Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1069

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Bright Fund can now be said to be one of the giants in the United Kingdom capital industry.

Of course, Xia Yu refers to real assets, because many assets have been processed, so the outside world’s awareness of Bright Fund will be lower.

But even so, Bright Fund is one of the capital giants, and no one in United Kingdom dares to despise it.

In terms of actual assets, the strength of Bright Fund is now mainly concentrated in 4 areas.

First is the investment field. This is the basic board of the Bright Fund. Relying on Xia Yu’s foresight and the powerful execution of George Berkeley and the others, Bright Fund is famous in the investment field, whether it is short-term investment or long-term. Investment or short selling, the strength is good.

There are large sums of funds operating in three markets: stock market, futures market and foreign exchange market.

Futures and foreign exchange markets are basically short-term operations, with fewer representative assets, but there are more things that can reflect strength in the stock market.

For example, in the insurance field, the Prudential Group holds 5% point-one equity shares, Alpha Insurance Company 5% point-one equity shares, and Aviva Group 5% point-one equity shares. These three insurance companies are listed in United Kingdom insurance. The top 3 in the industry, Guangming Fund has a board seat.

Another example is in the energy sector. Centric Group, which operates natural gas, holds 100/6 equity shares, South Scotland Electric Power Company 5/100, and United Kingdom State Grid Corporation 6% 2. The United Kingdom power and energy giant, Bright Fund also owns a board seat.

Apart from this, it also owns 5% of the equity shares of Unilever, the chemical giant, and HSBC Hong Kong’s parent company, United Kingdom HSBC, owns 3% of equity shares, and both have board seats.

The influence is evident…

Second is the media field. Bright Fund is a giant in the media industry in United Kingdom and even in Europe.

In the United Kingdom, he owns the Financial Times Group and the Mirror Group, and controls 6 major national newspapers, 53 local newspapers, 96 weekly magazines, 100 23 other semi-monthly and monthly magazines in the United Kingdom.

Among them, 6 major national newspapers such as “Financial Times”, “Daily Telegraph”, “Daily Mirror”, “Sports Life”, “Sunday Daily Mirror”, “Sunday People’s News”, etc., have sales in every There are more than 1000000 issues, which accounts for 30% of national newspaper sales 2.

Sales of local newspapers also account for 100 out of 8 of the local newspaper market in the United Kingdom.

In the field of television broadcasting in the United Kingdom, the United Television Company holds 31.2%, and it owns 3 private television stations and 67 local radio stations; it also owns the second largest wireless broadcasting equipment manufacturer in United Kingdom-Clyde Broadcasting The company has 2% equity shares of 35 points.

In addition to the United Kingdom, the Mirror Group also owns 100 77 kinds of newspapers and magazines in United States, Italy, Spain, etc., an increase of 2 kinds over the previous two years, all of which are acquired.

Particularly worth mentioning is France. The Mirror Group’s France branch is still a French film and television media giant. It owns 59 newspapers. The flagship newspaper “Ferrero” ranks first in France newspaper daily sales, and the company’s newspaper circulation occupies France’s 20% 8 of the country.

The French branch of the Mirror Group also owns the 2-generation film company of France’s second largest film company, as well as France’s largest cinema chain and distribution company, with 100 200 cinemas and 38 screens.

The third field is the heavy industry field. The representative is the Rolls-Royce Motor Group, which is now the largest automobile group in the United Kingdom. With its explosive models, it is sold globally and its strength is beyond doubt.

The fourth major area is the banking sector, which holds 4% of Standard Chartered Bank’s equity shares at 80%, Royal Bank of Scotland 4% of equity shares at 6, China Merchants Bank 50% of equity shares at 8%, and Bank of Bahrain. 9% of equity shares.

In addition to the four major areas, there are some scattered but not small assets, such as United States Coca-Cola’s 4% equity shares at 15 points, United States Disney 3% equity shares at 10:3 points, and United Kingdom Dadong Telecom Company 4 100 out of the equity shares, 7% of the United Kingdom oil company’s equity shares, the largest auction house Sotheby’s Auction House, etc.

The final statistics show that the actual value of the entire Bright Fund has exceeded 6 billion GBP!

And considering that it controls the huge assets of Standard Chartered Bank and Royal Bank of Scotland, the assets directly or indirectly controlled by Bright Fund have broken through 20 billion GBP, which is far more than 100 billion HKD when converted into GBP.

In Hong Kong, the strength of the Bright Fund is only second to Jiuding Consortium.

In the United Kingdom, the Bright Fund can also be able to squeeze into the threshold of large consortiums. It can be called the bright consortium and is qualified to fight against the top old major consortiums in United Kingdom.


After reading these materials, Xia Yu looked at his watch, and then she realized that she had watched it for nearly an hour.

But these results also made him very pleased.

Unconsciously, he has already laid such a large foundation in the United Kingdom, and they are all high-quality assets with great influence and potential.

Even if his Jiuding Consortium in Hong Kong is gone, relying on the Bright Fund alone will be enough for him to inherit his family for 100 years!

“George, good job, the company has developed very well under your management!”

Xia Yu said to George Berkeley appreciatively.

George Berkeley said modestly: “Boss, the main thing is that you plan well. I just follow your instructions and execute normally.”

Xia Yu smiled and shook her head and said, “I see your efforts and achievements in my eyes. I will surprise you by the end of the year!”

A look of expectation flashed in George Berkeley’s eyes, and he said gratefully: “Thank you Board-Chairman for your approval!”

After a few more conversations, Xia Yu asked George Berkeley about France.

“George, tell me about the latest situation in France.”

George Berkeley pondered for a long time, and after finishing the manuscript, he said: “Boss, I have been collecting the market conditions of all walks of life in France according to your instructions. After so long of hard work and perfection, I have basically collected everything, but More insider information cannot be collected temporarily, and the information is secretly stored in my home.”

“Then the connection with Mitterrand has always been closer. He not at all left out his relationship with us because he became the President of France.”

“According to my understanding, Mitterrand has completely controlled the cabinet and parliament. Now the Socialist Party is the dominant one. At the government level, his will and orders can be fully implemented.”

“Now Mitterrand is in close contact with various families and consortiums in France, and is currently exchanging interests, hoping to obtain support from these families and consortiums so that the government’s policies and instructions can be effectively implemented.”

“At present, it seems that the situation is more complicated.”

“Mitterrand advocates that, on the basis of not eliminating private ownership, a gradual structural reform of the French economy through a certain degree of nationalization, planning and autonomous management, in order to establish a’democratic’ and’free”France-style society’ Ism’.”

“He now intends to strengthen the country’s intervention in economic life, emphasizing economic planning, and expanding the major country. This will seriously damage the interests of capitalists. Therefore, France every great family and consortium have a complicated attitude towards Mitterrand.”

“But I talked to Mitterrand. He himself expressed his confidence in the government’s ability to execute, and he also intends to promote nationalization reform from the core banking industry. This is directly aimed at the lifeline of major consortiums and families in France.”

“As for the specific implementation, he just told me that there is no clear plan yet and it is currently under study…”

“This is the specific situation.”

After speaking, George Berkeley quietly looked at Xia Yu who was in a state of thinking, waiting for his instructions.

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