Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1070

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“I understood!”

“Have you collected all the information on the French banking industry?”

Xia Yu was slightly nodded, and then asked again.

George Berkeley immediately said: “Yes, the “Banker” magazine under the Financial Times Group is the most professional information collection and analysis platform in the global banking industry. Last month I asked them to specially organize the information on the French banking industry.

“However, now that more than a month has passed, there may be some changes. Give me a few days and I will ask the Financial Times Group to adjust the data to the latest situation.”

“Well, yes, you have collected it and you give it to me!”

Xia Yu showed a smile, nodded said.

George Berkeley was silent for a moment. Seeing that Xia Yu didn’t speak any more, he asked, “Boss, what about the second telecommunications company? What should I do?”

Xia Yu thought for a while and said, “This matter mainly depends on the attitude of the government. Let me try. You are ready to negotiate and wait for my instructions at any time.”


George Berkeley immediately obediently responded.

Speaking of telecommunications companies, Xia Yu thought of the United Kingdom Great Eastern Telecommunications Company, which had been privatized before, and he asked about the company’s current status.

“George, after the partial privatization of Dadong Telecom, what is the situation now?”

There was a flash of memory in George Berkeley’s eyes, he pondered for a long time, sorted out his thoughts, and said from an appropriate angle: “Boss, although the first major shareholder is still the government, the government does not interfere with the company’s operations, but is just a supervision. effect.”

“In the past 5 months, the company has changed management on a large scale, and completed 30% layoffs, and revenue and profits in the third quarter did not decline. Everything is moving in a good direction.”

“Although Dadong Telecom still has 10% 2 of equity shares distributed in the hands of others, the development of the company mainly depends on the will of us and the Howard family, and we occupy a more important position. Prince Philip basically does not care about this. , Other families can’t get involved…”

Following George Berkeley’s whispers, the corners of Xia Yu’s mouth slowly convulsed.

It seems that Dadong Telecom Company mainly implements the will of Bright Fund.

But think about it too.

Dadong Telecom’s second major shareholder is Bank of Bahrain, shares 20%.

Then the third major shareholder is Standard Chartered Bank, shares 10% 2.

The fourth major shareholder is the Bright Fund, which shares 100/7.

In addition to the 40% held by the government 9, there are still 10% 2 of equity shares left, which are scattered in the hands of other families and companies.

Among the 4 major shareholders of Bank of Barings, although the first major shareholder is the Locke Fund of the Howard family, shares 35%.

But the second major shareholder is Jiuding Bank shares 25%.

The remaining Bright Fund and Prince Philip’s Black Rose capital each have 20%.

In fact, Xia Yu’s side is 40% 5 shares.

Although the Howard family is now mainly operating the Bank of Bahrain, he can still take the lead in Dadong Telecom.

But after all, Dadong Telecom was not controlled by him. The government’s remaining 40% 9 of the equity shares, he would not dare to get 100% of the package tickets in the next privatization, so Dadong Telecom’s ownership was not unclear.

Therefore, the best way is to use the existing rights to complete the strategic deployment as much as possible first, so that stability is the top priority!

After thinking about this, Xia Yu said to George Berkeley: “George, Dadong Telecom also holds 40% of the equity shares of Hong Kong Branch Office at 5:7. Now my company in Hong Kong has only acquired 31.3% of equity shares. It’s 35% points away from controlling interest4.”

“I give you a task to let Dadong Telecom Company transfer the equity shares of Hong Kong Branch Office as soon as possible. There is no need to transfer all of them. You can leave a small part as a bond of cooperation, but at least 35% of the equity shares of 4 points must be transferred. I need a branch of controlling interest Hong Kong, which involves strategic planning.”

“Can you do it?”

George Berkeley browses slightly wrinkle, nodded after thinking about it, and said: “Boss, this thing is difficult, but I will do my best!”

“that’s OK!”

“On the telecommunications side, these two things I said.”

“Do you have any other questions?”

Xia Yu asked with a faint smile.

“Boss, I have something to report to you…”

Next, George Berkeley talked about some work-related matters. Anything Xia Yu can answer or promise will be resolved on the spot…

In the afternoon, Xia Yu specifically called Duke Carter Howard and made an appointment to visit him at his home at noon on the next day.

