Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1071

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Duke Carter Howard stared directly at Xia Yu, and blunt said: “The telecommunications industry is an industry with a high threshold. Everyone knows that this is a delicious cake. There are too many people staring at it. It’s not what you want to grab. You can get it!”

“Mr. Xia, even if it is me, I cannot guarantee how many equity shares you can grab. If you hope to be the same as Dadong Telecom, then I advise you to give up directly. This is an impossible success!”

Faced with the cold water poured by Duke Carter Howard, Xia Yu did not accept his fate. He faintly smiled and said: “Sir Carter, I certainly know the difficulty of this, so my expectations for this new telecommunications company are not high and I don’t want to get it. Dominate the management right, at least get a certain amount of equity shares.”

“Aren’t you interested in this company?”

Duke Carter Howard lightly laughed, did not answer, just shake the head with emotion.

Seeing this situation, Xia Yu couldn’t help but slightly frowned.

Seeing Xia Yu frowned, Duke Carter Howard suddenly felt a lot better.

It was just that when he subconsciously looked towards his daughter, he found that she also wrinkled her eyebrows and a look of worry and thought on her face, which made his good mood disappear in a moment.


Duke Carter Howard couldn’t see the appearance of daughter, he secretly sighed in his heart, and then gave Xia Yu a look.

In Xia Yu’s inexplicable gaze, Duke Carter Howard said: “Mr. Xia, I am also interested in this company, but I only plan to fight for a small number of shares.”

“This new telecommunications company is different from Dadong Telecom. Under the premise that the Bank of Bahrain is excluded, the one that is related to me is Lloyds Bank. My main strength must be concentrated here, and other families will also concentrate their strength on Here, even if you add me, you may not be able to compete with Barclays Bank and National Westminster Bank.”

“So if you want me to help you, it’s not that I refuse to help, but that I can’t help.”

“So this time, you can only figure out your own way. I really can’t do anything.”

“My only suggestion is that you can ask Ms. Margaret to give you special care.”

When he said these words, Duke Carter Howard looked at Xia Yu all the way, his calm gaze showed that this was his true opinion and attitude, not deceit or excuse.

Before Xia Yu came, he didn’t report much hope. Now he just puts forward to fight for that’s all, and it doesn’t leave any regrets. So at first, he said that this incident was just one of his goals.

Since there is no hope here at Duke Carter Howard, there is no need to talk about this topic. He thinks about other methods again.

I saw Xia Yu slightly nodded and said to Duke Carter Howard with a little gratitude: “Sir Carter, it doesn’t matter, I’m just talking about this that’s all. I know the difficulty of it. I will think about other methods.”

“I have other things I want to consult with you.”

Duke Carter Howard picked up his teacup and took a sip of coffee, slowly said: “Please speak!”

Xia Yu cleared his throat and said loudly, “Sir Carter, now there are only more than two months away from the year 9. According to the term of office, the time limit of Sir Murray MacLehose of Hong Kong is about to expire. Is it a candidate for the Governor of Hong Kong?”

Duke Carter Howard immediately understood the meaning of Xia Yu’s words. Xia Yu wanted to directly intervene in the appointment of United Kingdom personnel, and change to a Governor of Hong Kong who obeyed his words!

He browses frowned and solemnly looked at Xia Yu and said: “Mr. Xia, as the Duke of United Kingdom, it is my mission and responsibility to maintain the prestige and honor of United Kingdom. You are now talking to me about the subversion of the British Colony, what do you think Does it fit?”

Xia Yu’s face was serious, and he immediately corrected: “Sir Carter, I want to correct you. Hong Kong is not a colony of United Kingdom. Only part of it is a leasehold land belonging to United Kingdom. The lease term is 99 years. This concept cannot be wrong! “

“In 1972, the United Nations General Assembly made it clear that Hong Kong was not a colony.”

“I won’t mention the sovereign. I don’t want the prefix’native from the British Colony’ to appear on my head. This is an insult to my personality and a denial of my strength.”

Duke Carter Howard and Xia Yu looked at each other for a moment. He voluntarily backed down, apologized and said, “Well, I’m sorry, I made a mistake. Hong Kong is indeed a leasehold in United Kingdom.”


“I never looked down on you, you should understand the truth of what I said.”

At this time, Elena hurriedly said: “Yes, Xia Yu, my father didn’t think like this.”

Xia Yu said with a light smile: “Elena, don’t worry, I’m not arguing with your father.”

After that, Xia Yu looked towards Duke Carter Howard, said with a smile: “Sir Carter, I’m sorry I spoke a little louder just now. I hope you can understand that I have a stronger self-esteem.”

Duke Carter Howard also went down the steps and waved his hand to say with a smile: “Mr. Xia, I should apologize. I didn’t pass the brain when speaking, and didn’t pay attention to the wording.”

“You should also know that United Kingdom has many colonies worldwide. I am not very interested in these, so I didn’t have a deep understanding of the nature of these places.”

After the apology, he seemed to express his as always friendly attitude. He took the initiative to say: “Mr. Xia, I understand your concerns. Hong Kong is your hometown and the gathering place of your career. The prosperity of Hong Kong is very important to you. It’s important, political stability is the foundation of economic development, and everyone knows this point.”

“But the appointment of the Governor of Hong Kong is determined by the Queen, and Ms. Margaret has the power to recommend.”

“In this regard, it is inappropriate for me to come forward, otherwise it will easily become the handle of the enemy’s attack, which will damage the reputation and interests of our family.”

“If you can convince Prince Philip and let him help you, the probability of success will be greater.”

Speaking of this, Duke Carter Howard paused for a long time, and once again said a few very pertinent and thorough words.

“Furthermore, Mr. Xia, in fact, after the term of Murray MacLehose Governor expires, it doesn’t matter what the next Governor’s attitude is. His limited autonomy does not pose a fatal threat to you. The greatest role of the Governor of Hong Kong is To implement Downing Street’s orders and will, your direction should be towards Downing Street.”

“And Ms. Margaret is relatively tough in diplomacy. Now because her economic recession containment effect is not obvious, and the sale of state-owned enterprises has led to a high unemployment rate, her support rate is now declining. Under such circumstances, Bowing their heads on the Hong Kong issue is likely to make the people more disappointed in her, which is not conducive to her re-election.”

Xia Yu said gratefully: “Sir Carter, first of all thank you for your advice.”

“But I still want to say that Hong Kong is different from a colony of United Kingdom.”

“Even the colony of the United Kingdom, in the past 20-30 years, there have been continuous colonial independence. As many as 50 countries such as Malaysia, Star City, Tanzania, South Africa, etc., are independent. These countries are all OK. It is just a leased Hong Kong Kong, I just want it to be stable, and how much prestige can it lose to United Kingdom?”

“As for what you said will affect Ms. Margaret’s re-election, as a supporter who appreciates her, I will definitely not harm her.”

“I have prepared something extremely important, which can restore the huge international prestige for United Kingdom, enough to offset the influence of Hong Kong.”

“Of course, if things like this sink and disappear, I can guarantee that the prestige of United Kingdom will be hit hard.”

When Duke Carter Howard heard this, he looked at Xia Yu with burning eyes.

Xia Yu expression looked at Carter Howard frankly, with a very clear attitude. What he said was true.

For an instant, Duke Carter Howard’s expression kept changing.

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