more. Anyway, as long as it is in Europe, no matter what country it is in, it is much closer than in Hong Kong.

This answer is much better than expected…

That night, Elena and Henry did not go back at all, but spent the night at Xia Yu’s house.

After dinner, Xia Yu and Elena sat on the lawn to watch the stars, chatting about work, life, and various interesting things. I don’t know when, the two people hugged each other, but the sober-minded Xia Yu restrained Lived, just to make Elena’s lips brighter that’s all.

This evening, the relationship between the two people got closer again.

The next morning, after enjoying a hearty breakfast, Xia Yu and Elena drove to London City.

I haven’t been to London for so long. Before I act, it’s time to sort out my assets in United Kingdom…

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