During the rest of the time, Xia Yu went to China Merchants Bank and met Wu Hongyi. The latter was pleasantly surprised and arranged a banquet for Xia Yu in the evening.

The next morning, Henry returned to school for class, and Xia Yu took Elena to the Howard family castle.

At about eleven o’clock, Xia Yu arrived at the destination, just in time to see Duke Carter Howard watering the flowers leisurely, without any airs.

Seeing Xia Yu and daughter Elena and the others coming over, Duke Carter Howard immediately put down the watering can, with a spoiled smile on his face, and said happily: “Oh God, my dear Elena is back. It’s really amazing. Happy day!”

“Father, long time no see, I miss you so much!”

Seeing the warm scene of Father and Daughter 2, Xia Yu didn’t rush over to disturb him, but stopped and smiled and watched.

After a long time, Duke Carter Howard finally looked towards Xia Yu, walked towards Xia Yu with a smile, and stretched out his hand.

“Mr. Xia, long time no see!”

“Sir Carter, long time no see!”


After a brief greeting, Xia Yu walked into the castle and came to the splendorous and majestic living room at the greeting of Duke Carter Howard.

The servant made tea for Xia Yu and Elena, and also made coffee for Duke Carter Howard.

Looking at the tea in the cup in front of Elena, Duke Carter Howard asked the daughter in surprise: “Elena, when do you drink green tea?”

Elena smiled softly, blinked her eyes and said softly: “Father, I have liked green tea for more than half a year. I think green tea is better than coffee.”

Duke Carter Howard was a little stunned: “More than half a year?”

“Then why didn’t you tell father when you went home, every time you drink coffee like me, I don’t know your hobby anymore, hey…”

At the end, Duke Carter Howard glanced at the tea in Xia Yu’s cup, and suddenly a sense of crisis and depression rose in his heart.

He suddenly saw Xia Yu not pleasing to his eyes.

Seeing Duke Carter Howard’s sharp eyes, I felt that he seemed a little hostile, Xia Yu at first was a bit unfathomable mystery.

But he immediately reacted, embarrassed in his heart, but on the surface, he looked at the cup in the cup without squinting, as if he could see the flowers, as if he had not found the hostility of Duke Carter Howard.

The meticulous Elena noticed that father seemed to have emotions just like a child. She was kind and funny, and of course there was still a hint of shyness in her heart.

Father seems to have discovered something, what should I do?

When she thought about it, she said softly and said with a smile: “Father, because when I came back before, no one would drink coffee with you if I didn’t drink coffee. Of course I don’t drink tea!”

“Today is different. Xia Yu came to our house. He is my Boss and a guest of our house. I and Green Tea are like him. It represents our family’s welcome to him.”

Elena said that not only made Xia Yu astonished, but also stunned her father Sir Carter.

After a while, Duke Carter Howard said with some taste: “Elena, there is nothing wrong with welcoming Mr. Xia.”

“However, it seems the first time I have seen you say such things…”

After speaking, Duke Carter Howard gave daughter a meaningful look, Elena’s pretty face couldn’t help but a blush, her eyes flickering constantly.

This affirmed Duke Carter Howard’s conjecture even more, and his gaze looking towards Xia Yu became sharper.

Any father doesn’t like the cabbage raised by outsiders. Duke Carter Howard thinks that this is the common ground of every father and has nothing to do with reason.

The mentality changed, even with a little impatience in his tone, he directly asked Xia Yu’s intentions.

“Mr. Xia, did you come to United Kingdom this time for what?”

“Is it the new telecommunications company?”

In fact, it was the cabbage of other people’s homes, so Xia Yu was full of patience in the face of Duke Carter Howard’s impatience.

No matter what you are targeting, I will respond with Tai Chi.

He ignored Sir Carter’s emotions and smiled nodded: “This is one of the reasons, and it is also the most urgent thing at present.”

“I heard George talk about the details of this matter yesterday, so I specially came to visit you today to see if there is a suitable and effective way.”

“After all, although new telecommunications companies have to build from scratch, the prospects for the telecommunications market are very bright. This is a very attractive cake.”

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