Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1068

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Because the suburban manor is a certain distance from the London Financial City, even if Xia Yu and the others set off early, when they arrived at the headquarters of the Bright Fund Company, it was already 10:00 am and 20%, which was spent on the road. about an hour.

As soon as I got out of the elevator, I ran into George Berkeley, who immediately greeted Xia Yu in surprise.

“Boss, good morning!”

“George, long time no see, you look good in spirit!”

Xia Yu stepped out of the elevator, looked at George Berkeley, said with a light smile.

George Berkeley immediately replied wit: “Because of Boss, you are back. This is the most exciting thing today. What a pleasant surprise!”

Xia Yu laughed dumbfounded, not seeing him for a while, George Berkeley’s kung fu is good!

He didn’t intend to entangle these details, and asked: “George, it looks like you are in a hurry now?”

George Berkeley shook his head quickly and said, “Boss, it’s just a matter of work. Don’t worry, I’ll accompany you to the office first.”

Xia Yu didn’t refuse. The entire company must be the most important thing for him. In the past half of the morning, he had to hurry up and learn more about the situation.

Then nodded said: “Then go!”

After that, Xia Yu took Elena and her bodyguard to his office, and George Berkeley quickly followed.

As soon as he arrived at the office, Xia Yu asked George Berkeley to bring him the company’s development and assets.

Henry couldn’t sit still. After his elder sister told him not to leave the company, he turned around in the company.

Before long, George Berkeley came in with a file box, which he had just taken out of the safe.

“Boss, last month I went through a comprehensive review of the company’s assets. This is the company’s log and a brief list of assets.”

After speaking, George Berkeley handed the file box in his hand to Xia Yu.

“In addition to the things you reported to me on the phone before, are there any more important things that happened?”

In order to save time, Xia Yu asked while opening the file box and took out the files inside.

“Recently, there is also one thing that is very important. It is the promotion of privatization of the telecommunications industry. Now it is the second critical period. I am working hard on this.”

George Berkeley thought for a while and said.

Xia Yu just opened the file and wanted to browse it. When he heard this, he moved for a while, concentrated his attention, raised his head and looked towards George Berkeley, contemplating for a moment and said, “I remember you told me, last month The government passed the new United Kingdom Telecommunications Act. On the 1st of this month, the government led the spin-off of postal and telecommunications, establishing the United Kingdom Telecommunications Company and the Royal Mail Company, and at the same time abolished the United Kingdom Telecommunications Company’s operations and services on the communication network. Monopoly.”

“So, the government is now preparing to establish a second telecommunications company in China, right?”

George Berkeley nodded said: “Yes, according to the news I got from the government and the news from Duke Howard, the government is now preparing to establish a new telecommunications company.”

“Moreover, in order to speed up efficiency, the Prime Minister has privately said that a new telecommunications company will be established within half a month.”

“I had already phoned Duke Howard yesterday, and I am going to meet him this afternoon to discuss how to compete for this company.”

After thinking a little bit, Xia Yu said, “Is there a lot of pressure on this company now?”

George Berkeley heavily nodded, facial expression grave said: “Yes, this company is different from the Great Eastern Telecom that we took down before. Everyone knows that the domestic telecom market in United Kingdom will have a very good prospect, so yes. There are many people in this company who have ideas.”

“And I asked Duke Howard. He told me that the Bank of Barings is no longer eligible to compete, because Bank of Barings already holds 20% of Dadong Telecom’s equity shares, and the government believes that Bank of Barings is not strong enough to support the development of two telecom companies. .”

“Moreover, the privatization of telecommunications companies is to break the monopoly and revitalize the United Kingdom telecommunications sector. Only by falling into healthy competition can the British people gain benefits and the United Kingdom telecommunications companies to go out of the country.”

“At this time, the government also needs a bank as the core to support the development of a new telecommunications company. A new telecommunications company does require huge investment.”

“So now we are facing a difficult problem. Although Duke Howard and Prince Philip are also interested in new telecommunications companies, our strengths cannot be concentrated and we lack a bank entity.”

“Although we still have Standard Chartered Bank and Royal Bank of Scotland, they are not shareholders. With us alone, it is difficult to compete with stronger banks such as Lloyds Bank and Barclays Bank.”

From George Berkeley’s explanation in such detail, Xia Yu knows the difficulty.

There are too many Great Family in United Kingdom. Last time, in order to compete with the Great Eastern Telecom Company, he, Duke Howard, and Prince Philip cooperated in a raid, and the 50% of the shares that the government took out were still used by others. People took 10% 2.

And this time, they are likely to fight on their own. After all, the common interest body, the Bank of Barings, has already lost the qualification to compete in advance.

As for his Standard Chartered Bank and Royal Bank of Scotland, Rothschild Family has not been cleared out. Although he is greedy for new telecommunications companies, he still does not lose the interests of the bank.

Especially Royal Bank of Scotland, his equity shares are less than 2/3. He welcomes Duke Howard and Prince Philip to join, but equity shares cannot be sold from him!

If it is also Rothschild Family, spit out equity shares!

Having said that, even Royal Bank of Scotland and Standard Chartered Bank cannot compete with Barclays Bank, National Westminster Bank and Lloyds Bank.

According to the information in the “Banker” magazine of his Financial Times Group, among the top 500 World Bank banks, the United Kingdom listed banks, from top to bottom, are Barclays Bank, National Westminster Bank, HSBC Holdings and Law Firm. Ed Bank.

Standard Chartered Bank and Royal Bank of Scotland are a bit far apart.

Even if the strength is insufficient, the background and behind-the-scenes relationship chain is far behind these banks.

Behind Barclays Bank are the Rothschild Family and some younger brothers of the Rothschild Family.

Behind Lloyds Bank is the Great Family, the royalist, and Duke Howard is one of the shareholders.

Behind the National Westminster Bank and HSBC Holdings are also a bunch of old brands Great Family, a bunch of jazz.

Thinking of this, Xia Yu was shocked.

Only half a month’s time, there is not much room for operation, and the operation is not difficult.

For a time, he couldn’t think of a practical way.

Shaking his head slightly, clearing the irritability that had just emerged, he lightly said to George Berkeley: “I understood.”

After speaking, he did not speak any more, and looked down at the document in his hand.

George Berkeley didn’t ask any more interestingly, waiting quietly for Xia Yu’s next question.

“Sand … sand … sand …”

As the pages continuously turned, Xia Yu absorbed the information on the paper into her mind.

Gradually, the reality of the Bright Fund has also been pieced together continuously in his mind.

A smile gradually appeared on his face.

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