Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1072


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The influence of the United Kingdom in the world determines the influence and strength of their United Kingdom Great Family in the world.

For these nobles, of course, they hope that the United Kingdom will be as strong as possible.

But now is not a hundred years ago after all, the myth that the sun never sets empire has long been shattered.

Especially in the past 20-30 years, as not only the British colony became an independent nation, the United Kingdom’s influence abroad has plummeted, and its prestige has also declined.

Although the overwhelming majority of these post-independence countries have joined the Commonwealth of Nations organization led by United Kingdom, with the loss of various rights, the United Kingdom, the Alliance Leader, is very laborious.

The hearts of the people are scattered, and the team is not easy to take!

The rise of domestic capital in various countries and the capital invasion of the United States have also continuously eroded the interests of British capital.

Although Hong Kong is a leased place, the situation is the most obvious. The original British Four Major Consortium has been killed by Xia Yu three, and the remaining one is also struggling on whilst at death’s door.

A glimpse, the Howard family’s interests outside the United Kingdom are continuously diminishing.

Furthermore, the Howard family is still the royalist party since ancient times, and Duke Carter Howard is absolutely unwilling to see the influence of United Kingdom plummet again.

Based on his knowledge of Xia Yu, Xia Yu is unnecessary and will not tell lies to him.

Thinking about it carefully, Xia Yu said he had to be more cautious!

There was a long silence. Although I felt that Xia Yu would not tell him, Carter Howard still wanted to give it a try.

It’s just that Xia Yu didn’t want Duke Carter Howard to ask questions. After all, whether he said it or not, the result was not what he wanted.

So seeing that Duke Carter Howard wanted to speak, he said first: “Sir Carter, I can use my personality to be responsible for what I say. Since you don’t want to be involved, then I don’t know if you can contact Prince Philip for me. ?”

The Duke Carter Howard swallowed the words back into his stomach, he was silent and looked directly at Xia Yu for a long time, slowly nodded: “Yes.”


Two flowers bloom, one on each table.

When Xia Yu was dining at the Howard family, the Rothschild family also got some information about Xia Yu.

Rothschild Family Castle.

Jacob Roshir was preparing to eat when he suddenly saw his cousin Evelyn Roshir coming in.

“Evelyn, you came just right, let’s have a meal together.”

Evelyn Lowhill glanced at the food on the table, said with a light smile: “Okay.”

When Evelyn Rohill came to the table, the servant soon brought out a whole set of tableware.

“Evelyn, why are you free to come back today?”

Jacob Rohill asked casually while cutting the steak.

Evelyn Lowhill said immediately: “The main reason is that I got an extremely important news. I think it may have a lot to do with us, so I will come back and tell you quickly.”

Jacob Rohill moved for a while, looked up at his cousin, and asked: “What is the urgent news?”

Evelyn Lowhill cut off the steak with a knife, used a fork to fork the small part, and said concisely: “Xia Yu came to London yesterday and set off for the Howard family this morning.”

After finishing speaking, he put the cow into his mouth and chewed with his mouth closed, but he looked straight at Jacob Rohill.

Sure enough, as he expected, Jacob Rohill was very concerned about the news, browses slightly wrinkle, and after thinking for a moment, he suspiciously said: “He hasn’t been to London for almost a year. Go to Carter Howard right away, is it for the new telecommunications company?”

Evelyn Lowhill shook his head and said, “I won’t understood this. He has strong security forces on the surface and in the dark. We can’t detect his conversation and specific itinerary.”

“But considering that he joined the Howard family and Prince Philip to take down Dadong Telecom last time, it proved that he was very interested in the telecommunications market, so at this time, I can’t think of other than his interest in the telecommunications market. Purpose.”

“How is Margaret’s attitude?”

Jacob Rosier shook his head slightly and said: “It’s not clear for the time being. I met with her and she didn’t give a clear answer. We have to work harder.”

Evelyn Lowhill’s expression was slightly serious, said solemnly: “Then we should pay more attention. According to the information that Charles reported from Hong Kong, during the Hong Kong stock market crash this time, Xia Yu Having made huge profits, his Jiuding Consortium has spent more than 4 billion GBP in funds, and his funds are still terrifying.”

“We must prevent him from losing his mind and competing for the second telecommunications company at all costs.”

Jacob Rohill agreed with nodded, said solemnly: “Your consideration is correct, and we must treat him with a more rigorous attitude.”

Speaking of this, after a moment of indulgence, Jacob Lowhill said again: “Evelyn, you will mobilize your strength to keep an eye on Xia Yu’s itinerary, and at the same time do your best to investigate the real purpose of his coming to London.”

“On my side, I will step up efforts again to compete for new telecommunications companies.”

“Well, no problem.”

Evelyn Rohill nodded agreed.


Xia Yu had no knowledge of the actions of the Rothschild Family.

Because after the Howard family had lunch, he left for Windsor, the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead, in the East Southern Region of United Kingdom England.

In the Howard family castle, Duke Carter Howard has agreed to Xia Yu’s request and is willing to be the intermediary. He talked with Prince Philip on the phone. The specific meeting place will be Windsor Castle in Windsor Town.

Because at this time, the Queen and Prince Philip are vacationing in the largest inhabited castle in the world.

Unfortunately, when Xia Yu came to Windsor Town, the queen happened to return to London temporarily. Prince Philip had an agreement with Xia Yu, so he stayed in the castle and waited to meet Xia Yu.

Windsor Castle is also the main administrative residence of the monarchs of the United Kingdom, and it is naturally top-notch in defense.

For this reason, Xia Yu’s bodyguard team was taken seriously. He only entered Windsor Castle with Elena and met Prince Philip, who was already 60 years old, in the simple and elegant reception hall.

60 years old, although he has fewer wrinkles on his face than peers due to careful maintenance, his shiny forehead and sparse hair are also obvious marks left on his body by years.

When I saw Elena being intimately accompanied by Xia Yu side, Prince Philip’s eyes flashed with surprise, his gaze looking towards Xia Yu changed a little, and he seemed to have misunderstood something.

“Mr. Xia, and the beautiful and pure Ms. Elena, welcome you!”

Prince Philip stood up and smiled to welcome the arrival of Xia Yu and Elena.

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